Chapter 8: The Fire Realm

Part 1: Kagoron and the Freight Cart

It’s time to go to the Fire Realm – Zelda will point out, as you get on your train, that there are new tracks which connect the Snow Realm to the Fire Realm, so go to the Snow Realm when asked to select your realm. You’ll see the path to the Fire Realm right above the Tower of Spirits, so draw your path eastward!

As you enter the Fire Realm, you’ll catch a glimpse of a huge volcano – and it will start spitting out flaming boulders! These boulders won’t land on the tracks, so you’ll be safe enough. There will be a village at the far east side of the available tracks you can travel; head to that city. It’s the Goron Village, and its inhabitants will tell you where the next Lokomo is located, since Anjean wasn’t able to.

When you stop in Goron Village, it will become quite clear that the place is in shambles – the eruption you just saw on the overworld has caused lava spouts to appear throughout the village, and the only one who can talk to you about the issue is Kagoron, who has the ability to speak directly to the Goron’s mountain goddess. To meet Kagoron, head off of the west side of the map; a stone tablet will let you know that the Altar of the Mountain Goddess is that way.

Up the stairs to the north near the entrance to this pathway is a chest containing a star fragment, as well as a friendly Goron who will let you know that the stacks of Goron Iron will melt upon contact with lava. Once you’ve spoken with the Goron, make your way west through the map. When you come to a path upon which boulders roll, make your way north, dodging the boulders along you way – hugging the wall is effective in this. As you maneuver through the boulders, you’ll come to a staircase that will take you to a path further west.

As you move along that path, you’ll come across even more boulders. Maneuver your way through these as well to continue making you way west. You’ll quickly reach a lake of lava, and some stairs to take you down to its coast. Now is when you need to start watching your step as well, as flaming boulders will begin crashing and falling from the sky; they also leave fiery patches on the ground, so be careful where you move.

Near to the stairs is a crystal switch which, when hit, draws a bridge to the north opening the path to the Altar of the Mountain Goddess. The bridge is drawn on a timer, so hit the switch and then run north as fast as you can. Whip your way across the lava, then run across the bridge eastward.

You can take a shortcut back to the bottom of the mountain if you ever need to return by going east through the top right corner of the map, but for now just head directly north, off the map, to the Altar of the Mountain Goddess.

You’ll meet Kagoron outright – he is a strange black and blue Goron who will become intrigued by Link’s presence. When he asks if you have business, let him know that you do – and you’ll both begin talking about the Fire Sanctuary. Unfortunately, only the elder knows the way to the Fire Sanctuary; opt to meet this elder, and Kagoron will continue talking with you until he asks you to head back down the mountain to speak with him in the village.

Exit the Altar and move through the northeast corner of the map back down to the map’s entrance. Along the way, pick up a chest containing a perl necklace, then exit out the bottom right corner of the map back to the village. Head to your train to speak once again with Kagoron – before you can reach your train, a cutscene will play and Kagoron will speak to a Goron about giving you a freight car. Before you know it, a freight car will be wheeled out and attached to your Spirit Train for you – so congratulations on your new freight car!

Kagoron will explain that the freight car is to be used to bring back something cold enough to cool the lava. The only thing cold enough to cool this lava is Mega Ice, so your next destination is the Anouki Village in the Snow Realm. Hop on your train and draw a path westward to the Snow Realm.

Part 2: Making Mega Ice

Once you get to the Snow Realm, head straight to the Anouki Village. Along you way, some land pirates using tanks will attack you – kill them in the same manner as you killed the pirates at sea; they take two hits apiece, and there are three of them. Soon enough, you’ll be able to stop at the Anouki Village.

As soon as you leave the train station, a yellow Anouki will call you over looking for lumber and a handyman – the bridge builder. You don’t need to worry about this right now, so talk to the honcho, who is standing right nearby. He’ll ask you if you need something – tell him that you’re looking for some ice, and he’ll let you know that there’s none around the village that can just be taken. Rather, there is a product called Mega Ice, and it must be bought from an Anouki in the far west area of the village.

