Chapter 7: The Fourth Rail Map

Part 1: Back to the Tower

When you leave the Ocean Temple, you’ll be immediately back on the surface – so you can draw a path straight to the Tower of Spirits. On your way back to the Tower, make sure to keep a close eye out for Pirate Ships – these floating menaces will come in a fleet of three and hurl cannonballs at your train. They each take two hits to kill, and if you don’t dispose of them, they will most definitely dispose of you – so be watchful and do away with them as quickly as possible.

From that point forward, it’s no effort at all to reach the Tower of Spirits, so you’ll quickly find yourself back. Talk to Anjean and she’ll let you know that there is only one temple left until all of the Spirit Tracks are restored, and that it is hidden in a mountain of fire. She’ll then leave you to go retrieve the next rail map, so get moving up the stairwell one more time to begin your fourth adventure through the Tower of Spirits.

Part 2: The Tower of Spirits (4th Visit)

Climb the stairwell up to the next set of floors – this trek begins on Floor 13 and ends on Floor 17, and introduces a brand new type of Phantom: The Warp Phantom. These Phantoms can teleport to any area of the room with a Phantom Eye nearby – those little guys floating all about the room with yellow sonar circles around them. If you’re spotted by a Phantom Eye, the Warp Phantom on Floor 13 will go to the Eye and attack Link; you can stun the Phantom Eyes with your Boomerang from afar to daze them, then approach them and hit them with your sword to do away with them. Even when killed, they’ll occasionally respawn, so keep an eye out for Phantom Eyes no matter where you are.

Your first business on Floor 13 is to get the two Tears of Light that you can; you’ll also need some small keys along the way Head to your right – the first Tear of Light you need is right out in the open, inside a small enclave in the wall. A Phantom Eye stands in front of the Tear, but it can’t hurt you, so just run through it into the safe zone. It will, however, spot you – showing you how the Warp Phantoms move from location to location. You can kill the Phantom Eye with your sword once the Warp Phantom goes away. Make your way around to the bottom of that area, where you’ll see a lit torch and an unlit torch. Stand in the middle between the two torches; that should give you enough room to use your Boomerang to light the unlit torch. Once lit, a chest containing a small key will appear in the northern area of the room.

From there, make your way north through the room. Inside another small enclave, in a safe zone, is a crystal switch. Hit it and a bridge will draw in the southwest area of the floor; this will become important in a moment. Leave the enclave and go to the opposite edge of the platform it’s against to open the chest containing the small key, then climb the stairs on the southern edge to the top of the platform.

Above the platform are three fish heads, and only the middle one has a sword inside. Take the sword out of its mouth with your Whip, and throw it into the fish head on the right. A treasure chest will appear in the southwest area of the room – this chest contains a small key that you’ll need very soon. Do not throw the sword into the fish head on the left! A second Warp Phantom will appear if you do, making your time in this area significantly more difficult.

Now move westward to obtain the second Tear of Light. Avoiding the gaze of the Phantom Eyes, use your Whip to swing across the gap onto the platform to the west. Again avoiding the Eyes, swing across a second gap and make your way to the corner of the room.

Swing across a large chasm, heading south, and continue to make your way around the room until you reach the Tear of Light. A Phantom Eye also stands in front of it, so remain in the safe zone until the Warp Phantom goes away, then make your way back around the room.

Run to the eastern side, approaching the stairwell in the top right corner of the room and moving to a safe zone for when you’re assuredly caught by a Phantom Eye or two. Once the area is clear, head for that stairwell – use the small key you received to unlock the door blocking the stairwell, and head up to Floor 14.

Make your way south through Floor 14, and turn left when you come to a junction. Continue along that path; make sure to do away with the Phantom Eyes along the way using your Boomerang. Follow along the path until you’re nearby the Warp Phantom standing in front of the Tear of Light. Get the Warp Phantom distracted by running in front of it, then have it chase you around the circular path – that will get it away from the Tear of Light. While the Warp Phantom is chasing you, a wall will rise in front of the Tear, but it should fall just in time for you to enter the safe zone and grab the final Tear of Light.

