Chapter 4: The Snow Realm

Part 1: Alfonzo and the Cannon

Once you’re on your train, you’ll notice a new path on the upper left corner of your map. This path leads up north, to the Snow Realm – but we can’t go there yet! If you try to go there, you’ll quickly discover that you’re being bombarded by monsters and enemies; your Spirit Train will sooner break than defeat these enemies. We need to go to Castle Town to talk to Alfonzo about getting some weaponry on the Spirit Train, so draw a path to Castle Town and head there.

Zelda will make a comment about Alfonzo and Teacher. As you may remember, Alfonzo is still suffering from his injury at the hands of Byrne, and is resting in bed under the care of Teacher. As you pass by the entrance to Hyrule Castle, you’ll get a letter from Alfonzo asking you to pick him up at the castle and return him to Aboda Village – so head north into the castle, then to the chamber in the upper left corner of the first floor. Along the way, you can talk to Teacher about Zelda’s whereabouts, but it won’t affect anything. Once you get to the chamber, Alfonzo will be out of bed and free from injury.

Talk to him – he’ll be informed about Zelda’s sprit and the Snow Realm debacle. Alfonzo keeps a cannon back in Aboda Village, so go back to the Spirit Train and talk to Alfonzo to let him know that you’re ready to leave.

Draw a path to Aboda Village on your rail map, being wary of the evil trains along the way – remember that they move faster than Link’s Spirit Train! Once you’re there, Alfonzo will make a comment about what a nice ride the Spirit Train is, then immediately run off to rig the cannon to the train. Unfortunately, the rigging is going to take a little while, so go see Niko in the meantime.

Niko will mention that you look just like an “old friend” of his – a.k.a the Link from The Wind Waker! He has a favor to ask of you; oblige him and he’ll give you the stamp book, which you can use to stamp your location at the various stamp stations around New Hyrule. Gather stamps from every part of the world for Niko! After gathering 10, 15 and 20 stamps, he’ll reward you with the Shield of Antiquity, Engineer’s Cloths, and Swordman’s Scroll (for using the Great Spin Attack) respectively.

You can actually find the first stamp station right in Aboda Village; it’s in the upper left corner of the map, nearby the tree with the beehive. Tap it and stamp your stamp book with the stylus; it will be dated and everything!

Once you’re done with that, go to see Alfonzo at the train station. He’ll have your new train all prepared. With the cannon, you can smash through boulders and destroy enemies – so you’re completely set to go to the Snow Realm now! Get on the Spirit Train and draw a path to the Snow Realm, marked as “???” in the top left corner of your rail map.

Part 2: Rabbitland and The Anouki Village

As you travel along the tracks, you’ll see a message from Alfonzo about how to use the cannon. It works exactly like the cannon from Phantom Hourglass – tap on the screen where you want to shoot. You can shoot a variety of things along your way, no the least of which includes enemies, rocks, rail signs, and animals. You’ll also find a white rabbit hiding behind a rock along the way – those are important, and we’ll find out all about them in a few moments.

Once you’re in the upper left corner of the map, you’ll come to a blockage of boulders along the tracks. Before you hit them, shoot them with your cannon – three hits will have them totally destroyed. You can either hit your brakes and easily wipe them out, or see if you can get rid of them while moving.

Just beyond the blockade is a train station – but it wasn’t on your map! That sounds a bit mysterious, so let’s stop there and see what’s beyond.

You’ll stop at a place called “Rabbitland Rescue” – a refuge for stray rabbits around New Hyrule. That white rabbit you saw earlier is just one of many that need to be returned to this safe haven for bunnies. Head northeast from the train station and talk to the man in the rabbit suit, and he’ll tell you all about Rabbitland.

When he asks you if you want to frolic, make sure to say yes. In return for your answer, he’ll give you the rabbit net! Try using it while you’re riding the train – you can catch rabbits with it to bring back to Rabbitland Rescue by first blowing your train’s whistle to reveal the rabbit, blasting whatever it’s hiding behind with your cannon, then chasing it with the net. Once you begin the chase, you’ll have ten seconds to capture the rabbit – else it will get away and you’ll have to try again later.

Catching rabbits has its rewards – after catching 5 of these furry critters, Link will be rewarded with a heart container. After catching all 50, Link will receive a Swordsman’s Scroll allowing Link to perform the sword beam technique when his heart life is full.

You’re done in Rabbitland Rescue for now, so hop back on your train and continue on to the Snow Realm.

