Chapter 10: The Sand Realm

Part 1: Raels to the Sand Sanctuary

Once one your train, it’s time to get moving to the Sand Realm. The Sand Realm is actually a part of the Ocean Realm, so select to go to the Ocean Realm when going to the Sand Realm. The Sand Sanctuary is located in the center of the Sand Realm, where the tracks stop at a dead end. There’s only one dead end in the Sand Realm, so draw your path there.

As soon as you enter the Sand Realm, you’ll encounter a new type of enemy: Sand Gyorgs. These land sharks swim through the sand most often in packs of three, and you can’t hit them while they’re beneath the ground. To hit them, either wait for one of them to pop out of the ground and attack you, or blow your train’s whistle to make all of them jump out of the sand at once. They take one hit each, so shouldn’t end up being anything more than a nuisance.

Make your way to the sanctuary, taking note of the humongous statues along the way. A panned view will show you a barren land with a stone tablet to read, two gossip stones, bomb flowers, and a stone path along the ground that looks suspiciously familiar. Read the stone tablet at the center of the sanctuary. It reads: “Find me by blasting the area where the gazes of the big statues meet.”

You’ll quickly realize that the entire area is a mini model of the Sand Realm itself, and the stone tablet is where the Sand Sanctuary is. So we need to find the Sand Sanctuary’s entrance!

Head to the gossip stones and play the Song of Awakening to wake them up and hear what they have to say about this mysterious area. The gossip stone on the right will say: “Do not dwell on what’s inside. Instead, turn your gaze outward. There are no statues here.” The gossip stone on the left will say: “The lake forms the sea. The paths form the rails.”

All of this is indicative that you need to mimic what’s going on outside – on the Spirit Tracks – on this miniature representation of the Sand Realm in order to open the path to the Sand Sanctuary. Hop back on your Spirit Train and head out into the Sand Realm.

If you travel around the rails, you’ll eventually find four statues at different corners of the realm. Only two of those statues have gazes that intersect – it’s at this point that you’ll need to plant a bomb or bomb flower to open up the way to the Sand Sanctuary. You can actually completely ignore the left-hand side of the Sand Realm; the two statues in the upper and lower left corners of the tracks actually point away from the Sand Realm entirely. However, the two other statues – one in the top right corner of the realm, and the other in the bottom center of the realm – have gazes which intersect in the top right corner of the empty area in the south section of the Sand Realm.

Once you’ve got both statues’ gazes marked on your map, head back to the Sand Sanctuary. Grab a bomb flower and mark the area where the gazes met on your map – in the upper right corner of the southern section of the map. A staircase leading underground will appear.
Follow the path underground to enter the true Sand Sanctuary. Head straight north to talk to this realm’s Lokomo guardian, Rael.

Rael’s instrument is the clarinet, and he’ll immediately get to teaching you your part of the Lokomo song. This is certainly the most difficult Lokomo song yet: green, white, blue, white, blue green. Practice until you’ve got it, then plat the entire duet with Rael.

Once the duet is over, the Spirit Tracks leading to the Sand Temple will be restored! However, there is something Rael will have to tell you – the path to the Sand Temple is treacherous. You must go through three trials in order to successfully enter the temple. Those trials are as follows:

  1. Encounter the big eye that looms in the shadows.
  2. Navigate the twisted tunnels.
  3. Face the impenetrable temple.

Only if you pass these trials will you be able to enter the Sand Temple. So head back to your Spirit Train, hop on, and draw a path north to the Fire Realm through the new tracks that appeared. It’s time to pass some trials!

Part 2: The Three Trials

Head north to the Fire Realm, killing all of the enemies in your way. The path to the Fire Realm leads through a cave – this is where the first trial aways you: The great eye in the dark. As you’ll soon see, this is a remix of the Rocktite battle you fought back before the Snow Temple. However, this time it’s much more difficult.

