Magic Containers

South of the North Palace

From the North Palace, where you begin the game, Exit the palace and make your way to the grass. Once you’ve made it past the water, head downward South. Once you reach the mountains, head to the left, following the outer shape of the water. You will find a cave in the mountains, inside lies the first Magic Container.

Death Mountain

Once you reach the bottom of Death Mountain’s Maze, you’ll find a hole to fall down. Make your way to the end of the cave to retrieve the hammer. Once you leave, you will find yourself right next to a boulder. Break the boulder with your newly found hammer and fall down the hole. Right under you will be the second magic container.

Maze Island

So you’ve used the raft and headed to Eastern Hyrule. Now head North-east to find yourself in a maze on the way to the next palace. If you choose to follow the outer path, shaped like an “L” found to the left, you will come across magic container number three.

New Kasuto

The old lady found in the hidden place, Kasuto Town, will allow you into her home. Follow the path to the back of the house and you will find the fourth and final magic container.


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