Chapter 5: The Third Rail Map

Part 1: Back to the Tower

As you prepare to go to the Tower of Sprits for the third time (marked as “???” in the bottom right corner of the Snow Realm rail map), make note that the blizzard has now completely vanished, and the overworld music has changed back to its happier form from the Forest Realm. But watch out, because now bomb trains roam the tracks that lead to the Snow Temple. Ride carefully through the area, following the restored tracks to the Tower of Spirits once you’re there.

Along those restored tracks will be a new train station not marked on your map: the Bridge Worker’s Home. You’re not obligated to stop here right now, but if you do you’ll be given some interesting information.

This land is infested with enemies like Takkuris (the crow-like enemies atop trees) and Red Chu Chus. As you make your way through this land, you’ll come to see Ferrus once again! He’ll start talking to you about the strange rock formations around the Spirit Tracks that you may have read about while investigating his trailer. We’ll check those formations out later – you’ll see what they’re for in due time.

Continue along; when you come to a mailbox, you’ll most likely have a letter from Beedle. On your map you may have noticed a strange man’s head moving along above the tracks and landscape. This is Beedle, a salesman unique to the Wind Waker era Zelda titles. His shop is always floating around somewhere, so when you see his hot air balloon, blow your whistle to call him down and get some good items!

Once you’re done with the mail, head into the house directly to the north. You’ll see a man working on some wood – he’s the Bridge Worker. When he asks you what you’re doing, say “Actually…” to let him know about Link’s quest to restore the Spirit Tracks. Seems he’s willing to build a bridge for you if ever you need one, which means you most certainly will in the near future!

When you exit the house, you’ll be able to receive another letter, this time from the Guard Captain back in Hyrule Castle. You can go to the castle at any time to do sword training – and there are prizes such as heart containers in it for you if you go.

For now, just leave and continue on to the Tower of Spirits. Once back at the Tower, talk to Anjean – she’ll inform you that your next destination is the Ocean Realm and, as usual, you need to head up into the Tower to retrieve the next rail map – so let’s go get it!

Part 2: The Tower of Spirits (3rd Visit)

As you return to the spiral staircase inside of the Tower, you’ll notice that you can now go up even higher to a third door. Enter the door to go to Floor 8 – this visit will take you through floors 8-10.

Floor 8 is surprisingly dark – you don’t even have a map to guide you! You’ll need to make use of you boomerang to light the way through the floor. Start by moving to your right – you’ll see an unlit torch northeast of a lit torch. Use your boomerang to find a path that can take the flame to the unlit torch from the lit torch. Follow this path along and continue by lighting yet another unlit torch northward. Next to this torch will be a bomb flower – pick it up and head north along the main pathway. Throw it against the northern wall to open up a door. Inside of the room will be a large chest containing a palace dish! Long ago, this elegant dish was a prized possession of the royal family.

Leave the room and head south along the main pathway. South of the lit torch at the junction, you’ll see another unlit torch, as well as a ghost flying around. You can’t kill it yet, so just light the unlit torch and continue along southward. To your right you’ll see a stone tablet, but you can’t read it yet because the room is too dark, so continue along eastward through the room, lighting torches along the way. Eventually, you’ll come to staircase that will take you up to Floor 9.

As soon as you’re on Floor 9, Zelda will point out a new type of Phantom: Torch Phantoms that wield flaming swords. In essence, that flaming sword is a moving torch. On your map will be marked no walls, but two of the three tears of light that you need, as well as a door in the bottom left corner.

Located to the west is an unlit torch – light it with your Boomerang. Even further to the west is another torch with a stone tablet next to it. Avoiding the ghosts, light the torch and run to it to read the tablet: “Blow out the lonely torch in a corner on this floor where the Phantoms tread. Then you will see a faint light.” With this clue in mind, head north to a safe zone, lighting any torches along the way. To your right will be the area with the Phantoms.

Avoiding the Torch Phantoms circling around the area, light torches and make your way north. You’ll find a safe zone with a bomb flower in its upper right corner. Keep the bomb flower in mind for now, then wait at the right edge of the safe zone for when the Torch Phantoms are both moving along some other section of their loop. Run east across the top of the loop and you’ll reach a solitary torch in the upper right corner. Remembering the stone tablet you read, blow out that torch with your Whirlwind. A crack in the wall will light up – you can bomb this wall!

Run back, grab the bomb flower from the safe zone, and bomb that wall. But be careful – if one of the Torch Phantoms pass by the torch you blew out, they’ll light it up again, so be quick about it! Once you’ve bombed the wall, go through the door created by the blast.

Inside will be a tear of light – snag it and leave!

Once you exit, the Torch Phantoms shouldn’t be too close to you. You can use this opportunity to get the second tear of light located at the center of where the Torch Phantoms circle about. Although it’s hard to see, there is a path directly through the walls to the tear of light – find the openings and make your way around walls until you see it.

You’ll have to enter through the bottom of the safe zone where the tear of light is located to get it; it’s surrounded on its three upper sides by walls. Once you’ve got it, make your way back around the walls to the safe zone with the bomb flower.

