Chapter 13: Eastern Tal Tal Mountains
  1. 13.1 Visit the Signpost Maze
  2. 13.2 Learn a song from Mamu
  3. 13.3 Awaken the rooster
  4. 13.4 Explore the cave by the Hen House
  5. 13.5 Obtain the Bird Key

13.1 Visit the Signpost Maze


The seventh dungeon is far in the northeast corner of the map. However, attempting to get there right off the cuff will result in failure. Even with all the equipment you’ve acquired from dungeons, you’re still missing one crucial tool to get you into the dungeon.

Rupees Required
In order to complete this section, you will need 300 Rupees to proceed. Unfortunately, there’s no getting around this requirement either. If you don’t have it, make sure to open some chests or grind some Rupees first.

la13-1aTo get it, play Manbo’s Mambo to warp to Crazy Tracy’s on the western side of the island. Continue due south from there, lifting up stones as you go until you reach the Ukuku Prairie warp. Head left one screen, and then proceed south again. You’ll pass a telephone booth as you go, and eventually you’ll come to a screen with a long series of holes guarded by a solitary Pig Warrior. Kill the enemy, and then use both the Pegasus Boots and Roc’s Feather to jump over the gap.

Before continuing southward, however, make sure to read the sign first. It will tell you to head southward, but you still need to read the sign first.

This will trigger the Signpost Maze.

13.2 Learn a song from Mamu

The signpost at the end of the long gap is perhaps the trickiest of them all.

The signpost at the end of the long gap is perhaps the trickiest of them all.

The Signpost Maze is the 2×2 set of screens below that is filled with a series of 15 signposts (counting the one you just read). Each of these signposts must be read in the correct order to complete the maze and open the secret passageway. Messing up just once means you’ll have to start the whole sequence over from the beginning.

The maze isn’t anything difficult; it’s actually almost mindlessly easy. Each signpost tells you to walk in a particular direction, and then you need to read the one and only one signpost that happens to exist in that direction. The only potential gotcha is keeping track of that objective when going about other things, such as defeating minor enemies or dodging rocks or other obstacles in your way.

Rather than give a series of directions, the easiest thing to do is to just show the map, with each of the signposts numbered in order:

Signpost Maze

Once you’ve read the 15th signpost in sequence, a small staircase will open up just to the east. Enter it, and you’ll come across a frog that looks very suspiciously like a Mario villain. His name here, however, is Mamu, and it seems he’s had a change of career, now preferring to sing as opposed to destroying vegetables. Apparently he must be really good at it, too, or so you’re led to believe.

He’ll offer to sing you a song for the low cost of 300 Rupees. Whether you’re a fan of frog music or not, you’ll want to pay him. He and his backup vocalists will teach you a song that you’ll be able to replicate on your Ocarina (circumventing any copyright laws in the process, one guesses). The song is Frog’s Song of Soul, which is said to liven up anything that hears it. This is precisely what you’ll need… not to reach the seventh dungeon, but to get that which you need to reach the seventh dungeon.

“Ribbit! Ribbit! I’m Mamu, on vocals! But I don’t need to tell you that, do I? Everybody knows me!”

13.3 Awaken the rooster


Exit Mamu’s cave and then the Signpost Maze as well. Head north a couple screens before meandering westward to Mabe Village. Your destination is the Weathercock, which just happens to be a few screens west.

Now that you have the L-2 Power Bracelet, you’ll be able to do something spectacular with the Weathercock. You’ll be able to move it aside. Push it from the south to reveal a hidden staircase cut into the earth. Head into the cavern, and eventually you’ll find the remains of a small pile of bones that appears to have been a chicken. Use Frog’s Song of Soul on it, and something quite mysterious will happen. A soul from far beyond will creep in from the edges of the screen and eventually plant itself into the pile of bones. Soon enough, it will have been resurrected as the Rooster, which will follow you around as a companion!

The Rooster has an amazing capability of letting you fly simply by lifting it over your head. This will allow you to reach a few places you won’t be able to get any other way!

Secret Seashell
With the Rooster following you, you can now acquire the 25th Secret Seashell. Note that this Seashell is time-sensitive. Once you complete Dungeon #7 Eagle’s Tower, this Seashell will be lost forever.

13.4 Explore the cave by the Hen House


la13-4aWith the Rooster as your companion, you’ll be able to get the last thing you need to entering Eagle’s Tower: the Bird Key. The Bird Key is hidden up in the mountains, so It’s time to make the familiar trek up into the eastern Tal Tal Mountains.

You can either head out to Ukuku Prairie and warp to Tal Tal Heights, or you can use Manbo’s Mambo once again to warp to Crazy Tracy’s. Either way will get you close to the staircase leading into the hills. For the most part, you will want to retrace the exact steps you used to reach Angler’s Tunnel, the fourth dungeon. Enter the cave in the mountainside, reach the other end, and then head east.

However, instead of jumping down off the cliff when you reach the dry patch, keep heading east to the next screen and instead you will want to climb up the staircase leading up the tall bluff north of you. This will lead up to a bridge rounding back west.

Cross it, and after battling some mountain Tektites you’ll eventually reach a cave just beneath a mountain home full of hens creatively titled the Hen House. The cave is your destination as that’s where the Bird Key is stored.

“The going is much more trying from this point! Go! The wind fish grows restless!”

13.5 Obtain the Bird Key

Follow the pathway through the entrance. Once you arrive at the second screen, you will see a rather large puzzle involving rocks that can be pushed. However, the key realization about this puzzle is that it’s unsolvable by simply pushing rocks; you can’t make your way north through strength alone. However, with the Rooster, you can circumvent that insolvability.

Pick up the Rooster and fly over the long pits on the left and top sides of the room. Then throw the Rooster down so you can land and continue north. The next room is much more simple in structure, yet it requires the same solution. Simply hold your flying Rooster aloft as it sails you over the pit. From there, it’s just a simple matter of walking up the dais to retrieve the Bird Key.

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