Chapter 9: The Top of the Tower

Part 1: Back to the Tower

Your path back to the Tower of Spirits should be completely painless – just draw a path directly back and ride it out; there are no complications this time around. Now that you’ve quelled Cragma, there won’t be any flaming boulders falling on the tracks either – everything in the Fire Realm will be nice, quiet and peaceful.

When you reach the Tower, Zelda will comment that it’s back to normal – but Anjean will be nowhere to be found. You’re completely on your own this time, and there are no more rail maps to obtain. Your only destination is the very top of the Tower of Spirits, so head north through the door and up the spiral staircase. The latest floor you’ll be able to enter is surrounded by purple walls, so head on in and prepare for the most lengthy and challenging section of the Tower of Spirits yet.

Part 2: The Tower of Spirits (5th Visit)

This section of the Tower of Spirits introduces yet another new type of Phantom, and with very little explanation at first – the Wrecker Phantom. These black-armored Phantoms can only move quickly by turning into heavy metal balls that crush anything in their path, including Link! Luckily, once they start rolling, they cannot change direction, so it’s easy to avoid their attacks – almost too easy. You can take advantage of this to destroy breakable blocks in your way without bombs.

The entire endeavor goes from floors 18-23, so let’s get started! Begin by moving eastward through the room; you’ll see the first Tear of Light in the bottom right corner of the floor. If you haven’t gotten the Bomb Bag and you don’t have bombs, you’ll need to make use of the Wrecker Phantom traversing the hall to break the blocks that will take you to the bottom right corner. If you let it spot you as it travels southward, it will roll right into the group of six blocks. From there you’ll be able to get closer to the Tear – only to learn it’s been blocked by four more breakable blocks!

Luckily, a second Wrecker Phantom is traveling southward as well. Let it spot you so that it rolls quickly south, then let it spot you again to bring it west. Circle around it so that you can make it roll to the right to smash the blocks in front of the Tear of Light, then quickly slip into the safe zone and grab it.

Since there are no more Tears on this floor, your goal is now to get up to Floor 19. However, the stairwell is blocked by locked door. Make your way to the top left corner of the floor, where you can see a large safe zone. If you have bombs, you can easily blow up the blocks in your path on the way to the safe zone; otherwise, make use of the Wrecker Phantom traveling around the hall to break the blocks for you.

Once you reach the safe zone, you’ll notice a floor switch on its far right end. To get to it, you’ll have to move some blocks around. Take the first block and move it all the way to the left, then take the second block and move it first to the left, then down. You’ll be able to approach and step on the floor switch now, which will spawn a treasure chest in the top right corner of the room containing a small key.

Make your way across the room to the newly spawned treasure chest, avoiding the Phantoms along the way, which shouldn’t be too difficult. If you have bombs, you can blow up your way to a shorter path; otherwise, just loop down to the bottom of the floor, then back up to the top right corner. Use your Whip to swing across the chasm and open the chest to obtain the small key inside.

With the small key in hand, make your way to the locked door at the top center area of the floor, right in front of the stairwell leading up to Floor 19. Tap it to open it with your small key, then head upstairs.

Head east on Floor 19. If you move south, you’ll see some Miniblins riding statues. There’s a platform with an arrow launcher on it that you can stand on to kill those Miniblins, though they’re only just nuisances for the most part. What you need is the arrow launcher – so pick it up and start carrying it back westward, then south following the hallway on the floor.

You’ll encounter another Miniblin on a statue; ignore it and run past it for now, and you’ll enter another section of the floor containing one floor switch, a crest mark on the floor, a raised wall to the west and spikes blocking the southern exit. Stepping on the floor switch lowers the wall to the west, opening access to an arrow launcher that can hit a red eye.

Place the arrow launcher you’re carrying on top of the crest on the floor, and rotate it so that it’s facing west. Step on the floor switch and, with your boomerang, rotate the second arrow launcher so that it faces north. Fire an arrow into the west-facing launcher and you’ll see that you’ve hit a red eye, which will draw a bridge on the southeast side of the floor.

Head back to the southeast side and cross that bridge to enter a long hallway that runs to the west and ends at a safe zone blocked by blocks. You’ll also spot the second Tear of Light at the center of this hallway, also blocked by blocks. Move westward with caution: As soon as you move across the line of grey tiles, a Wrecker Phantom will appear and begin chasing you. Use this to your advantage to break the blocks surrounding the second Tear of Light. Get the Tear, then use the Wrecker Phantom to bust up the blocks obstructing your path to the safe zone at the west end of the room. Just be careful not to get hit, as the Wrecker Phantom can bounce off the walls pretty well!

