Chapter 11: The Compass of Light

Part 1: Back to the Tower

As soon as you enter the train, a cutscene will play in which Zelda happily scrambles to Anjean, bragging about the bow of light, only to have her hopes dashed when Anjean reveals that they have no method of finding Malladus. However, Byrne has a way of finding the Demon Train, and its the last item you’ll need to get: The Compass of Light.

Byrne constructed this compass himself in order to help Cole find the Demon Train initially. The compass uses the power of the spirits, so neither Malladus nor Cole can touch it – meaning it’s where Byrne left it, at the top of the Tower of Spirits.

Just before you prepare to leave, Anjean will offer you a generous sword upgrade – the Lokomo Sword, a sacred blade filled with the energy of the good spirits. You’ll find out why that’s a good thing rather soon; for now, finish the cutscene and accept the Lokomo Sword. The cutscene will end and you’ll already be driving along the tracks of the Sand Realm.

Now, if you’ve never used warp portals along the tracks at this point, it’s a good time to learn about them. Back before the Snow Temple, you encountered Ferrus explaining about strange statues along the tracks with force gems as their keystone. You’ll find one of these with a green force gem as you head back along the path you cam from in the Sand Realm – look for a small dead end of track in the upper right corner of the map.

In this supposed dead end, you’ll see a stone arch with a green force gem floating in its center – head toward the structure and hit the force gem with your cannon, causing the structure to turn yellow and light up. Zelda will mention that the text on the structure reads to blow your whistle – do so, and a portal will open up! Drive straight through it to be teleported to the corresponding portal at the other side of the Sand Realm.

You now have a nice, clear path back to the Tower of Spirits. Set your route and head back!

When you arrive, go back up the spiral staircase until you reach the top of the stairs. You need to get back to the top of the tower – of course, Nintendo isn’t going to make you go through the previous floors again. You should see a blue portal at the top of those stairs; use it to gain instant access to the top of the tower.

You should arrive on Floor 23. Head up to Floor 24, which is the area you fought Byrne in. Run north through the room, and outside the tower.

Climb the staircase to your left to get back to the altar at the top of the tower. If you didn’t see it the last time you were here, there’s a stamp station – you can stamp your book if you like, then head to the altar. You’ll notice that there are two blue, divine eyes in front of the altar’s central platform. Take out your Bow of Light, charge up an arrow, and fire one light arrow at each of the eyes. A staircase leading down below the altar will appear on the platform.

Head down to begin your final trek through the Tower of Spirits – the most difficult and tricky section of the game by far.

Part 2: The Tower of Spirits (6th Visit)

Before you begin this final section of the Tower of Spirits, you’ll be presented with a a nice rest area filled with pots and acorns. Refill your heart life and your bombs/arrows, then head downstairs – you’ll need everything you can get for this visit.

This visit to the Tower of Spirits runs you through everything you’ve learned. You’ll make use of everything here – all the different types of Phantoms, as well as most of the items in your arsenal that you’ve gathered throughout the various temples of New Hyrule. The entire section covers from floor 30 to 24 – it works its way down, not up, and it’s a doozy.

As soon as you enter Floor 30, Zelda will inform you that your Lokomo Sword is constantly filled with energy – you don’t need to get any Tears of Light to strike Phantoms! If you’re thankful now, don’t think this means you get off easy. As you learned in the last visit to the Tower of Spirits, you can have Zelda switch Phantoms. You’ll be using that technique a lot during this dungeon, which supplements the difficulty of gathering the Tears of Light.

Right after she’s done speaking, a regular Phantom will appear in the pool of lava in the top right corner of the floor. We’ll come back to that guy in a moment; for now, if you’re still low on supplies, use the four acorns to your right to refill your arrows and bombs. If you try to head east to the lava pool, your way will be blocked by spikes – so just head north, down the staircase to Floor 29.

Floor 29 is dark – obnoxiously dark. You’ll see four interestingly placed Phantoms throughout the room; two “normal” Phantoms, a Torch Phantom, and a Wrecker Phantom. There’s also a Warp Phantom hidden somewhere in the room. You need a Phantom that can take you across the lava in the top right area of Floor 30. From where you entered Floor 29, the only Phantoms you have access to are the two normal Phantoms. Without getting hit by one of them, navigate through the dark – there are no torches to light here – and strike one in the back. Have Zelda possess it, then head back to Floor 30.