As you enter into the Snow Realm, the music will change and you’ll no longer have a set path with your train. Luckily, a train station is just up ahead – it’s the Anouki Village, where the eskimo-like Anouki race live. If you travel along the northern part of the loop that takes you to the village, you’ll spot a black snow rabbit hiding behind a rock to the left of your field of view. You can test your skills catching rabbits by getting this first one!

If you managed to catch the rabbit, good job! If not, no matter – just continue on your way to Anouki Village. You need to go here before being able to reach Steem’s sanctuary, so stop at the station. Zelda will mention that you should ask around the village for information about Steem, but the only Anouki we care about right now is the head honcho of the village – so go to the northernmost house, right at the top center of the map.

Along the way you’ll find a new rocket-shaped stone, indicating that it’s time to learn a new song! The color combination for this new song will appear to you as orange, yellow, orange, blue. Take out your Spirit Flute and play those notes to learn the Song of Discovery! Play it to find hidden objects. In fact, right out of the ground where the rocket stone once stood will appear a chest containing a red potion. Get it, then head up to the chief’s house above.

Talk to the honcho – say hello to him – and he’ll fill you in about making your way to the Snow Sanctuary. As of now, the tracks to the Snow Sanctuary are blocked off, and monsters are raiding the village. The honcho would like a watch team assembled, but he doesn’t know what villagers would work well together – so it’s up to you to put all of the Anouki in pairs based on the types of Anouki they would like to work with. There are sex villagers in all, including the honcho. They’re spread about the village like so:

Yeko | Honcho | Kufu
Yefu | Noko | Bufu

As you talk to the villagers, you’ll receive plenty of hints:

  • The honcho will work with any Anouki.
  • Yeko doesn’t like Noko.
  • Yefu doesn’t want a partner with flashy horns.
  • Noko doesn’t want to pair with any Anouki in yellow.
  • Bufu doesn’t like Kufu, because he’s so old. He also dislikes any Anouki with facial hair.
  • Kufu doesn’t like anybody with big horns like his.

That should be plenty to figure out the pairings. If you’re unsure, the pairings end up as such:

  • Honcho + Yefu
  • Yeko + Bufu
  • Noko + Kufu

Talk to the honcho to set the record straight by drawing a diagram of the pairings. When you get it right, he’ll be ecstatic enough to hand over a red Rupee – and also mark the Snow Sanctuary on your map. The path to the sanctuary is intact, but there’s a terrible monster inside the tunnel that leads there; the Rocktite. You’ll have no choice but to go and fight it, so hop on your train and set a course through the tunnel to the Snow Sanctuary.

Part 3: Making Some Steem

It should be smooth riding to the tunnel leading up to the Snow Sanctuary. However, once you enter you’ll see what the fuss is all about – just barely visible, yet hanging on the roof above the entrance, will be a large monster. As you move further along, it will drop from the ceiling, and your battle against the Rocktite will begin!

Mini Boss: Rocktite

Its weak spot it, rather obviously, the large yellow eye at the center of its body. Shoot it a few times with your cannon and the Rocktite will fall backwards, allowing you to leave it behind. Of course, that’s not all there is to it – it will get back up and chase you again, so shoot it down again with your cannon as fast as possible so that it doesn’t reach your train. If the Rocktitle does reach your train, it will attack you with a viscous body slam that takes away a full heart.

In its third set of hits, the Rocktite will begin climbing the walls, making it trickier for you to land shots in its eye. By the fourth set, it will become faster and climb on the ceiling – if you’re moving around a curve in the tunnel, it can become particularly difficult to see the Rocktite coming, especially since it now moves so quickly.

The Rocktite will get progressively faster from here on out, and the tunnel will become more winding. Don’t waste any of your shots; if you miss one, you’re likely to be trounced. After the fifth set of hits it will fall back down and get up for one more round, after which it will stay down and be vanquished at last!

After the Rocktite is defeated, you’ll immediately exit the tunnel and automatically stop at the Snow Sanctuary. As you go north through the map, you’ll encounter a new enemy (in a group of three): The White Wolfos. White Wolfos are easy enemies that can dodge your basic attacks, making them more difficult to kill. They take two hits to do away with.

If you like, you can stop at the Anouki General Store located east from where you encountered the Wolfos, marked on your map as a small brown hut. Here you can purchase a heart container for 2000 Rupees, though you probably don’t have this kind of cash so early in the game. Keep it in mind for later, though, in case you feel like you might need more heart life.

Once you’re done in the store, start heading for the Snow Sanctuary – the door at the north end of your map. There’s only one path you can take, so begin heading northwest through the snow. You’ll come to a stamp station as well, so put the stamp in your stamp book and move along! On the stamp will be the three White Wolfos you just fought.

