Bombers’ Notebook


Event 1

Day 1, 2 or 3, anytime  – North Clock Town

The Bombers Gang has only one real event of consequence and that is already completed by the time that you gain the notebook. You must complete the task that Jim assigns to you, and this can be done on any day. Pop the Majora’s Mask balloon in North Clock Town and talk to Jim (as a human) to have him assign you the task of catching all the members of his gang before sunrise the following day. Therefore, it’s recommended that you pop the balloon and talk to Jim during the day (just in case).

There are two members in East Clock Town, two members in North Clock Town and one member in West Clock Town. You have to chase the kids and catch them all before sunrise the following day. Once you do, you will be awarded with a Bombers notebook and the code to access their hideout (this code is recorded permanently in your notebook, and you do not have to chase the kids every time you want to access their hideout). With this, the Bombers entry is complete.

Man from the Curiosity Shop

Event 1

Day 3, 1:00pm  – Room behind the Laundry Pool

This event can also be found in the complete Anju and Kafei sidequest page, but it will be reiterated here. Make sure that you do not save the Bomb Shop owner’s mother on night one because doing so will make this event impossible. After all events in the Kafei and Anju sidequest up until day three have been completed, visit the room behind the laundry pool at this time to find the man from the Curiosity Shop there. After explaining that he and Kafei are good friends, he will give you Kafei’s prized Keaton’s Mask as well as a letter that Kafei had addressed to his mother.

Event 2

Day 3, 10:00pm – Curiosity Shop

In order to complete this event, you must have actually saved the Bomb Shop owner’s mother on night one. Therefore, if you have just completed the previous event, you will have to play the song of time to return to the dawn of the first day. Visit the Curiosity Shop on the night of the third day when it opens with a wallet full of 500 rupees. The man will not have received the bomb bags that Sakon was supposed to steal, and therefore, will be selling the All-Night Mask. Purchasing this mask will complete the Curiosity Shop man’s entry.

Old Lady from the Bomb Shop

Event 1

Day 1, 12:15am – North Clock Town

At this late hour, the Bomb Shop owner’s mother will be making a delivery to the Bomb Shop. However, a certain criminal will be waiting to ambush her (you have to wonder why she’s out so late). This criminal is Sakon, and at precisely 12:15am, he will take the bag that she is carrying and attempt to make off with it. If Link is in the area, you’ll be able to witness the scene and will even have a chance to stop him by either slashing him with your sword or by shooting him with an arrow. He won’t die, but he will at least drop the bag that he was attempting to steal. After he runs right past the so-called security guard at the North Clock Town gate, you’ll return to a cut-scene in which the old lady thanks you by giving you a precious mask. The lady is then able to make her scheduled delivery to the Bomb Shop, thus allowing you to purchase a bomb bag.


Event 1

Day 1, 6:00am-6:00pm – Romani Ranch

When you arrive at the Romani Ranch by blowing up the rock that is blocking Milk Road with a powder keg, moving no more than a few yards into the ranch will begin a short cut-scene in which Link runs over to the small horse stall near the ranch house, only to find none other than the horse that was stolen from him by the Skull Kid. If you speak with the girl who is running around just outside the barn, she will introduce herself as Romani. Romani then explains why is she is outside with a bow in her hand- apparently, every year at that same time, they come to the ranch. They come to the ranch and steal cows from the barn. Romani doesn’t know who “they” are or why they do this. All that Romani knows is that this time, she wants to defend the ranch- and she needs your help. Romani enlists you to defend the ranch when they come, so she has you train with your horse, Epona. You must ride Epona around the ranch and shoot all of the inflatable aliens that Romani has set up in under a minute and thirty seconds. If you can manage this, Romani will teach you the song that calls Epona to you anytime that you desire (even if you don’t, she will still teach the song to you).

Event 2

Day 1, 2:30am – Romani Ranch

Romani instructs you to be at the ranch at 2:30am- that’s when they arrive. Now, when it all begins, you don’t necessarily need to be on horseback with your bow (I personally find this to be more difficult). At precisely 2:30am, they will begin invading. A large ball of light will appear in the sky and begin producing strange-looking creatures in various places across the ranch. You’ll need to shoot these creatures with your bow and arrows (which can be replenished by cutting down the grass behind the barn and by rolling into the box in front of the barn. These are, however, limited, so use these resources wisely). If you attempt to slash these creatures with your sword, nothing will happen.  You will need to keep these creatures at bay as they slowly make their way to the barn (and watch out for the ones that appear BEHIND the barn!!), and if you can manage to do so until sunrise at 5:15am, then they will disappear, and the battle will have been won. These creatures will reappear in their beginning location every time that you shoot them, so I would suggest fighting them on foot. Also, you have two options- if you play the inverted song of time, then it 5:15 will come a lot slower than usual. However, the creatures will approach the barn at a much slower rate. If you keep the flow of time normal, the creatures will move faster, but time will obviously be moving faster, so you won’t have to delay them as long. Each choice has a benefit and consequence, so choose wisely. When it’s all over, Romani will thank you by rewarding you with a bottle full of milk fresh from the ranch.