Once you’re in the safe zone, make your way up yet another floor, to Floor 20.

The accessible area of this floor consist of a room with a single Wrecker Phantom, and the final Tear of Light. Use the Wrecker Phantom to break the piles of blocks at the center and bottom right corner of the room. Break them as completely as possible, since we’re going to need to fire an arrow and it can’t be blocked by these piles. There’s also an arrow launcher that you need resting atop the pile of blocks in the bottom right corner, so you’ll have to break that one entirely to get at the launcher.

Once you’ve broken both piles and successfully avoided getting hit by the Wrecker Phantom, pick up the arrow launcher and take it north to the northeast corner of the room. You’ll see a raised sand trap with a floor switch on it, as well a moveable block just in front of the stairs to access the sand trap. Take this block and move it west until it’s in the center between the sand trap platform and the platform directly to the left of it, then push it north between the two platforms to bridge the gap.

With the arrow launcher in hand once again, leap across the gap and set it down on the crest, making sure it’s facing south. Hop back across the gap to the floor switch, which will lower a wall blocking a red eye. Unfortunately, you’re not ready to fire any arrows yet – the third arrow launcher in the sequence of three is facing the wrong direction. Head southwest across the room and climb up atop a platform on the west end so that you can use your Boomerang to whack the launch and set it straight – facing north, that is. Once it’s facing north, head back to the floor switch, step on it, and fire an arrow westward at the arrow launcher you set down.

If all goes according to plan, you’ll hit a red eye, opening the way to the final Tear of Light in the top left corner of the room. Go get it to fill your sword with energy! Use this energy to give the Wrecker Phantom in the room a good whack in the back; possess it with Zelda. While Zelda is a Wrecker Phantom, she can only move by rolling – but can also destroy pretty much anything in her path that isn’t a wall or solid block. You also cannot jump on top of her to ride on her shield; while that doesn’t seem very important now, remember that for later.

Go back down to Floor 19 with Zelda, and run back across the hallways eastward. You can roll Zelda into the Wrecker Phantom to stun it momentarily; she cannot talk to Phantoms as a Wrecker. Take Zelda across the bridge and use her rolling powers to kill off all the Miniblins. She can even destroy all the extra statues in the room, so roll her into all of them to make them blow up in a puff of smoke.

This will open up a path to an entirely new area of Floor 19. Take Link inside this central enclave. You’ll notice a floor switch on a raised platform; you can’t do anything with the floor switch now, but you can do something with the arrow launcher just to the north of the floor switch. Take your Boomerang and rotate it so that it faces north, then fire and arrow into it to hit a red eye spawning a large treasure chest on the side of the room. Open the treasure chest to receive a treasure – what you get is actually randomized!

Now, since you can’t head upward – the stairwell is blocked by a locked door – you’ll have to head downward. Go down the nearby stairwell to Floor 18 with Zelda.

The entire goal of this section of Floor 18 is to get all of the floor switches pressed. This is easily enough accomplished by moving all of the blocks on the floor strategically onto the switches. You’ll discover that Zelda can also move those giant quadruple-sized “big” blocks that you’ve been seeing around the floor.

We’ll start with the upper left corner’s switches. Take the nearby big block and, after first pushing the regular-sized block out of the way with Link, take it northeast with Zelda. Shove it into the top left corner of the room, and all the switches there will be pressed.

Now, take Zelda to the bottom left corner of the room and have her move the big block out of the way either to the north or east. Run back and grab that regular block you moved out of the way with Link and drag it down to the path just opened by moving the big block. You won’t be able to push it onto the switch from here, so run around the walls and approach the block from the north to push it onto the floor switch.

Roll Zelda over to the bottom right corner and have her drag the big block there southward as far as she can pull it. With Link, move the regular block nearby to the east until it’s against the wall, then push the big block back to its original position using Zelda. Head around the big block to grab the regular block from the bottom and drag it down toward the floor switch. Use Zelda to once again shift the big block southward so that Link can make one final approach to the block from the north and get it on the floor switch.

For the final set of switches, you’ll find one block left right smack in the center of the room. Drag it over to the set of switches and, moving it along the north edge of the room, get it into the top right corner however you see fit. Since at this point we’ve used up all the blocks in the room, you’ll need to get Zelda to stand on the remaining floor switch. Move her to it – once she’s on it, the set of spikes blocking the treasure chest in the southern area of the room will drop.