Now that you’ve got Zelda inside of a Phantom, you can head across the lava in the top right corner of the floor. Move Zelda across the spikes blocking your path eastward, and drop her right on the floor switch beyond. Now, the door in the corner is blocked by a wall – luckily, there are two crystal switches in those two enclaves in the pool of lava. Stand in the very center of the lava pit and equip your Boomerang, then use it to target one crystal switch and hit it. You’re on a timer, so quickly target and hit the second crystal switch.

The wall in the northeast corner will drop, giving you access to a new section of Floor 29. The tricky part to this is not getting caught by the Phantom roaming in the lava – and the path it travels makes it easy for it to spot you. Your best bet it to simply be in the right place at the right time – time when you head to the center of the pit, and when you use your boomerang, so that the Phantom doesn’t spot you.

You’re now in the upper right corner of Floor 29 – and it’s still just as dark as it was before. This time, there are torches to light and blow out. Head directly west from the entrance to go along a dimly lit narrow pathway. At the top left corner of this pathway, you’ll find a stone tablet that reads “Sometimes darkness can open a path.”

Proceed to blow out all of the torches you can find – every last one, watching out for the ghosts along the way. When all of the torches in the room are extinguished, a wall will drop to the west, giving you access to the Torch Phantom. Get up behind it and strike its back to possess it with Zelda. Now you can do away with those ghosts if you wish; ultimately, begin making your way back east through the room, where you came from. Head back up to Floor 30 when you reach the staircase in the top right corner of the floor.

Make your way back across the pit of lava, and head back down to Floor 29 through the northern door; this will take you back to the section of Floor 29 containing the two normal Phantoms.

If you recall, there was a stone tablet around the lower part of the area that you could read due to the darkness. You can now read it thanks to the Torch Phantom Zelda is possessing: “Only those without special powers know the secret.” The Phantoms around here are hiding something. To keep Link safe, move him back to the safe zone while Zelda converses with the Phantoms. They should say something like “WEAK SPOT IN THE WALL TO THE UPPER LEFT.”

If you actually bomb this area, you’ll find that you need the Warp Phantom to complete this task. We’re not done with the Torch Phantom yet, though, so don’t bother bombing anything just yet. Instead, head to the bottom left corner of the area to find two unlit torches around a wall blocking a staircase. Light these torches with Zelda’s blade, and the wall will drop. Head down to Floor 28.

You’ll now be on the west side of Floor 28 – an area plagues by sand pits. You would think this means that Zelda can’t move across, well, practically any portion of this area. You’d be wrong, there, because you’ll soon discover that Zelda can move across sand so long as it’s been raised with your Sand Wand.

Before doing anything, it’s probably wise to do away with the Stalfos around the area before they have the chance to really annoy you. Once you’ve scoured the room for Stalfos, head to the northern part of the room and stand just against the ledge of the red platform where you could fall into the sand if you walked any further. Raise the sand up in front of you with your sand wand, and make a clear path to the north, to the rightmost of the two northern platforms you see on your map.

You can walk across that sand with Zelda, so don’t be afraid that she’ll sink. On that platform is a torch – light it with Zelda! Draw a path of sand to the other platform, and light the torch there as well. Once both are lit, two treasure chests will appear in the southern area of the room.

Now draw a path of sand back to the large red platform in the center of the room. You’ll now need to get those two treasure chests by guiding Zelda along, but it’s not that simple – the chests are too high up! You’ll need to be standing on Zelda’s shield. This also means that you’ll need to travel across the sand by drawing paths with Zelda.

To get on Zelda, stand Link on the raised platform located on the righthand side of the central red platform in the room, then just jump atop Zelda. To begin your journey through the southern area of the room, move Zelda and Link up to the southern edge of the red platform, draw a nice big patch of raised sand with your Sand Wand, then move in increments across the sand. Head for the treasure chest in the bottom left corner of the room first, drawing bursts of sand and moving along those bursts as you can until you reach the chest. Hop off of Zelda and open the large chest to obtain a random treasure.

That’s really nice, but it’s not exactly what we’re looking for. Hop back onto Zelda’s shield and draw a nice path of sand over to the second treasure chest on the right side of the room. Once you reach it, hop off of Zelda and open it to obtain a small key! That’s what we wanted!

