Level 1: Eagle Labyrinth

The Legend of Zelda thirtieth anniversary walkthrough

  1. 1.0: Take the Wooden Sword
  2. 1.1: The Compass
  3. 1.2: The Map
  4. 1.3: The Bow and Boomerang
  5. 1.4: Boss: Aquamentus

1.0Take the Wooden Sword

guide-tloz-01eagle-001When the game begins, the screen does a barn-door wipe revealing Link in the overworld. You will begin at this same location every time you begin the game (unless you continue from within a dungeon).

On this screen, you’ll find a cave in the top-left corner near the path leading north. Enter the cave to find an old man who will give you the Wooden Sword. Pick up the Wooden Sword and leave the cave.

Wait! It’s Still Dangerous Out There!
After you collect the Wooden Sword, you don’t have to travel to the first dungeon immediately. There are many optional items already available that can make the journey significantly easier. Where can you find these amazing items? We’ve got it all covered in our Heart Container and our other sidequest guides.

Now that you are armed, you’re ready to enter the first dungeon. From the starting screen, travel right one screen, up four screens, and left one screen (across a bridge) to find the dungeon entrance. Enter the open tree trunk to begin Eagle Labyrinth, the first dungeon of the game.

1.1The Compass

As soon as you walk in you’ll find twelve statues and a locked door to the north. Head left to find a room containing three Keese. Kill all three to make a key appear. Pick up the key and return to the first room.

Next, enter the room on the right to find five Stalfos. One of the Stalfos is holding a key. You only need to kill the Stalfos holding the key, but the others can be killed for rupees. Pick up the key and return to the first room again.

Now use one of the keys to unlock the north door and enter to find three more Stalfos. You do not need to kill any of them, so just head up through the door in the north.

The next room has five Stalfos. Kill all of them to make another key appear. Pick up the key and head right.

This room contains eight Keese and the Compass. They Keese may get in your way, but you don’t need to kill them to claim the Compass. Collecting the Compass will show you where the Triforce is hidden on your map, but you don’t have a complete dungeon map yet!

1.2The Map

From the Compass room, travel left two rooms to reach a new area, and the door will close behind you. Unless you want to head back, you don’t need to kill the six Keese that are in here, so just head north and unlock the door here with one of your keys.

This next room has three Gels in it. Killing these guys will allow you to move the block in the middle of the room. This will unlock the room to the left, which contains an old man who will give you a hint about where to find the dungeon’s Triforce piece. Visiting the old man is optional. To continue, just head right into the next room.

In this room, you’ll find five Gels and the Map. You don’t need to kill the Gels here, just grab the map and then head north into the next area.

1.3The Bow and Boomerang

The next room has three Stalfos; one of them is holding a key. Defeat the Stalfos to collect the key and then unlock the door to the north to enter the next room.

Here, you will encounter three Goriyas. Avoid the boomerangs they throw and kill all of them to get another key. Then unlock the left door and continue through it.

If you are caught by a Wallmaster, you will be taken all the way back to the beginning of the dungeon.

If you are caught by a Wallmaster, you will be taken all the way back to the beginning of the dungeon.

You’ll find a series of blocks and four Traps which will rush toward you when you pass between them. You can’t kill Traps, so just try to avoid them (it’s easiest to wait for them to retract before passing them) and make your way to the left side of the room. Push the far left block up to open a path to the stairs. Continue downstairs to reach a special room where you can find the Bow.

With the Bow in hand, backtrack all the way to where you got the Map (one screen right and two screens down). Unlock the door to the right and head in the room to find three Goriyas. Defeat all three of them to get the Boomerang, a useful tool for stunning enemies (or killing weak ones) and collecting items from a distance. Then head right.

This next room seems empty, but lurking in the walls are Wallmasters. Avoid or kill these guys at all costs: if they touch you, they’ll return you to the beginning of the dungeon. Pick up the key and then unlock the door to take on the boss of the dungeon: Aquamentus.

1.4Boss: Aquamentus

Aquamentus has one primary attack: fireballs. The fireballs can be easily dodged if you stay near the left side of the room. Aquamentus’ only weakness is its head. Defeat Aquamentus by attacking its head with your sword or bombs at close range, or use the sword beam if you’re at full health to take him down easily from a distance.

Attack Aquamentus's head while avoiding the fireballs

Attack Aquamentus’ head while avoiding the fireballs

Once Aquamentus is defeated, pick up the Heart Container, and enter the next room to find a shard of the Triforce of Wisdom. Pick it up to complete the dungeon, return to full health, and warp outside of the dungeon.

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