Enter that little enclave and open the chest to obtain a small key! Now you can open the locked door up on Floor 19. Head back up to Floor 19 and do so, then make your way up to a new section of Floor 20.

Head south, and you’ll come to a hallway with two columns of endless flowing boulders. Roll Zelda north through the barrage of boulders; she’ll blast right through them unfazed, and come to a crystal switch which she can strike to stop the boulders. Once the boulders are all gone, take Link north through the pathway and head west into a room filled with lava.

You can’t do anything in the lava yet – Zelda isn’t the right kind of Phantom to be able to carry Link across. Looks like we’re going to need to find another Phantom for Zelda to possess that can carry Link. Head south instead, through the path blocked by breakable blocks. Smash Zelda through them to clear the path and continue south; you’ll come to a stairwell leading up to Floor 21. Head up!

Floor 21 is nothing but a huge gauntlet. Go through the safe zone and enter the square arena; the battle will only begin when both floor switches in the center of the floor are pressed simultaneously. Once pressed, four Stalfos will appear. Tag team with Link and Zelda to do away with them quickly; once dead, three Zora Warriors will appear. Once again, do away with them with Link and Zelda; Link can fight alone with his Whip and Zelda can just roll into the Warriors to kill them.

During the fight, be aware that there is a mouse hole at the top of the arena – mice can and will come out to scare Zelda! Kill the mice whenever they come out so that Zelda can fight alongside Link effectively.

Once every Zora Warrior has been felled, the wall in the bottom right corner will fall and four Phantoms will appear – they’ll probably immediately spot you as well. If they do, run into the safe zone; if you get hit, don’t worry, you’ll just go back to the entrance of the room. This is where you’ll learn about Zelda’s ability to switch Phantoms. At any point in time, you can strike any Phantom in the back to relinquish your current possession for a new one.

These Phantoms can move without rolling, so we need them to carry Link across the lava. Approach once from behind and strike it, then tap it again to have Zelda release her possession on the Wrecker Phantom and possess the normal Phantom. With that done, leave and go back down to Floor 20.

Head up to the lake of lava with Zelda; you can now jump on her shield to move around the lake. Drop Zelda somewhere into the lake and have Link jump on her shield, then carry her out of the lake. Link now stands very tall – his Whip can reach a high wooden beam on the top edge of the lake of lava. Navigate to the top right corner of the lake, standing on its edge but not in the lake itself, and use your Whip to swing across the lake to a platform containing an acorn and an arrow launcher.

Pick up the arrow launcher, then drop Zelda back into the lake of lava and bring her over next to the platform where Link is standing so that he can jump on her with the arrow launcher in hand. With Link standing on top of her holding the launcher, navigate the duo to the platform southeast from there. Link will be able to hop off with the launcher and carry it up some small stairs. Place the launcher on the crest at the north edge of that platform, and make sure that you turn it to fast eastward.

Now, hop back on Zelda and go to the wooden beams again – swing back across them to the platform where you found that first arrow launcher, and just stay there. Bring Zelda to the far left edge of the lake, right in front of the sealed stairwell. You’ll find a second arrow launcher; drag a line from Zelda to the launcher, and Zelda will pick it up.

Take Zelda and move her, with the launcher, to the platform directly south from where Link is standing. Using Link’s Boomerang, rotate the launcher so that it faces west.

Standing on the crest, take out your Bow and fire an arrow first into the launcher to the right, and then into the launcher that Zelda is holding. The launcher to the right will strike a red eye, which will open a door that will allow arrows going through Zelda’s launcher to pass. That will, in turn, hit a second red eye, dropping the wall blocking the stairwell on the west side of the lake of lava.

Now you need to get Link down from the platform – but Zelda is still holding that launcher, so you can’t jump on her! Take Zelda over to the boulders on the eastern side of the floor; when a boulder hits her, she will drop the launcher. Take her back to Link and have Link jump on her, then take the duo to the newly opened door and head up to Floor 21.

There’s nothing to do on Floor 21 now; just follow the only path around and head up to Floor 22.

Floor 22 contains a Boss Key – so it looks like there’s going to be a boss after this one! Only Zelda can get the key, since this one’s juiced with electricity. It’s easy enough to get to – so navigate Zelda through the fire to the Boss Key in the lower portion of the room. As soon as she grabs it, four Floormasters will appear in various locations about the floor. Luckily, these particular Floormasters only move in a set area and won’t chase you; they also don’t respawn very quickly. Draw a path for Zelda to the upper right corner of the room; she cannot cross the sand traps, so we’re going to have to switch her and Link’s positions using the shape platforms.

