Chapter 8: Angler’s Tunnel
  1. 8.1 Return to Marin
  2. 8.2 Reveal the dungeon in the waterfall
  3. 8.3 Drop down from the Tal Tal Mountains
  4. 8.4 Grab the Stone Beak and Map
  5. 8.5 Obtain the first two keys
  6. 8.6 Return to the start for the Compass
  7. 8.7 Retrieve the far-flung key
  8. 8.8 Defeat Cue Ball
  9. 8.9 Swim with the Flippers
  10. 8.10 Obtain the Nightmare Key
  11. 8.11 Defeat the Angler Fish

8.1 Return to Marin


With the Angler’s Key in your inventory, exit the Yarna Desert. If you want to shortcut your way out without having to deal with any enemies, head south from Moldorm’s screen and then take the western alley until you return back to where the walrus used to be.

From there, Marin will be impossible to miss. Just continue back along the well-trodden path towards Animal Village, and you’ll spot her singing to a flock of rabbits and otherwise. The animals will be completely tuned out to you if you try to talk to them, but Marin is a different subject. Talk to her, and she’ll notice that you have an Ocarina. She’ll offer to sing a song while you play, and agreeing to that will finally teach you a song that you can play on the Ocarina. You won’t need this song for quite a while, but it’s best to get it while you’re here.

“They say the ‘ballad of the wind fish’ is a song of awakening. if the Wind Fish wakes up, will he make my wish come true?”

Clearly, the Wind Fish's ballad is a powerful song.

Clearly, the Wind Fish’s ballad is a powerful song.

8.2 Reveal the dungeon in the waterfall


The fourth dungeon is far in the northern part of Koholint. Unless you’ve been exploring the expanse of the island on your own and uncovered the warp point just next to the fourth dungeon, you’ll have a long way to journey.

Take the southeast exit out of Animal Village and use the warp to travel to Ukuku Prairie. Then start proceeding northward. Lift up the rock out of the way after you climb the stairs, continue past the infinite spawning of Zombies in order to arrive at the Witch’s Hut. Lift up the stone and continue heading north, however; you’ll eventually come to a small house.

This is Crazy Tracy’s Health Spa. For the low cost of 28 or 42 Rupees (she alternates the price every time you talk to her), you can obtain a Magic Potion from Crazy Tracy that will restore all your hearts if ever you lose them all. It’s not a bad investment, though do realize that you should also be saving up for that 980-Rupee Bow in Mabe’s shop. But a mere 28 Rupees won’t make a dent into that nest egg, and it is a worthwhile investment. (Though you can get a few for free later into the game.)

“Hi there, big guy! I’m Crazy Tracy! I’ve got a little secret for sale that’ll pump you up!”

From the Health Spa, head west one screen to the familiar cross-shaped pit. Jump onto the island then proceed north. Continue in that direction and you’ll skirt the eastern edge of Goponga Swamp until you’re face to face once again with Bottle Grotto. Unfortunately, this isn’t the dungeon that you’re looking for. To get to the keyhole for the correct one, continue your journey eastward from here.

You'll need to wander along the edges of the Tal Tal Mountain Range.

You’ll need to wander along the edges of the Tal Tal Mountain Range.

From the entrance to Bottle Grotto, continue east four screens, always staying towards the top of the screen, until you come across a handful of Pig Warriors. Defeat them and then lift up the rock they were guarding so that you may head east for one more screen. After that, simply follow the path down the stairs. You’ll want to veer toward the northeast, and after not much exploration you will find a keyhole embedded into the edge of a cliff overlooking the river.

Insert your key, and suddenly the waterfall along the cliff will miraculously dry up, revealing a rather large relief of a Zora’s mouth. That is the fourth dungeon. But unfortunately, being as it’s in the middle of the river, the next challenge is actually getting to the dungeon.

8.3 Drop down from the Tal Tal Mountains

We cannot stress how crucial this warp point will be later.

