Pieces of Heart
  1. 1 Steal Maple’s treasure
  2. 2 Burn off Horon’s weeds
  3. 3 Bring winter to the Eastern Suburbs
  4. 4 Cross the lake in the Woods of Winter
  5. 5 Wheeling and dealing in Subrosia
  6. 6 The giving tree
  7. 7 Climate change at Eyeglass Lake
  8. 8 Raid the Great Moblin’s hoard
  9. 9 Springtime in the swamp
  10. 10 The Dancing Dragon’s secret
  11. 11 Spelunk on the west coast
  12. 12 Explore the destroyed temple

1 Steal Maple’s treasure

Requirements: A lot of patience

Of the 12 Pieces of Heart in the game, two of them are obtained completely randomly. On the plus side, because they’re available so early on, the odds are good that eventually you’ll get it.

Maple, the witch’s apprentice, is holding onto the first of the two random Pieces of Heart. While it may seem that she shows up completely sporadically and randomly, there’s actually very strict rules about her appearances. After she visits you, you’ll need to kill 30 enemies (15 if you’re wearing Maple’s Ring) before she’ll show up again. Once you’ve killed your 30th enemy, the next overworld screen transition you perform, Maple will show up.

When she does, you’ll have to run into her. Once you do, a spattering of your items and her items will bounce across the screen. What makes this random is that you never know when Maple will drop the Piece of Heart. Slightly worse is the fact that, depending upon the screen that you run into her on, the Piece of Heart may bounce and land on a tile that will render it unable to be obtained. Really, you just have to be lucky.

You’ll just have to be lucky with Maple. And you’ll especially have to be lucky in terms of where that Piece of Heart comes to rest.

When the Piece of Heart does drop and is collectable, be ready to make a beeline for it. The more valuable the item, the higher priority it is on Maple’s pickup schedule. The Piece of Heart is fairly valuable to her, so it will doubtless be the first item she goes for. Worst case, try to snag it with your sword or Boomerang to save yourself a bit of trouble.

2 Burn off Horon’s weeds

Requirements: Seed Satchel and Ember Seeds

After you’ve acquired the Ember Seeds from the Gnarled Root Dungeon, return back to Horon Village. One screen to the west of the Maku Tree’s front gate is a Piece of Heart that is tucked away upon a cliff behind an overgrown weed. Gardening is a little tough in Holodrum, but thankfully you can raze and burn to great success.

After climbing the steps, use an Ember Seed on the bush guarding the Piece of Heart. The bush will disintegrate, giving you access to the Piece of Heart.

3 Bring winter to the Eastern Suburbs

Requirements: Rod of Seasons empowered with Winter

Near Horon Village is a Windmill high atop a butte. If you head counterclockwise around the tall hill, you will eventually come to a tree stump. Hop atop it, and change the season to winter. Then head north one screen, and you will see a huge pile of snow spanning the two high hills.

Climb up the steps on the right hill, cross the snow, and then head to the west. Just beneath the windmill, you will find a cavern entrance. Head inside the cavern, and you will see a Piece of Heart at the end of a row of pots.

4 Cross the lake in the Woods of Winter

Requirements: Power Bracelet

There are two tree stumps on the outskirts of the Woods of Winter, one near the vortex into Subrosia and one just north of the lake. Hop atop either of these and change the season to winter. If you hopped on the western stump, head east one screen; otherwise, if you hopped on the one near the fairy fountain, head south two screens.

Follow the pathway you would take towards the house waiting for Santa by heading east, south, and east in order to get to the third tree stump within the Woods of Winter. Continue heading east one screen to get to another lake. Lift up the rock along the southern row of trees to access the Piece of Heart on the far end of the lake.

5 Wheeling and dealing in Subrosia

Requirements: Ricky or Roc’s Feather, Shovel, 20 Ore Chunks, 10 Ember Seeds

When you return to Subrosia after finding the vortex to Subrosia from Spool Swamp, head north one screen and west two screens. This will take you to the Subrosian Market. Inside, there is an upside down Piece of Heart for sale. The Subrosian will call it a “Rare Peach Stone,” but we know the truth. It’s on sale for 20 Ore Chunks and 10 Ember Seeds.