Head over to where the honcho marked on your map to meet the Anouki who makes Mega Ice. Apparently an Ice Chu Chu fell into the water, covering it in a gooey film that makes the ice just nasty. He needs fresh water; take him to Wellspring Station on your train, the location where you first went to meet Ferrus. There’s a wonderfully cold and fresh lake there; as soon as you arrive, he’ll leave your train and head to the lake. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that he’s starting up his business there.

But that’s not all – Link will also receive a Force Gem for his troubles, which will restore some of the Spirit Tracks at the southern edge of the Snow Realm.

The Anouki will tell Link that he must make the Mega Ice in private to protect company secrets, so leave the area by getting on your train and, without actually going anywhere, get off again. He’ll be done making the Mega Ice, and will offer you a deal on the ice for helping him get to his new location. For 25 measly Rupees, you can get 25 units of Mega Ice loaded on your freight car. Take the deal and let him load up your train with Mega Ice, which you can then take back to the Goron Village. However, there are strict rules when carrying objects on your freight car: you cannot hit anything, let your train sway during sharp turns, or be hit by monster attacks. You will also be warned that, in warmer locations than the Snow Realm, the Mega Ice will begin to melt – you’ll lose Mega Ice over time.

You’re going to need to make it to Goron Village with at least 10 units of Mega Ice. On top of the warm climate of the Fire Realm melting the ice, a bomb train will activate just in front of Goron Village; you’ll need to go around it if you want to make it to the village. Luckily, there’s a whole mess of loops and tracks that lead around the direct route to the village. Travel as fast as you can long this route without going too fast around corners and loosing ice. Just make sure you make it to Goron Village with at least 10 units left, and you’ll be able to quench the lava within the village.

As soon as you reach Goron Village, find Kagoron in front of the stairs leading to the path to the Altar of the Mountain Goddess. Talk to him and let him know that you have the Mega Ice in hand, and he’ll order Gorons from around the village to use the ice to quench the lava blocking the path to the rest of the village. Once quenched, you’ll be able to visit the Elder’s house – the northernmost enclave in the village.

Head north to the largest and most northern house there is, and enter to meet the Elder of Goron Village. He will be impressed by your efforts in quenching the lava, and will allow you to learn how to access the Fire Sanctuary by giving you access to a cave behind his home. Enter the cave when he reveals it to you.

Inside this cave you’ll meet Fire Keese immediately; you can’t strike them with your sword without getting burned, so use a longer range weapon like the Boomerang or the Whip to kill them off. Move northward through the cave, then west with your Whip across the lake of lava when you come to a wooden beam. You’ll find an abundance of pots and a floor switch that will draw two bridges in the room; one across the lake you just swung over, and another across the lake further south. Head to that newly formed second bridge and cross the lake of lava.

Head east through the cave now until you come to an area full of pots. Do not strike them, or else you might let out a LikeLike, which could compromise your shield if you haven’t gotten the Shield of Antiquity yet. Head up the stairs, then west along the path to reach a treasure chest containing a dark pearl loop. Head back east, then north up the stairs to exit the cavern. You’ll find that you’re now in the northeast corner of Goron Village – exit out the top of the screen and you’ll be at the Fire Sanctuary’s entrance.

Part 3: Embrose of the Fire Sanctuary

Head north through the Fire Sanctuary area, following the path around and avoiding the falling, flaming boulders. You’ll encounter another new enemy here: Deku Babas that spit fire. Slice their heads off with one hit, then destroy their living heads with two more hits. The barrage of enemies in this area can be a bit overwhelming, but chug your way through around the bend and head south until you reach a set of four torches in a vertical, stagnated row. Light all four torches to draw a bridge across a gap to the north. Head further south to find an oval-shaped area teeming with Deku Babas. Kill the Babas and light the remaining two torches in the area to draw two new bridges that will complete the path to the Fire Sanctuary.