We cannot stress how crucial this warp point will be later.

Before heading straight to the dungeon, do yourself a quick favor. Head east one screen and you’ll come across the northern warp. If you hadn’t yet been here, this will save you tons of time as you continue your journeys through Koholint.

Once done, it’s time to backtrack a bit. Head south one screen and follow your footsteps back west by north. You might remember, as you journeyed your way to the keyhole for Angler’s Key, that you passed some staircases leading up into the mountains. When you find the first such staircase on your way back, deviate from your course and follow it northward. You’ll eventually find a small cave that’s blocked by three small rocks. Lift them up and enter the cavern.

The cave will be inhabited by a Hardhat Beetle and Keese. Dispatch the Hardhat Beetle first since it’s the obvious threat; then worry about the Keese as need be. Continue east in order to find another sliding block puzzle.

Solving the sliding block puzzle

Step One Push the block right in front of you up one square into the pit.

Step One Push the block right in front of you up one square into the pit.

Step Two Destroy the wooden stake that you can reach.

Step Two Destroy the wooden stake that you can reach.

Step Three Push the stone to the wooden stake's right to the right.

Step Three Push the stone to the wooden stake’s right to the right.

Step Four Then push the stone just below the stone you just moved south one square to access the staircase.

Step Four Then push the stone just below the stone you just moved south one square to access the staircase.


You’ll only find Keese in the basement of this cave. They’re really nothing to sneeze at, so just keep walking and head up the staircase you find. You’ll see a tempting Piece of Heart back on the upper floor, but unfortunately that taunt can’t be answered right now. Instead, just head east. If you haven’t gotten it already, there’s 50 Rupees just outside the first exit to the cavern. However, to reach the dungeon, don the Pegasus Boots and dash through the crystal structures to reach the second cave exit.

Back outside, it’s a simple matter of walking out into the shallow water and proceeding east. You’ll eventually find a dried up bit of land, and this is the part that dried up thanks to your use of the Angler’s Key. Take a daring leap of faith off the exposed bit of cliff to the south, and you’ll land just outside the fourth dungeon.

8.4 Grab the Stone Beak and Map

You can ignore the enemies for now; they're annoying and only important later.

You can ignore the enemies for now; they’re annoying and only important later.

It shouldn’t take too long before you figure out that this dungeon’s theme is water. Yes, this is the infamous “water dungeon” of the game, though it’s quite far from the most difficult or most confusing dungeon of the game.

Head north, and immediately you’ll be beset by a red Zol and two Spiked Beetles. You don’t have to defeat these now if you don’t want as they won’t do anything for you other than drop potentially useful items or Rupees. Instead, continue north out of the water via the stairs to the north.

Take a quick turn eastward and follow the topmost alley of the screen as far as you can. Eventually you’ll be led to a little alcove in a room containing a treasure chest. Open it up to retrieve the Stone Beak.

Head back west to leave the screen the way you came in. Then take the passageway northward, going as far along this narrow corridor as you can. Two screens north, one screen east, and another screen north will lead you straight to the dungeon’s Map.

8.5 Obtain the first two keys

Use the dashing jump to clear this three-block gap to head to the right.

Use the dashing jump to clear this three-block gap to head to the right.

Head back one screen south. This time, however, head down the ladder leading towards the cross-shaped pit in the center. With the Pegasus Boots and Roc’s Feather, you can leap over the gap horizontally to reach the eastern exit.

In that next room, you’ll find a Water Tektite, a Peahat, and an Anti-fairy. Water Tektites will occasionally scuttle towards you every so often; however, they cannot leave the water in order to cross dry land. On the other hand, Peahats will occasionally spin their leaves like a propeller and hover just off the ground, gliding aimlessly across the room; while spinning Peahats are completely invulnerable, but you can kill them with your sword whilst they are immobile. This will also be your first exposure to deep water; you can’t swim yet, so if you attempt to enter the dark blue sections of water, you will drown and return to the start of the room.