As you move east, you’ll encounter another group of three Wolfos; do away with them and continue on, following the loop around to the north. As you move west, you’ll spot a brand new enemy: An ice-type Chu Chu. These Ice Chu Chus will freeze you if you touch them while their frozen mist is out, so use your Whirlwind and send a cyclone their way. They’ll become disoriented, and you can kill them in one hit from then on out.

Once you’ve made your way across the map, you’ll find yourself at the entrance to the Snow Sanctuary. Head on in!

Uh-oh! Looks like you’re not going to get to meet Steem so fast. If you read the stone tablet just beyond the entrance, you’ll know that you need to run through the room without being see by any of the statues. You should probably draw the path you need to take on your map – note that, since the heads are all facing in variants of 45-degree angles, you should run diagonally and not in a rectangular path.

Once you’ve got the correct path, mark it on your map and hit the floor switch by the stone tablet. From there on out, it should be a piece of cake to reach the top of the room. Head through the door to finally talk to Steem.

Steem is a rather old Lokomo that looks akin to Santa Claus in his facial hair, and wears a distinctive bleach-white hat with a pom-pom at its top. Like Santa Claus, he’ll greet you with a hearty “Hoo hoo hoo!” And, like Gage before him, he’ll ask you to play the Lokomo Song.

Steem’s instrument is the sitar, and your part will be different from what it was back in the Forest Sanctuary. Learn your part by practicing a bit, then play the duet with Steem – when it’s all over, you’ll have restored the Spirit Tracks leading up to the Snow Temple!

Before you leave the Snow Sanctuary, Steem will have one warning for you: Blizzards have been ravaging the area, making travel difficult. Heeding that warning, leave the sanctuary and get back on your train – but don’t go straight to the Snow Temple. Even if you try to, a blizzard will begin to kick in, and the familiar music from the Lost Woods will play to indicate that you’re getting lost. In essence, trying to fight your way through the blizzard isn’t going to get Link to the Snow Temple, so it looks like we’re going to need to help and advice – instead of going to the temple, go back to the Anouki Village.

Part 4: Ferrus’s Mysterious Map

Once you arrive at the Anouki Village, head straight for the honcho’s house at the north end of the village. He’ll let you know that there’s no way through the blizzards to the north without being pushed back – but that there is a man in the east named Ferrus who knows a safe way through the mess. With that information in mind, board your train and draw a path to the far eastern part of the Snow Realm, stopping just before the junction where the bomb train roams.

Why before that junction? Because there’s actually a train station there that you can’t see on your map – Wellspring Station. It’s here that Ferrus lives, in the trailer on the east side of the station. His trailer is propped up by cinder blocks – it’s very modern and difficult to miss.

You can find a map atop his empty trainer – it seems Ferrus has gone out to check out those new bomb trains! He’s in one of three locations – so, without getting hit by the bomb train roaming around, get back on your train and set a course for any of those three locations to see if you can find Ferrus on the side of the tracks – he’ll look like a thin, tall-headed man taking snapshots with his camera.

Stop in front of him, and you’ll automatically get off your train. He’ll talk to you – when he asks where you’re headed, tell him that you’re going to the temple. He’ll tell you that, to get to the temple, you have to take a special path; he’ll whip out a map. Mark the path you need to take on your map – with this path, you can go to the Snow Temple!

Part 5: Dungeon #2 – The Snow Temple

Once inside the dungeon, enter the north door to Floor 1. All of the small bushes here are totally frozen over, and snow falls from the ceiling. While enjoying the scenery, kill the Keese and make your way northward through the room, through another door.

You’ll come to a room coated in ice, with a bell atop a movable block just in front of you. Zelda will make a comment about the bell; tap the block and push it north. The bell will slide into the northernmost pit. If you look beyond the bell, you’ll see a chart on the wall that will inform you to hit the bell twice. Do so with two swings of your sword, and the wall in the southeast corner of the room will fall.

As you move through the southeast end of the room, you’ll come to your first ice puzzle. The goal is to get the block up again one edge of the chasm between the stairs and the northeast ledge of the room so that you can jump across the gap, and you cannot move the block along areas of the floor that lack ice. Once you push the block, you cannot stop its movement until it either hits a wall or an area of the floor lacking ice. To get this particular block where you need it to be, first push it as such: down, left, up, right, up. It should land up against the north wall of the room, right in the center of the gap. You can now jump across the gap and continue on! Head east, and then south through the door.