Mini Boss: Rocktite

Don’t let the appearance fool you – this Rocktite is not the same as the one you fought previously. It’ll start out dropping from the ceiling; shoot its big eye with your canon three times, and it will topple over. Of course, that was the easy part – it will get up again, and this time it will take eight hits to get it down once more!

That marks the end of the Rocktite battle you knew and loved from before, because now the rules change up a bit. On the third set of hits, you’ll see barrels appear embedded in the cavern walls all around. These barrels are filled with explosive material, and the Rocktite won’t open its eye unless you make one of these barrels explode as it runs over them. Wait until the Rocktite is right on top of a barrel, and burst it; the Rocktite’s eye will open. Fire at will – it should take three shots to take it down.

The next time it gets up, it will come at you with its eye already open. Hit it six times to make it fall over. On the fifth set of hits, its eye will again be closed – burst a barrel underneath it or right next to it to cause the eye to open up. Four hits will make it fall from wherever it’s running.

The Rocktite will pick itself up for one final round. It’ll chase after you with its eye closed. Open it with a barrel, and land three hits with your canon on its ugly, yellow eye to get rid of it once and for all. The first trial will end, and you’ll exit the cavern.

The second trial takes place in the Fire Realm, and it’s not too tricky at all – the twisting tunnels aren’t so twisting, and there’s a trick to navigating through them. If you ever go through the wrong tunnel, you’ll either end up back where you started or somewhere else entirely. Here’s how to get safely through the twisting tunnels, starting from when you exit the Rocktite’s cavern:

  1. Go through the first tunnel to start the trial.
  2. Go immediately backwards through that same tunnel to end up in the northwest corner of the area.
  3. Go immediately backwards again through the tunnel you just entered through! Yes, believe it.
  4. Make a right turn at the next junction to exit the twisting tunnels!

In that last area with the junction, you’ll also find a desert rabbit – you can catch it if you like, then get out of the tunnels. Once you’re out, Zelda will make a remark congratulating you on finishing the second trial. The third trial is slightly more difficult, but also nothing impossible; the Sand Temple is a large pyramid structure surrounded by humongous defense turrets. You’ll need to demolish these turrets to open the temple’s entrance. You can go to the temple’s entrance first if you like, but there will just be a sealed stone door telling you to destroy those turrets first.

Circle around the Sand Temple however you like; just make sure to destroy every turret you see on the temple. They will fire cannonballs at you, so counter with your own cannon fire when you must. Each turret takes one hit to destroy, and there are three each on the left and right sides of the temple, two on the bottom side, and four turrets on the top side.

Once you’ve destroyed them all, that will be the end of the three perilous trials! Wiping the sweat off your brow from that intense challenge, enter the Sand Temple. It’s time to complete the final dungeon of Spirit Tracks!

Part 3: Dungeon #5 – The Sand Temple

As usual, head north through the entrance chamber to reach Floor 1. As soon as you enter the floor you’ll notice just how complex the Sand Temple is – the difficulty is a world apart from previous dungeons. If you head directly north through the floor, then slightly east up some stairs, you’ll see a locked door. This is the first door we need to open; there’s a small key around here somewhere, so let’s find it.

On the eastern side of the room is a path with boulders rolling down it. Enter this path from the bottom of the floor, and start working your way upwards around the boulders, which is decidedly less difficult than it seems. When you pass a small enclave that looks like a safe place to stand away from the boulders, don’t step inside – it’s a trap! The floor will fall if you do, and you’ll have to start over again.

Once you’ve passed the boulders, exit the path to the west. To the north you’ll find a bunch of boulders rolling east. Step on any of the three darker tiles to be shown a red eye just beyond the boulders. Now, here’s the tricky part: Get out your bow and time it just right so that your arrow hits that eye. It will take patience, and probably a few shots to get it in. Once you do, the wall to the west will drop.

