Chapter 6: The Ocean Realm

Part 1: Fixing the Bridge

As you near the Ocean Realm’s entrance at the bottom right corner of the Forest Realm map, you’ll come to a new train station not identified on your map: A Trading Post. If you continue beyond this Trading Post, you’ll hit a broken bridge, so stop at this trading post to find out what’s going on. There’s a house in the southern part of the map; travel to it to meet an old and familiar face who will let you know how to fix the bridge.

Once inside the house, Linebeck III will step out, the grandson of the Linebeck who helped Link in Phantom Hourglass. Linebeck will tell you what you might have already known – that the only person who can fix the bridge to the Ocean Realm is the talented Bridge Worker back in the Snow Realm. Looks like it’s time to take a road trip to the Snow Realm to fetch him! If you talk to Linebeck again, he’ll also mention that the Bridge Worker is a bit testy and will get angry if his ride becomes too bumpy.

Head back to your train and make your way to the Snow Realm. The quickest way to the Bridge Worker’s home is through the Tower of Spirits, so draw a path there, stop in the lobby, talk to Anjean and be on your way to the Snow Realm. You should be able to reach the Bridge Worker’s Home in no time!

Once you’re there, enter the Bridge Worker’s house and talk to him. He’ll offer to help you fix the bridge so long as he gets to see Linebeck, and ask you to meet him at your train, so head back to your Spirit Train once he leaves his home. Along the way, stop and talk to Ferrus, who will give you a bit more insight on what Linebeck meant when he said that the Bridge Worker was fussy: You’ll need to follow all of the rail signs’ instructions as you make your way back to the trading post. That means to blow your whistle whenever you see a circular yellow sign, switch to normal speed when you see an square orange sign with an arrow, and switch to high speed when you see a square purple sign with an arrow. In addition, you’ll also have to stop right at the edge of the platform of the Trading Post, and avoid all enemy attacks. Oh, and don’t use the reverse on the gearbox to break suddenly; he doesn’t like stopping short.

Basically, just drive perfectly, or else Link’s gonna get scolded! Once you’re finished speaking with Ferrus, hop back on your train and start taking the Bridge Worker to Linebeck’s, taking the route back through the Tower of Spirits. A face on the passenger car of the Spirit Train will let you know how the Bridge Worker feels about your driving.

Start off driving carefully; you can cruise at either normal or high speed. When you come to the circular yellow sign, blow your whistle. Make sure to kill the Bulblins along the tracks after that, and make your way into the Tower of Spirits lobby, then switch over to the Forest Realm and continue to the Trading Post. On whatever path your draw, make sure to follow all the signs and avoid all enemy attacks. When you get to the Trading Post, stop as close to the red bullseye as possible. You should be able to finish and maintain a large green happy-face without much effort!

When you get off at the Trading post, the bridge worker will complement your driving and head off to the work site. Walk over to the bridge on the eastern side of the map and talk to him again; Linebeck will show up during the conversation. The Bridge Worker will reveal that Linebeck is in debt to him 5,000 Rupees! And Linebeck, the sneaky son of a gun, will mention that Link’s agreed to foot the bill!

Go give Linebeck a piece of your mind after the conversation ends to find out just how you’re going to come up with five grand in Rupees. Linebeck will talk about the Regal Ring, a treasure buried there by his grandfather. Linebeck will give you a letter from his grandfather detailing the location of the ring – in riddle form.

  1. To enter the hiding spot, sound the light and follow its beam.
  2. Inside, go 4 steps north and 6 steps west from where the lights cross.

The door to Linebeck Senior’s grave to the west will open; enter it. Inside of Linebeck Senior’s grave are monsters known as LikeLikes – shield-eating spongey monsters. If your shield gets eaten by one, you’re going to have to buy another from Linebeck’s store – so be careful! When you see these monsters, don’t try to kill them; you can only stun them and run by.

Move through everything and exit up the stairs to the north. You’ll be outside once again, on the north side of the Trading Post map. The stone tablet up here is Linebeck’s grave, and there’s also a new song to learn. Locate the rocket-shaped stone to the right of Linebeck’s grave and play the following notes from your Spirit Flute: purple, yellow, orange, blue, white.

When successfully played, you’ll learn the Song of Light! Play it to activate beacons, like the one that appears when the rocket stone blasts away. The beam of light will point towards a switch out in the water. Take out your Boomerang and throw it, following the beam of light to the switch, and drawing a bridge to a small island in the northeast corner of the map. There’s a cave on the island, but you’ll need to grab some bomb flowers to blow open the entrance first. Take the one of the bomb flowers next to the tree with the bee’s nest and use it to bomb the wall, then enter the cave.