Once you’ve got your sword full of energy, that Warp Phantom will warp back to its original place in front of the Tear. You can use this special opportunity to strike its backside, allowing Zelda to possess it. If you draw a line from Zelda to any Phantom Eye in the room, she can teleport straight to it.

Make use of this ability to teleport Zelda to the Phantom Eye in the bottom right corner of the room. As soon as she teleports, she’ll dispose of the Phantom Eye. Step on the floor switch with Zelda to drop the wall blocking access to the small room, then bring Link down to the room. You’ll be able to get what’s inside that nice treasure chest – an ancient gold piece.

Your work on Floor 14 is done for a minute, so go back to Floor 13 with Zelda. Immediately teleport Zelda to the far left side of the room – there should be a Phantom Eye located just below the stairwell in the top left corner. Navigate Zelda from there to a crystal switch near the bottom of the reachable area, and simply position her beside it. Now, maneuver Link to the bottom left area of the floor, and open that other treasure chest that appeared earlier on to get the second small key. If you make your way nearby Zelda, you’ll see the crystal switch’s sister switch just below in an area blocked off by a locked door. Use your key to unlock it and approach the switch with Link.

Now, you’ll have to time this very precisely – target the switch with Zelda, and then immediately hit the switch with Link after. The two hits should coincide exactly (or else nothing will happen), and if successful the wall barricading the way to the stairwell will drop. Before you move northward with Link, have Zelda dispose of the Phantom Eye, then make your way back up to Floor 14.

Move south through this new section of Floor 14. Eventually you’ll approach another Black Chu Chu; Link can’t kill it, but Zelda can, so have her dispose of it and continue south. You’ll encounter a second, so do away with that one, too, before continuing along the path.

Eventually you’ll reach a pit of sand. Link can walk across these pits without any trouble, but Zelda’s heavy suit of armor will cause her to sink. She can’t walk across unless there’s a bridge above the sand, so guide her to the floor switch nearby the sand pit. With Link, run across the pit and step on a second floor switch just beyond. A bridge will rise to the top of the pit, allowing you to guide Zelda across safely.

Now guide Zelda eastward, then north through the bed of spikes, and then finally up to the top right corner of the room to a white platform with a pink circle upon it. As she stands on the platform, the circle will begin to glow. Take Link eastward as well, but don’t try to cross the spikes – instead, go further east and then north along the path until Link reaches a similar platform with a pink circle on it, just beyond Zelda’s. As Link stands on it, the two will switch places, giving Link access to the small room blocked by the spikes.

Guide Zelda back into the small room. While she walks, take out Link’s Whip and go to the left side of the room, where you’ll find two fish heads. Transfer the sword from one fish head to the other, and the wall blocking your way up to Floor 15 will drop. Head up to Floor 15 with Zelda once she’s joined you.

Floor 15 contains a mail lobby with three different types of platforms – a pink circle, a blue square, and a yellow triangle. The first of these that you care about is the yellow triangle – it’s located in the bottom right corner of the lobby area. Stand Link on it, then take Zelda and navigate her through the spikes to the east, around the path to the sister platform. The two will switch places, allowing Link access to that area of Floor 15.

Take Link north through the room, across the sand pit, into an open area. You’ll have to fight a Zora Warrior alone, but with your Whip it’s no trouble – use it to take away the Warrior’s shield. You can then freely slash it until it dies. Once it’s dead, move northeast until you find a moveable block. Push it into the next area of the floor, then north until you see two floor switches. Put the block on top of one of them, then run to the bottom left corner of the room to find the blue square platform.