If you move south through the room, you’ll see an enemy spitting spiked balls. Across the way, west, you’ll see a switch blocked by a gap of water. You can use your Whirlwind to send the spiked balls flying into the switch, which will draw two bridges spanning the room. You can also kill the enemies with their own spiked balls if you wish, but they’ll immediately respawn.

Continue west through the room, and then head down the flight of stairs to Basement 1. There will be a block resting on ice; push it to the right into the water and jump on it. You can use your Whirlwind like a propeller to guide the floating block where you need it to go. In this case, go straight east. You’ll see a fan that needs spinning; hit it with a cyclone to lower the wall to the north.

Head north to the wall that just fell and hop off of the block, being careful of the enemy resting atop the ice. Setting it in motion could easily bump you backwards into the water, so avoid it for now and keep heading north. There will be a new block for you to push into the water. Get on it and move west. If you go into the southern enclave, you’ll find a chest containing a red Rupee. If you don’t want it, continue along the path northward.

After you land on the platform to the north, you’ll notice two adjacent switches across a gap. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about these switches right now, so continue along to your left to face a gauntlet consisting of three Ice Keese. Touching these winged monsters while they have ice mist around them will freeze Link solid! Winning this gauntlet has a great reward, in the form of the Snow Temple’s item – the Boomerang! This item follows the path you draw on the screen. Use it to hit objects from afar – you can even hit multiple objects at a time.

With the Boomerang in hand, head east back to those two switches. Using the Boomerang, you can target them both and hit them from across the gap to draw a bridge to the door. Head up the stairs, back to Floor 1.

Below Link, and behind a wall, will be two Keese and a switch. Killing both Keese with the boomerang produces a chest containing a perl necklace, which you can sell, and hitting the switch drops the wall to the west so that you can push the new bell into its rightful slot. This new bell is higher toned than the first one; it is represented as the top line on the bell chart at the top of the room. Looking at the bell chart, the next sequence to open the door is middle, high, high, middle.

Push the high bell into its slot to the west with the following sequence: down, left, up, left, down, right left down – then perform that sequence using your Boomerang to target the bells in order (yes, you can target the high bell twice in a row with your Boomerang). The wall in the southwest corner of the room will drop – head through.

Your Boomerang can also carry element such as fire and ice with it as it flies. There are five torches in this room, and they must be lit in order – you can melt the snow on the floor of the room to uncover the order in which the torches must be lit. From the center, the torches must be lit as follows: up right, bottom right, up left, bottom left.

Once the torches have been lit, the wall to the west will drop giving you access to a new area of Basement 1. To your right will be a locked door, so continue moving along until you reach the water. In the middle of the water will be a new type of torch – a torch that burns with an icy flame. You can use this ice flame to carry ice along your Boomerang, which can freeze the surface of the water temporarily to create pathways Link can travel across. Make a path directly across to the east to reach a treasure chest containing a small key. Now you can open that locked door!

Through the locked door will be your first gauntlet fought on ice! It will consist of four of those ice-covered monsters – if you burn them with the fire in the center of the room, you’l discover that they are nothing but harmless Octoroks, which can be destroyed with a single blow. Kill all four to open the door on the eastern side of the room.

Don’t tread beyond the edge of the room, though, or else you’ll plunge into the water! Instead, look to your north – you’ll spot a fan covered in ice. Use the fire behind you to melt the ice, then use the icy flame to draw a path along the water you can stand upon to blow the fan with your Whirlwind. The wall just to your right will drop, so draw an ice path to that door and continue north through the room.

You’ll have to be very careful in this section, as it’s easy to fall into the water. You’ll need to avoid the enemies in the water spitting spiked balls at you and concentrate on using the icy fire to draw paths across the room to the west. Light new torches along the way using the torch from before so that you can keep drawing fresh paths for yourself, and don’t take too long, or else the paths will vanish and you’ll have to start over. If you go to the northeast corner of the room, you’ll find the stamp station for the Snow Temple – stamp your book if you like!

Once you’ve reached the far end of the room, head back up to Floor 1. You’ll find the third and final bell here: the low bell. Before dealing with the bell, you can head to the room below to find the third bell sequence. You’ll need to melt the snow on the floor, because the sequence is actually engraved on the floor itself! After melting all of the snow, you should see the following sequence: low, middle, middle, high, middle.

Now go back to the low bell and push it as follows: up, right, down, left, up. Now, you’ll need to push it to the right to get it over to the area of Floor 1 where the rest of the bells are, but the path across the water is blocked by a raised wall. In the bottom right corner of the room is a floor switch you can step on to lower the wall; use the torches across the water to make an icy path to run across to the floor switch. Once hit, run back, make a new path eastward for the bell to slide across, and push it!

