Trading Sequence
  1. 1 Cuccodex
  2. 2 Lon Lon Egg
  3. 3 Ghastly Doll
  4. 4 Iron Pot
  5. 5 Lava Soup
  6. 6 Goron Vase
  7. 7 Fish
  8. 8 Megaphone
  9. 9 Mushroom
  10. 10 Wooden Bird
  11. 11 Engine Grease
  12. 12 Phonograph
  13. 13 Lost Woods directions
  14. 14 Noble Sword

1 Cuccodex

Requirements: Ember Seeds

After you’ve obtained the Seed Satchel and the Ember Seeds from the Gnarled Root Dungeon, head back to Horon Village. In the southeastern corner of the map, you’ll find a house with two entrances, the right entrance being on the other side of a fence leading towards a pond. Enter the house, and you’ll find Mr. Write, who is complaining that it’s too dark to see anything.

Light the lantern next to his desk, and this will appease him greatly. In return for your services, he will give you a book, which just happens to be a Cuccodex, something he’s created after years and years of Cucco research.

2 Lon Lon Egg

Requirements: None

You can find Lon Lon Ranch just north of Horon Village in North Horon, two screens east and one screen north from the Gnarled Root Dungeon. Inside the house you find within the surrounding farm, you’ll find a red-headed girl named Malon surrounded by a flock of Cuccos. She’ll be in relative despair as her father is in the mountains, and she doesn’t know how to tend to her flock.

Give her the book you collected from Mr. Write. She’ll be very appreciative, so in return she’ll give you a Lon Lon Egg, which just so happens to be very popular with girls.

3 Ghastly Doll

The first time you run into Maple after acquiring the Egg, something different will happen.

Requirements: Kill 30 enemies

You can explore every house in the world, and you’ll never find someone who wants your Lon Lon Egg. Instead, you’re going to have to run into the person who wants it… quite literally! Maple, the assistant to the witch Syrup, will visit you whenever you’ve killed 30 enemies and then walked to another overworld screen. Once you do, she’ll fly around the screen in a few possible patterns. You’ll need to run into her in order to get her to stop.

Normally when you do this, both she and you will drop some important things, and it’s a race to see who can collect the most (and best!) stuff first. But with the Lon Lon Egg in your possession, only your egg gets dropped. Maple will be crazily excited to see it, and she figures that you, as a boy, have no need of the egg. So she’ll swap it from you and give you her Ghastly Doll in return.

4 Iron Pot

Requirements: Power Bracelet, Ricky or Roc’s Feather

At the north end of Holodrum Plain is the pen where you encounter Ricky for the first time. With either Ricky or Roc’s Feather, head south from there five screens, hopping over the gaps along the way and defeating any enemies that get in your way. After you head south, head west one screen. This will bring you to a solitary house out on the peninsula between Spool Swamp and the lake.

Enter in the house, and you’ll find a woman who’s unbearably hot despite having a soothing pool in her home. Show her the Ghastly Doll, and she’ll have a fright so bad it gives her the chills. She’ll gladly keep the doll and give you an Iron Pot in exchange.

5 Lava Soup

Requirements: Roc’s Feather

The Lava Soup is found in Subrosia. By far the quickest and easiest way to get this far afield trading item is to either walking back to the Subrosian portal near the Woods of Winter — a trek that requires a fair bit of backtracking — or to wait until you’ve reached the Sunken City, obtained some Gale Seeds, and warp back to the teleportation tree just in front of Snake’s Remains. You can actually reach this destination from any Subrosian portal you’ll encounter up through this point; however, the closest location is the portal near the Woods of Winter.

From that portal that leads to the Woods of Winter, head south using the western staircase. Then continue to head west, past the lava baths and over the pothole in the ground, until you reach a junction leading north or south.

From here, you have two choices. Your objective is to head west, and you can get there by heading either north or south. If you head north, head all the way to the top of the map, and then immediately do a U-turn following the stairs back southward, passing the locked door in the process. If you head south, you’ll reach land buffeting the lava. Follow it south and west until you can hop over a lava river to the north.

Around this point, you’ll run into a Subrosian house. Enter, and you’ll meet the Subrosian Chef. He’ll be in need of a well-seasoned pot. You happen to have one so give it to him. He’ll fill it with a Lava Soup.

6 Goron Vase

Requirements: Zora’s Flippers

When you emerge from the Master Diver’s secret diving spot, you’ll need to climb up a set of vines that lead up towards Mt. Cucco. Heading north one more time will put you in line of sight of a Piece of Heart near the entrance of Dancing Dragon Dungeon. From there, you’ll need to head west.

You’ll pass several Deku Scrubs, Leevers, and Tektites as you journey to the west. You’ll also transition into winter in the process, meaning you’ll need to dig out your Shovel to clear a path through the snow. Once you reach a cave entrance surrounded by snow pileups, enter.

Inside this cave are a small population of Gorons. To find the Goron Vase, you’ll need to ascend to the highest point of the cavern. Climb up stairs whenever you see them, and eventually exit outside the cave. You’ll find yet another set of steps leading up the mountain. At the precipice, you’ll encounter the Biggoron. Give him the Lava Soup to cure his cold, and he’ll kindly give you the Goron Vase in exchange.

