Stamp Stations

Collecting Stamps is Rewarding

Stamp stations are places where Link can record his travels across New Hyrule in Niko’s trusty stamp book. Stamp stations are located in dungeons and villages across the world, so always be on the lookout!

As you collect stamps for Niko, he will offer you up to three rewards, depending on how many stamps you have collected.

10 Stamps

Link will receive the Shield of Antiquity; this is the wooden shield that Link used in Phantom Hourglass.

15 Stamps

Link will receive his Engineer’s Clothes once again! Now he can look like he did in the beginning of the game.

20 Stamps

With all 20 stamps, Link will receive the Swordsman’s Scroll, giving him the ability to perform the Great Spin Attack!

Aboda Village (Forest Realm)

Item(s) Needed: None

Getting this stamp takes almost no effort at all; from the moment you receive the stamp book from Niko, you can locate and use this stamp station. The station is located at the upper left corner of the Aboda Village map, just northwest of the tree with the beehive on it, and just west of Alfonzo’s house.

Whittleton (Forest Realm)

Item(s) Needed: None

Another easy stamp to obtain. When you arrive,  head northeast (upper right corner) to the north field of Whittleton. In the north field, the station is located just to the right of the tree with a beehive on it.

Forest Sanctuary (Forest Realm)

Item(s) Needed: None

Head directly north of the train station to the top of the map. From there, head west to the stairs blocked off. If you have not done this already, use the nearby bomb flowers, located to right side of the bridge to clear the pathway. The stamp station is just to the left of the stairs.

Forest Temple (Forest Realm)

Item(s) Needed: Whirlwind

Head to the northeast corner of the first floor, across the bridge, where all the poison gas is located. Use the Whirlwind to clear the gas away and the stamp station is located to the back of this corridor.

Anouki Village (Snow Realm)

Item(s) Needed: None

Head east from the train station as far as you can go and then go north. The stamp station is located behind some trees. Maneuver around them to collect your stamp.


Snow Sanctuary (Snow Realm)

Item(s) Needed: None

Head toward the northwest part of the map and then up the stairs to the top of the small hill. The stamp station is located at the top and accessible by a narrow set of stairs.

Snow Temple (Snow Realm)

Item(s) Needed: Boomerang

In the northwest corner of floor B1, the room with the 5 torches arranged like an upside down “V,”  use the Boomerang and ice torches to make your way to the small area north of where you entered the room for the first time. This small area with the stamp station is almost directly north of the first lit torch.

Castle Town (Forest Realm)

Item(s) Needed: Bombs

After purchasing a Bomb Bag from Beedle’s Air Shop, head to Hyrule Castle Town. In the northeast corner of the town, there is a set of stairs that are blocked off. Use the bombs to clear the path and run along the wall to the northwest corner to find the stamp station.

Wellspring Station (Forest Realm)

Item(s) Needed: Boomerang

Head to the northern part of the map past the train car hut. Use the Boomerang to create an ice path to the left cave under the logs. The stamp station will be located in the shallow cave.

Trading Post (Forest Realm)

Item(s) Needed: Bombs

After getting access to Linebeck’s grave, go north into the cave until you get to the stairs. To the left, there is a block in the way of the platform. Bomb it to gain access to the stamp station.

Ocean Sanctuary (Ocean Realm)

Item(s) Needed: Whip, Song of Birds

Play the Song of Birds and latch on using the whip near the entrance to Carben’s sanctuary.

Papuchia Village (Ocean Realm)

Item(s) Needed: Whip, Song of Birds

Play the Song of Birds and latch on using the whip near the entrance of the Wise One’s hut. The bird will lead you to the southeastern portion of the map. Once you land, walk south to a new portion of Papuchia Village. Here you must hop from isle to isle using the Song of Birds until you reach the southwest isle. There you’ll find the stamp station.

Ocean Temple (Ocean Realm)

Item(s) Needed: Bombs, Boomerang, Whip

Head to the very north of the temple to the second floor. Bomb the areas on either side of the doorway. Go to the area to the right of the stairway you entered from. Use the Boomerang to hit the switch on the other side of the wall. Now, go back to the hallway and go into the area left of the stairway. User your Whip to swing across the logs to the other side. Remove the sword to lower the door blocking the stamp station. Whip swing to the moving block to ride it to the stamp station.

Goron Village (Fire Realm)

Item(s) Needed: Whip

Go to the west side of the village with the rolling rocks and navigate to the southwest corner of the map. Using the Whip, swing across the wooden poles and run north to the single wooden pole. Swing across and as soon as you land, start sword slashing the enemies. Continue to fight the baddies all the way to the northwest part of the map where the stamp station is located.

Fire Sanctuary (Fire Realm)

Item(s) Needed: Boomerang

Go to the center area with all of the torches. Light all of the torches to create a single medium sized bridge (main set of torches) and 2 bridges, large and small (smaller set of torches). Climb the stairs and take the smallest bridge to the west side of the map and then head north. Once at the top of the map, run across the large bridge to the stamp station.

Fire Temple (Fire Realm)

Item(s) Needed: Bow and Arrows

Go to B1 floor of the temple. It is the one with the 4 eye switches next to each other. Ride the cart around the room and solve the puzzle. Jump back into the cart to travel clockwise around the room. Hit the orb switch in the southwest corner of the room with an arrow to change the track to lead to the stamp station.

Pirate’s Hideout (Ocean Realm)

Item(s) Needed: Whip, Song of Birds

Run east until you see the stamp station on the higher ledge. Play the Song of Birds and latch on for the ride. Hop off and head to the stamp station.

Sand Temple (Sand Realm)

Item(s) Needed: Sand Wand

Head to the B1 floor and head north. Use the sand blobs to open the door. Head north again to the quick sand area. Use the Sand Wand to create a path to walk to the left, up, and then right to reach the stamp station. Beware of the arrows being shot at you.

Sand Sanctuary (Sand Realm)

Item(s) Needed: Cucco

Deliver Cuccos to Rael. Then use one of the Cuccos to float to the islands to the southeast to the stamp station. The stamp station is located on the larger island that is the most southeast.

Tower of Spirits

Item(s) Needed: None

The final stamp station is located outside at the very top of the Tower of Spirits.

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