Chapter 1: Mysterious Forest
  1. 1.1 Retrieve your sword and shield
  2. 1.2 Enter the Mysterious Forest
  3. 1.3 Pick a forest mushroom
  4. 1.4 Ask the witch for a favor
  5. 1.5 Steal the key from the raccoon

1.1Retrieve your sword and shield


You wake up after a night of tossing and turning. Two people you’ve never seen before will be there with you as you awake, though one of them will look awfully familiar.

Princess Zelda? you think to yourself. Apparently not, but she looks like a spitting image of her, just not dressed up in all her normal finery. She introduces herself as Marin along with her father Tarin, and she’ll let you know that she found you on the beach of Koholint Island.

Get up out of bed and go talk to her father. He’ll hand over the Shield he picked up off the shores of the island after Marin and him dragged you off of the beach back to the village.

“What a relief! I thought you’d never wake up! You were tossing and turning…”

But unfortunately he didn’t pick up the Sword that came ashore with you; perhaps it’s still around, he suggests. It’ll be up to you to go retrieve it.

Exit Marin and Tarin’s house and begin making your way west. The next screen over will have a Chain Chomp-like creature named Bow Wow tied to a post. You’ll want to give it a wide berth because it will hurt you this early in the game; just stay glued to the path at the far south of the screen and you’ll be fine. Continue travelling west one screen and then start heading south until you leave the village. It won’t be long until you’ll be in dangerous territory.

Once you leave the village, you’ll see a bunch of cliffs that descend down to the seashore. Continue heading south by jumping off of the cliffs. You’ll eventually have to start dodging Octoroks; Octoroks are squid-like enemies that fire rocks in a straight line; at random intervals, these creatures will spit out rocks that will fly across part of the screen. Use your Shield to block them and their rocks from ramming you. Before long, you’ll reach the sandy Toronbo Shores.

With sand under your feet, there’ll be more enemies about. It will usually consist of Octoroks and Leevers. Leevers are spiked enemies that will crawl out from the sand and then home in on you for a few moments before returning into the sand, repeating the cycle until they are dead. Head south one more screen to the actual beach proper. Once there, walk along the shoreline by continuing east twice. After the second screen transition, however, you’ll want to make sure your shield is raised. There’s a Sea Urchin directly in front of you, and you will take damage by running into it. However, your Shield will push it out of the way. Once you have clearance, head to the water’s edge and grab your Sword.

1.2Enter the Mysterious Forest


With the Sword and the Shield at your beck and call, you can technically wander around the whole of Toronbo Shores. However, other than defeating enemies for Rupees, there’s not really anything that you can do just yet. So the only choice is to head back towards Mabe Village.

Head north one screen and west two screens to return to the entrance to the fields just south of the village. Then continue generally northward. Getting back to the village will be a little more complicated as a result of there not being ladders to climb the cliffs that you jumped off of, so you’ll need to travel east just slightly in order to make it back, but thankfully you won’t need to travel too far. Remember there will be Octoroks aplenty in this corner of the grasslands, but they should be easy to defeat now that you have your trusty sword at hand.

Trading Sequence
You can start the trading quest game by collecting the Yoshi Doll, Ribbon, and Dog Food while in Mabe Village. You can also collect the Bananas as well, though you’ll have to return to Toronbo Shores to do that. Completing the trading quest is required to finish the game, so there’s no reason not to start on it now!

When you return to Mabe Village, you can feel free to explore around. You should have a little bit of money as well, which you can use to peek into the local shop. However, if you’re ready to continue onward, just keep heading northward past the library and the well to get to the outskirts of the forest.

“I’m afraid you may find it a trifle difficult to leave the island while the Wind Fish naps.”

Before you’ll be allowed to proceed into the forest, however, you’ll meet up with the Owl. This Owl will greet you and then tell you about the Tail Cavern, which unfortunately is locked and in need of a key. That key, of course, is secreted away within this forest. And thus, it’ll tell you that that should be your main objective. Once it flies off, you’re free to continue northward into the forest.

