Four Bottles

There are four hidden bottles to find in Ocarina of Time. This guide covers the last bottle that is most difficult to collect. We are working on guides for the other bottles that will be published when they are ready. You can find the other three bottles at the following locations:

  • Collect all of the missing cuccos for the cucco keeper in Kakariko Village.
  • Win the cucco-catching mini-game at Lon Lon Ranch.
  • There is a bottle on the bottom of Lake Hylia. You have to collect this bottle in order to enter the third dungeon, Inside Jabu Jabu’s Belly.

Collecting the Big Poes

You can tell Big Poes from regular Poes because the Big Poes will turn orange after you kill them, whereas regular Poes will turn purple. Also, Big Poes only appear when you are riding Epona. Other items you’ll need include the bow and arrows, and at least one empty bottle.

There are 10 Big Poes hiding out in Hyrule field, and some are easier to get than others. There’s no set order in which you must get them, so if you are having trouble with one, you can always move on and try a different one and come back later. Each Poe has its own general “territory” and riding across a particular point on the map will cause the Poe to appear. They can appear at any time of day, and take two hits to defeat. To capture the Poe, dismount Epona and simply walk right up to the Poe spirit. Be sure you have an empty bottle! If you miss or the Poe disappears, go back to where you started and try again. You may have to ride around for a minute to allow the Poe time to regenerate. Now, let’s go a-huntin’!

Big Poe #1

A nice, easy, starting Poe. This one lurks just outside Hyrule Castle Town. Upon exiting the town, call Epona, mount her, then ride South towards Lon Lon Ranch. The Poe should appear almost immediately.

Big Poe #2

The next Poe is one that some people have difficulty with, but I happen to know a good trick. Instead of emulating the screenshot and riding up onto the cliff from the south, instead start by exiting Kakariko village. Get on Epona and go to the left so that you end up at the river’s edge where it runs between the overhanging cliff and the wall. Turn around so that you are facing the underpass of the cliff. Ride under the cliff and the Poe should appear and float across the river to your left, giving you a clear view. You may want to try a couple practice runs without shooting, just to get a feel for when and where the Poe appears. Once you have that, you should be able to pick it off with two quick hits.You’ll have to swim across the river to catch the spirit.

Big Poe #3

The third Poe is pretty simple. There is a tree next to the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch. From the Castle Town, Ride toward the ranch, swinging out to the right. Then turn left to angle yourself so that you’ll ride between the tree and Lon Lon Ranch (tree on your left). The Poe should appear right as you ride between.

Big Poe #4

This Poe can be found by starting where the fence that divides Southwestern Hyrule Field from Northeastern Hyrule Field meets the outer (Southern) wall near the Kokiri Forest entrance. Face Lon Lon ranch with the fence on your left, and ride toward Lon Lon along the path. The Poe should appear and float toward the Lon Lon Ranch wall.

Big Poe #5

This Poe can be tricky, because it likes to float high. The easiest way to coax it out and have an obstructed path or view, is to approach from the North. Just outside Hyrule Castle Town is a fork in the path. Ride between the forks, up the hill, and you’ll see a stone wall. This is actually a bluff. Stay to the left of the wall, but ride along side it. Once you reach the apex at the bottom of the bluff, the Poe should appear. Aim high!

Big Poe #6

This Poe always gives me trouble because it seems to like to appear right near the wall, then immediately disappear into the wall. If you don’t get the angle just right, that’s what will happen. To the West of Hyrule Castle Town is an area where the Zora River runs between the town and a wall that I assume is adjacent to Gerudo Valley. Near this North-South-running wall is where the Poe likes to hide. Ride Epona near the wall, but not right up against it. If you approach from the South, the Poe may cross the river and you’ll have the river bank and a tree to contend with. If you approach from the East, you run the risk of it appearing, then disappearing into the wall. Pick your poison!

Big Poe #7

This can be the toughest of all, because you’re working in close quarters. I find the easiest way to get this Poe is to approach from the South. Start at the Entrance to Lake Hylia, and ride North toward Gerudo Valley. Hug the left-hand wall as you pass under the cliff overhang. Once you’re past the cliff, turn right at the fork in the road, and the Poe should appear between where the two bluffs come closest, and it should float up the hill. There’s a chance it could go up over the cliff near Gerudo valley entrance, as shown in the screenshot. That is no fun.

Big Poe #8

For this Poe, start from the entrance of Lake Hylia, and ride Northeast. You’ll see a cluster of brown-ish trees, and one lone green tree to the left of the cluster. Ride between the green tree and the cluster, through a grass patch. The Poe should appear right in front of you.

Big Poe #9

This Poe hides among the cluster of brownish trees, very near the previous one. Approach from the Northeast and ride into the midst of the trees.

Big Poe #10

This Poe resides near Poe # 7, but is a little easier. Start out as if you were going for Poe #7, but continue past where the two cliffs come close to each other, then veer a bit to the left, so that you ride between the tree and the cliff (tree on your right). After you are past the tree, veer slightly right towards uphill. The Poe should appear just after passing the tree.

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