Head north up the stairs, following the new path opened by the bridges. If you follow the longer bridges that go to the west, you’ll find both a treasure chest containing a ruto crown, as well as the stamp station for the Fire Sanctuary!

Go back and head east across the shorter bridge so that you find yourself in the eastern area of the map containing eight stone head statues and a stone tablet where the ninth one might have been placed. Read the stone tablet for a story about three lovers:

Opening the Door of Friendship
Once upon a time, two men fell in love with a beautiful woman. One man was popular and always the center of attention. But all he cared about was the beautiful woman he had fallen in love with. Unfortunately for him, the woman only had eyes for the other man. The battle for the woman’s love grew and sent sparks hot enough to melt stone. But eventually, friendship shone between then men like a light, uniting the pair. It was as if a door had been unlocked.

You’d think that this story would give you a huge clue about how to lower the wall blocking the way into the Fire Sanctuary, but it really isn’t much help – to those of you wracking your brains over this one, simply play the song of light in between the middle statue and the one directly to the right of it. A crystal will appear and light the path to the sanctuary, dropping the wall blocking its entrance. Head in to meet the next Lokomo guardian, Embrose (a clever pun on the word “embers”).

Embrose is a younger Lokomo with fire-red hair, and his instrument is the drums. Practice his Lokomo song with him – purple, yellow, purple, yellow, blue – and then go on to do the real thing. Once you’ve finished, the Fire rail map will become energized and the path to the Fire Temple will be restored! Of course, it won’t be so easy to reach the temple – the path is rife with danger, so Embrose will advise you to speak with those in Goron Village before leaving to ensure that you can endure the hardships ahead.

With that done, exit the sanctuary and head out of the entrance area, through the lava cave, and back to the village. It’s time to make your way to the Fire Temple – at last!

Part 4: To the Fire Temple

Once you return to the Elder’s house, he’ll greet you with a hearty congratulations. When he asks if you’ll be going straight to the Fire Temple, say that you aren’t and he’ll enlighten you with some advise: there are three locks locking up the Fire Temple, and some monsters have taken all of the keys!

Talk to villagers around the area to learn more about these monsters, and you’ll slowly uncover clues that will help you retrieve the three stolen keys to the Fire Temple:

  • They don’t like big noises (like your train whistle)
  • The sound is one short noise, then one long noise, like “gon-goroooooooon!”
  • Hit them straight on, not from behind

With that information in mind, you can start to go to the Fire Temple. Hop on your train and draw a path to the tracks around the temple, and get moving as fast as you can. You’ll go through a tunnel containing a few mini Rocktites for you to fight; they’ll fall with a single hit.

As soon as you exit the tunnel, a small cutscene will play in which the stolen keys are revealed to have been taken by three elephant-like flying monsters. These monsters will travel across the tracks; make sure to always approach them from the front, or else you’ll never be able to catch them and make them stop. Once you’ve got one in front of you, stop your train and blow your whistle the way that was recommended to you back in the village: one short blow, then one long blow. The creature will cover its ears and freeze up, allowing you to hit it with your cannon.

If it is not covering its ears, then you won’t be able to hit it! It will dodge every attack otherwise, so make sure you’re blowing your whistle just as described. Once you’ve got the first key, all you need to do is travel around the tracks and get the other two in the same manner. Make sure to be careful, though, as the creatures will awaken after a short time and start traversing the tracks once more and chase after you – you’ll have to continually fight them if they catch up to you, making it more difficult to fight creatures that still have a key on them.

Keep going around the tracks, though, and you’ll have gotten all three keys in no time at all – and access to the Fire Temple as a result. Once that happens, head inside the temple and get ready for the next dungeon.

