Chapter 2: The Forest Realm

Part 1: Gage and the Spirit Flute

You can now navigate along the Spirit Tracks by drawing a path with your stylus, so draw a path to the spot Anjean marked on your map. You can redraw your route at any time by rapping the “route” button in the bottom left corner of the screen. For now, ride along to Gage. If you drew the path you wanted, you won’t even need to worry about rail switches.

Along the way, stop in Whittleton (the train station marked “???” on your map between the forest and the Tower of Spirits) on your way to Gage’s sanctuary. You most likely have enough Rupees to purchase a shield now, so you should do so while you’re there, then go to see the chief of Whittleton – he lives in the largest house in the village.

He’ll tell you all about the Lost Woods – they’re called “lost” for a reason, he says, and recommends that you talk to villagers to find out how to navigate the woods. The man living in the house southwest of the chief’s seems to know quite a bit; he’ll tell you to pay attention to the tree branches in the woods to learn the right path to take. The man living in the house on the southeast edge of town will also tell you that the fourth tree in the Lost Woods has no sense of direction – you should go the opposite direction it tells you to.

With that information in mind, leave Whittleton – if you got all the information, Zelda will tell you to go as well – and go to the Lost Woods.

In the Lost Woods, your camera is fixed. As your train rumbles along the tracks, you’ll eventually see a singular bare tree with two branches: one pointing straight up, and one curved off in another direction. Just after that tree will be a rail split – whichever direction that curved branch was pointing is the direction you should take in the split. When you reach the fourth bare tree, make sure to go in the opposite direction that it tells you.

When you make it safely through, you’ll end up at the Forest Sanctuary. Gage is up in the northwest corner of the map – so you’ll have to get through the land to see him. You’ll have to cross the bridge on the right side of the map to get to the left side of the map, but don’t do so without grabbing one of those bomb flowers nearby. Set down one bomb flower next to the switch on the other side of the bridge, then run back to grab a second bomb flower.

The first bomb flower will explode, setting off the switch and drawing a second bridge to the west side of the map. Take the second bomb flower across both bridges and use it to blow up the row of blocks just beyond. To create a more permanent path to the west side of the map, you can now also take a bomb flower to the north area of the map and blow up a row of three blocks nearby some stairs.

Just beyond the row of blocks will be a nice puzzle – a sign surrounded by eight stone heads will read “Connect the two stone statues that face each other.” You’ll then be allowed to draw on the diagram of heads. We need to find which two statues are looking at one another – you’ll have to do this on your own, since it’s random for each game. Fine the two statues who face one another, then draw a line connecting the two on the sign in the center.

The wall blocking your way into the sanctuary will fall, so head north to meet Gage.

Gage is a friendly Lokomo with a large, green afro. He’ll let you know that you need to restore more Spirit Tracks to fix up the Spirit Temple, and doing so requires knowing the Lokomo Song. The Lokomo Song requires two instruments to play, so Gage will play his cello along with your Spirit Flute.

Talk to Gage to begin playing the song. Before you can do anything, he’ll teach you how to play the Sprit Flute. After practice, it’s time for the real thing – perform the duet with Gage and power up the rail map! A new set of tracks will appear leading right up to the Forest Temple – so off we go!

Exit the sanctuary, and begin to head back to your Spirit Train. Along the way you’ll pass a strange rocket-shaped statue with a hole through it. Zelda will pop out and inform you about the noise coming from the statue. This statue is actually meant for use with the Spirit Flute, so stand in front of it and take out the Spirit Flute through the menu.

Now that you know how to play the Spirit Flute, this should be easy. Notice the blue and orange balls of light floating from the statue when you tap on it – that’s your clue to play the blue and orange pipes from your Spirit Flute. Once you do so, the statue will rocket out of the ground, revealing a Gossip Stone.

The Gossip Stone will tell you that you’ve just played the Song of Awakening – congratulations! You can use the Song of Awakening to wake up any sleeping Gossip Stone around New Hyrule.

With the Song of Awakening learned, go back to your Spirit Train and take the tracks straight to the Forest Temple.

Part 2: Dungeon #1 – The Forest Temple

When you first enter the Forest Temple, Zelda will ask to make sure that you’re prepared for the journey ahead – of course, you definitely are, so continue on! Head straight up to reach another singing rocket statue. This one’s playing three notes; tap it to see a sequence of green, white, and green lights.