Defeat the two enemies and dodge the Anti-fairy (or convert it into a normal fairy, as you wish). Then place a Bomb next to the cracked block so that the resulting explosion will destroy it. You will then be able to have solid land to stand on to allow you to push the other block rightward into the water. The chest will finally be free, and you can open it for your first key.

From there, head north. More Water Tektites and Peahats will greet you. Follow the path of light water to the doorway leading northward. Here you’ll face one more Water Tektite and two Anti-fairies. You’ll need a second Bomb to take care of the cracked block blocking your path; once you’ve cleared the road, you can get the second Small Key from the chest.

8.6 Return to the start for the Compass


And now comes the unfortunate news: You’ve reached a dead end. And worse yet is that there aren’t any other branching pathways you can access between here and the beginning of the dungeon. As a result, you’re going to have to backtrack all the way back to the second room of the dungeon.

So head south two screens and then head west, jumping over the long horizontal pit. Ascend the stairs and then head southwest along the raised catwalk until you reach the room containing the Zol and the Spiked Beetles. Your goal now is to head east, but, once you walk away from the edge of the screen, the doorway east will shut. You’ll need to kill the Zol and Beetles with your sword and shield in order to open that up.

The next room is very similar to the one you just left. It contains two Spiked Beetles and another Red Zol. How familiar! However, this room also has a Spark as well, making your space just a little more cramped. Defeat the trio of enemies to make your life easy; then you’re free to open the chest they were guarding. Inside it you will find the dungeon’s Compass.

8.7 Retrieve the far-flung key

Getting the key in the chest is important, but killing Tektites and not drowning is also important.

Getting the key in the chest is important, but killing Tektites and not drowning is also important.

To reach the mini-boss of the dungeon, you’ll need a total of four keys. You’ve already got two, and the third one is close by: Just head south. This room isn’t that terrible. Four Water Tektites, a line of wooden stakes, and a little bit of deep water guard a chest containing a key. Avoid the deep water, naturally, as you circle the room to kill the Water Tektites. Killing the four enemies will reopen the door, but you can collect the key at any time since it’s safely guarded by land.

Once you’re done, head back north and then unlock the door to the east. Your second key will be spent at the end of the room. Kill any Water Tektites that get in your way, and use Roc’s Feather to jump over the small gaps of deep water as you hug the southern and eastern walls. Unlock the next door and keep moving.

More Peahats and Water Tektites will get in your way here, but they’re nothing new. There is a chest here, but unfortunately you can’t reach it just yet. So for now you’ll just have to ignore it. North again is a familiar room; defeat the Zols that pop up and then use the Boots and Feather to leap over the gap, vertically this time. Continue north to find a locked block. A tricky Sword Stalfos awaits you on the other side once you push the block just north of the locked block up, but it’s nothing you haven’t seen before either. Proceed west.

To the north is the locked door to the mini-boss. However, you don’t yet have the fourth key that you need for it. Unfortunately for you, it’s still a little ways off. More Zols await here, but they’re child’s play. Continue south, and you’ll eventually find a rather obvious pathway that leads you through several different rooms. Each room will have different enemies to block your path. First you’ll have Spiked Beetles; then it’ll be various combinations of Water Tektites and Peahats (who always seem to like being together!); finally, you’ll reach another Sword Stalfos with a Shrouded Stalfos and a Zol, all of which guarding a treasure chest.

You might think this chest might contain the key, but unfortunately it doesn’t; if you open it up, you’ll discover that it’s a booby trap. At least it only contains a Zol, and who knows? It might drop a single Rupee for you!

Finally, the key you need!

Finally, the key you need!

Head north into a room with a trio of Water Tektites, but then immediately head to the east. There you’ll finally find the chest that you want. Watch out for the Spark as you open it up to get the fourth key of the dungeon.

8.8 Defeat Cue Ball

This dungeon requires SO MUCH BACKTRACKING.

