Force Gems

Restore the Lost Spirit Tracks!

Force Gems are created when you do something great for someone, causing them to become so overjoyed that their happy energy is endowed a physical form. That physical form, the Force Gem, is then presented to Link.

Force Gems are useful because they unlock portions of the Spirit Tracks that were previously unavailable. There are a total of 20 Force Gems available. Try to get them all! (Note: The Force Gems are numbered in order to compliment the Rabbit Location Guide.)

Force Gem 1

This is one of the two required Force Gems in the game. After learning the Song of Birds, play it in Papuchia Village to meet Carben. Bring him back to the Ocean Sanctuary to receive the first Force Gem.

Force Gem 2

After completing the Ocean Temple, speak with one of the women in Papuchia Village to learn that she is seeking a husband. Travel to Whittleton Village, and talk with the chief. He agrees to go back with you to Papuchia, and the two hit it off. The two are so happy that Force Gem 2 appears!

Force Gem 3

Make your way to Castle Town and talk with the woman in the house south of the Cucco pen. Her husband is missing! Tell her you have heard of him, and bring her to Rabbitland Rescue. The reunited couple gets off to a rocky start, but the woman finally comes to her senses and gives you Force Gem 3 as a reward.

Force Gem 4

Make a trip back to Aboda Village, and speak with the young boy there. He tells you he has a dream of flying, so agree to help him achieve that goal. Hunt down Beedle, stop the train, and enter the balloon. The boy’s excitement regarding impending flight makes the fourth Force Gem appear.

Force Gem 5

This is the second required Force Gem. After visiting Goron Village, head to Anouki Village in search of something to cool the lava. The Anouki near the lake tells you that an Ice ChuChu fell into the water and ruined any chance of them making more Mega Ice. Ferry the Anouki to Wellspring Station, who declares it the perfect source for the creation of Mega Ice. He is so excited that a Force Gem materializes!

Force Gem 6

Although you cleared some of the lava in Goron Village, there is still more blocking one of the Goron’s houses. Go to Wellspring Station and buy another load of Mega Ice. If you manage to successfully deliver ten units, the lava will be cleared and the Goron will give you a Force Gem.

Force Gem 7

Speak to the fish merchant in Papuchia Village. Buy a load of fish from her, and head to Castle Town. Find the woman in the central square near the fountain who has been babbling about fish for the entire game. At least ten units must have made it for her to give you your Force Gem.

Force Gem 8

While you are in Castle Town, speak to the Cucco merchant near the Cucco pen. Buy five Cuccos and bring them to Aboda Village. Speak to the farmer who has always dreamed of owning a bunch of Cuccos, and he will be so happy that he produces a Force Gem.

Force Gem 9

If you talk to the villagers in Whittleton Village, you will learn that they need more iron to make new axes. Talk to the iron merchant in Goron Village and purchase a load of iron. If five units make it back to Whittleton, the lumbar merchant is so happy that he presents you with your ninth Force Gem.

Force Gem 10

The villagers in Anouki tell you that they are in need of some lumber and a builder in order to make a fence to keep out the monsters. You can get lumber from Whittleton, so head there and buy a load. You can pick up the bridge worker and bring both there at once, but if you deliver the lumber alone the Anouki will reward you with some Rupees. The bridge worker is not at home, but still hanging around the Trading Post. Bring him to Anouki Village, and their joy creates another Force Gem.

Force Gem 11

By now you should have gotten a letter from Ferrus in the mail. He shows you a picture and asks you to come get him. Ferrus is located southeast of the Snow Temple. Pick him up and bring him to Aboda Village to meet Alfonzo. Ferrus gets to meet his idol, and you get another Force Gem!

Force Gem 12

Speak to the Wise One in Papuchia, and tell her that you’ve been having a stretch of bad luck. Purchase a vessel from her, and take it to the Snow Sanctuary. Be careful: if you get hit the fragile vessel will break! Steem awaits you at the train station at the Snow Sanctuary, and his joy at your gift produces a Force Gem.

Force Gem 13

A Goron near the train station in Goron Village would like to visit Anouki Village. Successfully transport him there, and nab another Force Gem.

Force Gem 14

The Honcho of Anouki Village would like to go someplace warmer. Agree to take him to Goron Village, and once you arrive, you will be presented with a Force Gem.

Force Gem 15

Speak to the young Goron near the Elder’s tent, and he tells you that he would like to see Castle Town. Take him there, and you will earn yourself a new Force Gem.

Force Gem 16

The female fish merchant in Papuchia Village mentioned earlier that she needs some ice to keep her fish fresh. Go back to Wellspring Station and buy another load of Mega Ice. If you manage to deliver ten units, the fish merchant will award you with another Force Gem.

Force Gem 17

Once the Spirit Tracks north of Papuchia Village are restored, you will be able to reach the Pirate Hideout. Enter the northern cave and discover a Papuchia villager being held prisoner. Successfully complete the minigame that follows and escape, and then return the villager to Papuchia Village. He is so relieved that he gives you a Force Gem.

Force Gem 18

Go to Castle Town and purchase five Cuccos from the Cucco merchant. Bring the Cuccos to Rael in the Sand Sanctuary. He is delighted at the opportunity to study them, and gives you a Force Gem.

Force Gem 19

After you clear the Sand Temple, you should receive a second letter from Ferrus. You can now find him in the northwest section of the Fire Realm. Bring Ferrus to the Ocean Temple underwater, and snag another Force Gem.

Force Gem 20

Force Gem 19 opens up a station called the Dark Ore Mine. Before traveling there, head into an eastern cave and battle another Rocktite. After that, make your way to the Dark Ore Mine and buy some Dark Ore. You must transport it to the Trading Post. Travel through the Rocktite-free cave to prevent exposure to sunlight. Use Warp Gates to make the trip shorter, and make it to the Trading Post with at least five units of Dark Ore. Congratulations, you’ve gotten your last Force Gem!

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