The floor of this room is draped in sand, and it contains just a lowly treasure chest. The chest, of course, is just a trap that will initiate a gauntlet. Open the chest and get the single green Rupee, then fight the gauntlet – it consists of five Stalfos. Kill them off with whatever weapons you choose, and once defeated another treasure chest will appear. Open it to obtain a small key, which you can use to open that locked door from before. Head backwards through the boulders – it should be much easier going back – and head to the locked door northeast of the center of the floor. Open it and head up to Floor 2.

Once on Floor 2, just drop off of the platform you’re on, or head across what looks like a spiny bridge to the north to get some pots with hearts and Rupees. You’ll land either on sand or tile; either way, head to the southern portion of the floor. There will be some sand-based enemies you can’t defeat yet, so run past them and head east through the bottom area of the floor. You’ll find a path leading north, and a Gossip Stone further to the east. Head north, avoiding those nasty spiked rollers, to reach a staircase leading up to Floor 3.

Floor 3 contains the Sand Temple’s second gauntlet – three Stalfos Warriors. These special Stalfos have swords as well, and are adorned with red armored caps. They will wildly swing their sword at you for big damage from time to time, but for the most part you can do away with them as you would a normal Stalfos. Once they’ve been demolished, the wall to the west – but not to the north – will drop. Follow the path around the room to obtain the Sand Dungeon’s item, the Sand Wand! Tap any sandy area to raise the sand into a wall.

Zelda will pop out and make a comment about the Sand Wand, and the ceiling will tremble and quake. Now that you’ve got the Sand Wand, you can leave Floor 3 – and you’ve got the necessary tools to do so. Head back into the gauntlet room, which is draped in sand. Equipping your Sand Wand, draw your stylus over the sand to raise it up. You can draw underneath Link to raise him up as well, which is a critical part of understanding how to use the Sand Rod.

There is a pathway above the northwest corner of the gauntlet room. Raise Link up on some sand and get him on that pathway, which will lead back to the staircase you came from. Head back down to Floor 2.

Move back south through Floor 2, the way you came. You can now stop the spiny rollers in their tracks with the Sand Wand – raise up some sand to create a stopper that will block the rollers’ movements. Use this strategy to get around the rollers with ease; you can also now approach the left and right sides of this room and use the Sand Wand to raise Link up to get the treasure chests on either side. The chest to the left contains a red Rupee, and the chest to the right contains a randomized treasure. To access the chest to the right, you’ll have to raise Link up atop some sand and simultaneously stop one of the spiny rollers in the right place, so that you can walk across its top as if it were a bridge.

Once done, head out south through this room, then back west, where you came from. As soon as you enter into the room containing those sand monsters – called Gerunes – that cannot be hurt my any normal weaponry save the Sand Wand. Take the wand and hover the cursor atop one of the Gerunes; it will stiffen the longer you hold the Wand’s green cursor atop it. Eventually it will stiffen so much that it will become brittle and tall; in this phase, you can hurt the Gerune with any attack you see fit. You can even hoist the Gerune above your head and throw it to damage it. No matter how to slice it, it will then take three hits to defeat this enemy – but don’t wait too long, or else it will soften back into sand and attack you.

Once both Gerunes are defeated, all of the surrounding walls will drop. Head to the north.

What looked like a spiny bridge before was actually a spiny roller, and now it’s rolling! That makes it pretty dangerous, unless you stop it with your Sand Wand. Do so, and also hoist Link up and onto the platform at the north edge of the floor so that you can stop the spiny roller from rolling just as it passes in front of the platform containing the stairwell down to Floor 1. Once stopped, walk across it, just as if it were a regular bridge, then head back down to Floor 1.

You can now access all parts of Floor 1 with the Sand Wand in hand. First, we’re going to open up a new path to the basement – the door just south of the staircase to Floor 2. Head to the big patch of sand south of where you’re standing; if you head to the northwest corner of this path, you can lift Link up two flights of sand to reach a treasure chest containing a randomized treasure. Once you’ve got it, head back to the big patch of sand and start drawing with your Sand Rod.

