Trading Sequence


This is an encyclopedia of all things related to Cuccos. It’s of no use to you except as barter. You find it in Dr. Left’s house in Horon Village. Seed Satchel and Ember Seeds in hand, go inside and light the torches to give Dr. Left light to read. He’ll reward you with the Cuccodex.

Lon Lon Egg

North of Horon Village, one screen north of where you first met Din, you’ll find the home of Malon and Talon. Malon is a girl with the newly given responsibility of caring for Cuccos, but she’s clueless about it. Give her the Cuccodex, and she’ll give you the Lon Lon Egg in return, curiously for all cute girls.

Ghastly Doll

Next up, find Maple by destroying enemies and going onto screens where Maple normally appears. When you bump into her while holding the Lon Lon Egg, your new egg will bounce out and Maple will claim it, concluding that Link doesn’t need it. The exchange isn’t completely wasted, though, since she’ll give you the Ghastly Doll in return. It is said that just looking at it sends chills down one’s spine.

Iron Pot

What could such a hideous doll be useful for? Go to Holodrum Plain (between Spool Swamp and Tarm Ruins) to find out. There you’ll find the home of Mrs. Ruul, who is suffering from unbearable heat. Thankfully, the Ghastly Doll is just the ticket to send chills down her spine, so she trades you it for the well-seasoned Iron Pot.

Lava Soup

Your next stop on this journey will take you all the way into the depths of Subrosia. Enter the subterranean realm by way of the Woods of Winter entrance (where you first entered Subrosia at the beginning of the game) and make your way westward to a house in the northwest of Subrosia. A Subrosian chef who will gladly take your Iron Pot lives there. In turn, he will give you a bowl of Lava Soup.

Goron Vase

Who would want to eat Lava Soup? Only one with the strongest stomach in the land–none other than Biggoron himself! Climb through Mount Goron to reach him, where’s suffering from a head cold in the wintry weather. Give him the Lava Soup to cure his ills, and he’ll thank you by granting you his Goron Vase.


The Goron Vase is large and lovely and would make the perfect addition to any pottery collection. Travel to Sunken City and visit the house in the city’s northwest corner. There, Ingo will all but beg you for it, even offering his dinner for the treasure: a fresh fish. Take the food and proceed.


During your travels you may have come across an old man just north of Horon Village hopelessly trying to call his cat down from a tree. Now, at last, you can help him. East of Impa’s Refuge you’ll find this pair. Offer the old man the Fish so that he might entice his cat Mittens out of the tree. As a thank you , he’ll give you his Megaphone in return.


Go all the way up to Mt. Cucco and summon forth spring. From the tree stump, go west three screens, then north a screen (using a Deku Flower) and enter the cave to find Talon doing one of his marathon naps. Go right up next to him and use the Megaphone to wake him up. He’ll jump up  and then run home to Malon, but not without rewarding you with a Mushroom that had apparently grown in this dank cave.

Wooden Bird

Any Zelda veteran should know where to go next with a Mushroom in tow. Return to Sunken City and summon winter in order to reach Syrup the Witch’s Shop. Give her the Mushroom so  she’ll be able to make Magic Potions to sell to you. In the meantime, she gives you a Wooden Bird for your troubles.

Engine Oil

From one city to another: Go from Sunken City back to Horon Village (where this whole sequence started) to the Clock Shop, where the owner is seeking to make the perfect Cucco Clock. Your Wooden Bird will be just the ticket! Trade it to him for some Engine Oil.


Leave Horon Village for the Eastern Suburbs and enter the cave in order to reach Guru-Guru on the roof of the cave, who wants to grease his windmill in order to increase its effectiveness. Give him the Engine Oil for the job and he’ll grant you his Phonograph, which is the final element of this trading sequence!

Noble Sword

Your task isn’t quite finished yet, though. Now go to Tarm Ruins, in particular two screens south of the Fairy Fountain there. Burn the sapling you find with Ember Seeds and enter. Inside the cave you’ll find a Deku Scrub. Go up to him and play the Phonograph for him. As a reward, he’ll give you a very valuable hint for reaping the prize of your labors: Keep going westward as the weather warms up. So go west a screen from his home to find a tree stump (beware of Like-Likes). Turn the season to winter, then go west one. Turn the season to autumn, then go west another one. Turn the season to spring, then go west yet again. Turn the season to summer now, and go west one final time. If done correctly, you’ll find your prize: the Noble Sword! Pick it up out of the pedestal and put your measly Wooden Sword away. Note that if this is a linked game, then you’ll actually find the legendary Master Sword in this pedestal instead.

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