Get Zelda safely back to the entrance of Floor 28 – you don’t need to be standing on her any longer. Head back up to Floor 29 once you’ve gotten there, then go back up to Floor 30 as well.

Take Zelda and use her to bring you back across the lava pit, then head back down to Floor 29. It’s time to get the next Phantom that we need – the Warp Phantom. You can’t see it in the room yet, but it will appear when you get close enough. Go southwest through the room, until you reach the area where you first got the Torch Phantom. From there continue on west through the floor. Eventually you’ll have gone far west enough that a Warp Phantom will spawn right in front of a divine eye. Luckily, the Warp Phantom never moves unless you provoke it to do so.

Continue heading west until you reach a pathway just below the sight line of the Warp Phantom. Here should be a stone tablet that reads “Look for two eyes in the dark. Shoot them with light to get the key.” The Warp Phantom is blocking one of these eyes – the other is on the eastern side of the floor. The only way to truly hit the eye behind the Warp Phantom is to possess the Phantom itself, so have it chase you until you can sneak around behind its back to strike it.You can get it to chase you either by walking into its line of sight, or by striking a nearby wall, giving you a head start to get behind it.

Possess it with Zelda – now hitting that eye is no problem! And we also have just the right Phantom for our needs very soon. Once you hit the divine eye with a Light Arrow, a torch will light across the room. Unfortunately, you can’t get to that eye just yet. We need to go back to Floor 30 so, avoiding the respawned Torch Phantom, make your way back to the stairwell in the upper right corner of the floor that will take you up.

Hop on Zelda’s shield and draw a path across the pit of lava, then once again head through the stairwell to the north that will take you back down to Floor 29. You should be back in the section of Floor 29 with the normal Phantoms.

Now, remember the stone tablet you read here? The Phantoms have a secret – and if you spoke to them with Zelda, you learned that there’s a bombable area in the top left corner of this room. If you never spoke with any of the Phantoms around here, do so now – you can keep that Phantom distracted with Zelda.

If you have bombs, this is much easier; of course, there are bomb flowers along the lower portion of the room if you never got the bomb bag. You need to bomb the upper left corner of the floor, on the northern wall (NOT the western wall). The bomb should be placed just slightly away from the corner. Once you’ve got it in the right spot, you should uncover a door – get Zelda back and head through it.

Head north through this small room to find two acorns and two pots. Smash the pots for some heart life, and refill your ammo with the acorns if need be, then head up to Floor 30 using the stairwell to the north. Head out the door on the south end of the room on Floor 30, and you’ll be taken out to a new, previously unreachable section of that floor on the west side.

You’ll see a patch of sand down a ways from the entrance to this room. Use the sand in combination with your Sand Wand to lift Link up so he can jump on top of Zelda. Have Zelda carry Link to the northeast corner of the room, where there’s a raised platform with a floor switch on it. Hop off and step on the floor switch – two Phantom Eyes and one Warp Phantom will appear.

Head further south now, to the bottom of the room. To your left will be a stack of breakable blocks; you can bomb these to unveil a large treasure chest containing a randomized treasure. To your right is a panel with a glowing pink circle on it – you’ve used these before to swap Link and Zelda’s positions! If you look just below that pink panel, on the other side of the wall, you’ll find its companion panel. You should see a Phantom Eye moving about that bottom room on your map; wait until it’s just on top of the panel, then have Zelda warp to it. She should land on the panel and swap places with Link. If Zelda didn’t, kill off the Phantom Eye with Link before the Warp Phantom causes you any trouble.

Travel east to find a safe zone, and wait for the Phantom Eye to respawn. You want to get Zelda over to the area where Link is, otherwise she’ll be bounded by impassable sand traps. So, when the Phantom Eye is on the ground to the east, have Zelda warp there.

Now that Zelda’s with Link, it’s time to utilize the second set of swapping panels in the area – yellow triangles. You probably saw the yellow triangle panel set to the right of the pink circle set. One of the panels is in the room to the north, blocked by spikes. The other panel is in the room you’re currently in, bounded by sand. You want to get Link into that northern room, so send Zelda across the spikes and have her stand on the upper panel, then just casually walk Link to the lower panel.

