Trading Sequence

Poe Clock

Go to the fenced in area northwest of Spirit’s Grave in Yoll Graveyard, and there you’ll find a ghost by the gravestone. Push the gravestone to reveal a staircase, and descend. Now speak to the ghost again, who in gratitude for letting it go on to the afterlife, grants you this Poe Clock, its one possession during its lifetime.


Transport yourself to the past and go to Lynna Village and visit the Postman, whose Post Office is just north of the mermaid statue. In order to better help him know what time it is and so deliver the mail, give him the Poe Clock, and he’ll give you some Stationary.

Stink Bag

From the Post Office, go due west until you reach the village’s end, where you’ll see a shack. This is actually the Lynna Village Toilet! Enter it, and you’ll find a hand reaching for some toilet paper, but there is none. Let him use your Stationery instead. The reward is a rather off-putting one, unfortunately: He gives you his Stink Bag.

Tasty Meat

Return to the present and then use a Gale Seed to take yourself to Crescent Island. In the southeast part of the island, inside a tent is a Tokay with a bad cold. Let him have the Stink Bag to open up those sinus cavities! After you help him overcome his sickness, he gives you some Tasty Meat.

Doggie Mask

Go back to Lynna City and take the western exit out of the town. Go up the steps to the north and find the house a little to the west with a mask on top of it. This is the home of the Happy Mask Salesman, and he’s frightfully hungry. Give him your tasty meat, and he’ll grant you a Doggie Mask for your troubles.


Return to Lynna City by the way you just came and go straight east to find a house situated on the river. Enter it, and you’ll meet Mamamu Yan, who breeds dogs. Her own dog is too shy to go out, though, much to her chagrin, so help her out with the Doggie Mask, and she’ll give you a leftover Dumbbell.

Cheesy Mustache

Our next stop is Symmetry City in the past. Go to the south central house (where the Tuni Nut is) and go down into the basement to find a man exercising with only one dumbbell. Give your other one, and he’ll no longer need his Cheesy Mustache anymore, so he takes it off and offers it to you.

Funny Joke

Go back to Lynna City in the present and find the two comedians by the bridge, northwest of the mermaid statue. Give one of them your Cheesy Mustache, and he’ll teach you a Funny Joke–probably the only ever intangible item in a Zelda trading sequence to date.

Touching Book

Somebody’s in need of a good laugh, and that someone lived in Lynna Village 400 years ago. Go to the past and find Dedakin’s house, just south of the gateway leading to Ambi’s Palace (his house has an arch-like structure on the roof). It’s a darkened home, and the boy inside is very depressed. Tell him the Funny Joke, and even though it doesn’t cheer him up, he’ll still give his Touching Book for your efforts.

Magic Oar

Now you just need to find Maple. Slay at least 30 enemies (or 15 if you’re wearing Maple’s Ring) and go to a screen where Maple shows up. Bump into her, and she’ll take your Touching Book and will be moved by it, since her mistress Syrup has never appreciated her. She keeps it and gives to you her Magic Oar.

Sea Ukelele

Predictably, you’ll want to give that Magic Oar away on the coast. So go to the past (if you’re not there already) and go to Rafton’s house at South Shore. This is just what he needs. Give it to him to get the Sea Ukelele in return.

Broken Sword

Staying in the past, go east of the place where the Maku Sprout is and hop the small gap, continuing one more screen eastward. Now go south to a rather large pit. Use the Switch Hook to get across it and access the cave to the south of there. Inside is an aged Zora who misses the sea, but your Sea Ukelele has the spirit of the sea in it. Let the old Zora have it, and he’ll reward you with a sword–but it’s broken.

Noble Sword

Remember Patch, who repaired your Tuni Nut earlier in the game? Well, you must reach him all the way up Restoration Wall again if you want your sword fixed as well. Go to Symmetry City and make the long and laborious journey, back and forth between past and present, to reach Restoration Wall, climb it, and meet up with Patch again inside the cave up top. Again, as before, you must play Patch’s Crazy Cart in order to win his workmanship. But the game is harder this time around because there are two waves of Hardhat Beetles to force into pits instead of just the one wave previously. Keep trying, and once you succeed, Patch will repair your sword, making it none other than the powerful Noble Sword. Note that if you’re playing a linked game and already have the Noble Sword, then what you receive here will be the legendary Master Sword!

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