As Zelda makes her way across the room, make sure to kill any Floormasters nearby. It shouldn’t be too difficult to her her to the pink circle platform; once she’s there, step on the corresponding platform with Link, and the two will switch places. Once that’s done, navigate Zelda to the boss door directly south. Put the key in, and watch as the Floormasters disappear, along with the fire traps. In addition, a bridge will rise along one of the sand traps – just in case you want to walk Zelda back to a previous floor.

Walk Link around to the boss door, and head up to Floor 23. Floor 23 is a rest area, so break the pots in the room to restore your health and supplies. Heave ho the door at the north end of the room to open the way to the top of the tower, as well as summon a portal back to the Tower’s lobby.

When you feel that you’re ready, make the climb up to the next floor to see what’s waiting for you.

Part 3: Cutscenes to the Top

As soon as you go up the stairs, a cutscene will ensue – it seems Byrne has arrived to congratulate you on restoring the Spirit Tracks. His congratulations are cut short when he learns that Link and Zelda have it in their heads to put an end to Malladus’s resurrection. He’ll spare neither time nor mercy in attacking you, so prepare for a vicious fight.


No weapon but your sword is required to best Byrne, but Zelda’s help is absolutely necessary. When the battle begins, Byrne will jump around the pillars surrounding the caged arena. He’ll occasionally fire white beams at you with his gauntlet; if you simply run around the circle of the arena, none of these attacks should hit you; in addition, they can’t harm Zelda at all, so you can use Zelda as a shield against them.

Byrne will then try to use a targeted attack in which he locks on to either Link or Zelda and launches his gauntlet at them. Byrne’s gauntlet is connected to him by a chain so he can drag back his enemies; this makes it disadvantageous for him if he misses an attack. If Zelda gets hit, you’ll have to slash at the gauntlet to free her; and it will take away a full heart if Link is hit. If both parties avoid this attack, Byrne’s gauntlet will get stuck in the ground. Navigate Zelda to the stuck gauntlet once this happens, and she’ll tug on it until Byrne comes crashing down to the floor.

That will be your chance to slash Byrne up before he rises again and takes to the pillars. Repeat the process – he’ll start firing white beams at you once again. He’ll also have an extra attack this time – a white ball of energy. If this hits Zelda, she’ll become stunned and unable to dodge Byrne’s gauntlet attack, so make sure she avoids this ball of energy.

Byrne’s gauntlet will become much more accurate during this second round; make sure both Zelda and Link and constantly moving in order to avoid being targeted. Once you’ve got his gauntlet stuck in the ground again, get Zelda to pull him down for some quality slashing.

Byrne will now be relegated to the ground. He’ll start sidestepping Link and Zelda; approach him from the front and slash him with your sword. These attack will do no damage, but will cause Byrne to become frustrated. After several hits, Byrne will begin to charge up a thrust attack with his gauntlet; this is your change to attack him with Zelda. Byrne will thrust across the arena to Link; position Zelda so that she is at some point between Byrne and Link, and the two will hit and engage in a locked battle. This will give you a change to slash Byrne up from behind.

Once you do, the process will repeat. He doesn’t get any more difficult, so get him locked in a stance with Zelda once again, slash him up on the back, and Byrne will fall.

A cutscene will play about Byrne’s shattered pride, and he’ll exit out the north end of the room, through the stained glass, in disgrace. Once the cutscene ends, follow him out – it’s time to go to the top of the tower at last and find Zelda’s body.

Head eastward, up the staircase, until you reach the top of the tower. Another cutscene – quite a lengthy one – will ensue regarding Malladus’s resurrection and Zelda’s body. Byrne will be struck down by the newly revived Malladus, who now lives in Zelda’s body, and both Cole and Malladus will escape on the Demon Train. Anjean will appear after the disaster and take Link, Zelda and Byrne back to the lobby of the Tower of Spirits, where Byrne is set to rest inside the passenger car of the Spirit Train.

Anjean will admit that she wasn’t able to defeat Byrne in their battle, and give you an idea of how grave the situation with Malladus currently is. The only way to get Malladus out of Zelda’s body now is with the Bow of Light. But, of course, there’s a caveat – even with Malladus’s spirit out of Zelda’s body, she may not be able to return to it.

The Bow of Light is located in the final dungeon of the game – the Sand Temple, nestled in the small Sand Realm, just above the Ocean Realm. A force gem from Anjean will restore the Spirit Tracks within the Sand Temple, and you’ll be on your rail map. Draw a path to the Sand Realm, and get moving!

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