Chapter 9: The House by the Bay
  1. 9.1 Learn Manbo’s Mambo
  2. 9.2 Visit the ghost’s home
  3. 9.3 Put the ghost to rest
  4. 9.4 Dive into Catfish’s Maw

9.1 Learn Manbo’s Mambo


Before gallivanting back to the mainland, take a quick detour just west one screen. You’ll see another cave entrance (one you’ve probably seen before). Now with the power of the Flippers, you can enter in this fishy little cavern.

Inside, you’ll meet the great Manbo, a giant fish with a penchant for music. He’ll take notice of your Ocarina and invite to teach you a song. The song isn’t the most utilitarian song in the world, but it will help cut a little time here and there as you travel to and fro. He will teach you the Manbo’s Mambo, and this song has two different effects.

First, if you’re outside in the overworld, it will warp you straight to Crazy Tracy’s Health Spa, where you can acquire the Special Medicine for a handful of Rupees. (Every time you talk to Crazy Tracy, she will change the price of it, always alternating between 42 and 28 Rupees.) The Special Medicine will, the moment you lose all your hearts, resurrect you a single time and completely refill your hearts. However, after that, you’ll have to rebuy it to get the same effect. The warp point is partially useful should you need this medicine; however, it’s even more useful as a convenient warp point from any random place on the map.

However, if you’re in a dungeon, this will automatically warp you back to the dungeon’s entrance. Generally, this isn’t incredibly useful, especially as how defeating the primary mini-boss of the dungeon will provide a warp point back to the beginning of the level. However, it is going to be super useful in the next dungeon.

Sidequests Galore
The Flippers allow you to go and fetch many things across Koholint. The eighth and ninth Pieces of Heart are now available as are Secret Seashells #19 through #22, thereby also allowing you to get the L-2 Seashell Sword. You can also upgrade your ability to carry Bombs as well.

9.2 Visit the ghost’s home


la9-2aFrom here, swim back east to the dungeon entrance. Take the staircase leading down into the earth, and you can then continue walking through the cave, pushing the boulder out of your way to reach the other side. Once you exit, it’s a simple one screen walk left to find the warp point.

If you warp to Ukuku Prairie (or indeed wander anywhere within spitting distance of the fifth dungeon), you will notice that you’ll have a new friend following you around: the lonely ghost. The ghost will beg of you to take it to its home by the bay. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t have to think too much about him (or her?); however, this ghost will forcibly deny you entrance to any dungeon you seek to enter so long as (s)he is following you.

As a result, you have no choice but to do as the ghost says.

You have my Bow…
If you’ve been getting all of the Rupee-filled treasure chests and doing a fair bit of Rupee collection, you’re probably nearing the maximum Rupee cache of 999. From here on, the Bow will be extremely useful in dungeons. If you can afford it, get it as you pass through Mabe Village. If you can almost afford it, consider grinding for it. If you can’t afford it, you won’t absolutely need it until near the end of the game, but you might consider stealing it just to give yourself a leg up on the competition.


The House by the Bay is just east of Toronbo Shores. So from the Ukuku Prairie warp point, take the now-familiar route east through Mabe Village and then south to the shoreline. Then continue east past Sale’s House O’ Bananas and the monkey in the tree. Lift up the rocks at the edge of the sand line, and then continue along the pathway until you reach the house you see.

“…Nostalgia… …unchanged… …boo hoo… …Enough… …Cemetery… …Take Me… …my grave…”

When you enter the house, you’ll invoke a small skit as the lonely ghost explores his/her former home, inspecting it for any changes that may or may not have taken place. In this case, it’s the latter, and the ghost will lament that the home has been long abandoned and is exactly as it was left. It’s that sadness that provokes the ghost to make you one final request, to escort to the ghost’s final resting place.

9.3 Put the ghost to rest


This is where Manbo’s Mambo will come in handy. Without it, you’ll have to backtrack from whence you came and then journey to the Cemetery. Using the Ocarina to warp yourself to Crazy Tracy’s Health Spa, in this case, is a godsend.

From the Health Spa, head south two screens, tossing the rocks out of your way as you encounter them. When you reach the Witch’s Hut, hop over the potholes to your left and proceed west one screen. Lift up the rock at the head of the stairs so that you can descend the staircase. Beware of the infinite spawning of Zombies here as you make your way up the staircase to the left.

As you approach the lonely gravestone, the ghost will wish you a heartfelt thanks. As a sign of that thanks, the ghost will offer you a nice reward… that is unfortunately back at the House by the Bay. Thanks a lot?

Secret Seashell
With the ghost put to rest, you can now get Secret Seashell #23.

9.4 Dive into Catfish’s Maw


Finally, you’re now able to enter the fifth dungeon. The quickest way to get there is to return to the Witch’s Hut, head south two screens to reach the Ukuku Prairie warp, and then head to the Animal Village.

Once you leave Animal Village, head north one screen and then head west one screen. Be wary of the Bomber until you reach the water’s surface.

Trading Sequence
While in Martha’s Bay, provided you’ve advanced the trading sequence up to the Fishing Hook, you can trade it for the Necklace and then the Mermaid’s Scale, the penultimate item, in relatively short order.

If you head southwest from the ladder to the center of Martha’s Bay, you will see a giant fish-like head that serves as the entrance to the Catfish’s Maw. However, it is surrounded by rocks, but you can find its secret entrance very easily. Swim into the little nook between the rocks just to the lower left of the Maw and then dive. You’ll find a little underwater cave that will bring you inside the rocks, allowing you access to the dungeon.

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