Event 1

Day 2, 6:00pm – Romani Ranch

If you were successful in protecting the ranch on night one, Romani and he older sister, Cremia, will be eternally grateful. If you stick around at the ranch until dusk on the second day, you will find Cremia getting ready to drive a shipment of milk out to Clock Town. I’m sure that if you ask nicely, you can hitch a ride with her into town. So, take the ride and as you go into town, Cremia will have her own soliloquy. However, it’s interrupted by a roadblock- literally. As you progress through Milk Road, Cremia will be forced through a detour because of a roadblock. This detour takes you through the racing track of the Gorman Brothers. Surprisingly enough, Cremia’s cart will be ambushed by a gang of masked horse riders aiming to destroy Cremia’s shipment of milk. Cremia will ask that you defend her as you make your way through the detour and away from Milk Road. If you can keep these bandits at bay with your bow and arrows long enough to keep most of the milk bottles intact, then Cremia will thank your courage, once you’ve reached Clock Town, with Romani’s Mask. Romani’s mask allows you access to the exclusive Milk Bar in East Clock Town during their late hours. There, you can buy regular milk or the magical Chateau Romani.

Mayor Dotour

Event 1

Any Day, 10:00am-5:59pm – Mayor Dotour’s Office

This event is simple enough. If you’ve managed to complete the entire Anju and Kafei sidequest and retrieved the Couple’s Mask, you can do the mayor of Clock Town a huge favor. If you haven’t done so already, go into the mayor’s office to witness a heated debate between the builders of the tower in South Clock Town and the town guards with Mayor Dotour in the middle at his desk, unable to quell the anger by any means. If you walk into the room and speak to the mayor while wearing the couple’s mask, everyone in the room will suddenly stop their bickering to remark that a wedding has taken place. Dotour finally has the chance to voice his opinion. He steps into the argument saying that everyone is worried about their families and that everyone should do what they believe is best. After everyone leaves his office, the grateful mayor will reward you with a piece of heart.

Madame Aroma

Event 1

Day 1 or 2, 10:00am-5:59pm – Mayor Dotour’s Residence

As noted in the Anju and Kafei sidequest, if you visit Madame Aroma, the wife of Mayor Dotour, in her residence during the day on days one or two, she will offer you Kafei’s Mask in the hopes that you will aid her in the quest to find her son, Kafei. Wearing this mask will allow anyone that you speak to offer all that they know about the missing man, and it will set up the entire Anju and Kafei sidequest.

Event 1

Day 3, 6:00pm-5:59am – Milk Bar

In the process of Anju and Kafei, you should receive a letter from Kafei that is addressed to his mother, Madame Aroma. She will be drinking herself silly (with milk) at the Milk Bar in East Clock Town on the eve of the Carnival of Time. If you hand deliver Kafei’s message to her, she will be so relieved that Kafei is safe that, in exchange for your kindness, Aroma will kindly give you a full bottle of Chateau Romani. This wonderful substance, while not of much use at this time, will fill your magic meter to capacity and it will never run out- unless you go back in time.


Event 1

Days 1 or 2, 10:00pm-5:59am – Milk Bar

Toto is the plump little Zora manager of the Indigo-go’s, a band of Zoras set to perform at the upcoming Carnival of Time. When you enter the Milk Bar on nights one or two, you’ll find Toto, who is disappointed that the show in which his band was supposed to perform has been cancelled. When you speak to him, he’ll ask you to do a sound check for him, so get up on the stage as whoever you are first (likely human Link). Toto will have you stand under a certain spotlight and play a short melody with your ocarina. Gorman, who’s sulking at the bar, will remark about the senseless racket that Toto is putting on.

If you transform into another character (i.e. Zora, Deku, Goron) and speak with Toto, he will ask you to continue the sound check. Since you play a different instrument in each form, you will stand underneath a different spotlight and play a different melody. Continue this through all of you forms, and they will all combine and play simultaneously to create a full melody. This melody is none other than the Ballad of the Wind Fish (I’ve never heard that name before!). The grumpy Gorman will weep upon hearing this melody, and if you speak with him, he will confer upon you the Circus Leader’s Mask, which is probably the most useless mask that you will acquire. Its only effect is that, when you assist Cremia in her delivery to Clock Town, the masked pursuers will not attack her cart if you wear it.