Now it’s time to start following Linebeck’s second instruction. Light up both of the beacons in the room using the Song of Light. From where their beams cross, go four tiles north and six tiles west – this ends up being the very top left corner of the tile structure on the floor. Once there, play the Song of Discovery, and you’ll uncover the Regal Ring! It’s been passed down over generations of nobility.

Head back to Linebeck’s house and show him the Regal Ring. He’ll freak out a bit, but only until the Bridge Worker stops by to take the ring as payment. From that point on, Linebeck will offer you rewards for bringing him treasure in the form of upgraded parts for your train. You can get different cannons and cars at any time just by trading in treasures you find around New Hyrule.

With that in mind, you’ve now opened a path to the Ocean Realm! Leave the Trading Post, hop on your train, and set a course eastward – it’s time to seek out Carben, the Lokomo who can help Link reach the Ocean Temple.

Part 2: The Ocean Sanctuary’s Missing Carben

Continue east across the bridge; you’ll see a new train station on your map – this is Papuchia Village, a peaceful seaside location. You don’t need to be here just yet, so drive on past it to the very edge of where you can go on the current available Spirit Tracks. You’ll come to a second train station – the Ocean Sanctuary. Leave your train and begin to head northwest toward a cave leading to the sanctuary.

Once you enter the cave, continue around the path until you reach an uncrossable chasm. There’s a switch on the other end, but it’s blocked by breakable blocks. Luckily, nearby the chasm are two bomb flowers. Set a bomb flower down near the middle of the chasm, get our your Whirlwind, and blow the bomb straight across – as straight as you can get it, otherwise it will be out of range of the blocks. It might take a few tries, but eventually you’ll have the blocks cleared and will be able to target the switch with your Boomerang.

Hit the switch and a bridge will draw across the chasm. Make your way northeast to the stairwell, dodging the crab, and head upstairs to go outside.

Once outside, you’ll find that the door into the sanctuary is blocked by a familiar-looking red door. You’ll need to find the correct symbol to draw on the door if you want it to open. Tapping the door tells you what you’re looking for: Trace lines in the direction that each of the statues around the island are facing.

From the get-go there are four statues that can be accessed with ease. Go to them and mark on your map a long line in the direction they are facing. Once you’ve got those marked, you can go see the the two statues at the left and right ends of the map, which reside on their own individual islands.

To reach the statue on the right side of the map, head to the northeast corner of the island, where you’ll find a flight of stairs with some Cucoos at the top. Grab hold on one of the Cucoos and jump south the gracefully glide to the island containing the statue. Press the floor switch on the island to draw a bridge back to the central island.

To reach the statue on the left side of the map, approach the island and use your Boomerang to knock out the Octoroks firing at you, then use your Boomerang again to flip a switch on the island that will draw a bridge to the island, where you can mark the direction that the statue is facing.

After you’ve drawn all of the lines on your map, you’ll see the figure eight shape that must be drawn on the door. It appears like two diamonds connected together at one vertex, or a very angular infinity symbol. Draw this symbol on the door, and the door will open for you, giving you access to the true Ocean Sanctuary.

Unfortunately, Carben doesn’t seem to be there! A note he’s left in his place says that he’s visiting Papuchia Village to see his sky friends -a bunch of flying birds with the trapeze bars. You’ll have to leave the sanctuary and head to Papuchia Village, which you passed on the way to the Ocean Sanctuary. Leave this room and go back outside.

To leave the sanctuary island, go to the southeast corner of the map. You’ll find a path that goes offscreen back to the original sanctuary island map. Continue moving south to find a floor switch that draws a bridge to a smaller island when pressed. You can then hop across the islands as platforms to get back to your Spirit Train.

Draw a path back to Papuchia Village – or the train station on your map just before the Forest Realm’s entrance.

Papuchia Village is run by an old woman named the Wise One, a fortune teller who lives in the largest house on the island. Carben is busy with a bunch of birds near the lower center of Papuchia, so make your way southeast across the village, following the only path available to you, until Zelda stops you. She’ll spot Carben flying around, tied to one of the birds, but notice that he’s in a trance and can’t be reckoned with at the moment. You’ll have to speak with the Wise One, whose house is on the section of Papuchia directly north from Carben’s location, about how to get him down from there.

