Gratitude Crystals


After you collect enough Gratitude Crystals, you can visit Batreaux in his home beneath Skyloft to receive useful rewards. None of the rewards are required to complete the game, but you will find them very valuable (especially the larger wallets!).

  • 5 Gratitude Crystals: Medium Wallet
  • 10 Gratitude Crystals: Piece of Heart
  • 30 Gratitude Crystals: Big Wallet & Cursed Medal
  • 40 Gratitude Crystals: Gold Rupees
  • 50 Gratitude Crystals: Giant Wallet
  • 70 Gratitude Crystals: 2 Gold Rupees
  • 80 Gratitude Crystals: Tycoon Wallet

15 Hidden Gratitude Crystals

You will receive most Gratitude Crystals after completing a sidequest, but there are fifteen hidden in Skyloft and the other islands in the sky! These crystals can only be found at night.

Remember, you cannot fly your Loftwing at night. In order to collect the Gratitude Crystals hidden on Pumpkin Landing you’ll need to sleep in a bed inside the Lumpy Pumpkin.

To reach Beedle Island at night, sleep in the bed inside Beedle’s Shop. Beedle lands his airship on Beedle Island at night.
Gratitude Crystals on Skyloft:

  1. There is one Gratitude Crystal inside Link’s bedroom on his desk.
  2. You’ll find a Gratitude Crystal on the second floor of the Knight Academy. It is near the second floor exit in one of the potted plants.
  3. There is a Gratitude Crystal inside Parrow and Orielle’s house. When you enter the house look to your right to find the crystal.
  4. North of the Bazaar there is a wooden walkway. Follow the walkway and you’ll find a Gratitude Crystal hidden along the wall.
  5. Look for a Gratitude Crystal near the tree next to the pumpkin patch.
  6. There is a Gratitude Crystal hidden near the base of the Light Tower in the Plaza. Climb up the first ladder and then run around the tower to find it.
  7. Travel through the Waterfall Cave and you will find a Gratitude Crystal as soon as you exit. It is in a patch of flowers near near the Bird Statue.
  8. There is a second Gratitude Crystal on other other side of the Waterfall Cave. Visit the small cave where your Loftwing was caged at the beginning of the game to find it.
  9. There are vines growing near the windmill south of the Knight Academy. If you climb down the vines you’ll reach a small grassy area that is empty except for a Gratitude Crystal.
  10. There is a Gratitude Crystal hidden in the rafters of the Sparring Hall. You can retrieve it with the Beetle.
  11. Use your Clawshots to climb up the chimney on the roof of the Knight Academy. You can then sneak into Zelda room where you will find a Gratitude Crystal.
  12. Above the Waterfall Cave, there is a floating island that is the source of the two waterfalls on Skyloft. You can reach this island using your Clawshots. There is a Gratitude Crystal near the edge of one of the waterfalls. With some luck, you can obtain this Gratitude Crystal without the Clawshots. An upgraded Beetle can reach the island from the ground near the Waterfall Cave, but it will crash almost as soon as it reaches the island. With careful timing, you can snag the Gratitude Crystal at the last second!

Gratitude Crystals on Pumpkin Landing:

  1. There is a Gratitude Crystal on the second floor of the Lumpy Pumpkin. You’ll find it immediately to your left when you reach the top of the stairs.
  2. The second Gratitude Crystal on Pumpkin Landing is outside in the storage shed. Exit the Lumpy Pumpkin through the back door and head right to find the storage shed.

Gratitude Crystal on Beedle Island:

  1. There is a Gratitude Crystal near the propeller of Beedle’s airship. Use the Beetle to retrieve it!

Kukiel is Missing!

After you complete the Skyview Temple, return to Skyloft and place the tablet you received in the pedestal inside the Goddess Statue. When you leave the statue, head back towards the Academy and you’ll find a mother who’s child, Kukiel, is missing. Agree to help find the missing child.

If you ask the people in Skyloft, you’ll learn that Kukiel was seen playing near the graveyard. If you head towards the graveyard you’ll meet a woman who will tell you that one of the villagers, who is considered crazy, is always talking about a demon that lives in Skyloft. She’ll also tell you where to find him: Pumpkin Landing.