Draw to the left, right, top or bottom of the boulder to move it around. In this case, move it to the hammer structure at the bottom of the patch of sand. Don;t worry about pushing the boulder off the patch – everything is blocked off by fences for your first try. Once on the mechanism, it will lock into place; simply hit the crystal switch to its left to launch the boulder northward into the wall blocking the staircase downward. The wall will crumble, and you’ll be able to head down to Basement 1.

Basement 1 contains the boss door, as well as some quicksand, but you’re not out of the woods yet. If you try and go through the floor, you’ll notice there’s a locked door and a raised wall blocking your path. It looks like well need a small key to move forward – head back up to Floor 1, and let’s try to find it.

You can move just about anything that’s on the sand using your Sand Wand, including giant rollers. Head to the southeast corner of Floor 1, onto the path of sand, to spot two of these giant rollers – one on Link’s level and one a level above him. Push both of them westward with your Sand Wand until they fall off the respective edges of each of their paths. This will open access to three wooden beams that sit above the chasm the rollers fell into. You can either access these beams from the left using the path you unlocked by moving one of the rollers, or you can access the beams from the right by using your Sand Rod to hoist Link up to the higher floor.

Either way, swing across them westward (or eastward, then back westward, depending on where you began) to each a new level on the left edge of the floor. Head north to find an acorn to refill your doubtlessly depleted supply of arrows, as well as a Gossip Stone to reveal to you treasure chests throughout the floor. Make use of both of these if you like, look to the right to see three red eyes, then move back south. Whip back east across the chasm, then head north as soon as you land on the sand.

Follow this path eastward. You’ll eventually come to those three red eyes you just saw; you’ll need to puncture all of them at once. Once you hit one of them, you’ll have a very short time limit to shoot the other two. The easiest way to shoot them all is to first hit the bottom eye, then raise Link up with the Sand Wand and quickly shoot the two up top.

Once this has been accomplished, the wall to the east will drop, giving you access to the northwest corner of Floor 1. Head there and start moving north. Shove Link inside of a small enclave to the east of the path of sand, and push the giant roller to the north southward, letting it pass by Link, and opening the path to the north. Use your Sand Rod to raise Link up to the next level of flooring, then stand on the brown, slanted structure just south. Move the giant roller back into place so that it makes a bridge between the two slanted structures, then move eastward across the now-filled gap.

Head south and stand on the next slanted structure, and once again move the giant roller south so that it formed a bridge between the two sides of the floor. Walk westward across, then even further west to encounter to Gerunes. Killing them both will reveal a treasure chest back across the floor. You can go get it real quick to obtain a red Rupee. Once you’ve gotten that, head back and go to the very northwest corner of Floor 1 – you can access the gated area by raising Link up atop some sand, and having him just jump over the gating.

Read the sign in that room and it will tell you about the small key we’re looking for. It rests buried underneath the sand, between three eyes and one. If you recall from not too long ago, there are three eyes you shot to gain access to this area. In addition, there is one eye in the upper right corner of the floor that you shot to gain access to a gauntlet that earned you the very first small key. If you can remember where these both were located, you’ll easily be able to determine where the next small key is buried: in the only portion of Floor 1 you have yet to traverse, a long patch of sand right in the middle of the room, to the north.

To get to this patch of sand, you’ll have to head back east across the room. Exit this corner area and head all the way back to the flow of boulders on the eastern edge of the room. Since you got the Sand Wand, the temple has changed the flow of the boulders! It’s now impossible to just run by them. Luckily, there’s a patch of sand located at the beginning of this flow of boulders; use it to hoist yourself up to a new path to the right of the boulders. With this path, you can literally just walk right by them.

You can jump off the very top of this path and quickly run westward – even if you don’t make it past the first oncoming of boulders, you’ll be able to pick yourself up and get there regardless without sustaining too much damage.

More about the temple will have changed. You’ll notice that the eye in this room is no longer blue, but once again red, and it’s blocked by two boulders. Easily shove the boulders aside with your Sand Wand, then shoot the eye to open the door to the west.

