Chapter 7: Animal Village and Yarna Desert
  1. 7.1 Visit the island’s east side
  2. 7.2 Find the walrus
  3. 7.3 Retrieve the Ocarina from the dream world
  4. 7.4 Solicit Marin’s help
  5. 7.5 Return to the walrus
  6. 7.6 Get the Angler’s Key

7.1 Visit the island’s east side


With three dungeons down and five to go, it’s time to explore some new territory. Your direction now beckons to the east. Leave Key Cavern and head east, hopping over the islands to cross the lake. Bear north at the tree line, go east one screen, and then continue north until you reach the phone booth.

Piece of Heart and Secret Seashells
With the Pegasus Boots, you’re now able to retrieve the fifth Piece of Heart. You’re also able, if you do a bit of exploring, to obtain Secret Seashells #14 through #17.

la7-1aWalk east, dodging the flying Octoroks before then bearing south. Eventually you’ll come across a field of rocks shaped like doughnuts. Once you see these, head east. You’ll arrive at a screen with trees to the north and south, a single sign, and a lone bush to the right of a line of trees. Cut down the bush, and you’ll reveal a hidden staircase leading down into the earth. Head on in.

The cave is pretty short, but it’s full of Angler Fries, crosses between fish and sharks; they’ll jump out of the water, but that’s the time when you need to strike them down as they’re invulnerable under the water. Keep walking east, avoiding the dark blue water; you can’t swim in it yet. Then use the Pegasus Boots to break through the crystal pillars to reach the staircase on the other side.

When you emerge, you’ll be on the eastern side of Koholint Island.

7.2 Find the walrus



You’ll immediately be beset by a Bomber and a Buzz Blob. Quickly flee to the south from them. More Buzz Blobs will continue along the way, but at least you’ll be free of the Bomber. Eventually you’ll find a pathway leading to the east, and with it the safety of a new town in the game.

“Yarna Desert? There’s a way to get there…, but you might not be able to get through if that lazy walrus is in the way.”

This is the Animal Village, a strange little hamlet populated by talking animals. You’ll find bunnies, bears, artistic alligators, naked hippos, and more to be found. Talk with the residents of the town, and you’ll eventually hear about a walrus blocking the path to the Yarna Desert, your true destination. This is unfortunate, but you can see it for yourself.

Leave the town via the exit to the southwest through the empty field. There’ll be no enemies here, so you can walk at a leisurely pace. Follow the path around the small lake, and eventually you will find the walrus blocking the path. If you try talking to it, you can see it mumbling in its sleep about Marin. Perhaps she’s the key to unblocking the path leading to the desert?


Trading sequence
Now that you’ve visited Animal Village, you can now trade your Honeycomb for a Pineapple. Then, if you travel to and fro, you can upgrade your Pineapple to a Hibiscus, then to a Letter, then to the Broom, and finally to the Fishing Hook.

7.3 Retrieve the Ocarina from the dream world

You now have a second method to travel between the halves of Koholint.

You now have a second method to travel between the halves of Koholint.

The last time you saw Marin, she was all the way back in Mabe Village, which is a very far way away… or at least it would be if you took the tunnel and traveled across Ukuku Prairie. However, you now have access to a shortcut now that you’ve made it to Animal Village. Head back along the path to the village, and this time take the southeastern exit next to Chef Bear’s house. You might also want to talk to Chef Bear as you pass and also offer him the Pineapple in the trading sequence; he’ll repeat the hint that you’ll need to find Marin.

From the bear’s house, you’ll find a small staircase descending into a puddle of water. Continue west, and you’ll see a flashing warp that you might have noticed along the path to the walrus. Jump into the warp…

…and suddenly you’ll be all the way back in Ukuku Prairie, just outside of Mabe Village. Just two screens west, and you’ll be back in the familiar surrounds of Mabe. Unfortunately, Marin won’t be here at this time. She’s gone off to the beach. However, while you’re here in Mabe Village, there’s an errand to be done. Head one screen north from the shop to find an old, stone building surrounded by rocks. Lift up the rocks and enter the Dream Shrine.

“Marin? She likes to go stare at the ocean all by herself… Why? Hey, I’m just a kid, don’t ask me!”

Inside, you’ll just see nothing but a bed. However, that bed is yours for the taking. All you need to do is hop in, and you’ll dream of a different world.

la7-3dThe enemies inside this dream world are Arm-mimics. Arm-mimics will mirror your movement; if you move up, they’ll move down, and so forth. They also can’t be damaged with the sword, that is, unless you use the Spin Attack or a Dash Attack. Don your Pegasus Boots, and make a rather daring charge to blast through the enemies. Around the exterior of the room you’ll travel until you reach a crystal pillar that the Boots will plow through.