Pumpkin Landing is another island that is southeast of Skyloft. Dash off Skyloft, call your Loftwing, and head that way!

Once you’re there, enter the only building on the island, the Lumpy Pumpkin. You’ll find the old man inside having a drink. Speak with him and you’ll learn that he saw the demon in the graveyard at night. He’ll also tell you how to find the demon!

Head back to Skyloft and sleep in a bed until night. Then, head to the graveyard. Once you’re there, follow the instructions the old man gave you:

  1. Find the gravestone closest to the large tree. This will be the gravestone in the top-left corner of the graveyard.
  2. Roll into the gravestone. You can roll by shaking the nunchuk while sprinting. If you do this correctly, a glowing symbol will appear on the gravestone.
  3. Push the gravestone. When you do, the door of a nearby storage shed will open and reveal a ladder.

Go down the ladder and follow the path. At the end, you’ll find a house and hear a scream. When you enter the house, you’ll find Kukiel and a bat-like monster who will roar loudly when you enter. However, when you try to attack the monster, he will cower in fear and beg you not to hurt him.

The monster’s will introduce himself at Batreaux and convince you that he only wishes to be friends with the people of Skyloft, but due to his terrifying appearance no one – except the child Kukiel – will spend time with him.

Batreaux will then ask you to find Gratitude Crystals for him so that he can become a human. This begins an extensive side quests that is tied to all of the others.

Batreaux reminds you that it is dangerous at night, so Kukiel is staying at his home until morning. He promises that he will then send the child home.

Return to a bed and sleep until morning. Then, head to Kukiel’s home. She lives in the house next to the bridge in Skyloft. Inside, you’ll find Kukiel safely at home. Speak with her mother to receive five Gratitude Crystals.

Orielle’s Injured Loftwing

Before you begin…
This sidequest is not available until after you complete Skyview Temple. Before you try to complete this sidequest, make sure you meet the following requirements.

  • This sidequest cannot be started until you have found Kukiel and agreed to help Batreaux.
  • You will need an empty spot in your Adventure Pouch to complete this sidequest. If your Adventure Pouch is full, you can deposit an item in the Item Check or purchase an additional spot from Beedle’s Air Shop.

1. Agree to help find Orielle. (Optional)
If you walk into the Plaza, you’ll find Parrow worrying about his sister. If you speak with him, he’ll tell you about how his sister when out flying and hasn’t returned.

Agree to help him find his sister.
2. Find Orielle and agree to solve her problem.
You can find Orielle on a very small island southwest of Skyloft. The island is near both Fun Fun Island and the entrance to the Lanayru Province.

When you approach, you’ll find Orielle tending to an injured Loftwing.

If you speak with Orielle, she will explain that her Loftwing was injured and that she managed to crash land on the small island. She is stranded on the island until someone can bring bird medicine to heal her Loftwing.

Her brother, Parrow, will have the medicine she needs. Agree to bring the bird medicine to her.
3. Retrieve the bird medicine from Parrow.
Return to Skyloft and speak with Parrow in the Plaza. Just as Orielle promised, Parrow will have the bird medicine that you need. Parrow will put the bird medicine (Mushroom Spores) in a bottle and ask you to deliver it to Orielle as soon as you can.

Parrow also tells you that after you have delivered the medicine you can keep the bottle.
4. Deliver the bird medicine to Orielle.
Once you have the medicine, return to the small island where Orielle is stranded and give her the Mushroom Spores. She will quickly administer the medicine, and her Loftwing will made a quick recovery.

Before she flies back to Skyloft, Orielle will thank you and you will receive 5 Gratitude Crystals.
5. Receive your reward from Parrow.
When you return to Skyloft, speak to Parrow one more time. He will thank you for your help and you will receive 5 more Gratitude Crystals.

You can receive a total of 10 Gratitude Crystals for completing this sidequest.

Cawlin’s Letter and the Haunted Restroom

You must complete the sidequest “Kukiel is Missing” before this sidequest becomes available.