Enter the Wise One’s house. She’ll already know Link’s name, and his quest, as they were foretold to her. Working her mysterious ways, she’ll offer to tell your fortune. Oblidge her offer, and be prepared to answer some very easy questions. You’ll have to actually speak the answers into the mic, though your answers have no bearing on the end result, and you can say anything you wish (even if it doesn’t answer the question).

Eventually, she’ll have a fortune for you: Below where the sky dweller gather, near the lonely tree… There is a hidden sound stone that will him. It looks like it might be time to learn the next and final Spirit Flute song, the Song of Birds, so leave the Wise One’s house and go find that sound stone!

The sound stone is located beneath the sand, next to the only palm tree that the birds circle around. Stand nearby and play the Song of Discovery to unearth the sound stone, then tap the stone to learn the notes for this new song: purple, yellow, purple.

Play those notes correctly in front of the sound stone and you’ll learn the Song of Birds! This song has the power to call birds to you. With such power, the bird carrying Carben will immediately drop him down from his high location, and he’ll roll over to you and complain about it. The conversation will continue, and he’ll eventually agree to ride back to the Ocean Sanctuary on your Spirit Train.

Go back to your train and board it to take Carben to his sanctuary. As you cross the bridge to the sanctuary island, a pirate will appear on the seas! You’ll need to fight them to keep Carben safe and happy. The pirates – in the form of enemies – will enter into the Spirit Train’s passenger car.

Miniblins will come in from any of the four windows, so keep your eye on each one and simply kill the Miniblins as they come. Eventually they will come in twos, and threes, and even fours, so you’ll have to work even harder to keep Carben safe. For the final round, a whole horde of Miniblins will come charging through every window – just slash like crazy until they’re all dead, and Carben will run away.
Why did he run away? Because there’s a Mini Boss coming – so be prepared to fight!

Mini Boss: Big Blin

The Big Blin is incredible slow, and his only attack is hitting you with his giant spiked club for half a heart of damage. If you do get hit, you’ll need to rub the screen to snap out of dizziness. Otherwise, simply avoid his club and have at him as much as you can. His attack style will never change, so you can simply continue slashing him.

While fighting the Big Blin, make sure to keep a close eye on Carben at the edge of the room. Miniblins will continue to enter the room and try to kidnap Carben – if you loose focus and only fight the Big Blin while ignoring the Miniblins, the Miniblins will capture Carben, and you’ll get a game over and have to restart the entire pirate scene. At first they will only enter one at a time but, as before, their numbers will become ever greater as time goes by.

In addition, the Big Blin will swing his club more often as it takes more damage, so keep a close eye out for when he will swing his club. Eventually, after a seemingly mind-boggling number of hits, the Big Blin will fall, and Carben will be saved.

You’ll be back at your rail map screen after the battle ends, so draw a path to the Ocean Sanctuary and finish taking Carben there. As soon as you’re off the train, Carben will pull out a yellow Force Gem – Force Gems, like their larger brethren from the Temples, restore small portions of the Spirit Tracks around New Hyrule. This yellow Force Gem will restore some Spirit Tracks in the bottom right corner of the Forest Realm! In all, there are 20 Force Gems to find throughout New Hyrule, and each one will restore a new piece of the Spirit Tracks.

It’s time to head back to the inner sanctuary. Go north, hopping across the islands, and straight into the sanctuary where you can play the next Lokomo song with Carben.

This song is a bit trickier than the others, because it skips a note on the Spirit Flute – the sequence is blue, orange, purple. In between orange and purple is, of course, yellow. You won’t need to stutter your breath, though – it will simply ignore the yellow note, allowing you to play the song easily.

Once you’ve finished practicing, play the real song and restore the Ocean Realm’s Spirit Tracks! Once you do, the path to the Ocean Temple will be restored. Carben will inform you that the tracks go underwater, and that the Ocean Temple is actually located on the sea floor. Luckily, your Spirit Train can go underwater – or wherever Spirit Tracks are – so getting there will be a piece of cake. That is, if you know how to get to the ocean floor.

Carben will produce a letter that he wrote to himself with instructions on how to get to the ocean floor; contained in this letter will be a map indicating the order in which you need to visit certain islands to open the path to the underwater Spirit Tracks. With those instructions in mind, leave the sanctuary and get on your Spirit Train, with the destination of island #1 in mind!

Part 3: To the Ocean Temple

When you draw the path for your train, draw it so that you pass through island #1, then island #2, then point #3. It should loop up around the top of the Ocean Temple, if you want to take the shortest route to all three places.

