Great Spin Attack Trading Sequence
  1. Battle aboard the Traveler’s Ship
  2. Hero’s New Clothes
  3. Kaleidoscope
  4. Guard Notebook
  5. Wood Heart

1.Battle aboard the Traveler’s Ship

Sail to the Traveler’s Ship in the Northeastern Sea. When you board the ship you will be attacked by four Octoroks, a Blue Chuchu, a Yellow Chuchu, and a Geozard. Defeat all the monsters and the Man of Smiles will enter to reward you with the Hero’s New Clothes and the trading sequence will have officially begun!

ph-prize-postcardPrize Postcards
If you re-enter the Traveler’s Ship and defeat the monsters again, you will receive a Prize Postcard. Put the Prize Postcard in any postbox then wait until the next day for a chance to win Ship Parts. You can repeat this as many times as you like.

2.Hero’s New Clothes

Take the Hero’s New Clothes to the Traveler’s Ship in Northwestern Sea. Inside, speak to Nyeve and he will trade a Kaleidoscope for the Hero’s New Clothes.


With the Kaleidoscope in-hand, sail to the Traveler’s Ship in the Southeastern Sea. Speak to Hoiger Howgendoogen, a member of the Ho Ho Tribe, in the back of the room. He will trade you a Guard Notebook for the Kaleidoscope.

4.Guard Notebook

Next, sail to the Southwestern Sea and board the Traveler’s Ship there. Upon entering, you will be attacked by five Miniblins and a Geozard. Defeat all the enemies and talk to Nyave. He will trade a Wood Heart for his lost Guard Notebook.

5.Wood Heart

ph-fishing-rodFishing Rod Required
You cannot complete this portion of the sidequest until after you have completed the mermaid sidequest that rewards the Fishing Rod.

Finally, travel back to the Southeastern Sea and find the new ship near the middle of the map. Board the ship and complete the quest by giving the Old Wayfarer the Wood Heart. After attempting to leave he will stop you and tell you he had a gift for you back at his house. Sail to Bannan Island; before you reach the dock you will be attacked by a Giant Eye Plant.

Once you’ve destroyed the monster and docked your ship, run to the Old Wayfarer’s house. Inside, open the treasure chest to receive the Swordsman’s Scroll and learn the Great Spin Attack.

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