Chapter 8: Realm of the Heavens

Realm of the Heavens

Go east past the flame statues and defeat the guards. This will cause the flames from the statues south of you to go away. Head south and defeat the guards. In the whirlpools are some chests. Open them and head back up. Now go north, defeat the team of guards and keep going north. Go down each of the whirlpools and grab anything you want. Now go into the east whirlpool and go up. It looks like the others, but behind the portal are four switches. Hit them in a cross formation and some guards on top of the cloud will appear. Defeat the guards and a chest with a moon pearl will appear. Grab the Monn Pearl and take it south to the other whirlpool area. Go in the northeast corner and a portal will appear. Grab Roc’s Feather and get out. Now go north and jump over the gap and head east.

Here you should see two laser statues. Jump across the clouds and go east. Now you will see a Fire Ball and Chain. Use the jump and stab move to kill him. When he’s gone, it rains Force Gems. Grab them and go south. Defeat the multi-colored crab and get some more Force Gems. Now go north two screens. Do your best to stay on the path while the wind is blowing. Hit the black switches to get stop the wind for a bit. Go down the whirlwind at the end of the path and you are in another small room. Go up and behind the portal exit are Magic Hammers. Grab one and go back to where you fought the color crab. Pound the ground with charged up swings and you will see bumps in the ground. Hit these bumps with more charged swings and a key will eventually fly out. Take the key north one screen and unlock the block to the right. Kill the three guards that are hanging out on clouds and the passage east is opened.

There is a multi-colored bridge here that keeps changing. If a Link gets on a part of the bridge that isn’t his color, he is going to fall and keep falling. When you are on the other side, defeat the Tektites and go east. Traverse the colored bridges and get Link to stand on the four different switches. Pegasus Boots will appear in the middle of the area. Grab them and go north. This will take you to another color bridge, but you have to use the boots to get across fast enough. When you get across, go east. Get on the button controlled platform and make your way to the southeast corner of the area, avoiding the flame streams along the way. Hit the switch here and bombs will appear. Grab the bombs and go east.

Some Dodongos, not that bad. Toss some bombs down their throat and it’s all done with. See, some chests appear along with that Zelda good job music. Oh wait, whats that boss music for? I thought I was done. Must be for that giant blue Dodomgo that just appeared. Grab the Lvl. 2 Bombs out of one of the chests that appeared. Just like the small guys, toss some bombs down it’s throat. After three gulps, this baddie is done, and so are you. Go east and destroy the Vaati barrier. Stage Complete!

The Dark Cloud

Go east and destroy the Vultures. When they are dead, a platform will appear. Take it east and go through the doorway. When you blast up out of the cannon, to a stab attack on the cracked blocks to your right. This gives you access to the door. Go inside and grab the bow. Then step on all 4 switches under the pots. This will make a cloud platform that takes you east. Over here is a fun little mini-game. Shoot the four orbs with an arrow on the moving platform. You get a bunch of Force Gems and another platform going east as a prize. Now there are a bunch of doorways. Just keep going right without climbing a ladder. In between two doorways outside is an orb. Charge your arrow and shoot it and a bridge between two higher doors will appear. Keep going right and you will see a room filled with pots. Above these pots are some bombs. Grab the bombs and go west. Climb the laddder and blow the blocks until you get to the top. When the blocks are gone, go back and get your bow. Shoot the orb on the the left side of the area and a large wooden bridge will appear to take you up to the next area. Before you leave, get the bombs back.

Shadow Link is back again, and he’s playing with the giant bombs. Go into the doorways to avoid the blasts. Inside the small rooms are switches that make cannons appear. Use the cannons to get to the right side of Shadow Link. Hit the switch thats under the pot in the right doorway under Shadow Link. Blow up any blocks in your way and when you should be above Shadow Link. Go west and step on all the switches under the pots. A big metal ladder will appear. Climb it and go into the beam of light. This takes you up to a new area. Head north and step on the large floor switch. An army of blue bouncy guys appears. Blow them up or knock them out and a chest will appear. Grab the Moon Pearl from the chest and go south. A portal will appear, so go down and find the eight black switches. In a cross formation, hit the left four and Magic Hammers appear above. Hit the right four and Stalfos will appear. Get the Hammers and go north.

Hit the red mole guys in your way and go up and down the stairs until you get to the other side. Now you have two choices, go east or north. East takes you to a field of hidden spikes. Hit the floor with your hammer to see where the spikes are and try to hit the black orbs along the way. This will make a path with Force Gems on them. It’s a pretty big area, so have fun.