Ore Chunks are relatively easy to come by; just dig in the earth while in Subrosia to collect lots of them. As for Ember Seeds, you can always get a new batch of them by returning to the tree in the south of Horon Village.

6 The giving tree

Requirements: Roc’s Feather, Gasha Seeds, and a lot of patience

The second Piece of Heart that’s randomized is hatched out of a Gasha Seed planted in the soft soil. Throughout your journey, you will run into a handful of Gasha Seeds. These Seeds can be planted in soft soil. After a period of time, these Seeds will grow into Gasha Trees, and eventually these trees will bear a singular Gasha Nut that will have some sort of treasure inside it. This treasure, unfortunately, is very random. While there are soft soil locations that yield better prizes than others, there’s no rhyme or reason as to which one will yield the Piece of Heart. So you’ll need to plant Seeds often and continue going back to check on them.

Gasha Trees might appear to grow randomly, but they follow a strict pattern. Once you slay 20 enemies (10 if you’re wearing the Gasha Ring), the tree will grow. Once you slay an additional 20 more (10 more if you’re wearing the Gasha Ring), the tree will sprout a fruit. Use your sword to collect these fruits, and eventually you’ll get lucky.

You can only get this Piece of Heart by planting a Gasha Seed in one of these four locations:

  • Eyeglass Lake, one screen to the west of Unicorn’s Cave
  • Goron Mountain Base near Temple Remains, three screens south of the Biggoron
  • Cucco, near the Flying Rooster, one screen east of the Subrosian portal
  • Tarm Ruins, one screen southeast of the tree stump

7 Climate change at Eyeglass Lake

Requirements: Roc’s Feather and Zora’s Flippers

Once you get Zora’s Flippers from Sunken City, you can return to North Horon to get a Piece of Heart. The easiest way is to travel by Gale Seed, either to the North Horon or Horon Village teleportation trees.

Walk to the screen just south of Malon’s home and two screens east of the Gnarled Root Dungeon. There you’ll find a tree stump. Head south, jump over the potholes and head out onto the ice. Head east, and then head up the staircase just before the ice ends. Head north from there, and you’ll see another tree stump.

On this second tree stump, change the season to summer. Head east one screen, and then head south as far as you can go, passing by a drained lake on the east. At the very bottom of the lake, you can walk down into it. Within the lake is a single rock that you can lift up. Do so, and you’ll discover a hidden staircase beneath it.

Inside, be wary of the deep water; you don’t need to swim out into it, but that’s where many of the enemies will be. All you’ll need to do is head down twice, and the staircases will be easy if not trivial to find. Once you make it to the third level down, be wary. There are arrow-shooting traps along the north wall. Don’t tarry as you head left, and hide behind the chest in the middle of the room. Open it for the Piece of Heart.

8 Raid the Great Moblin’s hoard

Requirements: Zora’s Flippers and Roc’s Feather

Just west of the Sunken City is the fortress of the Great Moblin. While it isn’t required in Oracle of Seasons to defeat him, bringing ruin to his keep will net you a Piece of Heart.

From the Sunken City, you’ll need to head to the southwest corner of the fortress to gain entry. Depending upon your animal companion, the exact obstacles you’ll need to overcome will differ, but the route is entirely the same. Leave Sunken City using the western entrance, head north one screen, west two, and then head south three. If you have Ricky’s or Dimitri’s Flute, you won’t need to worry about summoning him. However, you’ll need to summon Moosh if you bonded with him.

Once at the corner of the fort, you’ll need to swim over the small watery divide between the mainland and the actual fortress. If you have Dimitri, you’ll certainly need to carry him from the Natzu River to this location unless you have the Zora Flippers. Don’t concern yourself with the bomb cannons once you reach the fortress as they’ll only fire outward.

Head north two screens. There are no enemies to speak of here, but once you go inside the fortress you will encounter some resistance. In the first room, there are only two Pig Warriors there, so dispatch them first before taking the stairs.

Then you’ll need to face the optional boss the Great Moblin. His main strategy will be to heave bombs from his great hoard at you. You can serve it right back at them by using your Power Bracelet to pick them back up and throw them back. If they explode near the Moblin, it’ll do damage. As you do damage, King Moblin will gradually speed up, meaning you’ll need to guess your tosses carefully.