With only Link – we’ll get back to Zelda in a moment – head north through this new room, moving past the sand trap in its center. You’ll be approaching the Warp Phantom, which guards a divine eye that you need to shoot with your Light Arrows. Unfortunately for you, this guy never moves! You’ll have to get rid of it temporarily so you can get behind it to the eye. In fact, you need to get rid of it permanently – we’re going to possess it with Zelda to eliminate the Warp Phantom in the room entirely.

Walk up to the Warp Phantom and have it spot you, then run as fast as you can to the sand trap in the center of the room. While the Warp Phantom is busy being devoured by sand, head to the little area containing the divine eye and stay there. The Warp Phantom will spring back to life right in front of you, but looking the opposite direction – the perfect time for you to stab it in the back and possess it with Zelda.

You can shoot the divine eye at any time during this process – once you do, the wall blocking the lower right corner of this area will fall, giving you access to yet another new section of Floor 30. Have Zelda use the Phantom Eye to warp back to the lower yellow swapping panel, then step on the corresponding panel with Link to make them switch places. Walk Zelda across the spikes and have her meet up with Link at the safe zone.

Now, with your Sand Wand, lift Link up so he can get on top of Zelda. You’ll see why he needs to be on top in a moment. For now, guide the duo east. As you make your way to the bottom right corner of the floor, you’ll see a Miniblin on a statue; since you’re on top of Zelda, you can kill it with your Whip or the like in one hit. From there, notice a large bottomless pit nearby. If you use your Boomerang while on top of Zelda, you can reach an arrow launcher to the left of the pit. Turn the launcher twice so that it’s facing north, and fire a light arrow into it – it will strike a divine eye above it, lowering the wall blocking the stairwell in the bottom right corner of the floor. Now you can go down to the final section of Floor 29!

The final Phantom you need to deal with is the Wrecker Phantom. Luckily, there’s nothing blocking the Wrecker Phantom, so you can just walk over through the dark and strike it in the back to have Zelda possess it. Once you have the Wrecker Phantom possessed, you’ll want to head to the north end of the room to find the second divine eye – remember that eye you shot just after getting the Warp Phantom? This is its brother, and now that you’ve shot both a large treasure chest will appear back at the entrance to the room.

That’s all there is to do here, but to make things easier for you, you can head to the far left side of the room to find an unlit torch. Light it using another torch and your Boomerang, and two nearby walls on Floor 29 will drop, effectively giving you full access to the entire room. Now you can go wherever you want!

Head back up to Floor 30, opening that large treasure chest along the way to get the second small key! Once you’re on Floor 30, head west slightly from the stairwell until you see a triangle of breakable blocks. Break them all down with Zelda to uncover yet another large treasure chest, containing yet another small key! These will come in handy very, very soon.

If you like, you can also use Zelda to break open a way back to the entrance to Floor 30, where you started out – that’s back west. However, that’s not entirely necessary, since now we can travel anywhere we want along Floor 29. So, once you’ve gotten that small key, head back down to Floor 29.

If you move east, through the wall that dropped when you lit the torch, you’ll eventually be along the path that brings you to the Warp Phantom. Begin moving that way, but stop when you’re in the center of the room, and follow the junction downward. You’ll eventually reach a safe zone with a stairwell leading down. Head down to the vaguely familiar Floor 28.

This section of Floor 28 is not like where you were before – it consists only of three pathways, each blocked by a locked door. Luckily, by now you have all three small keys. If you haven’t been to this area yet, Zelda might make a comment about which door to go through – though you actually need to go through all of them, as they lead to different sections of Floor 27. Since you have the Wrecker Phantom right now, start with the rightmost door. Open it, follow the path along, and head down to Floor 27.

Floor 27 contains three divine eyes, all of which must be shot and activated by Light Arrows before you can continue down to Floor 26. As soon as you move in the room, four Phantom Eyes will appear – but don’t worry, there’s no Warp Phantom here yet.

The Wrecker Phantom is particularly useful in this section; at the bottom of this room you’ll see a raised platform. You can access stairs to this platform on its left side, along a path with boulders rolling along it. Get Link and Zelda up on this platform, then use Zelda to demolish the row of eight breakable blocks blocking your path to a stone tablet beyond.

Read the stone tablet for a clue about how to solve an upcoming puzzle: “Light them in this order. The undefended flame, the flame surrounded by sand, the flame surrounded by the abyss, and finally, the guarded flame.”