As you move along to the island #1, you’ll see Ferrus along the tracks taking pictures. Stop for him and he’ll give you a hint of things to come – that the tracks run underwater, and that there are sculptures that react to “big noises.” After he finished talking, select your route through the islands once again.

As you approach island #1, take notice of the large red sphere harnessed via a stone fish head to one of the many spires about the island. This is one of the “sculptures” that responds to “big noises” – aka your train whistle. Blow your train whistle as you pass through the island, and don’t stop until the sphere turns blue. Once the sphere is blue, continue on to island #2.

Island #2’s sphere is located on the north end of the island. Blow your whistle just like before to turn it blue, then continue to point #3 and do the same thing. Point #3 isn’t an island, so don’t be fooled by the island to the west of island #2 – the third sphere to light up is southwest of island #2, in between the two islands. Once you light that up, a large stone fish will appear at the edge of the junction just beyond the third sphere. If you aren’t already, get your train into that stone fish!

The fish will take you underwater, to an entirely new section of track. From here you can draw a path to the Ocean Temple, so do so – it’s the only building on your map, to the east side of the area. Your cannon will become a torpedo launcher, allowing you to fire at any enemies that may get in your way, such as the ocean Octoroks that circle about the tracks. These enemies are hard to hit, and take three hits to down, but are otherwise fairly harmless.

As you get nearer to the Ocean Temple, a new type of Dark Train will appear right in front of the temple – this time sheathed in metallic casing. This train is much smarter than the bomb trains on the surface, so be careful – it will continue to chase after you no matter how far you try and run from it, so circle around the tracks to try to our-race it to the temple’s entrance. As you race along, a second Dark Train will appear – a regular bomb train. Just avoid this one and it will cause you no harm.

Eventually, and hopefully, you’ll reach the Ocean Temple’s entrance, where you’ll be safe from the Dark Trains – for a while, at least.

Part 4: Dungeon #3 – The Ocean Temple

As always, head straight north through the entrance room to enter Floor 1, the start of the Ocean Temple. Head north through the room, and make a left when you reach a junction to enter a section with some stone tablets to read and some Yellow Chu Chus to kill. Don’t touch the Yellow Chu Chus when they The stone tablets are arranged in a diamond shape, and give you clues as to the order of something on the floor above. That order is as follows:

First | Second

With that order in mind, run north through the room, running past some traps in the walls that shoot arrows at you. When you reach the top of the floor, take the stairs up to Floor 2.

Head south through the floor until you reach a brown platform hovering over a chasm. When you step on this platform it will begin to move, taking you along a path filled with more arrow-shooting traps in the wall. If you block them with your shield, the arrows cannot hurt you – but watch out to make sure they don’t push you off the platform!

Once you’re across the chasm, head south for another round – this chasm is a little more tricky, because now we need to use the information we learned from Floor 1 to hit the switches around the chasm. The platform will move diagonally through four switches placed just like the stone tablets below. Using your Boomerang, hit them in the correct order as described above, and the wall to the east will drop, allowing you to continue on through the floor.

Now, you’ll notice that this new path is a hallway leading north with a small chasm for boulders to fall down into. You’ll also notice a crystal switch nearby; do not run up to it and press it directly. The switch will close the chasm that the boulders are falling into, and open a new one at the bottom of the hallway. To avoid being squashed by boulders and to maintain an open path back to Floor 1, use your Boomerang to hit the switch from just in front of the wall that fell.

Once you’ve safely flipped the switched, head back the way you came – back across the chasms and down to Floor 1.

On Floor 1, a new path will now be opened. Go back to the original fork in the hallways just beyond the temple’s entrance, and take the path to the right. You’ll notice boulders are now falling from the ceiling, but not rolling across the ground – so they can’t touch or hurt you. Walk along the hallways and head north to a stairwell that will take you up to another part of Floor 2.

If you head south of the bottom of the room, you’ll find a chasm you can’t cross. To cross it, we need an item we don’t have yet – so find the stairwell on the eastern side of the floor and head up to Floor 3. Let’s see if we can find that item anywhere!

Floor 3 is much larger than Floors 1 and 2, and contains the Ocean Temple’s Mini Boss – so head west to start up the fight with Snapper.

Mini Boss: Snapper

The first thing you’ll notice about Snapper is the presence of his whip. He’ll immediately wrap his whip around Link; use this to your advantage. As he pulls you in fast with his whip, hit him with your sword. You’ll have to time it just right and hit him before he hits you, so make sure to tap him just as you’re about to hit his body.

