Chapter 11: South Face Shrine
  1. 11.1 Visit the Face Shrine ruins
  2. 11.2 Enter the South Face Shrine
  3. 11.3 Retrieve the Face Key
  4. 11.4 Learn the truth about Koholint Isle

11.1 Visit the Face Shrine ruins


It’s at this point in the game when the plot starts to pick up. With the Hookshot you can now access nearly 100% of Koholint Island; there’s only a few places you still can’t quite reach just yet. So you should definitely take some time and slow down the pace and start to wind up those sidequests that you might have been ignoring.

Sidequests Galore
A bevy of sidequests can now be continued at your leisure. First, you can get all but the last Piece of Heart in the game. You can also now complete the Trading Sequence and, as a result, obtain the last two Photos in the game along with, more importantly, the Boomerang.
The owl will interrupt you on your way towards the Southern Face Shrine.

The owl will interrupt you on your way towards the Southern Face Shrine.

The next hint given to you is to head to the Face Shrines, which are just to the north of Animal Village. Head through the underwater pass beneath the rocks surrounding Catfish’s Maw and then start swimming northeast. You can find a ramp back up to solid ground one screen east and two screens north. (You’ll want the southern ramp, naturally).

From there, journey northeastwardly, being careful of the Buzz Blobs and Bombers that you’ll uncover along the way. The path will bend to the east, and eventually you’ll meet the Owl as you journey here. He’ll tell you a bit about the two halves of the Face Shrine. However, the northern shrine is locked, so you’ll need to first head south.

You’ll eventually encounter a maze of doughnuts that are separated by bushes and rocks. Some Tektites will also be present to block your way. Generally just head due east, ignoring the complexities of the maze. Then you’ll finally find a break in the ridgeline allowing you to head south.


11.2 Enter the South Face Shrine


As a word of warning, be careful of the statues you’ll find here. Many of them will animate the moment you touch them. These Armos statues are only vulnerable to the Bow and the Boomerang, both of which are technically optional items, but hopefully you’ve acquired one or the other, just in case, right? However, one alternative is that you can bounce statues out of the way by using your shield and running into them.

You'll need to convince some Armos to get out of your way. However, the sword is not an effective option.

You’ll need to convince some Armos to get out of your way. However, the sword is not an effective option.

Head straight south along the path. At the screen transition, you’ll want to head clockwise around the Armos-and-pillar structure, following it around and to the west. You’ll come to a space where there are five Armos… and one of them is blocking off a narrow path between the pillars. You’ll actually need to touch that leftmost statue. As it animates, back off slightly lest it just start coming after you immediately. You can use the sword to knock it back, but that won’t change its direction or speed much at all.

From the first animated Armos, head east and then north. That pathway will fork; you’ll want to take the left of the two channels. Again, animate the topmost Armos statue to forge open a pathway. Head up and around to continue south. From here on, the pathway is fairly obvious as there aren’t any forks. You just need to animate the one remaining Armos that’s blocking your path, and eventually you’ll reach the temple at the end of the road.

11.3 Retrieve the Face Key

la11-3aYou’ll have to stare down a mini-boss before you’ll be allowed to take the key to the sixth dungeon. Head north, and you’ll have to face an Armos Knight (surprise?). The Armos Knight will start chasing after you incessantly, never giving you much of a break. However, occasionally the Armos Knight will leap up into the air and slam the ground. It is imperative that, when the Knight does so, you should be in the air via Roc’s Feather to avoid being stunned and placing your health at risk.

Attempting to attack this mini-boss with the L-1 sword will do little good. Instead, you’ll need to bust out some better arsenal. Just as arrows work wonders when tackling down Armos, so too are they good at the Armos Knight. In fact, they are clearly the most effective path.

However, if you don’t have the Bow, there are still choices, though they are difficult ones to swallow. You can choose to use the Dash Attack or the Spin Attack to charge up your sword just enough to put a small dint in the boss’ life. However, do be careful that you don’t put yourself in great risk as a result.

Eventually as you do damage, the Armos Knight’s defenses will be pulled away. The second phase will begin when the Knight’s shield breaks. The battle won’t change significantly, but it will become more frenetic and stressful. It will change forms a second time, and now it will appear as if part of the Armos Knight’s helm has been cleaved in two. Again, it will intensify slightly, but the overall pattern doesn’t change drastically.

Once the door north has arisen, head on in.

11.4 Learn the truth about Koholint Isle

This doesn’t look like your standard reward room. There’s some unique clay tablet on the north wall, but you won’t be able to read it without lighting the two torches in the room with Magic Powder. Once you’ve lit both, go and investigate the relief on the wall.



That’s creepy. But can it be? Can it be true?

When you leave this small cavern, you’ll run into the owl one more time. He’ll see that you’re in a personal quandary, and so he’ll do you a favor and not outright admit (though he also doesn’t deny) that Koholint will disappear when everything is all said and done. He nevertheless encourages you to continue your quest as it makes sense to you.

“I see you have read the relief… while it does say the island is but a dream of the Wind Fish, no one is really sure…”

But for now, at least you have the Face Key, and that key will allow you entry into Dungeon Six.


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