Chapter 3: The Second Rail Map

Part 1: Back to the Tower

If at any time you wish to return to the boss chamber of the Forest Temple, you can do so via a blue portal at the entrance of the dungeon. For now, however, it’s time to go back to the Tower of Spirits to get the next rail map. Hop on your train, and draw a path back to the Tower.

As you approach the Tower, something strange will happen on the tracks – two innocent-looking trains will become possessed by evil spirits and become terrifying flame-bellowing trains! You’ll have to change your path to avoid these trains if you think you’re cutting it close. Your map will show you the direction in which the evil trains are moving, so they shouldn’t be too difficult to avoid.

Once you’re past the evil trains, the ride to the Tower of Spirits should be effortless, so finish up your journey and go inside to talk to Anjean.

Part 2: The Tower of Spirits (2nd Visit)

Ajean will thank you for your deeds in the Forest Temple, and note that the Tower of Spirits’s energy has also been revived a bit. She’ll also mention that the next temple is deep in the mountains, closed off by snowstorms – but you can’t get there without the next rail map. Head to the spiral staircase to begin our trek up the next few floors of the Tower of Spirits!

Since we restored part of the Tower, a new area is available higher up on the spiral staircase. These floors, ranging from FLoor 4 to Floor 6, are particularly hot, so Zelda is reluctant to possess the Phantoms in the room – there are two of them, and they’re guarding the three Tears of Light. Luckily, two of them are in safe zones and aren’t blocked by any obstacles, so you should be able to get those immediately and with little effort. However, watch out for the stone heads that spit fire; they alternate periodically between spitting fire and standing idle, so it should be no challenge at all to get through them initially.

Along your way to getting the Tear of Light in the top right corner of the room, look to your right to find a large chest containing a Ruto Crown, which can be sold later for Rupees.

Now we’re left with a single Tear of Light left, floating over a pit of lava in the center of the room. Don’t fret, though – you don’t need to get into the lava to get the Tear of Light. Approach the pit from either the top or the bottom when the Phantoms are far away, and use your Whirlwind to blow the Tear of Light to the other side of the pit. Then run around and grab it – your sword will be filled with energy once more.

It doesn’t matter which Phantom you approach from behind; pick your most favorite Phantom and whack them in the back. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have to tap the Phantom again to have Zelda possess it. Once you do, she’ll inform you that she can walk through fire and lava! That’s a lucky break for Link in this room.

Now that Zelda can walk through lava, you can user her to cross the large pit in the bottom center of the room. Stand Link on the edge of the platform and draw Zelda a path from wherever she’s standing to across the pit. You can hitch a ride on Zelda’s shield to get across the lava with her. As she crosses, simply tap her shield to jump onto it, and double tap to jump off.

Once you’re across the pit, you can jump off of Zelda with a double tap, then head north to gain access to Floor 5 of the Tower of Spirits.

Floor 5 is blocked off entirely, except for a large lava pit at the center. In the precise center of the room is a wall obstructing your way to the rest of the room, and across the lava pit are two fans that you can spin with your Whirlwind – one at the top of the lava pit, and one center and left. Hop on Zelda’s shield and ride around the lava pit, blowing the fans along the way, and killing off enemies like Keese. Once you spin both fans, the wall to the north will drop.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also travel to a platform on the far left of the lava pit to open a large treasure chest containing a big green Rupee! Otherwise, head through the door to the rest of Floor 5.

One of the nifty tricks you can take advantage of while Zelda is in possession of a Phantom is the ability to shift the camera to pretty much any spot in the room. If you’re unsure of, say, what the skull wandering around in the bottom left area of Floor 5 is, you can draw a path for Zelda to wander to see the location of the enemy – and discover that it’s just a weakling.

But it’s not just any weakling. You’ll also see a locked door just above it. Run Link and Zelda over to that enemy. Whenever you attempt to approach it, it will run away from you. You’ll have to position Link and Zelda in such a way that it corners the little guy; that way, you can take a stab at it. Once you do, a small key will be your reward. Use the key to open the locked door just above. Cross the pit of lava just beyond, and head up to Floor 6.

As soon as you enter Floor 6, you’ll face a new enemy: The Zora Warrior. Zora Warriors can only be defeated when Link and Zelda work in tandem with one another. Drag a path from Zelda to the Zora Warrior, and she’ll begin to attack it. While she’s attacking, run to the Zora Warrior’s backside with Link and slash away. Repeat this process until the Zora Warrior falls, and all the walls around you will drop once more, giving you access to the floor.

Follow the path southeast through the room. You’ll see a Miniblin stomping around on a statue – unfortunately, Zelda cannot damage it (she can only hit the statue), and Link is too short to target it. If you get too close, it will unleash spikes. You could defeat it if you had a high platform to jump off of onto Zelda’s shield – and, lucky for us, there’s one just beyond the fire at the other side of the room. Guide Zelda to the statue spitting fire and have her block the flow so that Link can run by.

Just beyond will be the tall platform we desire – get Link onto the platform and move Zelda close enough to Link that he can jump on her shield. You can then go back and defeat the enemy if you wish – use your Whirlwind to blow the Miniblin off of its statue, then kill it however you wish. The statue will self destruct once the Miniblin has fallen, so be careful around it!

With Link on Zelda’s shield, continue east through the room. When you reach a fork, just continue moving to the right, through the fire, minding Link’s head as the fire blazes by. You’ll reach a small room containing a small key on a high platform – use your Whirlwind to blow the key off of the platform so that Link can get it. You don’t need to hop off of Zelda’s shield to get the key – so don’t!

With the small key in hand, you can now unlock a locked door in the northern part of the room. Head back the way you came, and this time take the path north. You’ll find two more Miniblins stomping around on statues. You don’t need to defeat either of them; just avoid them, unlock the door, and head up to Floor 7.

The energy will dissipate from Link’s sword, and Zelda will be thrust out of her Phantom body once again. Just ahead is the next rail map, so go ahead and grab it! You’ll get the Snow rail map; some of the lost Spirit Tracks on it will reappear.

That’s all there is to this section of the Tower of Spirits, so take the blue portal back to the lobby and talk to Anjean once again. She’ll inform you of your next destination: The Snow Sanctuary, where you’ll meet the Lokomo Steem, who will help you open the way to the temple.

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