Chapter 1: The Beginning

Part 1: Getting to Castle Town


As you start the game, the first thing you will probably notice is that this time there are only two save files. It’s a shame, but you only need one save file to complete the game anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem! You will also be asked whether you are left or right-handed, a first for a Zelda game.

When the game begins, you will be treated to a history lesson detailing the events of some kind of major war that took place before Link was born. When it ends, an old man will reveal that he was telling the story using slides, but unfortunately has failed to keep Link’s interest.

The village basically acts as a tutorial for your more basic controls. A boy will teach you how to roll attack by convincing you to roll into a tree, but there’s a giant beehive on the tree, so after you do, run away quickly into the water! Afterward, talk to the boy again for a star fragment.You will get asked a couple of questions, but what you answer will not have an effect on how they will respond. Your mentor Alfonzo will appear and tell you to get to the station to meet Princess Zelda so that you can become a Royal Engineer, so it’s time to leave the house and head out into the village.

There are a few other people on the island, like an annoying girl who will yell “heeeeeey, Link! Tap me! Tap meeeee!” If you know the controls then they won’t have anything important to say, though, so when you’re done move to the platform at the northeast of the map and hop on the train.

Don't let the trains hit you or you'll have to start again.

The game will explain to you how to work the train. Basically, pull the gearbox on the right to control your speed, and pull the whistle to scare away animals on the tracks. When there’s an intersection coming up you’ll be able to switch your course.

If you’re going fast enough, you can get to castle town by turning right-left-right, but actually you can go any direction that you want to get through, as long as you make sure not to hit a train. Make sure to hit the breaks when you’re there so that you don’t overshoot the station.

Part 2: Meeting Princess Zelda

Hyrule Castle Town.

Welcome to Hyrule Castle Town. There are several houses around, but unfortunately there’s nothing much you can do at them right now, so unless you feel like exploring, just head up to the top of the map. When you’re about to enter, you’ll meet the postman, who will give you a latter and introduce you to the letter system. Take note of how to bring out the letter, because it’s going to be important later.

In the next screen, you’ll find two guards wearing familiar uniforms. Once they realize that you are here for the ceremony to become a Royal Engineer, they’ll let you through.

In this next room, there are two guards to the sides blocking you from heading those directions. If you go to the guard on the right, you’ll find that his uniform is even more familiar than that of the other guards. Apparently, every guard recruit has to dress like that.

When you’re ready to move on, talk to the guard at the top of the screen.

This guard will tell you to get lost, but someone named Chancellor Cole will recognize why you’re here and let you through, but not before saying some generally suspicious things.


Next, you’ll experience a long cutscene, in which Link undergoes the ceremony to become a royal engineer. Link will blush when he sees Zelda – it’s good to see Nintendo are taking the route of giving all their major characters actual personalities. Chancellor Cole will whine and generally be an annoying person, but in the end you will be appointed a Royal Engineer.

At the end of the cutscene, Zelda will slip you a note and ask you to meet her in her room later. She also tells you to watch out for Chancellor Cole, because he has been acting very suspicious lately. read the letter and you’ll be provided with directions to Zelda’s room.

We have to get through here without attracting the attention of any guards, so if you see any guards, stay out of their way. Exit the main chamber and head right, and you’ll quickly be confronted with a guard, so hide round the corner. Next, head north, then jump down to the door and enter.

From here, head up to the right staircase, and you’ll find yourself in Zelda’s chambers.

Part 3: Escape from the Castle

It’s time for another long cutscene! Basically, what’s happening is that Zelda wants you to take her on a train ride to the Spirit Tower, but needs to make sure the Chancellor Cole doesn’t find out.


The problem is, the castle is crawling with guards, who will take Zelda back to the castle if they see her. As such, Zelda has devised a plan – you will wear a guard uniform as a disguise, so you can distract the guards while she slips past.

Leave the room and you will find that the way you came in is now crawling with guards, who will appear on your top screen map.

You are aiming for the door to the southeast of you, so avoid the guards by sticking right behind the lower one until you reach the door.

In the next screen, there are even more guards to get past, and we’ll need to control Link and Zelda separately.


The first guard is fairly simple. You need to get him to face a different direction so Zelda can get past, which you can do by getting her to wait back there while you talk to him. Then, while he is facing away, draw a path for Zelda. If you draw the path messily and ask her to go through a wall to get to the destination, she may get stuck, so be careful.

The second guard is more of the same, so just repeat the process. Make sure to set his line of sight properly, though, or you will have to start this room again.

You will soon encounter a problem in the form of the third guard, who is more experienced and knows not to turn around to talk to people when he should be guarding. He willcheck out any loud noises he hears, though, so grab one of the nearby giant rocks and throw them somewhere reasonably far away.

While the guard is running over to check out the noise, switch control to Zelda and draw a path to the entrance at the bottom of the screen. You are now successfully out of the castle.

Part 4: Getting Your Sword

Link will begin driving the train to the Spirit Tower, but you don’t have to worry about directions because the tracks will suddenly disappear, causing the train to suddenly stop, which sends Link flying out onto the ground.