After you hit him, you’ll be released – but don’t try to hit him. He’ll swing his whip around and attack you; simply avoid his attacks until you’re caught by his whip again. Once that happens, hit him as you did before. Continue this process until he’s gone for good; he’ll disappear in a puff of purple smoke, leaving behind nothing but a large treasure chest and a single green Rupee.

Open the treasure chest left behind by Snapper to obtain the Whip! Tap and hold objects to latch onto them and swing from them, or tap and hold certain flying objects to hitch a ride. You can swing from the wooden beams scattered throughout the temple to get yourself across chasms with ease, so head east through one of the newly opened doors. With your Whip out, tap the wooden beam to swing across the chasm. Head west and up the stairs to Floor 4.

Just outside the stairwell on Floor 4 will be a stone tablet that reads: “Three handles sit before you. Pull only the one farthest from your grasp.” Keeping this hint in mind, continue on along the pathway, swinging across the chasm and heading southeast to a raised wall. Right next to the wall is a sculpture of a fish head. To lower the wall, latch your Whip onto the handle inside of the fish head’s mouth; the wall will drop.

Inside this new room beyond the wall are three fish head handles; keeping the stone tablet’s advice in mind, use your Whip to pull the handle farthest to the right, which has the platform farthest away from the handle. This will cause a bridge to drew to the south edge of the floor. Cross it to find a stairwell which will take you back down to Floor 3.

Head west through this bottom portion of Floor 3 until you reach an area with two fish head sculptures – one with a handle in its mouth and one without. The one without the handle seems to be alive; it will follow you as you move about the room. Take your Whip and grab the fish head with the handle; the handle will yank out and reveal itself to be a sword. You can stick this sword into the other fish head sculpture by tapping first the sword to grab it, and then the fish head to move it. The other fish head will accept the sword, causing a chest containing a small key to appear in the top left corner of the room.

Take this key and head to the northern part of the floor, crossing two chasms with your Whip to take you to the northernmost door in the room. If you go to your right instead of going to the door, you can use your Whip to access a treasure chest containing a pirate necklace. If you just go to the door, you can open it using the small key you just got – so do so and head back up to Floor 4.

Once you’re on Floor 4 again, use your Whip to pull the handle of the nearby fish head. This will drop the wall blocking your access to other parts of Floor 4. For now, though, continue east along the northern edge of the floor, crossing the large chasm using your Whip – you’ll need to tap each wooden beam in succession to do so. Once across, head south to face the Ocean Temple’s first gauntlet, consisting of two Rock Chu Chus. These Rock Chu Chus are easy to defeat with your Whip – just hit them with your Whip to grab their stone helmet, then tap them again to throw that helmet right at them.

Once the Chu Chus have been defeated, the walls surrounding the area will fall – opening up a stairwell to Floor 5.

As soon as you enter Floor 5, use your Whip to remove the two spikes from the thorn blocking the pathway north. Once removed, head north to see a stone tablet, upon which is written the following: “Three blades sit in a row. Retrieve them all, and the path may open.” You cannot swing across the large chasm right now, because one of the wooden beams is missing – you’ll have to solve this puzzle to open the way.

Head southwest through the floor to fight a Snapper – this time you can simply hit him with your whip to daze him while you slash him up, making him now nothing more than a nuisance. Continue southwest, following along the narrowest path to the west containing three fish heads, each with a sword in its mouth. Remove all three swords and carefully place them on the ground by releasing your Whip. Once all three have been removed, all of the missing wooden beams at the north end of the room will rise.

Head back to the north end of the room and whip across the large chasm, tapping each beam in succession until you reach the other end, then head up to Floor 6.

The Boss Key is on Floor 6 – so you’re almost done! Whip across the chasm, minding the very final wooden beam, which you’ll need to fall down to access (it’s far below the other beams). Don’t be afraid; just tap it when you’re in range of it. Hit the crystal switch on the other side of the chasm to make another wooden beam appear, which will allow you to return from where you came if you need to.

For now, head into the room and read the first stone tablet you see – it will tell you that you need to “remember the placement of the blades.” Looks like you need to know where the blades were stuck in the fish heads on Floor 6, and replicate that setup on Floor 5. Travel around the floor and mark down the arrangement of the blades in the fish heads on your map. While along the narrow hallway on the left side of the floor, you can remove some thorns from a vine to gain access to a fish head handle that will spawn a treasure chest containing a dark perl loop. In order from left to right, where x means blade and o means no blade, the configure is as follows:

  • Top Row: o o x o x [WALL] o o x o x.
  • Middle Row: o o o [HALL] x o x

Mimic this configuration with the heads on Floor 5 to open the path to a stairwell in the bottom right corner of the floor. Unfortunately, you can’t reach that stairwell without a small key! To get the small key, head to the far western side of Floor 5 – you’ll find a propeller with a handle you can pull to launch it. Once launched, it will fly over to the stairwell in the bottom left corner of the room. Tap and hold on the propeller to latch onto it and fly with it – do not release your hold until you’re ready to get off of the propeller!