Navigate Zelda to the corresponding blue square platform in the lobby, and the two will switch places. Have Zelda stand on the second switch, which will lower the set of spikes that would otherwise have blocked Link’s way to the eastern side of the floor. Guide Link back to the eastern side, and north to where you fought the Zora Warrior. Leave Link up against the large white door on the north side of that room, and guide Zelda over to help him push it open.

The door will open, and behind it will be a chest containing a small key. With the small key in hand, make your way out of that area and back to the lobby through whatever path you choose, so long as Zelda comes with you. Take Link and navigate him to the west side of the room, where you’ll reach an impassable chasm. However, you can use your boomerang to flip a crystal switch just beyond the chasm, so do so to raise a bridge across a sand pit on the other side.

Teleport Zelda to the nearby Phantom Eye across the chasm and lead her south, across the pit of sand, through the small room, and across the spikes on the southern end. In the area at the bottom left corner of the floor, you’ll see the pink circle platform – put Zelda on it and navigate Link to its sister platform in the bottom left corner of the lobby. The two will once again switch places.

Leave Link where he is, and use that same Phantom Eye to get Zelda back across the chasm. Move her down to where Link is standing; just above, beyond the spikes, is a floor switch that Zelda can stand on to lower the spikes so that Link can come across. Step on the floor switch and get Link out of there, then begin to head north, around the spikes.

To get Link around the spikes, you’ll also need to get through a barrage of rolling boulders. Zelda cannot be harmed by these boulders, and she can actually stop them with her brute strength. Have her act as a barrier against the boulders to get Link up and around the spikes to the two floor switches just beyond. Step on one floor switch with Link, and the other with Zelda. A bridge will draw across the previously impassable chasm, allowing you access back to the lobby.

Don’t go back just yet – take Link and Zelda back north to the Phantom Eye, but do not kill it. Instead, use your Boomerang to stun it, and then your Whirlwind to blow it around the room. Blow it across the sand pit to the north so that Zelda can teleport across, then take Link across as well. Get both of them on each of the floor switches; the wall blocking the way to the northern stairwell will fall.

Take Link and Zelda back to the lobby; Zelda by way of the Phantom Eye standing in front of the stairwell, and Link by way of the bridge across the chasm. Unlock the door blocking the stairwell with your small key, and head up to Floor 16.

On Floor 16, in the center, you’ll find a stone tablet to read that says “Move from the green tile to the red tile. Your path will form a special symbol.” The path that the Phantom is walking along has a special meaning, and it’s the path that Zelda needs to walk along to open the door to Floor 17.

Teleport Zelda to the Phantom Eye on the western side of the floor, and start on the green tile. Draw a path south along the left edge of the tile grid, then diagonal northeast to the top right corner of the grid, then west along the top of the grid, then diagonal southeast to the red tile. You should never cross the bottom or right side of the grid. Once you do this, the wall blocking the stairwell to floor 17 will drop, and Link and Zelda can both travel up.

Floor 17 is the rail map room – congratulations! As usual, Zelda will be forced out of the Warp Phantom’s body, and you’ll be able to run to the center of the room and snag the Fire rail map! Some of the lost Spirit tracks on it will reappear, and your rail map will finally be entirely complete!

Of course, someone’s there to ruin the fun – a cutscene will begin, and Byrne will teleport to the rail map room to have a chat with Link and Zelda. Just as he’s about to strike Link down, Anjean will come in and halt his actions. Byrne used to be Anjean’s apprentice, but only did so to learn how to become as powerful as the spirits of good. However, the spirits never answered him with extra powers, so he left Anjean to develop powers of his own through Malladus.

Anjean will say that he’s a lost cause, and send Link and Zelda promptly off to the Fire Temple in a burst of blue light before facing off with Byrne herself. Before you can see the fight she has with Byrne, the camera shifts to Zelda and Link falling back to the lobby of the Tower of Spirits, and the cutscene will end. The only thing left to do now is get on your train and make your way to the Fire Realm, where the Fire Temple waits for you.

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