Alfonzo and Zelda will get out, then Alfonzo will notice something in the sky. It’s the Spirit Tower, which has has been broken and is now split into several floating pieces. Suddenly a sinister-looking train will swoop out of the sky (yes you read that correctly). It seems that it escaped from the Spirit Tower when it broke.

Next, Chancellor Cole will appear, and will remove his twin hats to reveal horns. He has been masquerading as a human all this time as part of his plan to revive the evil Demon King (from the prologue). Apparently, all he needs now for this plan to work is the body of Princess Zelda, which Alfonzo obviously doesn’t plan on allowing. He steps in to protect the princess, but Cole’s minion, Byrne, takes Alfonzo down.

Link also tries to step in and fight Byrne, but meets with no more success than Alfonzo. Zelda is zapped and he spirit leaves her body. No, that’s not a metaphor for death, her spirit actually flies off. Anyway, Cole and Byrne don’t care because the body was what they needed, so they take it and leave. Link will faint, and when he wakes up you find yourself in Hyrule Castle.


When you get up, you will be asked questions by Teacher, a minor character from the graduation ceremony. As usual, the way you answer makes no real difference to anything that matters. Exit the room and head down, and it will trigger another cutscene. You will see the spirit of Princess Zelda trying to talk to the guards, with no success as they are unable to see or hear her.

Now it is time to follow her up to her chambers. First, head up the stairs to the throne room. From there, go through the door that Zelda passed through and then head north up the stairs. Now you should be in Zelda’s chambers.

It’s now time for another cutscene. Basically, Zelda still wants to go to the tower of spirits, and suggests that we follow a secret path by taking the door in the back of the castle, as they can’t take the same route as last time due to the disappearance of the tracks.


She also shows you an instrument of hers, the Spirit Flute, which she wants you to bring along.

Now let’s exit Zelda’s chamber and head to that back door. To get there, we need to reach the ladder adjacent to the current one on the map that is separated by a wall. Either you can walk all the way around, or you can go through the door to the throne room and then take the other door guarded by the chubbier guard.

When you get there, you will find that the guard won’t let you through because you don’t have a sword. Zelda suggests that you go and ask the Guard Captain for one, so that’s where we are heading next.

Exit back to the throne room and then keep heading down until you reach this screen.


Head to the room in the northeast, and you will find the Guard Captain. He will give you a sword if you ask, but before you leave you have to go through training so that he knows you are ready to wield it.

He will teach you three different types of attacks with the sword – the targeted attack, the side slash attack, and the spin attack. When you have used all three to defeat the guards, you will be allowed to leave.

Now it’s time to head back to the back door. You should know where that is because we were just there a few minutes ago. When the backdoor guard sees your sword, he will let you through, so head through into the next area.

Part 5: To the Tower of Spirits

When you exit through the back door, you’ll be outside once again. Fight off the enemies and free the guard; he will tell you about a possible path to the Spirit Tower, but note that it’s been blocked by rockfall recently. Continue to clear the area of enemies as you make your way to the north of the area. Your goal here is to bomb the center of the north wall of the area to reveal an entrance to the path.

To use either of the two bomb flowers in the area, simply tap them. Like with rocks, run with them and tap in the direction you want to throw them. Blow up the northern wall to reveal the pathway to the Spirit Tower.

As you enter the cave, Zelda will pop out and comment on the atmosphere. Travel on to meet your first Keese – they take only one hit to kill, so do away with it and move on. A few steps further and you’ll encounter four Red Chu Chus, each which take one hit to kill. You can actually do away with all four in one move with the spin attack, if you’re skilled enough.

Head north to go to the Spirit Tower. Oh no! The path to the Spirit Tower seems to be locked! Adjacent to the locked door, inset in the wall, is a switch you can step on – but it doesn’t stay down! You’ll have to bring something over to keep it pressed.

South of the switch is a movable block. Tap on it and use the arrows to push or pull it atop the switch. Doing so will lower a wall to the right of the switch revealing a treasure chest containing a small key. Once you get small keys, you can use them to open locked doors – simply touch a locked door to open it. Touch the locked door to the north to open the way to the Spirit Tower, and head through.

The second floor is trickier; do away with the Red Chu Chus and read all of the signs. They read, in order:

  • The door won’t open if you just hit the switches in a circle.
  • The switch after the bottom switch is the left one.
  • Before you hit the bottom switch, hit the top one.
  • Hit the right switch before the top switch.

That makes the switch order as follows: Right, Top, Bottom, Left.

Before you head north to deal with the switches, continue on to your right, passing the bomb flowers, to find a treasure chest containing 20 rupees. Then use the bomb flowers to destroy the rows of blocks obstructing your path northward.

Kill the enemies to make your life easier, then hit the switches in the correct order – one at a time. The wall in the top right corner of the room will fall, revealing access to the third floor.

At first glance, the third floor looks harmless – but walking forward reveals a cutscene. Zelda pops out and notes that she can hear squeaking; lo and behold, out of the wall come two purple rats! It seems that Zelda has an irrational fear of rodents – get rid of them with some sword swipes! Zelda will thank you afterward.