Take out your Spirit Flute and play those pips, in that order, to mimic the statue. Once you do, a white fairy will pop out from behind the statue – if Link is downed, this fairy will revive him. In addition, if you play the song before you are downed, you will use up the fairy to restore Link’s heart life entirely. Fairies can only be summoned with this song, the Song of Healing, inside dungeons. With the Song of Healing now in your arsenal, head through the door to the north onto Floor 1 of the Forest Temple.

To the north is a locked door! Ignore it for now; we’ll come back to it, and the small key on your map, later. Follow the path through the floor until you reach an open area with two acorns sitting against a wall. Grab one of the acorns, then walk to your right to reach a small chasm. Across the chasm is a switch; hit it with the acorn to draw a bridge to the other side of the chasm.

You can’t go north yet; it’s blocked by poisonous fog. Head south instead and prepare for your first gauntlet battle – three enemies will face you. Two of them take one hit, and one of them takes three hits. This should be quick and easy, and you reward for winning is a treasure chest containing one big green Rupee, worth 100 Rupees! In addition, a wall will drop on the bottom right corner of the map, opening the way to Floor 2. Head upstairs for now.

Head north on Floor 2, careful to avoid the purple fog, to reach a second gauntlet. You’ll be fighting four spiders here, another ridiculously easy fight. However, watch out after you kill each one, because they’ll release small clouds of the poisonous, purple gas that will linger for a while. As a reward for defeating the gauntlet, a lavish chest will appear in the top right corner of the battle area.

Open it to receive this dungeon’s item, the Whirlwind! Blow into the mic to send a cyclone in the direction you’re facing. In this case, you’ll need to spin a fan in the center of the arena if you want to advance further in the dungeon. Equip the Whirlwind with either L, R, or by tapping its icon. A yellow beam indicates the direction the cyclone will travel. While standing in front of the fan, point the yellow bean directly at it – a yellow indicator will let you know you’ve targeted the fan.

Blow into your mic and let the cyclone spin! A wall will then drop to your left; let’s go through it.

If you’re eager for tips, play the Song of Awakening to the Gossip Stone in the corner of this room, and he’ll talk to you about finding a treasure chest. For 20 Rupees, he’ll locate all the chests on the floor; to save you some Rupees, I’ll let you know that the only chest on the floor is located in the purple fog back at the beginning of the floor, and contains a wood heart. Since you have the Whirlwind, you can go back and get it – otherwise, blow the fog in front of the stairs away with the Whirlwind and head back down to Floor 1.

In the middle of this area is that small key we wanted so badly before! You can use the Whirlwind to get it; just blow a cyclone at the small key, and it will travel across the chasm and hit the wall to the north. With the key in hand, head to your right and step on the floor switch to lower the wall that will give you access to the rest of Floor 1.

Watch out when you go through the door – there will be spiders! Kill them and blow away the residual fog. If you like, you can head across the bridge to the large patch of fog at the top of the room. If you blow it away, you’ll uncover a stamp station and a floor switch. Stepping on the switch uncovers a chest containing another big green Rupee!

Now head to that pesky locked door, and unlock it with a tap. Just after the door will be another Gossip Stone who will want to uncover hidden chests for you. Of course, if you followed the above paragraph, you already got the only hidden chest in the room! So you can just head south to encounter another gauntlet.

This gauntlet consists of two Bubbles – floating skulls wrapped in poison gas. You can’t touch them directly, so use your Whirlwind to blow them against a wall and eliminate their poisonous exterior. They can then be taken down with a single hit. Your reward for defeating this gauntlet is access to a new part of Floor 2, so head on up!

You won’t be spending much time here; kill off the spiders and head north to go to Floor 3.

The Boss Key is on this floor! But it doesn’t look like we can get it from here. Use your Whirlwind to blow the acorn onto the switch across the chasm; a chest will appear containing a small key. That’s all you can do on Floor 3 for now, so head back down to Floor 2.

There was a locked door near the bottom of the floor that we passed by earlier. Open that door to enter the center area of the room. The area looks rather suspicious… better be on the lookout, because you’re about to encounter your first Mini Boss: Mothula.