However, instead of going through it, take a quick detour up to get the treasure chest there, which will contain 100 Rupees. Only then should you drive down the crystal to get the treasure chest just to its left, which will contain the Ocarina. Right now, it doesn’t do all that much; playing it will just see you toot a few wrong notes. But one day, this will be a powerful weapon.

For now, however, just leave the dream world by hopping down the platforms and heading out the way you came in.

7.4 Solicit Marin’s help


Exit the shrine. It’s time to return to the beach to find Marin.

So naturally you’ll want to head down to the southwestern exit of Mabe Village near the library. Leap off of all of the cliffs until your feet are finally on sand; then immediately turn towards the east, watching out for the Sea Urchins and Octoroks as you walk. Eventually you’ll find a treasure chest containing 50 Rupees; seeing that is the cue to head south to the shoreline.

“When I discovered you, Link, my heart skipped a beat! I want to know everything about you… Err… Uhh, ha ha ha ha!”

There you’ll find Marin staring out into the distance. If you talk to her, you’ll be sent into a cutscene wherein you’ll find a bit more about Marin’s innermost character. She’ll tell you all about herself, but once the subject turns to you, you’ll interrupt and tell her all about the walrus. It’s that which will prompt her to travel along with you to wake the walrus and clear the path for you. You’ll raise up Marin atop your head.

Could this be your big chance, indeed?

7.5 Return to the walrus


The easiest way between here and the walrus is via the warp in Ukuku Prairie that will dump you straight back just outside of Animal Town. And the easiest way to get there is to head back the way you came. Head north one screen and then as far west as you can manage. Then you’ll need to climb the familiar climb back to Mabe Village.

Photographs (DX Version only)
With Marin following you, you can now acquire Photographs #2, #3, and #4 in the DX version of the game. The three photographs that you can get while with Marin are time-sensitive. The moment that Marin talks to the walrus, any photographs not earned with be lost forever.

Exit Mabe Village out the eastern exit leading into Ukuku Prairie. Simply travel two more screens to the east to reach the warp again. Jump in, and both you and Marin will shoot out for your destination. A simple walk east and north will return you and Marin to Animal Village. Of course, the village is gaga over Marin; everyone’s fond of her and her singing.

Awakening the walrus, will be the official end of your date, so make sure you've done what you want before proceeding!

Awakening the walrus, will be the official end of your date, so make sure you’ve done what you want before proceeding!

However, you should break away from the villagers to go about your mission. Head out the southwest exit of the village, round the bend, and head to the walrus. Talk to the walrus to prompt Marin’s singing. She’ll sing her rendition of the Ballad of the Wind Fish, and the walrus will awaken immediately. So taken in by her singing he’ll be that he’ll simply fall over into the ocean. From there, Marin will leave you and return to the village, but now you’re free to enter the desert.

7.6 Get the Angler’s Key


la7-6bThe key to the fourth dungeon is unfortunately guarded by a mini-boss monster, so you won’t get it as easily as you did the Tail Key and the Slime Key.

Once you enter the desert, head northward. You’ll come across Leevers and (if you veer off the northward path) Pokeys. Leevers will emerge out of the sand and come straight towards you, disappearing beneath the sand’s surface after a few moments, whereas Pokeys will, when being hit, shed their lowest cactus-like segment until you can strike the head. While making your northward journey, be also wary of touching the cacti; they’re sharp!

Piece of Heart and Secret Seashell
Yarna Desert is home to the sixth Piece of Heart and the 18th Secret Seashell. Both of them can be accessed by traveling to the northeastern corner of the desert area.

When you reach the northwest corner of the desert, three screens up from the starting location, you’ll run into the Lanmola, which is guarding the Angler’s Key. However, before touching on the Lanmola, it’s important to note that this battle is taking place on quicksand. You’ll constantly be fighting the current of quicksand as it slowly descends toward the low point in the center of the screen. Should you reach the center of the screen, you’ll fall down into the cave system directly below it. While it won’t damage you, it will reset Lanmola back to perfect health, so avoid it at all costs.

“Annoyance! You are only getting in the way!”

From time to time, the Lanmola will emerge from the sand (similar to Leevers); however, they will fly through the sky for a short period before falling back into the sand. The Lanmola is technically flying during this period, so the easiest way to deal damage to it is to jump with Roc’s Feather and attempt to slash the head at the same time. Make sure you line yourself up in advance, and do your best not to be bounced back towards the center of the quicksand.

It’ll take a number of hits before Lanmola will eventually run out of health. But it will certainly enough. Once it drops, it will let go of the Angler’s Key. If you can manage to grab it before it falls down, great! If not, well, you can naturally just fall down the quicksand to the cave and pick up the Angler’s Key from there. Hold it up high, and get ready for the long trek to the fourth dungeon.


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