Secret Seashell & Pieces of Heart
Before you enter the forest, you can acquire the first Secret Seashell as well as the first two Pieces of Heart, though you might have to grind quite a few Rupees in order to earn the second Piece of Heart right now. The forest will contain enough Rupees for you to make that Piece of Heart easy if you’d rather wait however.

1.3Pick a forest mushroom

Most Moblins aren't any more threatening than Octoroks.

Most Moblins aren’t any more threatening than Octoroks.

The first thing you’ll notice once you get into the thick of it is that the Mysterious Woods are crawling with Moblin. Most of the Moblins you’ll meet are fairly passive and just randomly meander through the woods, though they will throw spears at you on occasion. However, there are a few armed Moblins will aggressively pursue you with sword and shield. However, you won’t run into any of those for the moment.

Two of the spear-throwing Moblins will greet you in the narrow passage into the forest. Kill them before proceeding. If you head east one screen first, you’ll find a single Moblin on the other side, but as with most enemies, you don’t need to kill them. Immediately head north, followed by a jog east through the small gap between the trees.

Sequence Break
The next major objective is to obtain some Magic Powder. While you can get some from the forest, you can also win some in Mabe Village via the Trendy Game. If you already have the Magic Powder, head north here, and you can skip to the bottom of section five.
Step One Head to the shop in the southeast corner of Mabe Village to find the Trendy Game.

Step One Head to the shop in the southeast corner of Mabe Village to find the Trendy Game.

Step Two After paying the 10 Rupee entrance fee, head to the controls. Use the button to move the crane head directly over the upper-left corner of the conveyor belt.

Step Two After paying the 10 Rupee entrance fee, head to the controls. Use the button to move the crane head directly over the upper-left corner of the conveyor belt.

Step Three When the item you want (in this case, the Magic Powder) is in the center square of the right-hand side, tap the button to shift the crane down ever so slightly. The crane will eventually pick up your item and deliver it to you!

Step Three When the item you want (in this case, the Magic Powder) is in the center square of the right-hand side, tap the button to shift the crane down ever so slightly. The crane will eventually pick up your item and deliver it to you!

One last Moblin will threaten you here, but of real importance is the log tunnel next to the sign. Head into the tunnel in order to find the mushroom.

Inside the tunnel, you’ll find several eyes staring out at you from the abyss. Those are the tell-tale signs of Keese, batlike creatures that fly around in arcs from place to place when you get close to them. Approach the first one carefully and strike it when you have the opportunity. However, if you venture out onto the crumbled floor, be sure to always stay moving and never stop in one spot too long; those cracks won’t hold your weight for long, and you will fall into the void, losing a heart in the process. If you create a hole in an inconvenient spot, you’ll need to exit out and come back in to reset the room.

You can take the easier route via the room’s center, slashing down the posts with your sword. This will make it so you don’t have to worry about the floor falling away. If you want to get the chest, you’ll need to hack down the posts on either side of the rock beneath the chest (and likely kill the Keese as well), and then you can move the rock one square left or right. The chest will contain 50 Rupees, which is a good investment towards some useful purchases in the near future.

Head north, and you can quickly walk through the room if you wish. Two Zols will pop up out of the ground, and they’re good for farming Rupees or Hearts, but you don’t need to bother them if you want. The third room will have a Piece of Heart, but you can’t reach it just yet. You’ll need an item that you don’t yet have to reach it. For now, all you can do is push the four rocks in a diamond shape out of your way to reach the tunnel’s exit.

Back outside, you’ll find the mushroom that you’ve been trying to get all this time. Head over and pick it! It’ll get added to your inventory as an item that you can wield, but for now it serves no purpose. You’ll have to convert it into something usable first.

1.4Ask the witch for a favor

The block puzzle is slightly more challenge on the reverse trip.

The block puzzle is slightly more challenge on the reverse trip.

There’s nothing more to do in this section of the woods, so just head back into the tunnel. Interestingly enough, the sliding rock puzzle is actually more tricky this time around. To get out, move the southmost rock in the diamond right one. Take a step north and then slide the rock to the left to the left. Step up again and then slide the rock to your right to the right. Finally push the rock north of you up one space. You’ll be able to head on through.

