Level 4: Snake Labyrinth

The Legend of Zelda thirtieth anniversary walkthrough

  1. 4.0: Preparing for the Labyrinth
  2. 4.1: The Compass
  3. 4.2: The Stepladder
  4. 4.3: The Map
  5. 4.4: Boss: Gleeok

4.0Preparing for the Labyrinth

Before heading into the next labyrinth, you’re gonna need to grab one additional item, as some of the rooms will be harder to work in otherwise. From the starting screen, go up one screen and left one screen until you see a doorway in the wall. Enter it to you can buy the Blue Candle for 60 rupees.

With the blue candle in hand, go left one screen and up one screen to find a small dock. Walk onto it and use the raft to head up one screen and to the entrance of the Labyrinth.

4.1The Compass

Walk through the door to the west to find eight Keese flapping around. Kill them all for a key, and then head back to the entrance hall and enter the northern door.

In this new room you’ll find three Vires, which are rather annoying to deal with because they jump around and they turn into Red Keese if you hit them. You don’t have to kill them here though, so just unlock the eastern door and head through it.

You’ll find five Vires in the next room, but you’ll also quickly notice that this room is dark. Quite dark. Like you can’t see anything. Thankfully, you have the Blue Candle to fix that. Use the blue candle to light up the room and pick up the Compass in the middle of the room, avoiding the Vires or killing them if you so desire.


4.2The Stepladder

With compass in hand, backtrack to the previous room and head north to find eight keese and a key. You don’t need to kill these guys, so just grab the key and head through the western door to enter another dark room with five Vires in it. Light up the room with the candle, and either kill or avoid the Vires as you make your way through the northern door.

The northern door will lead you into another dark room, this time with five Zols and a key. Light up the room, grab the key, kill or avoid the Zols, and then head through the northern door to find yet another dark room. This time, there are three Vires and two bubbles that you don’t really need to kill. There’s also a river blocking the way to the northern door. We can’t do anything about that yet, so for now, unlock the eastern door and go through it.

This next room has a lot of twisted pathways and five vires. Unfortunately, you have to actually kill these guys. Do so to unlock the eastern door and then head through it. DO NOT GO THROUGH THE NORTHERN DOOR.

In this next room you’ll encounter two Bubbles, two Zols, and two of the most annoying enemies in the game, Like Likes. Kill the Zols and the Like Likes (while avoiding making contact with the latter), and then push the left block to reveal a staircase.

Head down this staircase to find some keese and the Stepladder.

4.3The Map

Defeat all the Gels in your way and pick up the Map.

Defeat all the Gels in your way and pick up the Map.

Now that you have the Stepladder, backtrack two screens to the river blocking the northern door. Cross over the river with the stepladder head through the northern door. The door leads to room with five Vires in it that you don’t really need to kill.

For now, head through the eastern door to find another dark room with five Gels. You may have to kill some if they are in your path, but head to the bottom right corner of the screen to pick up the Map.

Free Money
If you want some rupees, you can bomb the northern wall to find a room with some in the middle that doesn’t actually appear on the map. This rupee room can be bombed from all four walls, giving an easy shortcut.

Backtrack to the previous room and head through the northern door to encounter a familiar face: Manhandla! He works pretty much exactly the same as he did the last time you fought him, so take him down to unlock the northern door and head up to find an Old Man who tells you to “Walk into the Waterfall.” These hints are mostly useless, so you can ignore these if you want. Head through the eastern door to come across another dark room with eight keese and a key in the center of the room. You don’t need to kill any of the keese here, so light up the room, grab the key, and head through the eastern door.

In here you’ll find another dark room lined with six Blade Traps. These are harder to avoid than usual because there’s a block in the path. To get around this, fake out the traps by walking into their path and then jumping back into the doorway, and then make a break for it when the traps return to their starting positions. Head through the southern door.

This room contains four more Vires. Kill all of them and then push the left block to unlock the eastern door. Enter through it to face the boss of this labyrinth, Gleeok.

4.4Boss: Gleeok

Gleeok is a rather tough boss to deal with because his attacks can’t be blocked by anything. Slash at his heads a few times while avoiding fireballs to sever them. Once they’re severed, the heads will start moving around the room (because that makes sense) and will do damage to you if they hit you.

Avoid the fireballs and slash at Gleeok's multiple heads.

Avoid the fireballs and slash at Gleeok’s multiple heads.

Avoid the floating head and kill the other head as fast as possible to kill Gleeok completely. Pick up the Heart Container that appears in the lower right corner and head through the door Gleeok was blocking to find the next shard of the Triforce of Wisdom.

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