That’s all for the third floor – and the path to the Spirit Tower. When you exit, a cutscene will play, and Link and Zelda will walk through the disproportionately large entrance to the Spirit Tower.

Part 6: Anjean and the Tower of Spirits

As soon as Link and Zelda enter the tower, they notice a gigantic stone statue of a train. To explain the statue, an old woman laughs from offscreen. This old woman is, in fact, Anjean – the keeper of the Tower of Sprits. Anjean quips about knowing somebody one of Zelda’s ancestors – sounds like she might have known Tetra when she first arrived to New Hyrule!

As Anjean talks, we discover Chancellor Cole’s goal: To resurrect Malladus, the Demon King – or that spooky-looking train that flew over Link and Zelda earlier. Malladus is after Zelda’s body because it’s a sacred vessel with the lineage of Hyrule’s royal family, apparently the only body suitable for his return. After a mental breakdown, Zelda will resolve to go with Link through the tower to restore the first batch of Spirit Tracks that will lead them to the first temple.

Head through the north exit to begin your ascent through the tower. Climb the stairs to reach another door. Here you can either step onto the gear with the eagle crest to return to the bottom floor, or continue your ascent through the door. We don’t need to be at the entrance, so let’s go through the door.

On the first floor, you’ll be immediately introduced to the Phantom – a hulking suit of armor that cannot be defeated. To avoid being killed by the Phantom, run out of the room; you’ll be taken back to the bottom floor to meet up with Anjean once again. Anjean will tell you the secret to avoiding Phantoms: Gather three Tears of Light, then strike the Phantom in the back to stun it.

Return to the upper floor with Anjean’s advice in mind. Now that the entire floor is accessible, you can grab the Tears of Light on each side of the room with relative ease. Around the floor are various safe zones – glowing floors where Phantoms cannot reach. If you are spotted by a Phantom, run to a safe zone to keep it off your trail.

You can grab the Tear of Light on the left side of the room right away, with no effort at all. From there, you must get the Tear of Light at the top of the room; there is a switch there that will temporarily draw a bridge that will allow you to get the third and final Tear of Light on the right side of the room. Before the timer runs out, get it. Your sword will become full of energy; now you can strike that Phantom in the back!

This should be easy; since it’s walking around in a circle, just get behind it and hit that sucker. You’ll then discover the true reason for hitting them in the back: Zelda can possess Phantoms! A cutscene will run explaining the entire situation, and the Phantom’s skull symbol on its back will change to a glowing Royal Crest of Hyrule.

With Zelda in the Phantom’s body, you can open the door in the center of the room! In the same fashion in which you moved Zelda across the Hyrule Castle courtyard, navigate the Phantom to one of the handles on the door. Then tap the other one to move Link to it. The door will open; head upstairs to the next floor.

Uh-oh! It looks like, on this floor, your path is blocked by floor spikes. But no worries – Zelda can walk right over them in her Phantom body. Guide her over to a switch just beyond the floor spikes, and she’ll hit it with her sword automatically to lower the spikes. From here, you’ll need to head to the bottom right corner of the room; the top path is blocked by a wide gap.

There are two floor switches, and both must be activated at once to lower the wall in the center. Step on one with Link, and on the other with Zelda – that wasn’t so difficult!

Across the way, there will be a mouse hole. Unless you cover it up with the movable block next to it, mice will continue to creep out and scare Zelda. Cover it up so that you can move on.

This next section will introduce you to interacting with other Phantoms using Zelda. Since Zelda is the only one who can move across the floor spikes, draw a path for her leading right up to the Phantom at the top of the room. You can distract the Phantom in a manner similar to the way Link distracted the guards back in the courtyard.

This also means that Zelda can get past Phantoms with relative ease. Behind the Phantom is a switch that will lower the floor spikes blocking Link’s path; make Zelda whack it so that Link can run by, and distract the Phantom again with Zelda so that he doesn’t get caught. Get Link to the safe zone at the top of the room with Zelda and go up the stairs.

Of course, the fun couldn’t last forever; Zelda is thrust out of the Phantom’s body on the third floor, and the energy from the Tears of Light dissipates from Link’s sword. You’re now in the room with the rail map – that’s just what we wanted to find.

Tap the stone tablet floating in the center of the room and you’ll get the Forest rail map! Some of the lost Spirit Tracks on it are reappearing. You’ll see the first set of tracks race across New Hyrule. At this point, you cannot go any further, so Anjean will call you back to the lobby. A blue portal will appear in the room; step into the portal and return to the lobby to talk to Anjean.

Ajean will let you know that you can restore more of the Spirit Tracks by playing special instruments given to the Lokomo race by the good spirits – one being the Spirit Flute you received earlier from Zelda.

Anjean will mark a sanctuary on your map, where the Lokomo Gage lives. But of course, you still don’t have your train! Anjean has the solution, and it’s the stone statue in the center of the room. With divine light she transforms it into a real train – the Spirit Train – and Link treks off to see Gage!

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