Sword Techniques


Many people have been trying to upgrade Link to be the most powerful he can be. In The Minish Cap, this can only be done with the help of the Blade Brothers, the swordsmen and trainers throughout Hyrule. Of course, we all have our troubles in Zelda… and if you can’t seem to find one of these sword masters, just look below!

The trainers can be found in the following locations:

Swiftblade – Required to meet him. He is located in the southwest corner of Hyrule Town, near the southern entrance. He lives in a log cabin, which is hard to miss among all the other houses.

Greyblade – On the Eastern side of the mountain, go up four of the rock walls that need the Grip Ring. There should be a door reminiscent of a mine shaft there. Enter the cave, use the White Sword (Two Elements) to press the switches, then go into the north room and talk to the instructor.

Waveblade – In Lake Hylia, swim to the west of Mayor Hagen’s cabin until you reach a dock that goes north. There will be a tree with an open door to its inside. Enter the tree and talk to Waveblade.

Grimblade – In Hyrule Castle Garden, move towards the far right corner of the area to find, in the bottom right corner, a patch of bushes. Cut the bushes to reveal a ladder that leads underground. This ladder leads to Grimblade.

Swiftblade the First – In the Castor Wilds, there is a large tombstone located just above the statues you fused with to enter the Wind Ruins. Push the tombstone to the north to reveal a staircase that leads to Swiftblade the First’s dojo.

Scarblade – Fuse kinstones with Greyblade in Mount Crenel to open a waterfall in the northeast corner of the Castor Wilds. Enter the waterfall to find Scarblade.

Greatblade – Fuse kinstones with Waveblade in Lake Hylia to open a waterfall in North Hyrule Feild. Enter the waterfall to find Greatblade.

Splitblade – Fuse kinstones with Grimblade in Hyrule Castle Garden to open a waterfall in the southern area of Veil Falls. Enter the waterfall to find Scarblade.

Tiger Scrolls

Now, you probably want to know the Tiger Scrolls as well! All of these with the exception of the last three on the list are tiger scrolls.

1 -> Spin Attack – Smith’s Sword needed.
Description: Hold your sword button. Charge and release!
Trainer: Swiftblade

2 -> Sword Beam – Lantern needed.
Description: When your hearts are full, swing your sword!
Trainer: Grimblade

3 -> Dash Attack – Pegasus Boots needed.
Description: Equip your pegasus boots and sword, then dash away!
Trainer: Swiftblade

4 -> Peril Beam – Sword needed.
Description: When you only have one heart left, swing the sword!
Trainer: Waveblade

5 -> Rock Breaker – White Sword (2 Elements) needed.
Description: Break pots with your sword! That’s all there is to it!
Trainer: Swiftblade

6 -> Roll Attack – Smith’s Sword needed.
Description: Roll! Swing your sword as you start to get up!
Trainer: Greyblade

7 -> Down Thrust – Roc’s Cape needed.
Description: Equip the Roc’s Cape and the sword!! Jump and swing!
Trainer: Swiftblade

8 -> Great Spin Attack – All 7 Tiger Scrolls needed.
Description: Perform a Spin Attack…and hit the button repeatedly!
Trainer: Swiftblade the First

OPTIONAL -> Spin Attack Charge Upgrade – Kinstone fusion.
Description: Spin Attack charges faster!
Trainer: Scarblade

OPTIONAL -> Great Spin Time Upgrade – Kinstone fusion.
Description: Great Spin Attack lasts longer!
Trainer: Greatblade

OPTIONAL -> Spirit Gauge Charge Upgrade – Kinstone fusion.
Description: Spirit Gauge fills faster!
Trainer: Splitblade

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