If you visit the Bazaar, you’ll find the man sitting at one of the tables who will tell you about a moaning noise that is being heard coming from the Knight Academy restroom at night.

Return to the Knight Academy and sleep until night. Then, head down the hall towards the restroom. You will begin to hear a voice. When you try to enter the restroom, the spirit inside will ask for any kind of paper.

Return to your room and sleep until morning. When you leave your room, you’ll find Cawlin in the hallway. Speak with him to learn that he has written a love letter (a piece of paper) for Karane and agree deliver the letter.

During your conversation with Cawlin the voice from the restroom will be discussed. Cawlin will specifically tell you not to give the letter to the spirit inside the restroom. Even so, the game gives you the choice of where to go from here. You can either deliver the letter to Karane or give the paper to the spirit in the restroom.
Give the paper to the Spirit
If you choose the give the paper to the spirit, you will receive five Gratitude Crystals and the sidequest is over.

Cawlin will be distraught.
Deliver the letter to Karane
You will find Karane in the classroom inside the Knight Academy. When you speak with her, she will mumble something about Pipit, but give her the letter anyway. Karane is flattered, but is curious what Pipit would think. She doesn’t make a decision of who to date at this time.

Head upstairs and find Pipit! When you tell him about Cawlin’s letter, he realizes that he loves Karane and asks you to return to Karane and find out her decision.

When you find Karane again in the classroom, you’ll witness a confrontation between Karane, Cawlin, and Pipit. In the end, Pipit and Karane are together and you will receive five Gratitude Crystals for helping Pipit realize that he is in love with Karane.

Cawlin will be distraught.

Fledge’s Secret Workouts

1. Learning the Problem (Optional)
This sidequest cannot be started until you have found Kukiel and met Batreaux.

Fledge is the scrawny student at the Knight Academy who gives you the Adventure Pouch before you leave Skyloft for the first time. He room is next door to your room.

If you visit Fledge in his room at night, you will embarrass him by catching him in the middle of his secret workout routine. His workouts aren’t going well because he doesn’t have enough stamina to complete the push-ups.

It’s your job to find a way to give Fledge the stamina he needs to become as strong as you!
2. Buy a Stamina Potion
What Fledge needs is a Stamina Potion! You can buy a Stamina Potion from the Potion Shop inside the Bazaar on Skyloft for 50 rupees.

Stamina Potion will not become available to purchase until after you complete the Lanayru Mining Facility.
3. Give the Stamina Potion to Fledge
Return to Fledge’s room at night to find him working out again. Fledge will notice that you have a Stamina Potion and ask if he can have it. Agree to give it to him and he will thank you and gulp it down.

From that point, Fledge will begin doing better during his nightly workouts.

If you have not completed every dungeon, you cannot continue this sidequest past this point until you first complete another dungeon.
4. Checking on Fledge’s Progress (Optional)
If you speak with Fledge during the day after giving him the Stamina Potion he will thank you again and ask you to visit him another night.

When you visit Fledge at night, you will find that he is struggling again because he has run out of Stamina Potion. Once again, it is your job to help him out!
5. Give Fledge a Second Stamina Potion
Return to the Potion Shop and buy a second Stamina Potion for 50 rupees.

Once you have another Stamina Potion, return to Fledge’s room at night and give the second Stamina Potion to Fledge. Once again, he will thank you and gulp it down.}}
6. Meet Fledge One More Time
Return to Fledge’s room a day later and he will be doing great at his workout. Fledge will thank you one more time, and you will receive five Gratitude Crystals.
7. Pumpkin Pull Mini-game
Completing this sidequest unlocks the Pumpkin Pull mini-game. After completing this sidequest, you can find Fledge hanging out around the Sparring Hall during the day. Speak with Fledge and he will offer to set up a game of target practice.

Pumpkin Pull is a timed mini-game where Fledge will throw pumpkins into the air for you to shoot with your Bow. If you do well at this mini-game you can receive Rupees or a Piece of Heart.

You cannot play Pumpkin Pull without first acquiring the Bow.