Once you’ve crossed the chasm, head up to Floor 6 and be prepared to fight a small gauntlet for the small key. The gauntlet consists of two dark, electric Chu Chus. You can’t hurt these with any of your weapons and, as you may have learned on Floor 6 when you first encountered them, they can only be killed with the swords from the mouths of the fish heads. Grab the swords from the fish head in the room and throw them at the Black Chu Chus until they perish, raising a wooden bar on the eastern side of the floor.

Head to Floor 5, and then back up to Floor 6 – go to the newly opened path to find a treasure chest containing the small key you desire. Once you’ve got the key, go back to Floor 5 and use it to open the locked door. Now you should have no trouble navigating your way to the bottom right corner of the room and heading up to Floor 6.

Now you can get the Boss Key – just pull the rip cord nearby the stairwell to launch a propeller. Ride the propeller until you can drop onto the platform, because the propeller won’t go to the Boss Key’s location. Grab the Boss Key, and then step on the nearby floor switch to draw a bridge across the chasm to the north. With the Boss Key in hand (or rather, on head), make your way north to the boss door.

Of course, it’s never that easy – as soon as you’re across the bridge, five Floormasters will appear to stop you. You can brute force your way through these Floormasters – just kill the one in front of the stoop, grab the key and run as fast as you can up to the boss door before the others can reach you. Don’t waste your time trying to kill any of them except the one in front of the stairwell – they respawn, so killing any of the other Floormasters is rather useless.

With the boss door lowered, you can access Floor 7 – the final floor of the dungeon. Whip your way across the chasm in the middle of the room, then break the pots to refill your hearts. You can also read the stone tablet on the western edge of the room to produce a blue portal back to the beginning of the dungeon. Once you’re ready, remove the thorns blocking your way to the boss, and head upstairs.

Phytops: Barbed Menace

As you enter Phytop’s chamber, the door will shut behind you and you’ll need to use your Whip to climb up to the platform upon which you’ll face this menace. As you climb, Phytops will drop poison liquid from above, and his barbed tentacles will block your way. To remove the tentacles, use your Whip to grab a thorn and toss it at the eye on the tentacle. Continue climbing, and repeat this process for a second tentacle. After that, you’ll reach a relative “safe zone” where you can break some pots and restore any health you might have lost. A propeller will also be there. When you’re ready, ride it up to the platform to face Phytops for real.

Phytops will awaken and begin attacking with purple acid from the bulbs on its head, and will also block you from moving around the area with two giant tentacles. Luckily for you, you can remove thorns from these tentacles and throw them at Phytops’s head – throw some thorns at it to reveal a single large eye right in the middle of its head. After you remove a thorm from a tentacle, Phytops will retract that tentacle, so make sure to hit it in the right spot each time. Once exposed fully, hit its eye with a thorn. Phytops will scream and faint – giving Link access to his precious eye.

While Phytops is down, hit its eye with your sword as many times as you can before he snaps out of it. As soon as he does, he’ll pull out four tentacles – two more than before – and begin whacking you with two of them. Avoid these harsh attacks if you can – after they end, the process from before repeats. Grab the thorns from its tentacles and throw it into its eye, then slash the eye up when given the chance.

Phytops will again try to beat you with two menacing tentacles; avoid their attacks once more. Avoid these, and you’ll find Phytops return with four tentacles yet again – but now you must reveal its eye while the tentacles are attacking you! Avoid taking massive damage here and just keep throwing thorns to reveal its eye in the same way you did before. Slash the eye up again, and he’ll faint just like before. Slash Phytops’s eye with your sword as much as you can, and he’ll sink back down to repeat the process. After this last repeat, Phytops should no longer be able to handle the damage – he will fall and dissolve, leaving behind a blue Force Gem.

The Spirit Tracks leading to the Tower of Spirits from the Ocean Temple will also be restored, giving you easier access straight back to the Tower. Now that you’ve cleared the Ocean Temple, claim your spoils – grab the heart container from the large chest, and teleport your way back to the dungeon’s entrance.

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