Event 1

Days 1 or 2, 10:00pm-5:59am – Milk Bar

This event is quite literally the same event that you completed when you helped Toto. If you completed that event and made Toto happy, you will have done the same thing with Gorman and completed his entry as well. Pretty easy, huh?


Event 1

Day 1, 12:00am – Any mailbox

This event is a direct consequence of the Anju and Kafei sidequest. In this event, you do not directly communicate with the postman. What you will be doing is depositing the letter that Anju has written to Kafei in the mailbox. The postman will pick up the letter the next day and deliver it to Kafei where he currently resides.

Event 2

Day 1 or 2, 3:00pm-12:00am – Post Office

On the first two days after the postman has made his daily runs, he will return to his office in West Clock Town for practice. The postman is a very punctual person. He lives by his schedule and will not do anything unless it is in his schedule. However, punctuality such as this requires a lot of practice. Therefore, when you enter the Post Office, you will find the postman on his bed going through practice sessions. He will be pretending to be running in precisely ten second intervals. If you interrupt his training, he will suggest that you try it yourself. What you will need to do is stop a timer directly on 10’00”. The time will appear for the first three seconds, but after that, you will need to rely on your own timing. However, if you wear the bunny hood while completing this, you will be able to see the timer the entire time, which is a huge help. If you can manage this feat, the postman will reward your hard work with a piece of heart.

Event 3

Day 3, 6:00pm-5:59am – Post Office/ Milk Bar

This last event is another part of the story to reunite Anju and Kafei. Once you have completed the story through the Sakon’s hideout task, you’ll still have that priority mail from Kafei to Madame Aroma. In order to complete the Postman’s entry in your notebook, you should take the priority mail directly to the postman in his office. He will be frantically debating between fleeing the city and sticking to his schedule. Fleeing is not in the schedule, so he’s confused. If you give him this letter to deliver, it will resolve his dilemma and he will deliver the letter to Madame Aroma at the Milk Bar. If you follow him and wait for him to leave the Milk Bar, he will emerge with a relieved feeling. Madame Aroma will have relieved him of his duties, and if you speak with him when he stops, he will hand over his hat, as he has no need for it anymore. This postman’s hat allows you to check all of the mailboxes in town. The first one that you check will spit out a piece of heart. All subsequent mailboxes will yield no more than one green rupee at a time.

Rosa Sisters

Event 1

Days 1 or 2, 6:00pm-5:59am – West Clock Town

During the day, you will find the Rosa Sisters pacing about in the Stock Pot Inn. They, too, are preparing for a performance during the Carnival of Time. However, they seem to have hit a writer’s block- err, more of a… dancer’s block?  Anyway, it is, once again, Link’s duty to step in and to save the day. If you have completed Kamaro’s entry in the Bombers notebook (which is unlikely if you are performing these tasks sequentially as his entry follows this one by several more) then you should have acquired Kamaro’s Mask. It’s an odd little mask- rather than a face itself, it has a whole head sprouting from where the forehead should be. On top of this, it allows Link to pass on the exotic dance moves of Kamaro to anyone. If Link wears this mask in front of the Rosa Sisters, who can be seen on nights one and two in West Clock Town practicing their routines, then he will be able to pass on these dance moves from Kamaro to them. They will be inspired by these moves, and will be eternally grateful to Link- so grateful, in fact, that they will go so far as to call you their master and to give you a piece of their hearts.


Event 1

Any Day, 12:00am-5:59am – Stock Pot Inn’s Restroom

At all other times, the Stock Pot Inn seems like a relatively normal place- it’s devoid of any sort of oddities, creatures or strange things of any sort, unlike the world that exists just outside the front door. However, this humble hotel is no exception to the strange things that plague this world. At midnight on any night, you can witness a very strange sight- a long, grungy-looking arm will extrude from the toilet of the Stock Pot Inn’s restroom. If you speak to it (I don’t dare give it a gender), it will beg for some paper- any kind of paper will do. If you happened to have just met with Anju and received her letter addressed to Kafei, you can end their love relations right there and allow this… thing to use it for toilet paper. If you managed to secure a title deed for a Deku flower that you are no longer in need of, it will do just fine. Once you have handed the hand a handful of parchment (and for Din’s sake, someone give it some hand sanitizer, too), it will thank you by throwing out something that had been dropped into the toilet a little while ago- a piece of heart.