Cleaning Pipit’s House

1. Agree to Clean Pipit’s House
This sidequest cannot be started until you have found Kukiel and met Batreaux.

Once you have the Gust Bellow’s, visit Pipit’s mother in Pipit’s House and agree to clean Pipit’s house for payment.
2. Use the Gust Bellows to Clean Pipit’s House
Using the Gust Bellows, blow away all of the dust around the house. You’ll have to be extremely thorough because the house is filthy.

Make sure you clean all of the furniture, the floor, and the windows. When you’ve cleaned enough, Pipit’s mother will speak with you and tell you that you have finished.
3. Receive Your Reward
After you have finished cleaning, you will receive five Gratitude Crystals and some Rupees as payment.
The Aftermath
After cleaning Pipit’s house, visit on a different night to witness an argument between Pipit and his mother. Pipit is furious that his mother is using their money to pay for someone to clean the house instead of doing it herself.

Even so, Pipit’s mother will continue offering to pay you to clean the house if you visit again.

Dodoh’s Fun Wheel

1. Speak with Dodoh on Fun Fun Island
This sidequest cannot be started until you have found Kukiel and met Batreaux.

You must also have repaired the Ancient Robot, Scrapper.

Visit Fun Fun Island after repairing the Scrapper to find Dodoh depressed because his Fun Fun Wheel has fallen beneath the clouds.

If you agree to help find the Fun Fun Wheel, Fi will set the wheel as a dowsing target and suggest that it has fallen into the Lanayru Desert.
2. Find the Fun Fun Wheel
Drop down to Lanayru Desert at the Bird Statue on the southern end of the largest region of the desert (the actual desert; not the mines).

You’ll find a mine cart and two piles of rocks nearby. Ignore the mine cart and use bombs to blow up the rocks to reveal a Timeshift Stone.

When you activate the Timeshift Stone, vines will grow on the nearby cliffs on the eastern side of the area. Climb the vines and follow the path at the top of them to find the Fun Fun Wheel.

Ask Fi to call Scrapper to take the Fun Fun Wheel back to the skies.
3. Deliver the Fun Fun Wheel
Return to the skies and fly to Fun Fun Island. Scrapper will drop the Fun Fun Wheel and you will receive five Gratitude Crystals from Dodoh.
Fun Fun Island Mini-game
Completing this side quest unlocks a mini-game on Fun Fun island where you can win (or lose) Rupees. Dodoh will fire you out of a cannon and you must fall through various rings and land on a spinning wheel at the bottom.

If you do well, you can earn a lot of Rupees. If you fall on the wrong spaces, you can also lose Rupees.

Bertie’s Missing Baby Rattle

Before you Begin…
This sidequest is not available until the second half of the game. Before you try to complete this sidequest, make sure you meet the following requirements.

  • This sidequest cannot be started until you have found Kukiel and agreed to help Batreaux.
  • You must have the Gust Bellows and the Clawshots.

1. Learn about the problem and agree to help.
Visit Bertie at his home at night to find him trying to deal with a screaming baby. If you speak with Bertie he’ll tell you that the baby hasn’t slept since they lost the rattle. He’ll tell you that a bird grabbed the rattle and flew away, but he believes the rattle is still on Skyloft somewhere.

Agree to help find the rattle so that Bertie can get some much-needed sleep.
2. Use the Clawshots to reach the top of the waterfall.
There is a bird’s nest on top of Kukiel’s house near the bridge in Skyloft. You’ll find the rattle in the nest, but you have to find a way to reach the nest first.

Head towards the Waterfall Cave, but stop before entering. If you look up, you’ll find a floating island with some vines hanging from it. Use your Clawshots to reach the floating island.

From that small island, you can use the Clawshots again to reach the large floating island above the Waterfall Cave.

The larger island has a lake (the source of the Skyloft waterfalls) in the center and a patch of grass going around the lake. Run around the lake to the opposite side. You’ll find a rocky patch on the ground near the edge.

That rocky patch marks the spot where you will jump off the island.
3. Jump off the waterfall island and land on the nest.
Jump off the island and tilt the controller to aim your fall. You’re aiming for the top of the tall building right on the edge of the water.