As you pass into the next room there will be a chest above you containing a red Rupee. Get it if you want, then approach the bell. You’ll need to slide it across the unfrozen pool, which means it needs some good freezing. Take some icy fire from the torches in the previous room and use it to light the torch in this room. You can then use your Boomerang to ice over the entire pool at once. Push the bell as follows: down, left, down, left, up, right.

The bell will fall into its pit, giving you the full assortment of bells to play with! Play that third and final sequence using your Boomerang to lower the wall to the north, giving you access to the stairwell up to Floor 2.

You’re almost through the dungeon at this point – the Boss Key is located on this floor. If you go to your left, you’ll see a room filled with torches; two lit and six unlit. These need to be lit in a certain way, but you don’t know that way just yet, so continue on through the room, past the locked boss door, killing the Ice Chu Chus on your way with your Boomerang and sword. As you come to the edge of a chasm, you’ll see a chart hanging on the wall indicating what torches need to be lit with what flame. The chart reads:

Fire | Ice | Ice
Fire | Ice | Fire

Go back to the room with the torches. You’ll have to do this all in one throw or else the torches will go out. You can either light all of the fire torches first or all of the ice torches first, but no matter how you do it, make sure to match the chart you saw. Once the torches are lit, a wall to the east will drop. Head through it to fight a gauntlet of Wolfos; it shouldn’t be too big of a deal, and once finished the path to the Boss Key will open to your right.

As you make your way down, head to your left to find a floor switch on the ice. This switch will draw a bridge across the chasm. From the floor switch, take our your Whirlwind and send a cyclone toward the Boss Key. It will fly off of its pedestal and land right on the bridge. Take it to the boss door and unlock it, then go up to Floor 3.

Floor 3 is your resting place. Use your Boomerang to break the pots at the room’s edge and get hearts to fill your health if low. Read the stone tablet to get the blue portal back to the dungeon’s entrance. And, when you’re ready, go up one more floor to face Fraaz, the boss of the Snow Temple.

Fraaz: Master of Icy Fire

Fraaz is a strange creature born from the fire and ice torches in the room. To start off, one element will take dominance – he will either be fire or ice. Hit him with a little something from whatever element is the oppose of his dominant element; if he is fire, hit him with ice. If he is ice, hit him with fire. Don’t let him blow up too large, or else he’ll spit an attack at you – either freezing or burning Link. Once he’s been hit hit with his opposing element he will be dazed, allowing you time to slash him up.

After a bunch of hits, Fraaz will split into his two child elements, who will run around invulnerable to your attacks. It is up to you to determine which mini-Fraaz is which element and hit them with their opposing element. If you hit one of them with the wrong element, they will attack you – which would let you know their element in any case if you didn’t know before. If you destroy one, but wait too long to destroy the other, the remaining mini-Fraaz will revive its cohort! Once you hit them both, they will combine back into the original Fraaz.

Of course, Fraaz isn’t content with his sticky situation, so he’ll destroy the two torches in the room! This would be meaningful if he didn’t shoot those elements out of his mouth; whatever element becomes dominant, just wait for Fraaz to grow larger and larger until he lets loose. Wherever his attack hits will form a small flame of that element. You can use that flame in place of the torch to hit Fraaz with when he changes elements. Take note that he may take several hits from a torch flame depending on his size – if he’s blown up, it may take two or three hits to bring him down to size. Once you’ve got him extinguished, slash him up as you did before.

He’ll eventually split once again, but without the torches in the room this phase can become quite difficult. Wait for each mini-Fraaz to launch its attack, keeping close track of which is which element, then quickly use the flames from their attacks to cut them down. Although it sounds easy in premise, they move around a lot and most of the difficulty lies in keeping track of which one is which.

Eventually you’ll have them down, and they’ll combine into Fraaz’s final phase. In his final phase, Fraaz can shoot seven fireballs at you at a time, so be careful and dodge them! Follow the same strategy you did during his second phase; use the residual flames from his attacks to cut him down to size. After a few more good slashes, Fraaz will fall, releasing the Snow Temple of evil.

The silver force gem will appear from his ashes and restore the Temple of Spirits even more! It will also restore some Spirit Tracks on your Snow rail map that lead right to the Tower of Spirits. Grab the heart containing from the chest that appears in the room, then head back to the dungeon’s entrance – it’s time to return to the Tower once again.

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