That doesn’t do you much good – yet! Take Zelda now up north, along the red path with boulders, until she reaches the top. There will be a crystal switch to shut off the flow of boulders; hit it so that you can bring Link up north. Head east into the new little room, then south – you’ll find a bunch of spokes statues and breakable blocks for Zelda to destroy. Destroy the lot of it; that’s all you can do here. You’ll have to come back with a different Phantom type to finish up, so for now head back up to Floor 28 the way you came in.

The stone tablet you just read told you that there are torches to light – so you’re not going to be able to light them without a Torch Phantom. Leave Floor 28 and head up to Floor 29, where you can obtain the Torch Phantom once again. Head north from where you end up to go to the area where the Torch Phantom roams – possess it and head back down to Floor 28. Be warned that if you get spotted this time, the whole slew of Phantoms in the room will be after you – be careful as you get the Torch Phantom.

Now that you’ve got a Torch Phantom, head through the center pathway on Floor 28, opening the door blocking the way with one of your small keys if you haven’t already. Head down to Floor 27 via this new stairwell; as soon as you exit the stairwell you’ll spot four unlit torches. The bottom left torch is blocked by spokes, so Zelda is going to need to light that one on her own. Light the torches in this order, according to the stone tablet: Top left, bottom right, top right bottom left.

Once you do that, a wall to the west guarding a divine eye will drop. Head west through the room to the divine eye; shoot it with a nice Light Arrow, and it’ll turn red.

That’s all you can do in the center room for now. Head back up to Floor 28, and enter the leftmost path, unlocking the door if you haven’t. By now you’ll have used up all three of the small keys you gathered earlier. Head down to Floor 27 once again; this time you’ll be on the left side of the room.

There’s a sand trap blocking Zelda’s way further into the room, so head across the sand with Link and look for a floor switch off to the left, which will draw a bridge allowing Zelda to pass. Once both Link and Zelda are at the other end of the sand trap, use your Sand Wand to raise Link up so he can get on Zelda’s shield, then continue south through the room. You’ll come to a chasm with a high wooden beam; since you’re atop Zelda, you can use your Whip to reach it and swing across.

Once across, step on the floor switch in the lower left corner of the room to draw a bridge which Zelda can walk across and you can use to get back if you need to. Begin moving, with Zelda, further into the room north – Right before you reach a second sand trap, a Warp Phantom and a new Phantom Eye will appear in the room. Your goal is to possess that Warp Phantom – once you do, you’ll be set to hit all the remaining divine eyes on this floor.

Zelda cannot proceed on the sand trap, so leave her behind for now. Do away with the Stalfos on the sand, then stand at the bottom of the long platform the Warp Phantom is walking along. Wait for it to get to the bottom of the platform and turn around, then raise yourself up with your Sand Wand as quickly as you can and strike it in the back to possess it. You should be able to get it before the Phantom Eye has a change to even glance at you.

With the Warp Phantom possessed, you can move freely about the entire floor – and now Zelda is on the platform with you! To the left of the center of the platform, across the sand, is another platform with an arrow launcher on it. Raise some sand up to create a pathway between the two platforms and walk east across the sand. Hit the launcher so that it faces north, then have Zelda pick it up. The divine eye you need to shoot is to the north, so line Zelda up with the eye and head back across the sand. You should see a very, very small raised platform with stairs in front of it that Link can stand on to shoot an arrow into the launcher Zelda is now holding. Step on it and shoot a Light Arrow at Zelda – it will be redirected straight into the divine eye.

Warp Zelda back over to the platform Link is on using the Phantom Eye so that she drops the arrow launcher. From there, head to the sand trap you haven’t yet traversed in the upper right portion of the room. Walk Link entirely across the sand trap east until you come to a wall – against this wall should be a pink circle swapping platform. Have Link stand on it.

Now, recall the other platform you saw back when you were using the Wrecker Phantom on the right side of the floor. Guide Zelda north to this platform and have her stand on it; she and Link will swap places. Once Zelda’s where Link used to be, guide her north once again to a raised platform containing a floor switch. Once Zelda steps on it, a wall blocking a divine eye on the east side of the room will drop.