This dungeon requires SO MUCH BACKTRACKING.

And now you’ll need to make your way back to that locked door that you passed earlier. Unfortunately, the only way back is the way you came. If you defeated most of the enemies as you passed, most of them should still be defeated as you head back.

Head west into the room with the five tiles, south twice to reach the room with the large lake, east twice to the corner of the lake, and then north three times. This will lead you back to the locked door, which you can open straightaway.

Behind it is the dungeon’s mini-boss Cue Ball. Cue Ball is a round cephalopod that has an extremely armored front but relatively exposed backside. The room in which it resides is laid out as a rectangular track with a blocking wall in the interior. Cue Ball just so happens to fit this track perfectly.

It will race around the track either clockwise or counterclockwise. You won’t be able to get around it; you only have two choices to avoid taking damage. The first is to race it. By using the Pegasus Boots, you can attempt to follow it around the track in hopes of catching up to it and placing a perfectly placed Dash Attack into its backside. However, this is the more tedious method of damaging it, especially considering that Cue Ball will occasionally switch directions.

Cue Ball will change directions every time it takes damage.

Cue Ball will change directions every time it takes damage.

By far the easier strategy is to jump over it, ideally with a Spin Attack at the ready. When you have a little bit of space, face away from the direction that Cue Ball will attack you from. Then, when Cue Ball approaches, use Roc’s Feather to jump over it. Whilst in the air, let go of the button charging up the sword. Your Spin Attack will go off and damage Cue Ball as you fly over, dealing it crazy damage.

Whenever you successfully strike Cue Ball, it will always change directions. Charge up again and then simply repeat the process until Cue Ball is defeated. Once it’s dead, it will let loose a fairy and provide a warp point back to the dungeon’s beginning, not that you’ll be using it.

8.9 Swim with the Flippers

This lever will pull the blocks in front of each exit apart.

This lever will pull the blocks in front of each exit apart.

The dungeon item, which by now you might have guessed at, isn’t too far away now. The room north of the mini-boss has two exits—one of which being the entrance you’re coming through. And both are guarded by a pair of blocks that are slowly closing in on each other to block the exit. Quickly enter the room by scooting between the two blocks.

You’ll see that there’s a Pull Lever on the right side of the room. Equip the Power Bracelet and pull it back as far as it will go. Once the blocks are at their maximum distance, quickly make your way east. Dodge the Spark by any means necessary as taking any damage from it might delay you just enough to keep you from sneaking west.

Avoid the Spark on the way; the knockback might make you miss the opening.

Avoid the Spark on the way; the knockback might make you miss the opening.

Once you’re through, two red Zol will await you. Defeat them quickly as the statues will shoot fireballs at you so long as they’re alive. Then collect the chest in the next room, and you’ll have the Flippers, granting you the ability to both swim and dive through deep water.

8.10 Obtain the Nightmare Key

The enemies in this room will certainly complicate your life.

The enemies in this room will certainly complicate your life.

Your last task before facing the boss is to get the last of the dungeon items: the Nightmare Key. Getting it, however, is a little convoluted.

The room to the south will have a new enemy: Iron Masks. These enemies, similar to Cue Ball, are only vulnerable in the rear; attacking them from the front or the sides will just see your sword glance off of them. You’ll need to position yourself carefully to defeat them. A red Zol also happens to be in the room as well.

While you’re playing about with the enemies, you will notice that there are five tiles in this room, just as you noticed in a previous room. What’s different about this room is that one of them is flashing. This should be your cue to step on the platform. When you do so, it will light up, and another tile will start flashing. Stepping on the wrong next tile will restart the sequence.

Lighting up the floor tiles

Step One Step on the center tile.

Step One Step on the center tile.

Step Two Proceed to the lower-left tile.

Step Two Proceed to the lower-left tile.

Step Three Move to the upper-right tile.

Step Three Move to the upper-right tile.

