Chapter 3: Moblin Hideout
  1. 3.1 Return to Mabe Village
  2. 3.2 Journey through the forest again
  3. 3.3 Sneak into the Moblin Hideout
  4. 3.4 Rescue BowWow

Return to Mabe Village


After defeating Moldorm, you’ll be returned to the entrance to the dungeon. With one Instrument of the Sirens in your possession, it’s time to start making a move on the second. To start on that, head west.

Before you can even make a move towards Mabe Village, the Owl will cross paths with you once again. The Owl will be surprised to see that you’ve managed to collect the Instrument and defeat Moldorm, and it thinks that maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to wake the Wind Fish. It seeks to guide you, and for now its guidance is to head to Goponga Swamp to the north of Mabe. But to get there, you’ll need to pass through Mabe Village, so that’s your first real destination.

“I have to admit, at first I did not think you were real… That Instrument… has the power to wake the Wind Fish!”

Head north back into Octorok country. Now with Roc’s Feather in your inventory, you can jump over that single gap in the terrain and take the shortcut back. Head west, and continue in that direction, sticking to the tree line, until you reach the edge of the map. From there you can head north one screen to reach the outskirts of Mabe Village, where the two boys are playing catch.

Except those two boys aren’t playing catch. They’re actually rather panicked because Moblins had stormed into Mabe Village. Something has happened, but they won’t exactly say what; however, they do direct you to Madam MeowMeow’s cottage in the village.


To hurry there without delay, head north one screen and then east one screen. Madam MeowMeow’s house will be right in front of you, but there’s something very different about it this time: that Chain Chomp that stood guard in front of the house, attacking people that got too close, has disappeared. To investigate, head inside.

“AIEEEEEEEE! It’s terrrrible! My BowWow was dognapped by… Mo-mo-MOBLINS!! OHHH! AHHHH!

She’ll be beside herself with terror. Someone has kidnapped her… dog(?). Well, I suppose it’s a reasonable enough description of the beast. But one thing is for sure; the Moblins are to blame. Which means you should head off in hot pursuit of them.


Journey through the forest again


The only place you’ve seen Moblins thus far is up in the Mysterious Forest, so that’s a good first place to head. However, the Moblin base isn’t actually in the forest but north of the forest. It still requires going through the forest, however. Head outside and then to the west to reach the Mabe Village well. From there head north until you reach the forest.

Navigating the Mysterious Forest should be a piece of cake by now.

Navigating the Mysterious Forest should be a piece of cake by now.

Navigating the forest should be old hat by now since you spent enough time trekking through it. However, with the Roc’s Feather, you can take a small shortcut. Technically, it’s not any shorter at all, but it does avoid one of the tougher enemies in the woods. Head north twice and then east once; you’ll encounter a few Moblins on each of these screens, and they’re easy enough to kill. If you continue northward from here, you’ll eventually pass the screen where the raccoon-cum-Tarin used to block your access to the Tail Key.

Continue north to the chest that had the key, and you’ll notice that there’s a single-block pit to the east. Jump over the gap and continue east. You’ll run into the familiar screen with two red Zol and a Moblin, and you can defeat each handily. Continue east two screens, and you’ll be out of the Mysterious Forest.

Sneak into the Moblin Hideout


The Moblin Hideout isn’t that far from here. In fact, it’s just a few screens away.

Piece of Heart
You pretty much don’t have a choice but to pick it up while you’re here since you need to head north, but it’s a simple matter of hopping over the pit to the cross-shaped island to retrieve the third Piece of Heart.

Jump across the cross-shaped pit to where the Piece of Heart is, and then from there hop over the pit to the north to leave the screen. From here on, it’s entirely new terrain.

If you’d like, you can explore a little bit here; you can now access the Cemetery and the Tabahl Wasteland if you’d like, but there’s absolutely nothing that you can do there yet except for fighting the enemies that spawn. For now there’s only two things you can do here. And one of those is your main objective: find and rescue BowWow.

Photograph (DX Version only)
The other thing you can do is obtain the first photograph in The Travels of Link while you’re here. If you don’t get it right now, you’ll have to wait until Chapter 5—after the second dungeon and after you’ve returned BowWow—to obtain it as the mouse will not hand it over unless you enter its house completely alone. It’s important to get this as soon as possible as no other photographs can be obtained until you get this one.

To rescue BowWow, head east one screen. There, you’ll find a cave with curious markings on either side of it, and there’s an Owl Statue planted in the ground in front of it. Talking to the statue reveals a philosophical trifle about the Wind Fish, and so it can be safely ignored. Instead, just head into the cave and get ready for the Moblin onslaught.

Moblin HQ isn't all that secret, but be prepared for some guards inside.

Moblin HQ isn’t all that secret, but be prepared for some guards inside.

Rescue BowWow

At first, you’ll just have to face off with a Sword Moblin. This is probably the second most difficult encounter you’ll have to face, which is to say that it’s not that great of a challenge; it’s only slightly challenging because the Sword Moblin can parry your attacks with its sword. They probably won’t affect you in any way, but remember to be careful about the weak, crumbled floor. Kill the Moblin, and eventually the sealed door to the north will open.

Four more Moblins await you in the next room, but none of these are knights; they’ll just attack with thrown spears. They should be extremely easy to kill. Dispatch all four, and again the door will open and allow you through.

And then you’re off to fight the main baddie, the King Moblin. He’ll lambast you for coming to rescue the pooch, and he swears he’ll make sure you never leave his hideout alive. But you can teach him that you won’t go down without a fight.

“You must be an assassin sent by Madam MeowMeow to rescue the mutt! You came here to get me, but it is I who will get you!!”

Right off the bat, King Moblin is invulnerable to every weapon you have. Granted, the only real weapons you have are your sword and some Magic Powder, but you still can’t damage him. Instead, for now equip your shield and stand either to the left or right of King Moblin close to the western or eastern wall. The king, like his normal Moblin pals, will start by throwing spears in your general direction. Hold your shield up high to knock them aside and keep from taking damage. Eventually, King Moblin will get enraged, and he will wave his hands in the air before charging directly at you.

Thankfully BowWow isn't too well guarded. You'll earn the privilege of taking him for a walk.

Thankfully BowWow isn’t too well guarded. You’ll earn the privilege of taking him for a walk.

Wait until he has started charging, and then get out of the way. If you were successful and waited long enough, King Moblin will run straight into the wall and stun himself. If he didn’t, you’ll either need to stand closer to the wall or wait longer before dodging out of the way. But if you were successful and King Moblin is stunned, now you can use your sword to whack him a few times before he gets back to his feet.

Continue this process for a few rounds. King Moblin will require a good number of hits to defeat, but eventually he will fall if you’re persistent and don’t take lots of damage.

Once dead, the doors will open, and you can continue east to find BowWow. Don’t worry; this time he won’t attack you. Just walk straight up to the stone he’s tied to and push it in order to unhook him. BowWow, thankful for your rescue, is now yours to command for the time being!

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