7 Fish

Requirements: None

Once you have the Goron Vase, there is a collector that would love to get his hands on it. That man is Ingo, and you can find him in Sunken City. He lives just north of the western entrance (the one that leads to the Great Moblin’s keep) to Sunken City. Head north, and walk into the house at the very top-left of the screen. Talk to Ingo inside, and offer him the Goron Vase. In return, he’ll be so enthusiastic that he’ll give you his dinner in return, a piece of Fish.

8 Megaphone

Requirements: None

Much earlier in the game, you might have met a man just outside of Horon Village attempting yet failing to call his cat down from a tree. He just keeps shouting and shouting all day long, but the cat refuses to listen. However, dinner might pique that cat’s attention.

Head to Horon Village. Leave through the northern entrance, which will take you to where Impa’s house is. You then just need to head east one screen to find the man and his cat. Hand over the Fish and the cat will immediately come down for dinner. Since the man no longer needs his Megaphone any longer, he’ll give it over to you.

9 Mushroom

Requirements: Zora’s Flippers, Rod of Seasons with the power of spring

Unfortunately, after you obtain the Mushroom, the next item in the trading sequence is extremely far away. It’s back up on Mt. Cucco, not far from where you earned the Goron Vase from the Biggoron.

Use the Gale Seeds to warp to the Sunken City, and then head just outside of Ingo’s house in order to use the Master Diver’s secret diving spot. Swim through, and then, once you leave, climb up the vines and head north to where the Piece of Heart just outside the Dancing Dragon Dungeon is.

Head east one screen to find a tree stump. Clamber upon it, and change the season to winter. From there, head west three screens, passing the first Deku Scrub, but not quite passing the second. When you see the blossomed flower that will propel you up the cliff face, step into it. From there, head north, and enter the cavern that you see there.

Inside, you’ll meet Talon asleep in the cave. If you try talking to him, he won’t wake, but it will give you the chance to scream into the megaphone to wake him up. That will be successful, and he’ll give you a Mushroom for your trouble before he leaves.

10 Wooden Bird

Requirements: Zora’s Flippers

Who better than a witch to want to stew a Mushroom? And the witch Syrup, Maple’s mistress, lives high atop a cliff in Sunken City. However, the only way to reach her is to visit her in winter.

Return to Sunken City, and just below the lower echelon of waterfalls is the Sunken City tree stump. Stand atop it and turn the seasons forward until winter. From there, you’ll practically find an ice-laden path that will guide you to Syrup. Just follow the icy road until you find the tall snowbank leading you up the cliffside. Head one screen north after that to find the witch’s shop.

Inside, Syrup will gladly take that Mushroom off your hands and give you a Wooden Bird in its stead. What’s more, that Mushroom will also allow her to brew special Medicine that will restore your hearts should ever you fall in battle.

11 Engine Grease

Requirements: None

Back in Horon Village, there’s a clockmaker that would love to turn your Wooden Bird into a lovely cuckoo clock (or something of the sort). That clockmaker is just one screen north of the fountain between the Shopkeeper and Vasu’s Jewellers. Head inside and give him a chat. He’ll exchange your Wooden Bird for some Engine Grease.

12 Phonograph

Requirements: None

By this point, you’ll have passed the windmill to the east of Horon Village several times, most likely. And in passing, you’ll have heard that melody over and over again playing. You can reach the Guru-Guru Man by entering the cave you spy just as you leave Horon Village to the east. Enter the cave and enter the base of the windmill. There are two staircases, and you’ll want to take the one furthest around the room going counterclockwise. In the next floor, take the staircase up yet again, and you’ll be right next to him.

Exchange the Engine Grease to the man so that the windmill can spin around faster and faster. In thanks, he’ll give you the Phonograph.

13 Lost Woods directions

Requirements: The four Tarm Ruins jewels

After you open up Tarm Ruins with the X-shaped, Round, Square, and Triangle Jewels, you’ll follow the pathway through Tarm Ruins as if you were heading to the Ancient Ruins. Once you pass by the pond where you push two Armos into it, you’ll be getting close.

From the pond, head north, change the season to autumn, clear out the rock mushrooms, and then head west. Avoid the Like Likes here, and then head south twice. Like Likes will start to gather there, so very quickly head down the steps into the earth there. Inside, you’ll meet a Deku Scrub. If you have the Phonograph, it will seem very interested in you to play a tune. If you let the Phonograph play for it, it will tell you the directions through the Lost Woods. It will tell you to keep heading to the west in incrementally warmer seasons.

Well, technically…
Technically this step can be skipped. Actually, all of the steps of the trading sequence can be skipped as the pathway through the Lost Woods never changes! However, this step (and all the others) are included for the sake of completion.

14 Noble Sword

Requirements: The four Tarm Ruins jewels

Once you leave the Deku Scrub’s cave in the previous section, head north and west. This will take you into the Lost Woods. This screen will repeat endlessly unless you take the correct route in the correct seasons through it.

The path to the Noble Sword (or the Master Sword, if you already upgraded it in a Linked Game), is straightforward. You’ll want to just keep heading west. As for the order of seasons, winter is the coldest, followed by autumn, spring, and summer. Start by changing the season to winter, head west, and then repeat with each season.

Once you head west during summertime, you’ll arrive in a clearing off the edge of the map. The Noble Sword will be waiting for you.

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