Make sure to use your Sailcloth when you are above the house!

If you miss, you’ll just have to use the Clawshots to reach the floating island again and try the jump a second time.
4. Use the Gust Bellows to find the rattle.
The nest you land in is full of dust. Use the Gust Bellows to blow away the dust and reveal the missing rattle. Once you have it, return to Bertie.
5. Return the rattle and receive your reward.
{When you take the rattle back to Bertie, he’ll be able to make the baby sleep in a matter of seconds. He’ll thank you and you will receive 5 Gratitude Crystals.

Owlan’s New Plant Research

Before you Begin…
This sidequest is not available until near the end of the game. Before you try to complete this sidequest, make sure you meet the following requirements.

  • This sidequest cannot be started until you have found Kukiel and agreed to help Batreaux.
  • You must have repaired the Ancient Robot, Scrapper.
  • You must have already learned a portion of the Song of the Hero from Faron.

1. Speak with Instructor Owlan about his plant research.
Instructor Owlan can be found in his room in the Knight Academy during the day or night. If you speak with him, Owlan will tell you about his extensive plant research and how he already has every known plant species. Owlan will ask you if you can find any new and unusual plant life on the surface and bring it to him.

Agree to help and Fi will make the plant-life a Dowsing target.
2. Search for Oolo, a Kikwi, in the Faron Woods.
The plant-life that you need is actually a Kikwi. While most Kikwi are happier after the flood washed away many of the monsters, Oolo is not convinced that the woods are safe and continues to hide.

Dowsing is the easiest way to find him.

When you find Oolo, he will ask you if you know of a safe place where he could live. Tell him that you know a place and that you will take him there.
3. Call Scrapper to pick up Oolo and return to Skyloft.
When you find Oolo, Fi will offer to call Scrapper to pick him up.

Have Scrapper pick up Oolo and meet them in the Sky. Head back to Skyloft and enter Owlan’s room in the Knight Academy.
4. Speak with Owlan and receive your reward.
Owlan will be amazed by the Kikwi and isn’t sure if he should consider it a plant or an animal. Owlan will promise to take good care of the Kikwi, and you will receive 5 Gratitude Crystals.

Kina’s Pumpkin Plow

Before you Begin…
This sidequest is not available until near the end of the game. Before you try to complete this sidequest, make sure you meet the following requirements.

  • This sidequest cannot be started until you have found Kukiel and agreed to help Batreaux.
  • You must have repaired the Ancient Robot, Scrapper.
  • You must have already learned a portion of the Song of the Hero from Eldin.
  • You need to have completed the three part Pumpkin Island sidequest that begins with breaking the chandelier.

1. Speak to Kina to learn about her problem.
You’ll find Kina behind the Lumpy Pumpkin tending to the pumpkin patch. If you speak with her, she’ll tell you that she’s looking for someone to plow the fields.

Agree to help find someone for the job. When you do, Fi will set one this as one of your dowsing targets.
2. Find Guld on Eldin Volcano.
You are looking for Guld, the leader of the Mogmas. You can find him in the Mogma caves not far from the entrance to Eldin Volcano. You’ll have to use a geyser to reach the entrance.

When you reach the entrance to the caves, you’ll have to jump down to the lower levels. Guld is on top of a platform that can only be reached by jumping directly on top of it. You will have to carefully aim your fall and use the Sailcloth to make sure you reach Guld’s location.

If you miss, you’ll have to run back through the cavern to the exit, then run back to the entrance, and try again.

When you speak to Guld, he will tell you that he’s looking to get away from the heat of the Volcano, and will enthusiastically accept your offer to live in the skies.
3. Call Scrapper to pick up Guld and return to Pumpkin Island.
After you speak to Guld, Fi will offer to call Scrapper to pick up Guld. Once Guld has been picked up, return to the skies and make your way to Pumpkin Landing.
4. Drop off Guld at Pumpkin Landing.
When you arrive at Pumpkin Island, you’ll witness a short scene where Guld and Kina get to know each other. Guld isn’t enthusiastic about the plowing job at first, but he quickly warms up to it once Kina begins praising his digging abilities.