Part 5: Dungeon #4 – The Fire Temple

As usual, head north through the entrance room of the Fire Temple to reach Floor 1. Head north through the floor, and west when you reach a split, since that’s the only path you can currently take. Navigate your way through the spinning fire traps when you get to them in the northern area of the floor, then make your way around south to fight the Fire Temple’s first gauntlet. Three Stalfos will spring to life and attack you; to defeat them, hit them three times with your sword. They love to jump and dodge your attacks, though, so get them up against a wall or in a corner before really having at them.

Once they’re all disposed of, the wall to the south will drop, giving you access to the bottom left room. Watch out, as several Sparks will be traversing the walls of this room – they’re made of pure electricity and cannot be killed with any weaponry. As you move through the room with the goal of reaching the stairwell at its eastern end, make note of all the wooden pitfalls along your way. These pitfalls are mirrored in the room at the eastern end of this floor, so once you’ve got all their locations marked on your map, mark them in reversed on the other end of the floor.

When you reach the stairwell, head up to Floor 2. On Floor 2, a mine cart awaits you – hop in the cart and go for a ride; you’ll find a treasure chest containing a small key at the end of the ride. Jump back into the cart and ride back, then head back down to Floor 1.

You can exit the area with the Sparks through a ledge on the room’s northern edge. Just across this ledge is a crystal switch; hit it with your Boomerang and a blue disc will drop from the ceiling. Hop off the ledge, toward the blue disc; ignore it for now and unlock the nearest locked door. There will be a crystal switch within, but you can’t do anything with it.

Go back and pick up that blue disc, then carry it east to the gap you weren’t able to cross when you first entered the temple. In the middle of this gap is a tiny volcano; this blue disc will cover it up if you toss the disc onto it. Do so, and continue traveling east by hopping across the gap.

You’ll come to a movable block and a long spout of fire blocking your path eastward through the floor. Don’t be discouraged; you can use this movable block to shield Link from the harmful flames. However, the block is in a corner, so you’ll need to move it to a position where you can be in front of it to push it against the flow of flames. Move it down two spaces, then push it over to the right. Move it back up, and begin pushing the block east. You’ll be able to head south from here, into the room that mirrors the pitfalls of the room on the west side of Floor 1.

Navigate carefully around this room, avoiding the pitfalls as you marked them; you won’t be able to see whether the pitfalls are in this room like you were able to in the other room, but luckily there are no Sparks here. Once you reach the stairwell, head up to Floor 2 once again.
You’ll be able to ride a new mine cart now that will take you further into the dungeon. Hop on the cart and let it take you for a ride. When you see a crystal switch, hit it with your sword as fast as you can – these crystal switches control the direction that the cart takes at forks in the track. Along the way, you can take one of the “branches” off of the main tracks to find a treasure chest containing a Stalfos skull. Follow the main path, and you’ll reach a small enclave to the north containing the second small key that you need.

Head back to Floor 1 by riding the cart and taking the stairwell down, then exit the pitfall-strewn room via the exit on its northern edge. Head back to the center of the floor and unlock the second locked door, revealing another crystal switch. Now that both switches have been revealed, use your Boomerang to whack them both at the same time. Once both are lit, the wall between them will drop, giving you access to a stairwell up to a new area of Floor 2.

As soon as you enter this northern part of the second floor, you can tell there’s about to be a battle. Take two steps forward and a wall will rise behind you, trapping you in with the strange turtle-like Mini Boss that is Heatoise.

Mini Boss: Heatoise

Heatoise, first and foremost, is a very short-tempered beast. Try to attack it with any weapon – or even try to get close to it – and it will hide in its shell and begin spinning Koopa-style after Link. Of course, Heatoise can only move in one direction at a time when it does this, which is unfortunate for it, given that there are two Sparks traversing the walls of the room. So, get it to hide inside of its shell and chase you right into a Spark.

When Heatoise hits a Spark, it will become electrocuted and dazed, giving you time to whack its head with your sword a bit. As with other Mini Bosses, this process is lather, rinse, and repeat – after two more good rounds of shocking and slashing, Heatoise will fall, leaving behind nothing but a red Rupee and a nice, large treasure chest.