Begin to light torches and make your way west until you’re in the top left corner of the room. From here you’ll need to head south, but there isn’t a very nearby lit torch to save you from those ghosts. You can very carefully light a torch far below the corner torch with some careful Boomerang maneuvering. Run down to that newly lit area, then just go to your left through the darkness to the safe zone containing the tear of light. Once you grab this one, your sword will be fully powered up – it’s time to go take over one of those Torch Phantoms!

Head back to where the two Torch Phantoms roam, and strike one of them in the back with your sword. Zelda will possess it. As a Torch Phantom, she can provide light to a limited area around Link and light unlit torches with a slash of her sword. She can also do away with those annoying ghosts you’ve been seeing around the place. And, as usual, she can distract any other Phantoms in the area.

Remember that door around the bottom left area of the map? With Zelda, we can access that door and go up to the next floor. Near the bottom center of the map is a bridge that will take you across a chasm – unfortunately, the bridge has what appears like to “entry” points; only one is real, and the other drops you straight into the chasm. Zelda’s light will reveal the true bridge to be the bottom entry point, so take that path, letting Zelda light your way. The path is winding, but not difficult to follow and stay on so long as you have Zelda’s light. Eventually you’ll reach the other side of the bridge, giving you clear access to the door.

With Zelda, light the two torches on the left and right side of the door. It will fall, giving you access to Floor 10.

Floor 10 contains a Boss Key – and a boss door – so our goal here is to get that key into that locked door. Head east trough the room until you reach the first closed door. To the left of the door will be a floor switch; pressing it alone won’t do anything, but guide Zelda even further east and you’ll come to a second floor switch. Having both pressed at the same time will lower the wall. Inside will be a stone tablet telling you to watch your step and illuminate everything you can. Keeping that in mind, continue onward north.

As you move north through the room, you’ll begin to see strange golden tiles along the floor. Following the stone tablet’s message, use Zelda’s light to learn the shape these tiles make. You’ll quickly learn that they go in the shape of a large capital Z – for Zelda!

Make your way now to the Boss Key in the bottom right corner of the room, letting Zelda illuminate your path there so that you don’t fall through any pits. When you reach the door blocking the Boss Key, notice that it’s large and red – indicating that, in order to be unlocked, a picture must first be drawn on its surface. Draw the correct shape, and the door will open. Draw a large Z on the door to open it, and the Boss Key will be yours!

Unfortunately, this Boss Key is charged with electricity – Link can’t touch it without getting shocked! Zelda will have to pick it up and carry it to the locked boss door at the top of the room. Of course, it could never be that easy; as soon as Zelda picks up the key, three Floormasters will spawn from the ground and the room will become lit. You’ll need to guide Zelda north to the boss door without letting her get caught by those Floormasters.

It’s much less intimidating than it looks – the Floormasters will die after three hits from Link’s sword, so you can easily just have Zelda follow Link straight to the boss door so long as you do away with the one or two Floormasters you encounter along the way. Once you reach the boss door, make sure to draw a path from Zelda to the door so that she drops the key inside. The Floormasters will disappear, and the boss door will lower to give you access to Floor 11. Since this is a boss door, don’t expect to enter Floor 11 without a fight. You’ll be facing a new Mini Boss: a Mighty Zora Warrior.

Mini Boss: Mighty Zora Warrior

Just like the original Zora Warrior you once fought, draw a line from Zelda to this red foe and make Link slash it in the back while it’s distracted by Zelda’s attacks. Once hit, it will jump to another area of the room and begin spraying fire from its mouth in all directions. Although Zelda won’t be hurt by this fire, Link will, so be careful. Have Zelda fight the Mighty Zora Warrior again, following the same strategy as before. If you take to long to reach the Warrior’s backside, it will strike Zelda down and begin spitting fire once again.

The third and final set of hits is just the same – so continue having Zelda attack it, avoiding the fireballs to get to its backside. Once the third set of hits are finished, the Mighty Zora Warrior will fall and disappear in a puff of purple smoke.

Upon its defeat all of the closed walls in the room will drop, a large treasure chest will appear next to the northern door, and Zelda will mention how proud she is for being able to help Link out. Open the treasure chest to obtain an ancient gold piece! Just holding it in your hand seems to take you back to those long-forgotten days. You can sell this at shops for Rupees.

With the gold piece in hand, make your way up to Floor 12 – the rail map room. As with all other rail map rooms, Zelda will be thrust out of the Torch Phantom, and the energy inhabiting Link’s sword will dissipate. Now you can go to the center of the room and get the Ocean rail map! As before, some of the lost Spirit Tracks on it will reappear. And, as before, a blue portal will appear in the room. Zelda will ask you if you want to get the next rail map, but the sad truth is that you can’t get the next one just yet – no matter how you answer.

Take the blue portal down to the lobby of the Tower of Spirits and talk to Anjean, who will inform you that the next guardian you must meet is a Lokomo named Carben. Only he can help you open the route to the Ocean Temple. You’ll automatically get on your train from here, so draw a path down toward the Ocean Realm and get moving!

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