Anju’s Grandmother

Event 1

Days 1 or 2, 6:00am-5:59pm – Stock Pot Inn, Anju’s grandmother’s room

Beneath the guest rooms, on the first floor sits a very cozy room with a fire that’s always burning in the fireplace, warm carpeting, a comfortable bed and rows upon rows of books. Seated next to the fire in a wheelchair, you will find Anju’s grandmother. If you talk to her, however, she seems to be a bit delirious. She will refer to you as “Tortus” and ask you if you have finished helping father. Setting that aside, you’ll find that she would like to read you some stories that pass the time well. One story, which lasts for two hours, is called “The Carnival of Time.” The other story is entitled “The Four Giants.” If you attempt to sit through these stories without properly preparing yourself, you will fall asleep and awaken when the story is finished. However, if you have attained the All-Night Mask, you can stay awake during these stories while wearing it. First, ask her to read “The Carnival of Time.” Once she has finished, she will ask you about the story to see if you paid attention. Respond to her with the first choices that you are given. She will then reward you with a “piece of candy.” After that, have her read “The Four Giants,” and when she asks you about this one, respond with “I dunno.” She will again, reward you with another “piece of candy.” Your grandmother really knows how to treat kids!


Event 1

Any Day, 12:00am-5:59am – Tall Mushroom Rock, North Termina Field

Kamaro is a dancer with some very exotic moves. He is what some would call a lost soul, and Kamaro has only one wish. He wishes to spread his dance moves across the world and have them be known by every dancer. Link should be up for the task- he’s pretty light on his feet (although let’s hope that they aren’t both left feet). Hop over to the rock where you hear Kamaro’s music and observe him dancing in a circle of rocks. He’ll go on about his dream (and apparently you need translations). If, after he’s done speaking, you play the song of healing for Kamaro, he will put his faith with you and leave you with his mask. This mask allows Link to perform Kamaro’s dance moves for anyone he wishes.


Event 1

Any Day, 6:00am-8:00pm – Cucco Shack, Romani Ranch

Grog is depressed- he sulks around his shack all day because he won’t be able to see his cucco chickens live to become full-grown cuccos. Well, he’s in luck- Link has come around to help. If you march into the shack on any day between the cracks of dawn and dusk (does dusk crack?) with the Bremen’s mask in hand, you’ll be able to help Grog see some full-grown cuccos. Wear your Bremen’s Mask and march around the shack, and as you do so, you’ll collect all of the chicks that wander everywhere. You have to collect them one at a time, and if you stop marching, they will all run back to their original spots. Collect all of the chicks and you will watch them grow into full-grown cuccos, one at a time. Grog will be so happy with you that he will reward you with the Bunny Hood which allows you to run at approximately 1.5x your normal speed.

Gorman Brothers

Event 1

Any Day, 6:00am-5:59pm – Gorman Brothers Track, Milk Road

Walk up to the Gorman Brothers on any day when they are taking bets for racing, and you find that they are- well, they’re not the most pleasant individuals to be around. They’ll insult you and your horse, but if you are brave enough to stand up to them, they will challenge you to a horse race for ten rupees. If you played Ocarina of Time, this race is quite similar to the one in which you raced against Ingo to acquire your horse, Epona. You will do one lap around their track, and if you can manage to beat both of them (I suggest leaping over the fences and shooting them with arrows- it slows them down a little), they will hand over one of their precious Garo masks to keep you hushed up. This mask will allow you entry into Ikana Canyon, and it will give you the ability to fight the Garo warriors there and to learn valuable secrets from them when they are defeated.


Event 1

Any Day, 6:00am-5:59am – Entrance to Ikana Canyon

When you enter Ikana Canyon, you will see a lot of things- tall pillars, large boulders and real bombchus that are all native to this place. However, there’s one very small, inconspicuous little circle of rocks that is set out of the way from the rest of the scene. It’s nothing special- if you’ve played this game and its predecessor, Ocarina of Time, small circles of rocks are not really something out of the ordinary, so why should this one be?  Well, if you just happen to take out your lens of truth and gaze at the center of the circle, you might see something quite out of the ordinary.


Event 1

Days 1 or 2, 12:00am-5:59am – Laundry Pool, Clock Town

A member of the traveling Gorman Troupe, Guru-Guru does nothing but play his music box- all day. He can be seen playing this music box mostly in his room of the Stock Pot Inn, however, you can also find this man sulking in the Laundry Pool on nights one and two. Talk to him, and you’ll hear about his disgruntled past. This guy was supposedly a part of an animal troupe in the past, and he somehow acquired this Bremen’s Mask. As thanks for listening to his tale, he will hand over this mask which has the power to make small animals follow you.

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