Pieces of Heart

The Black Tower (Past)

There is a piece of heart south of the entrance to the Black Tower that can be reached as soon as you have the shovel. Use the shovel to clear the rubble and reach the piece of heart.

Maku Road (Past)

A piece of heart is hidden in the northwest corner of Maku Road, but a group of blocks stops you from reaching it. To clear a path to the piece of heart, first push the lower left block up one space. Then, push the lower right block to the left one space.

Yoll Graveyard (Present)

When you have the Power Bracelet, travel to the southwest corner of Yoll Graveyard (directly west of Spirit’s Grave). There, use the Power Bracelet to lift the stone that blocks the path to the piece of heart.

Deku Forest (Past)

On the southern edge of the Deku Forest, east of the Mystery Seed tree, there is a small tree that can be burned with an Ember Seed to reveal a hidden underground passage. The passage leads directly to a piece of heart.

Talus Peaks (Past)

Take the west exit out of Lynna Village in the past, and once you dead-end in the west, proceed a couple screens northward and enter the cave. Inside, jump the gaps with Roc’s Feather and lift the jars with the Power Bracelet to reach a Piece of Heart in the corner.

Talus Peaks (Present)

Beginning in the ancient past at the house in Symmetry Village housing the Tuni Nut, go west, south, west, north, and finally west. Standing in the southwest corner, play the Tune of Currents to return to the present age. Now in the present, go east a screen to claim your Piece of Heart.

Lynna City (Present)

First, start in the past. Go to Lynna Village one screen north of the Ember Seed Tree. See the two trees jutting out horizontally? Stand immediately above them, as far left as you can while still being above the westernmost tree. Now use the Tune of Currents to warp to the present age. If you positioned yourself correctly, you’ll be in a narrow, fenced-in corridor. Now enter the secret entrance to the shop, and once inside proceed northward down the stairs. In the secret shop, you’ll find a Piece of Heart on sale for 500 Rupees.

Southwest Rolling Ridge (Present)

Go to the southwestern screen in present-day Rolling Ridge and enter the cave you see there (not the stairs but the doorway). Go up the stairs and follow the path around until you see a Goron. Use a Bomb to blow up the cracked wall near it, opening the way to a Piece of Heart.

Northeast Rolling Ridge (Present)

This one is located on the farthest northeast screen of the game–but is tricky to get. First, clear Crown Dungeon. Afterward, from the dungeon, go east once and enter the cave, following it until its end. When you emerge, go east, north, and then east again. Play the Tune of Ages near the cave entrance to go to the past. Now you’ll be able to access the corner of the map. Slash the bushes, and in the corner, play the Tune of Ages again to return to the present, now able to collect the Piece of Heart.

Crescent Island (Present)

With the Mermaid Suit in hand, enter the deep waters on the northern coast of Crescent Island and dive underwater. In the northeast part of the island, you’ll find the entrance to an underwater maze beneath Crescent Island. Begin by going south until you can go no farther, then proceed westward. When the road forks off to the south, swim south and continue until around the bend until you’ve gone as far west as you can. From there it’s just a straight shot north (but watch out for the whirlpools) all the way to a cave entrance. Inside the cave is a Piece of Heart.


Each time you run into Maple, there is a chance she will drop a piece of heart. The items she drops are completely random, so it is possible that you will encounter her many times before she drops the piece of heart. Maple will always pick up the most valuable item first, so make sure you quickly pick up the piece of heart before Maple reaches it.

Wearing Maple’s Ring will make Maple appear more often and give you more opportunities to find the piece of heart.

You can only obtain one piece of heart from Maple.

Gasha Nut

Each time you plant a Gasha seed, there is a chance that the nut will contain a piece of heart. The contents of the nut are random, so you may need to plant several seeds before you find the piece of heart.

You can only obtain one piece of heart from a Gasha nut.

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