After several explosions, he’ll taunt you, saying that he could do this all day. He’s “invulnerable” to an extent; however, his keep is not. He says, so long as he doesn’t set off his bomb stash all is well. As such, all it takes is one well-timed explosion to trigger the chain reaction. Getting the right timing isn’t entirely luck, but luck might play an element in it. Time an explosion just before he tosses a bomb at you, and he’ll forget to throw it. The keep will explode, and the Great Moblin will storm off in a huff. As for you, there’ll be a lone treasure chest waiting for you within the rubble. Open it up for a Piece of Heart.

9 Springtime in the swamp

Requirements: Rod of Seasons with the power of Spring

This is the only tree stump in the entire region, so you’ll have to jump back here.

Return back to the Poison Moth’s Lair in Spool Swamp. One screen below the dungeon is a tree stump upon which you can change seasons. You’ll need to change the season to spring first.

Once you’ve done that, head west, and then south twice into the corridor where the Spool Swamp floodgates used to be. You’ll discover that the floodwaters start early, forcing you to swim. You have the choice of either summoning Dimitri, if you have Dimitri’s Flute, or using Zora’s Flippers to proceed from here.

Continue southward two more screens, and then head east, avoiding all of the Water Tektites and Goponga Flowers in your way. Once you head south one more time, you’ll be in a rapids section. The good news is that you can’t be forced out of the rapids area; however, you will also be fighting a current. The current is effectively a one-way wall; if a current is flowing south, while in it you won’t be able to swim northward.

The Piece of Heart is one screen west of where the rapids start.  There’s a small 1×1 island in the center that effectively serves as a vortex for the currents. Once you land on the island, you’ll snag the Piece of Heart.

10 The Dancing Dragon’s secret

Requirements: Rod of Seasons with the power of Spring

You’ll see this Piece of Heart slightly before you’ll be able to get it as, when you first come across it, you won’t have the Spirit of Spring with you.

After you head to Subrosia to have your Rod of Seasons blessed with the power of springtime, drop down from said portal (one screen east from where this Piece of Heart is) to find a tree stump. Change the season to springtime. Head west three screens, passing this Piece of Heart, to find a flower that will propel you up the cliffside. Head north one screen, and then head east twice. There you’ll find another tree stump as well as a small gap in the cliff.

Jump down the gap in the cliff. You’ll land just next to the Piece of Heart.

11 Spelunk on the west coast

You’ll have to head to this tree stump to access the autumn landscape.

Requirements: Roc’s Cape

Once you get through the Explorer’s Crypt, head out of the Graveyard by jumping off the cliff to the south. Head two screens east, and then head all the way north until you reach the abandoned house that provides access to the tree stump. Head through the house, jumping over the holes in the floor, and then exit the eastern side to reach the tree stump. Hop up on it, and change the season to autumn.

Now head back to just outside the Graveyard. You can’t climb up the vines that you normally would climb up to reach the Graveyard, but you can now enter the Graveyard via the caves. Use Roc’s Feather to hop over the gaping pit. On the other side, push the rightmost boulder up one square while you push the central boulder left one square. This will let you reach the staircase.

Ascending will put you back up on the Graveyard plateau. Head northwest to reach the entrance of the Explorer’s Crypt. Since it’s autumn, the rock mushrooms will be ready for picking. Pick them, and follow the pathway back east. You’ll find a Piece of Heart waiting for you.

12 Explore the destroyed temple

Requirements Roc’s Cape, Temple Remains flooded with lava

Once you flood the Temple Remains with lava, re-enter the portal from Subrosia to the Temple Remains above. Then simply head north, and you’ll find a bombable wall. If you forgot to do this earlier, enter the Temple Remains, head east to reach the first tree stump, but then turn north, following the steps and the pathway until you reach the bombable wall. Drop a Bomb in front of it to create a secret entrance.

Inside you’ll find a room filled to the brim with lava and tons of uunmovablerocks. This might seem rather tricky, but Roc’s Cape allows you to tweak your jumps through some very tight spaces. Simply jump north to the island on the west side of the room, and then tweak your jump between the boulders to reach the Piece of Heart. While this way isn’t too difficult, there’s of course a safer, more indirect pathway to it.

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