Again, Zol will spawn in the hallway, and you can ignore them if you’d like. The Keese will have respawned as well, so carefully make your way across the crumbling floor while you dispatch your enemies. Once you reach the exit of the cave, head out.

It’s time to leave the forest, but you’ll want to leave the forest via another way in order to visit the Witch, who happens to live away from Mabe Village. Head north. Along the way, you will actually meet a Sword Moblin, and you’ll recognize him by his sword and shield. Not only will he be harder to damage as he’ll parry sword swings with his own sword, he’ll also come straight after you. The other Moblin, however, is a pushover. Once you’ve bested both, continue north.

You’ll meet another Moblin and two red Zols on the next screen. Red Zols have a different property than green ones do; when you destroy them, they’ll separate into two smaller enemies called Gels. These Gels can’t deal damage; however, they can hop onto you, clinging to you for a few seconds before you shake them off. When a Gel is attached to you, you won’t be able to swing your sword, and your movement speed will be halved. However, they’re incredibly easy to defeat; a sword swing will do.

Head east two screens, defeat the Moblins as you pass by, and then you’ll be out of the forest. There’s a tantalizing Piece of Heart in front of you, but again it’s out of reach. Ignore it for now and head south.

You’ll encounter a Buzz Blob next to a small lake, and also some River Zoras will antagonize you from the waters. The Buzz Blob cannot be defeated with your sword; those creatures sizzle with electricity, and attempts to destroy them with metallic swords will just electrocute you. Meanwhile, River Zora will shoot fireballs at you whenever you pass. For now, ignore both of these enemies and continue south.

la1-4dHead east on the next screen, and eventually you’ll find the Witch’s Hut. Head inside, and then equip the Mushroom to one of your item slots. Talk to the witch if you’d like, but you’ll actually need to activate the Mushroom while standing next to her in order to proceed. She’ll take the Mushroom from you, and in return she’ll convert it into 20 sprinkles’ worth of Magic Powder.

Magic Powder is one of the more useful items in the game as it can cause a wide variety of effects. Magic Powder, when sprinkled on enemies, will typically transform them into easier enemies (though not always!). It will also, when sprinkled upon an unlit torch, cause it to come alight with fire, brightening any dark room you come across. And, more importantly for now, it will help you sneak past one pesky raccoon guarding the key to Tail Cavern.

1.5Steal the key from the raccoon


Head outside and start your trek back into the forest by following the dirt path. You can now defeat the Buzz Blob by sprinkling Powder onto him to transform it into a defeatable Cukeman, or you can ignore him if it’s harmless enough. Head west at the Piece of Heart to re-enter the forest.

You'll need the Magic Powder in order to sneak past this pesky Raccoon, which turns out to be Tarin.

You’ll need the Magic Powder in order to sneak past this pesky Raccoon, which turns out to be Tarin.

Sneak past the first three Moblins and the two red Zols. Once you reach the log that’s protected by three heavy stones, head southward. You’ll find a Moblin and a Sword Moblin that you must sneak by, and south of that will be yet another Moblin. From there, head west one screen. All that stands between you and the Tail Key are two Moblins. Dispatch them and head north.

It’s there you’ll find a pesky little raccoon. If you try to pass it and continue north, it will cause a portal to appear, causing your northward journey to actually teleport you southwest. But now that you have the Magic Powder, you can make it past. Walk up to the raccoon and sprinkle his nose with Powder. This will cause the raccoon to, strangely enough, start bouncing all over the screen as if propelled by a mighty sneeze.

After a lot of bouncing, the raccoon will explode, and suddenly Tarin will be revealed underneath. Apparently Tarin had gone into the woods hunting for mushrooms, and something had transformed him into a raccoon along the way. It’s also changed his disposition as well as he’ll no longer seek to thwart you from getting the Tail Key. Simply head north one screen, and you’ll find a convenient chest at your fingertips. Open it up, and claim the Tail Key.

“The last thing i kin remember was bitin’ into a big juicy toadstool… Then, I had the darndest dream… I was a raccoon!”



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