Step Four Backflip over to the upper-left tile.

Step Four Backflip over to the upper-left tile.

Step Five Finish it off with the lower-right tile.

Step Five Finish it off with the lower-right tile.

If you successfully step on the tiles in the correct order—center, lower left, upper right, upper left, and lower right—well, nothing will happen. However, the other room with tiles will now be active.

But you can get that later.

For now, head south and then east. The couple of Zols that are in this room have probably respawned by now. You might have noticed if you killed them before that a key dropped down from the ceiling but fell down into a pit. If not, do so now. To get that key, continue east one screen and scoot past the Stalfos to descend the staircase. Hop over the spikes and head left; you’ll see that fallen key fall into a pool to the left. Dive in and collect it. Then make your way back topside.

While you’re here, you can head south two rooms if you want to snag a chest with 50 Rupees. If not, head back west and then south. You can now swim out into the lake to the west, and you can collect a chest containing another 50 Rupees there.

Now it’s time to return to the puzzle room. To check it out, head south, west, and then north twice. By now, the trio of Water Tektites will have respawned; kill them to get them out of your hair. While it might not look like this room is any different, the tiles are active. They just won’t tell you what the next tile in the sequence is. You’ll have to do it by memory… or just read up a few paragraphs to remember it. (For your convenience, it’s center, lower left, upper right, upper left, and lower right.) You’ll have to swim to the appropriate tiles off to the left, but once you climb on top of them, it’ll still recognize you. The correct sequence will open up a staircase.

Downstairs, you’ll come face to face with Thwomps straight out of Mario. Or at least they’re close, one-eyed relatives. Use the Pegasus Boots to quickly dash to the other side of them without getting squashed. On the second screen, once the Thwomp falls, quickly use Roc’s Feather to climb the ladder and jump onto its surprisingly flat top. It will lift you up high enough for you to reach the platform containing the ladder back up.

The Nightmare Key is a simple hop, skip, and a jump south.

8.11 Defeat the Angler Fish

You have one last backtrack to do; thankfully it's not big.

You have one last backtrack to do; thankfully it’s not big.

To reach the boss, head north. Then hop down from the raised platform through the gap in the wall, and then swim off to the east. Avoid the Water Tektite on the next screen and make your way to the small platform in front of the sealed door. Stepping on the switch on the ground will open that door, allowing you passage northward. You can get some fresh hearts there before unlocking the final block to reach the final staircase.

You’ll have to navigate a small, congested passageway that serves as the home of several Cheep-Cheep. Your sword will make short work of them. Swim left and eventually make your way back out.

You’ll appear in a narrow corridor forcing you west. Push the block in front of you out of the way, and then deal with the red Zols that will start to converge upon you. Once you’re ready, unlock the boss door to the north, and get ready for the fight of your life…

…Except the boss isn’t there. But there is a staircase down. Descend the steps to enter a side-scrolling area, and then head down. Now get ready for the fight of your life…


…Except the Angler Fish is the easiest boss in the entire game. In fact, it’s probably easier than all of the mini-bosses as well. The Angler Fish might look big and bad, but here’s the secret: The Angler Fish will barely have a chance to attack you. Oh certainly, if you run into it, you’ll take some nice damage as a result, and if you give it enough time, it will attempt to ram you and cause debris to fall down from on high. But if you’re sufficiently quick, all it will ever do is just gradually bob up and down like a fool.

The only other “attacks” it does is that it will summon Angler Fries, smaller versions of itself, from both edges of the screen. These are barely worth your time, though; a single hit with the sword will kill them, but you should focus more on the Angler Fish than the Fries. To deal damage, simply attack the Angler Fish’s esca, the little dangly ball of light sticking out from its forehead. Damage it quickly enough, and the battle will be over mere seconds after it started.

Swim back up and climb the ladder. Then the door northward will be open, and you can claim the Surf Harp, the fourth of the eight Instruments!


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