Guide link southeast until you see a chasm – in the center of this chasm is an arrow launcher, and north of the arrow launcher in the divine eye. If you didn’t move it to face north earlier, do so now, then fire a Light Arrow into it – it’ll hit the third and final divine eye on the floor, causing a wall to drop at the floor’s center, which previously blocked the staircase leading down to Floor 26.

Warp Zelda over to where Link is by using a Phantom eye, and exit out of Floor 27 to Floor 28 however you can. Re-enter Floor 27 through the center pathway, then head north though the top center staircase that was just unblocked, down to Floor 26.

Congratulations – you’re almost done with this crazy train ride (pun certainly intended)! Unfortunately, you’ll have to fight a gauntlet first, and a very difficult one at that. Zelda will express her fear that a lot of enemies are headed your way, and she’s more than right. In order, you’ll be fighting:

  1. Eight Dark Electric ChuChus
  2. Five Stalfos Warriors and four Stalfos
  3. Three Mighty Zora Warriors

Be very careful in this gauntlet not to fall down any of the four chasms in the room – you’ll need all the hearts you can for this one, especially fighting those last Mighty Zora Warriors. Your Whip will come in handy here; having a potion might as well. If you don’t, avoid the barrage of fire and focus on getting rid of the Zora Warriors’ shields so you can attack them head on. If all goes well, you shouldn’t even need Zelda’s assistance.

Once everything’s been defeated, Zelda will cheer you on and ask if it’s your last battle – it doesn’t really matter how you answer. Either way, you’ll be rewarded with the path down to Floor 25, the last floor before you reach the Compass of Light. There’s one of every type of Phantom in this room, and you’ll have to make use of all of them to clear the room.

You’ll first need to make use of the Torch Phantom, which you should see wandering around the inner hall of the room. When it turns around, run up behind it and possess it. With the Torch Phantom, light the two torches surrounding the wall blocking your way to the inner room of Floor 25. The wall will drop, and a Phantom Eye will appear and travel along the path that the Torch Phantom once did.

You’ll need the Warp Phantom next, but there’s no way you can get into that central room without catching the eye of the normal Phantom standing still – alone, anyway. Use Zelda to distract the Phantom, turning its gaze to the side while you strike the traveling Warp Phantom in the back to possess it.

Now that you’ve got the Warp Phantom, take a look at the upper left area of the floor – there’s a sand trap, and above that sand trap two floor switches. You need to get both Link and Zelda across the sand. To do this, you’ll need to first get the Phantom Eye across the sand. You can get it across simply by having it spot you; it will then follow you wherever you go, even across sand. Once across, warp Zelda to Link and place both her and Link upon their respective floor switches. The wall behind the normal Phantom in the center of the room will drop. Now all you have to do is get behind that Phantom and you’re scott free!

Using a respawned Phantom Eye, warp Zelda out of the space she’s stuck in with Link. You’re going to need the Wrecker Phantom next – and this part is the trickiest of all. Possess the Wrecker Phantom traversing the outer hallway of the room, then draw a path for Zelda straight into the center room, and past the normal Phantom into the safe zone. She’ll fly right by and destroy the four statues that would have blocked your way to the large door ahead.

Now Link needs to get in there – if you don’t do this right, it can get pretty tricky! To free up a path for Link, you’ll have to make the other Phantoms in the room disoriented with Zelda’s wrecking ball, that way the normal Phantom won’t try to hit you as you walk by. If you hit the normal Phantom from behind, he’ll be pushed away from the entrance to the safe zone, making your dash to safety much easier. With any luck, you’ll have no trouble getting Link into the safe zone with Zelda.

Heave ho the door to open the way out of this wretched floor! Head throw the archway to the north to walk down to Floor 24, where you’ll finally be able to rest. Floor 24 contains the a large treasure chest – who knows what it cold contain?

Just like the rail maps, it rests in the center of the floor on its pedestal. Run up and grab it to obtain the Comp[ass of Light! It shines light upon the world, revealing places linked to the Dark Realm.

Zelda will pop out and exclaim her joy to you, and the Forest rail map will begin to glow ominously, revealing a small, yet new, segment of track leading west of Aboda Village to a small island. The Compass of Light has revealed this track leading into the darkness – it’s the portal into the Dark Realm.

A blue portal will appear in the room; use it to head back to the lobby. You’ve done all you can in the Tower of Spirits – it’s time to head for the Dark Realm to face Malladus, once and for all.

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