In this former gauntlet room, you’ll now find three creatures burrowing in the sand that remind you of the water-dwelling Octives from the Ocean Temple. To defeat these burrowing menaces, simply trap them in sand with your Sand Rod. You can do this while they’re underground – draw over them with your Sand Rod and they’ll become trapped for as long as the sand holds up. Hit them twice to do away with them; once they’re all gone, you can safely head to the left side of the room and raise yourself up a level, giving you access to that strip of sand to the west containing the small key. If you defeated all of the Octives in the sand, a treasure chest containing a red Rupee will be there as well.

Dig around in the central part of this hallway of sand using your Sand Wand to uncover the small key. Once you’ve got it, you can exit out through the south end of the pathway by raising Link up and jumping over the gating.

Head back down to Basement 1 now – you’ve got what you need to access the rest of that floor.

Once in Basement 1, head north to the locked door that you couldn’t go through before, and tap it to open it. If you haven’t figured it out by now, you can use your Sand Wand to traverse over quicksand as well, so think nothing of quicksand when you see it! Just don’t fall into it unless you want to lose some heart life. Quicksand is marked as darker sand on your map.

Head north to find two Gerunes and two switches. The goal here is not to kill the Gerunes, but to freeze them up and put them on top of the two switches. Do so; once they’re frozen, you can lift them by tapping them, and place them by tapping where you want to throw them. Once they’re both on top of a switch, the wall to the east will drop – head through it before the Gerunes can recoup, then begin to approach the quicksand to the north.

The challenge here lies in not ever touching the quicksand – so you’ll always have to be on a path of raised sand to survive. If you head west, you’ll eventually come to the Sand Temple’s stamp station. Stamp your stamp book if you like, then head back and go east. As quickly as you can, draw as much path for yourself along the top of the quicksand as possible, then run through the arrow-shooting traps. Just keep moving along until you reach the end of the quicksand path – there’s no trick to this; just move along before your sand paths fall and you’ll reach the end just fine.

The next puzzle can get tricky, but you’ll soon get the hand of it – you’ll see a large blue block with a blue spike atop its structure, resting on a walled bed of a sand. In the center of this bed of sand is what looks like the achieving end of a connector; it accepts the spike atop the block, in short. You’ll need to use your Sand Wand to push and rotate the block around so that the spike can land in its corresponding hole. There’s no one way to do this; if you can see how to properly rotate the block, then you’ll have an easy time getting the spike into its hole. If not, just rotate it around until the puzzle works itself out. When the spike enters the hole, the blue wall to the southeast will drop. Head through this newly opened path.

Here you’ll find a hammer mechanism, and a constant stream of boulders flowing down from the north edge of the room.You need to get one of these boulders onto the hammer mechanism – but how do you do that while they’re moving? Simple – just stop them cold in their tracks with the Sand Wand, then push them around as normal onto the hammer mechanism. Once a boulder has been locked in place, do not fire the boulder! It will fall down a chasm if you do. You need to complete the path southward so that it can roll into and break the wall. Position Link on top of a floor switch just south of the hammer mechanism to draw a bridge temporarily, then use your Boomerang or an arrow to activate the crystal switch and launch the boulder.

The wall southward will crumble. You can position a new boulder on top of the floor switch to keep the bridge drawn as you cross.
In this new room to the south, you’ll find some pots and the Gossip Stone for this floor. If you want the stuff provided by these things, you can get it – otherwise just continue westward through Basement 1. You’ll reach a large room that has access to the boss door; except the boss door is blocked by a pink wall! In the northeast corner of the room, you can cross the quicksand to find a treasure chest containing a red Rupee. And in the center of the room, you’ll find the trickiest puzzle yet: two large blocks, each with two colored shapes upon them. One shape is a blue spike, and the other is a pink cylinder.