Mini Boss: Mothula

Mothula will reflect back any cyclone you shoot at it, and will disappear in a puff of fog if you get too close to it. So don’t try to hit it with your sword, and don’t just send endless cyclones at it. Rather, have patience, and keep your Whirlwind out and armed at all times. If you wait long enough, Mothula will summon Bubbles – those floating skulls – and send them toward you. Before the Bubbles can reach Link, blow them straight into Mothula using your Whirlwind. Mothula will be immobilized momentarily, just long enough for you to get in a few good slashes. Repeat this process once more, and Mothula will fall, disintegrating into a solitary red Rupee.

Once you’ve defeated Mothula, a stairway to the rest of Floor 3 will open. It’s now that you can get the Boss Key; unfortunately it’s behind a wall, so head to the southeast corner of the floor to find a way to bring the wall down.

Your path will be blocked by some bombable blocks – but there are no bomb flowers here! Instead, you’re presented with a blue bug larva. When hit with a sword or object, these larvae turn into spiked balls that double as bombs. The larvae, when curled up, will explode on contact with any object.

Use either your sword or an acorn from your left to hit the larva, then use your Whirlwind to send it rolling right into the row of blocks. Start blowing away the fog beyond the blocks with your Whirlwind to uncover a path northward. Blow away all of the fog to uncover a floor switch against the eastern wall. Stepping on this switch uncovers a chest containing a dark pearl loop.

At the end of this path is a Gossip Stone and a switch. The Gossip Stone would have told you about the chest we just uncovered, so ignore it. The switch, when activated, will lower a wall in the southwest corner of the floor – so let’s head that way.

In this newly uncovered room, you’ll find two larvae. You can hit both; just launch them across the chasm with your Whirlwind to blow up a row of blocks obstructing a switch. Then, if you’ve got one left, launch it at the switch and wait for it to explode – or wait for more larvae to fall from the ceiling if you used them both up. The switch will lower the wall blocking the Boss Key, so now we can finally snag it!

Before grabbing the Boss Key, look at the map just above it. Once you take the Boss Key, you’re at risk of being caught by Floormasters – giant, spectral hands that have the ability to teleport anywhere on flooring. If you stray from the path presented in the map – I.e., step on any of the flooring marked by swirly tiles – the Floormasters will appear and try to take the key. If this happens, you could either let them take the key and restart your walk, or attempt to transport the key while the Floormasters are attacking.

Once they come out, they do not stop respawning until they’ve taken the key, or until the key is placed in its corresponding lock.
Assuming you safely got to the lock, the way to the boss will open. On Floor 4, you’ll find the traditional resting area, with pots containing hearts and Rupees galore. Once you’ve gathered these up, it’s time to face the boss: The armored colossus, Stagnox. If you’re nervous, you can read the stone sign in the room to summon a blue portal that will return you to the Temple’s entrance. Otherwise, head through the door to the north to meet your fate.

Stagnox: Armored Colossus

From the open ceiling, Stagnox will dramatically fly down and land menacingly in front of Link. Its backside produces poison gas, and its front side is indestructible – for now. Of course, underneath that poison gas on its backside is a tender and vulnerable area, so your goal is to get behind Stagnox as quickly as you can so you can tear up his back with your sword. If you pause Link’s movements for a moment, Stagnox will stop to perform an attack. Take that chance to run around and approach its backside.

Using your Whirlwind, send a cyclone to blow away the poison gas. That will leave Stagnox’s backside completely open to attack; then, with fast taps, slash his backside as much as you can. You’ll need to repeat this process until Stagnox becomes fed up with fighting on the ground and flies up into the air – two to three rounds should do it.

With Stagnox in the air, the real fight begins. He’ll send down three bug larvae; whack them with your sword to curl them up into their spiky bomb ball form. Leave them resting until Stagnox decides to swoop down for an attack; at that moment, use your Whirlwind to send the larvae flying at Stagnox.

If you successfully hit Stagnox in mid-flight, it will flip over, exposing its purple backside once again. Slash it up until Stagnox recovers, and repeat the process until Stagnox falls. Your reward at the end of the fight is great: A heart container inside of a large chest, and the release of the first Force Gem.

A cutscene will play showing the green Force Gem’s release and the immediate repair of the Tower of Spirits. The first of several pieces will fall back into place, and Zelda will congratulate you on a job well done. You can grab your heart container out of the chest, and then use the blue portal to teleport yourself back to the beginning of the dungeon.

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