Open up that nice, large chest that just appeared to get the Fire Temple’s token item: The Bow and Arrow! Tap the touch screen and release to fire your arrows; keep your stylus on the screen to aim and look around.

Head east through the newly opened path to test out your special new weapon. To get to a stairwell to the north, you’ll need to draw a bridge of some sort – but there’s no switch around that will do so. Instead, notice the eye on the wall to the left of the staircase. If you shoot these eyes with arrows from your Bow, they’ll glow blue and events will happen. So take out your Bow and fire a well-aimed arrow right into the center of the eye to draw the much-needed bridge to the staircase, then down to a new part of Floor 1.

As soon as you’re back on Floor 1, you’ll learn about another arrow-based puzzle tool: The arrow launchers. These golden, arrow-shaped tools will take any incoming arrow and change the direction of its flight. The direction they fire arrows in can be changed by whacking them with your sword or any other weapon except the Bow, and they can be picked up and moved around to wherever you like them.

Without changing its direction with a weapon, fire an arrow into the launcher just south of where Link stands, and it will be directed through two arrow launches before finally hitting an eye to the east. A bridge will draw, so you can go east to the eye to pick up a pearl necklace from the treasure chest if you like, or stay on the platform with the first arrow launcher to to the next part of the puzzle. Hit the launcher with your sword and rotate it 180 degrees so that it’s facing upward instead of to the right. Pick it up and toss it across the chasm to your left so that it lands on a small platform just beneath a red eye.

Fire an arrow into the launcher and it will be redirected towards the eye. A bridge will draw to the platform that the launcher rests upon; pick it up and toss it to another platform north, still below the eye. Using a weapon, rotate the launcher’s direction of fire so that it faces west, then fire an arrow into it. That arrow will hit a second eye, which will draw a bridge completing the path to a staircase on the left side of the room. Take the staircase down to Basement 1.

On Basement 1, a stone tablet will read: “Remember, the only way to open this door is with a key.” It sounds like there might be a trick to it, but we don’t even have a key yet, so there isn’t much we can do on Basement 1 just yet. Notice that there’s another staircase going down even further – all the way to Basement 2. Take this staircase down.

As soon as you enter Basement 2, you’ll face a new gauntlet consisting of four Stalfos. However, these Stalfos are across small lakes of lava, so you can’t reach them directly. It will take two hits from your Bow to kill each one; one to destroy their body, and another to destroy their head. Make sure to kill their heads quickly, or else they’ll rejuvenate their body. In addition, watch out for the bones they throw at you, which – while not harmful much on their own – can knock you into the lava.

Once this gauntlet is finished, the path below you will open up. Go along the path; to your right will be a wooden beam you could use your Whip to swing across, but it’s blocked by a constant stream of lava. If you look to your left, you’ll see an arrow launcher – fire an arrow into it and it will hit an eye, initiating a timer that halts the lava flow.

As quickly as possible, whip across the lake of lava, then head north. Kill the two Stalfos when you see them, and head around the small lake of lava so that you’re positioned on its left edge in the center. Blue discs will rise and fall with the lava spouts; hop on the first one when you can, then across the next three until you reach the ledge at the top right corner of the floor. You can open the treasure chest here to obtain a star fragment, then use your Whip to head southward along three wooden beams.

You’ll land in a area that was blocked off by a wall before. There’s a floor switch in the upper right corner of this tiny enclave; step on it to drop the wall that would have blocked your way back to the rest of the dungeon, then begin to make your way west along the very narrow and treacherous path that lay before you.

The metallic enemies that bounce back and forth along this path are called Traps. Traps are indestructible, just like Sparks, so don’t even try to harm them. Just avoid them, and all will be well. In addition, if one hits your here, there’s a swell chance that it will knock you into the lava for some extra damage Make your way along the path, running between and avoiding the Traps. Head south along the path when you reach that part; make your way all the way south to find a treasure chest containing a pearl necklace.