To open the pink door leading to the boss door, you’ll need to get the pink cylinders on each block into their respective hole. The same goes for the blue door and the blue spikes. It’s important to know that once opened, the colored doors never close – even if you remove the blocks from their holes.

By now you should be starting to get into the swing of rotating and moving these blocks into their respective holes. You can move them into the holes in any order you wish; it’s just wise to open both colored doors now to alleviate any nuisance it could cause in a few moments. So, move the blocks around first into one colored hole, then into the other, opening both the pink door blocking the boss door and the blue door in the southwest corner of the room.

Of course, there’s a third door you can open – the wall on the west side of the room leading back up to Floor 1 can be opened with a nearby floor switch. Once you’ve got that opened, head to the southwest corner of the room and go through the path that was blocked by the blue door.

Heading east, use the enclave on the bottom edge of the floor to avoid the spiny roller. Deal with the two Stalfos Warriors in the room beyond to spawn a treasure chest containing a randomized treasure. Head north through the floor, and you’ll eventually encounter a sand pit with two spiny rollers rolling along horizontally. Your first goal is to hit the floor switch on the platform just below the sand pit. Stop the bottom roller so that it’s in front of the platform with the floor switch, then raise Link up on some sand with your Sand Wand and navigate him to the north end of the roller, so that you can walk onto the platform and hit the floor switch.

The wall to the north will drop, meaning you can now enter the room containing the Boss Key! You’ll need to form a bridge out of both spiny rollers so get across the pit at the correct height level, though, so draw a big line of sand down the pit and both rollers will stop at the same place. Walk across to face a gauntlet consisting of four Octives. Kill them as you’ve killed them before, by trapping them in sand while they burrow beneath the ground – once they’ve been disposed off, the walls on either side of the room will drop.

Head north to enter a small room with nothing but sand and pots. You’ll see two white sparkles, glimmering above the sand. There are items beneath these sparkles – use your Sand Wand to uncover them. The sparkle to the left hides a big green Rupee, and the sparkle to the right hides the Boss Key. You’ll also find various Rupees hidden around the sand not identified by sparkles. Get the big green Rupee – it’s worth 100 Rupees! – and then go for the Boss Key.

There’s nothing tricky about getting the Boss Key to its corresponding door this time. You can just carry it back to the boss door with little fear of anything attacking or harming you. The spiny rollers might cause you a bit of a nuisance, but they won’t stop you from taking the key. Once you’re back in the room with the two large blocks, head north, put the Boss Key down, draw a path across the quicksand to the boss door, then pick the Boss Key up and carry it across. That’s all you need to do! Head down to Basement 2.

Basement 2 is the rest area you’ve come to know and love. Use your Sand Wand to access the pots on the side of the room, as well as the northern part of the floor leading to the boss. Look at the stone tablet to spawn the blue portal to the dungeon’s entrance and, when you’re finally ready, head through the door to the north to face the ancient demon that lays asleep at the bottom of the Sand Temple.

Skeldritch, Ancient Demon

When you first enter the boss chamber, all you’ll see is a barren room full of sand – with a giant skull in the center of this massive sand pit. Walk toward the skull, and a cutscene will ensue – the skull will glow red and come alive, then snake its way up out of the sand, revealing its true form as Skeldritch, the ancient demon placed in the Sand Temple to guard the Bow of Light.

It would be nice to defeat Skeldritch outright, but that’s not exactly possible. To get to its vulnerable skull, you need to bash through its spine first. This is accomplished by launching boulders from any of the four hammer mechanisms throughout the room. But where do the boulders come? Why, they come from Skeldritch himself – he’ll periodically launch boulders out of the lowest portion of his spine. To catch these boulders and use them for your open purposes, take out your Sand Wand and draw a wall of sand in front of Link. This will stop the boulder in its tracks, allowing you to move it onto a nearby hammer mechanism.