For helping Kina, you will receive 5 Gratitude Crystals.

Sparrot’s Broken Crystal Ball

Before you Begin…
This sidequest is not available until near the end of the game. Before you try to complete this sidequest, make sure you meet the following requirements.

  • This sidequest cannot be started until you have found Kukiel and agreed to help Batreaux.
  • You must have repaired the Ancient Robot, Scrapper.
  • You will need the Clawshots to complete this sidequest.
  • You’ll know you can begin this sidequest when you notice that the fortune teller, Sparrot, is not inside the Bazaar during the day.

1. Speak to a man in the Bazaar about Sparrot’s disappearance. (Optional)
When Sparrot disappears, one of the men who sits in the Bazaar during the day will ask you to investigate. He suggests visiting Sparrot’s house in northern Skyloft.
2. Visit Sparrot in his home and agree to help.
When you visit Sparrot’s home, you’ll find him sitting at his table with a broken crystal ball in front of him.

When you speak with Sparrot, he is initially depressed about the broken crystal ball. However, he will then remember that you have repaired Scrapper (who everyone knows is capable of carrying objects from the surface).

He’ll tell you that the crystal ball was brought from the surface by Scrapper long before he was born. It was found near a mountain temple.

Agree to help find a new crystal ball. Fi will set the crystal ball as one of your Dowsing targets.
3. Visit the Earth Temple and find the crystal ball.
Fly to Eldin Volcano and select the Earth Temple entrance as your drop-point.

The crystal ball is located just above the entrance to the Earth Temple. To reach it, head west from the Earth Temple entrance and look up to see a ledge. You’ll also see a Clawshot target above the ledge.

Use your Clawshots to reach the ledge. From there, you can reach the area above the Earth Temple entrance. The crystal ball is sitting on top of a pillar.

When you find the crystal ball, Fi will call Scrapper to pick it up.
4. Deliver the new crystal ball to Sparrot.
Return to Skyloft and enter Sparrot’s home to deliver the new crystal ball. Sparrot will cheerfully accept it and offer you a special price on fortune telling on your next visit.

You will receive 5 Gratitude Crystals.

Beedle’s Missing Pet Beetle

Before you Begin…
This sidequest is not available until very late in the game. Before you try to complete this sidequest, make sure you meet the following requirements.

  • This sidequest cannot be started until you have found Kukiel and agreed to help Batreaux.
  • You must have already visited Strich on Bug Island. Bug Island is not accessible until after you have defeated Bilocyte.
  • You’ll need to have a Bug Net to finish this sidequest. It’s also a great idea to have it upgraded to the Big Bug Net.
  • You’ll also need to be fairly good at catching bugs and have at least basic knowledge of where each type of bug usually lives.

1. Agree to help Beedle find his beetle.
If you visit Beedle in his shop during the day, he will mention that he needs help, but he will ask you to sleep in the bed and speak with him at night.

When you speak with Beedle around his campfire, he will tell you how he has lost his very rare pet beetle (and the cage it was in) and ask you if you can help find it. Agree to help.
2. Visit Strich on Bug Island.
When you make the trip to Bug Island, you’ll find Strich excited about a rare beetle that he has found. Explain to him that the beetle belongs to Beedle and he will reluctantly agree to give it back…if you win a game first.
3. Win Strich’s expert bug-catching game.
Strich will challenge you to a bug catching game that costs 10 rupees to play during this sidequest. The game is the same as his expert bug catching game that normally costs 50 rupees.

Your goal during the game is to catch 10 bugs, which Strich will choose, on Bug Island in under 3 minutes. If you succeed, Strich will give you the rare beetle.
4. Return the beetle to Beedle.
As before, you’ll have to speak with Beedle at night. If you try to return the bug during the day, Beedle will ask you to wait until evening to speak with him.

After you return the beetle to Beedle, you will be rewarded with 5 Gratitude Crystals. Beedle will also give you half off the price of the next item you purchase in the Air Shop.

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