Chapter 15: Western Tal Tal Mountains
  1. 15.1 Rescue Marin from the bridge
  2. 15.2 Push through the stream of fire
  3. 15.3 Force your way into Turtle Rock

15.1 Rescue Marin from the bridge

With Eagle’s Tower done, there’s just one dungeon left to go, and that’s in the northwest corner of the map. To get there, you have two choices of cliffs to hop down to go below. Choose the right cliff. Falling down the left cliff will completely eject you from the Tal Tal Mountain Range, and that means it’ll take a little longer to get where you’re going.

la15-1cOnce you fall down the cliff, head right one screen and enter the cave. Simply follow it back the way you came, exiting the westmost door. From here, you’ll make your way through the next cave to the west until you reach the flooded section of Tal Tal Mountains. Once you get to the deep water, ascend the staircase, which just happens to be the same staircase that will lead to the Hen House (and also where you got the Bird Key).

Defeat the Tektites that get in your way as you make your way to the Hen House. Once you get there, head off to the west. You’ll find a wooden bridge spanning the distance; however, the wooden bridge is in a great state of disarray. However, you can use the Hookshot to grapple onto the bits of rubble on top of the bridge, dragging yourself over the gaps.

There’s one more screen of broken bridge; however, once you finally get here, you’ll find that Marin has somehow gotten herself trapped upon the bridge. Apparently monsters have brought her there for reasons unknown? Actually the reasons are known; she went to the Wind Fish’s Egg and tried singing her “Ballad of the Wind Fish” for it, which must have made the nightmares rather upset. At any rate, saving her is a simple matter of Hookshotting the rubble on the far left and scooping Marin into your arms in passing.

“Yow! That was a surprise! Link, thank you! … … … … Say… Link… uhh… I don’t know how to say this… but…”

She’ll thank you profusely, and she’ll start to possibly confess something to you, but the moment is interrupted by Tarin. She excuses herself quickly and somehow makes it down off the mountain without your help. At any rate, that frees you up from any further obligations, allowing you to continue your northwest trek.

15.2 Push through the stream of fire

One more screen to the west will drop you at a seeming dead end. However, mowing down the bush with your sword will reveal a tunnel that digs deep into the mountains. Two Keese will greet you in this cavern, but there’s also a Spiny Beetle hidden under the skull along the north end of the room, so be careful of it. Continue to the west, and then jump down to the lower level to access the stairs.

The rest of the cavern is fairly straightforward. Use the Hookshot to grapple over to the far side of the chasm when you reach it, and then dispatch the remaining Keese you meet on the way out.

The boulders can be quite the nuisance.

The boulders can be quite the nuisance.

Once you head outside, you’ll be west of the Wind Fish’s Egg, and boulders will be raining down upon you. Pull out your shield to give yourself a little bit of protection, and do your best to dodge the rocks raining down. You’ll also encounter a few Mini-moldorms on the way up as well. Once you reach the top, the boulders will stop, and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Head west over the small bridge, and you’ll be blocked by an inconveniently placed stone. Drop down to the screen below, and you’ll be forced to deal with a Shouded Stalfos and a Like Like. Get rid of them, and then you can place a Bomb along the crumbling wall along the northern wall. Once the way is clear, enter into the revealed cavern.

There aren’t any enemies in this cave, but there is a trap that you couldn’t get through before Eagle’s Tower. A flamethrower is built into the wall, and anyone attempting to get through without the Mirror Shield will be burnt to a crisp. Thankfully, you have just that, and you can push through to the stairwell on the far side.

15.3 Force your way into Turtle Rock

Watch out for the Leevers as you come out of the cave. From here, it’s a simple job of following the mountainous path as you march your way westward. You’ll also encounter one Like Like before the telephone booth, but that shouldn’t pose any difficulty.

The investment in Mamu's song has once again paid off.

The investment in Mamu’s song has once again paid off.

When you arrive at the far west of the island, you’ll see a rather realistic looking statue of a head and arms coming from the mountainside. Two Crows are perched on top, so defeat them first before bothering with your real task. Once the screen is clear of enemies, whip out your Ocarina and play Frog’s Song of Soul.

This will cause the statue called Turtle Rock to come to life. This large mini-boss is actually fairly straightforward and doesn’t require any significant tactics. To damage it, all you need is your sword. Turtle Rock will move from side to side threateningly; every now and again, it will pause its motion momentarily as it prepares to rush and charge at you. Generally, you can find safe spots in the far corners on the opposite side the head is on; if the head is right of center, take refuge in the lower-left corner and vice versa.

Once you manage to defeat the tortoise statue, it will disappear and grant you access to the eighth and final dungeon of the game.

The corners are relatively safe spots so long as Turtle Rock isn't close by.

The corners are relatively safe spots so long as Turtle Rock isn’t close by.

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