Hit the crystal switch to launch the boulder and destroy Skeldritch’s first spinal disc. There are still many more, and they get tougher every time. Once the first disc is destroyed, Skeldritch will flail about, then begin launching boulders again. For the second disc, he’ll send three boulders in succession. You’ll need to protect at least one boulder to launch at him, so surround a boulder in sand and push the extra two off to the side, then launch the boulder at Skeldritch before he can send three more.

He’ll flail again, signaling the start of the third round. This round is where things get tricky – notice the armor on his spine. It’s now positioned in such a way that it will completely block a boulder launched normally. You’ll have to find a way to get around the amor. What’s worse, now Skeldritch will fire a hot, red beam at Link from its mouth while you try to position your boulders! You can dodge this beam easily, as it only hits in one location – it doesn’t follow Link. Yet, anyway.

To circumnavigate Skeldritch’s armor, you’ll need to make him turn so that the exposed part of his spine is facing the boulder. Skeldritch always faces toward Link – not toward the boulders – so moving Link around the room effectively turns Skeldritch around. Once he’s turned, use your Boomerang or Bow to hit the crystal switch from afar and destroy Skeldritch’s third disc.

The fourth disc gets even trickier. Before, boulders could blow through a few blocks of raised sand before slowing down and getting caught – now, Skeldritch will launch a ton (well, three) of speedy red boulders at you. These require a bunch of sand to slow them down, and are hard to protect from other oncoming red boulders. Keep trying, though, and you’ll be able to grab one and position it on a hammer mechanism. As you try and position the boulder, Skeldritch will also fire that nasty red beam at you – except this time it will follow you around. Dodge it any way you can, then make Skeldritch turn around a full 180 degrees so that his weak spot is facing the boulder. With your Boomerang or Bow, strike the crystal switch and knock off Skeldritch’s fourth disc.

The fifth disc is the final one – and the most difficult to destroy. His weak spot is very narrow, so your shot with the boulder will have to be incredibly accurate this time around. What’s worse, he’ll be constantly bombarding you with four red, speedy boulders at a time, and his red laser will be even more accurate and quick to follow your movements. As quick as you can, position a red boulder on a hammer mechanism, then have Skeldritch turn roughly 200 degrees counterclockwise so that his small weak spot is facing directly in front of the boulder. Once again, trigger the hammer mechanism with your Bow or Boomerang.

Skeldritch’s body has now been entirely destroyed, and he’s just a head! His helmet will fall off, revealing a tender red crystal lodged where his brain might have been. You’re going to need to slash this up to defeat Skeldritch once and for good, and the only way to do that is to raise yourself up on some sand using your Sand Wand.

Surround Skeldritch in sand, and raise yourself up. After a few seconds, he’ll destroy the sand and break free, so be quick and careful about it. The process never gets any more difficult, so just keep having at that pink area on his skull until he dies – it should take about 12 slashes to do away with him.

Once defeated, he’ll disappear in a puff of smoke, and the pathway to the Bow of Light will be revealed to you beneath the sand where he once lay dormant.

Grab the heart container from the large chest that appears in front of you, and head down the stairs in the center of the chamber. Follow the path up the alter to reach a second large treasure chest. Open it to obtain the fabled Bow of Light! Tap and hold while using this mystical weapon to charge and fire bolts of divine light.

The camera will pan to a blue portal at the edge of the room, but it’s across a chasm. Luckily, there’s an eye above the blue portal that, when shot, is sure to draw a bridge across. Unfortunately, it’s not any normal eye, and so no normal arrow is going to puncture it. This is a divine eye, and it’s going to take a charged arrow from the Bow of Light to puncture it. If you’re out of arrows from the fight with Skeldritch, you can refill using an acorn in the room. Otherwise face the divine eye, hold down with your stylus while firing an arrow, and the arrow will charge up with light. Release to fire it at the divine eye – it will turn from red to blue, and a bridge to the blue portal will draw.

Enter the portal. It’s time to head back to your Spirit Train and tell Byrne and Anjean that you’ve gotten the Bow of Light!

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