While you’re at that treasure chest, look further east across the room – out onto the lake of lava. There will be some Fire Keese fluttering around, as well as two unlit torches. Use the Fire Keese and your Boomerang to light the two torches, which will drop a blue disc onto a volcano to the west that would have impeded your travels back up to Basement 1. Once the disc has dropped, make your way to the staircase and head up.

You’ll be in the southern portion of Basement 1, and taking two steps southward will initiate yet another gauntlet, this time consisting of two Heatoises. Although they may have seemed hard before you had your Bow and Arrow, they’re now relatively easy to kill; just stand far away and give them two shots in the head with an arrow, and they will fall. When the gauntlet is finished, a chest will appear in the room containing a ruto crown, and the walls blocking access to either staircase in the room will fall.

You can now also read stone tablets lined up across the top of the room. From left to right, they read:

  1. Aim for the eye above second.
  2. Aim for the eye above first.
  3. Aim for the eye above fourth.
  4. Aim for the eye above third.

There are four eyes placed directly above these four tablets, so you’ll have to aim for them in the following order based on the above information: 2, 1, 4, 3.

With that information in mind, take the stairs on the left side of the room down to Basement 2 once again. In here, follow along the path, killing the Stalfos on the way, until you reach a floor switch. The switch will lower a wall to the northeast containing a red eye, but leaving the switch will cause the wall to rise once more. You’ll need a way to fire the arrow into the eye without leaving the floor switch – luckily, there’s an arrow launcher northward. Go grab it and bring it back to the area with the floor switch. Set it up against the north wall, and rotate it so that it faces to the left.

Step on the floor switch and fire an arrow into the launcher. The arrow will hit the eye, and a blue disc will drop from the ceiling next to Link.
Grab the blue disc and carry it northward to where you took the arrow launcher from, and place it atop the small volcano resting in the lava to the left. You can then ride it up like an elevator to the northwest portion of the floor. Don’t go up just yet, though – run back and grab the arrow launcher you just used and take it up to the next portion of Basement 2 with you.

Once you’re in this next part of the floor, you can flip a switch in the bottom right corner of that area to make a wooden beam appear that can lead you back to other portions of the floor. Otherwise, find an arrow launcher in the top right corner of this room and carry it south. Place it atop the southernmost inactive lava spout; a second switch at the top left corner of the room will make these spouts active. The arrow launcher you find here can only shoot diagonally, so point it northeast. Take the arrow launcher you brought and, making sure it’s facing to the left, place it on the rightmost inactive lava spout.

Now, with those two launchers placed, you’ll need a way to fire arrows into them once the spouts are active – luckily, you have a blue disc already! The blue disc sitting atop the lava spout you entered with can actually be removed by tapping on it. Run back to it and wait for it to lift up to you, then just tap it to remove it from the spout. Take it and place it on the remaining empty lava spout in the room.

Stand on the blue disc, and flip the crystal switch just north of you with an arrow. Fire an arrow into the diagonal-firing launcher below you, and the arrow will travel right into one eye. Now just fire an arrow quickly into the second eye – directly to your right 0 and the wall to the north will drop for you.

Inside of this little area is nothing but a treasure chest containing a small key! With the small key in hand, leave this corner of the floor and head back to the northernmost door of Basement 2 with your Whip, which will take you back up to Basement 1. Now you can unlock that door that was blocking you way a while back – do so to gain access to a mine cart that can loop around the floor – and above those stone tablets you read earlier.

Ride the mine cart around the floor, and it will continually loop as it passes by the eyes above the stone tablets in the lower portion of the floor. Shoot them in order from left to right: 2, 1, 4, 3 – as described earlier by the stone tablets. Don’t worry if you don’t get them on your first pass by; you can loop around as many times as you need to to shoot them. Once all four have been hit in the correct order, the track will shift, making your cart travel to the center of the floor and drop you off.

Head down the stairs to Basement 2, then down the stairs again to Basement 3. Basement 3 contains the Boss Key and boss door – so you’re almost through the temple! To your right is a boulder that can be blown up; to your left is a map indicating which track-changing switches need to be hit in the room to properly transport the Boss Key. Travel to your left further and hope across some platforms to reach a bomb flower; if you haven’t bought the bombs, you can use this bomb flower to blow up the boulder blocking your path. If you do have bombs, just blow up the boulder. It will turn into a blue disc once exploded.

Throw this blue disc onto the lava spout to your right, and hop onto it, then onto the mine cart when you can. As you move along the tracks, hit the switches indicated by the map you just saw, and you’ll make it safely to a platform on the north edge of the room. Read the stone tablet to learn that you must transport the Boss Key via cart – head slightly south to find the Boss Key resting on a nice little platform. Using your Whirlwind, blow it westward onto a cart, then head directly north to find a cart for Link as well. If you go even further north before getting into the cart, you can head west to find a treasure chest containing a dark pearl loop. Once you’ve gotten it, head back to the cart and hop in.

The two carts will move in concert with each other, so make sure to hit the switches as marked on the map. Use your arrows to do so, since you won’t be able to reach any of them with your sword. If you do it correctly, with the right timing, both Link and the Boss Key will end up at the boss door together. Throw the key into the door, and head down to Basement 4 – the rest zone.

Read the stone tablet to get a portal back to the dungeon’s entrance, and hit the vases to restore some health if you need to. Once you’re ready, it’s time to fight this dungeon’s boss – the lord of all lava!

Cragma, Lava Lord

Cragma will rise from the lava and scream ferociously at you. Gold spots around his body will glow as he prepares to attack – especially when he raises his arm. As he raises his arm to pound Link into oblivion, look for a glowing golden spot on Cragma’s lower belly, just above the lava. Hit it with an arrow – this will cause Cragma to scream with rage and pound down on the platform with both fists.

Luckily, that pounding will cause a very large boulder to fall from the ceiling, along with an abundance of smaller boulders. These boulders will crash to the ground, breaking and leaving behind tons of extra arrows and hearts. When he begins attacking again, make sure he pounds down on that boulder. He’ll flatten it into a blue disc, which you can then place on either one of the inactive lava spouts northeast of the platform. You can then hop across the lava and onto a cart, which will begin circling around the room.

This gives you ample chances to fire arrows at golden spots around Cragma’s body. Fire at all of them – make sure to break every single one as you spiral upward with the cart, including the ones on the palms of Cragma’s hands. The cart will continue to wheel its way around the room, climbing higher and higher. By the time it reaches Cragma’s head, you should have broken every gold spot, giving you access to his vulnerable eye. Fire an arrow right into Cragma’s eye as soon as you can, and he will topple over in pain, exposing a tender area at the top of his head. The cart will toss you off at the platform, and you can slash away at Cragma’s head to do some serious damage.

Repeat the entire process – Cragma’s attacks won’t change, and by now you’ll probably be in the rhythm of avoiding his fist smashes. Fire into that initial golden spot once again, and make him flatten the large boulder when he makes it come tumbling down. Use the resulting blue disc to make your way onto the cart at the right edge of the room, and start circling around him, disposing of all his gold spots. He’ll rotate a bit more this time, and show you both of his palms at once; take them out quickly when this happens, or else he’ll grab the cart and throw it back down to the bottom of the room. Luckily, even if this happens, none of his gold spots will return.

Get him in the eye again, and he’ll topple over – give him one last good round of hits, and Cragma will be no more. He’ll dissolve in a puff of smoke, leaving behind nothing but a red Force Gem.

With Cragma defeated, the tracks back to the Tower of Spirits from the Fire Realm will be restored. Snag the all-important heart container from the large treasure chest that just appeared, and leave the boss room through the blue portal. It’s time to return to the Tower of Spirits, which is now completely put back together. Let’s see what Anjean has waiting for us.

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