I suggest going north, this is where you got to go anyway. You will see some statues with electricity going through them. Go east from here and walk along the windy path. At the end of the path are some Slingshots. Grab these and go back to stautes. Get on a Tetris looking platform and shoot the black orbs along the way. Go north, then west a screen. defeat the gray guards and open all the chests. Some have Force Gems, others have giant bombs. The one you want is the Moon Pearl. Take that and go east. Hit the orbs so it creates a path across. You don’t have to hit them all. Carry the M.P. across and go east. Go down and a portal will appear. Go inside, out of the other one and go north. Defeat the two units of guards and collect the Force Gems.

Head north and go down the left staircase. Grab the lamp, go up, and light the two torches in the middle. Then go down the right staircase and grab the bow. Use this to light the rest of the torches and a path will appear. Grab some hearts from the pots and go north.

Battle the Shadow Link. As you fight, notice how they just keep coming back. Well, some comes to take care of that. Now defeat the rest of them and head north. Time for the final level. Stage Complete!

Palace of Winds

Jump down off the ledge and head north. Here you will see a large floor switch. Step on it and enemies will appear. Beat all the enemies and head north. I’m going to do this area in four separate section so we don’t get confused. There are four Moon Pearls you have to obtain. There is one in each of the rooms to your northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast. Pull the handle out of the wall in the northeast corner and four different weapons appear. Grab the bow and head through the northwest door.

Northwest Room:
Head down the staircase on the left. Fall off the right side of the ladder and you will see an orb in the wall at the bottom. Climb up the ladder again and this time charge up your arrow. Now fall and shoot the orb on the way down. This may take a few tries. When you hit it, a bridge will appear above you. Go right across the bridge and you will see an orb in the ceiling above a hole. Charge your arrow so it is pointing up and fall down the hole. Shoot the orb before you get to the bottom and climb up the ladder. Now shoot an arrow through the spaces in the ceiling. This will hit the orbs on the floor above you. When the orbs are hit, the north door will open. Go through that door and a maze of spikes appear. You want to shoot an arrow at the orbs in the room, but have to do it from far away because if you get close, spikes get in the way. When all four are lit, the spikes surrounding the chests and grab the Moon Pearl from one of them. Take the Moon Pearl to one of the shining spots in the main room and create a portal.

Southwest Room:
Grab the boomerang and go into the southwest room. Throw the boomerang at the black orb on the small platform. Now go to the northwest room and throw the boomerang through the wall and hit the other orb in the southwest room. This will create a bridge for you to walk on. Go back to the southwest room, cross the bridge and go into the door on the west side. Push the two blocks on both sides of the door right and a portal will appear. Have one Link go into the portal and then look at his shadow on the TV. Using “Shadow Link”, pick up a Link that is on the TV and throw him on the switch in the middle next to the statues. This creates a small bridge for you to walk on. Push the statue out of the way and throw a boomerang at the black orb. Now go through the now open door and open the chests. Inside is a small key and a moon pearl. Take the M.P. back to the main room and make another portal. Unlock the northeast door but don’t go in yet. Grab the Magic Hammer and head into the southeast room.

Southeast Room:
Use the Magic Hammer to tell where the spikes are in the floor. Smash in all four red mole guys and go into the south door. Here you see nine more red moles. There are also pots on the right of them. Hit all the moles so the ones sticking up are in the same position as the pots. This will make some blocks in the south part of the room go away. Walk into the hidden room in the southwest part of the room and make your way through the block maze until you get the Moon Pearl. Take the Moon Pearl to the main room and make another portal. Now grab the Pegasus Boots and go into the northeast room.

Northeast Room:
There is a crack in the north wall near the door. Grab the bomb that is near the door in the main room and throw it at the crack. This will make a hole that leads to the Great Fairy. Give her the Pegasus Boots and get the Lvl. 2 boots. Use these to cross the gap on the right sode of the room and step on the switch. Now go through the north door and down the steps. Use your Pegasus Boots to run through the air and climb the ladder to the other side. Once again, use the Pegasus boots to run in the air and get to the ladder on the other side. When you get to the other side, run from platform to platform, avoiding the fast moving metal blocks. On the right side of the room are two chests. Open them and get the Moon Pearl. Move the blocks out of the way and take the Moon Pearl to the main room. Activate the last portal.

Now that all four portals have been activated, have each Link go into a portal and step on their switch. This will open the north door in the main room. In the next room you will see two cyclops and bouncy barriers. Do your best to stay on the platform and defeat the Cyclops. Now use the key they drop and unlock the north door. Grab the bow from the main room and go north to where the three one eyed bugs are. Shoot their eyes to defeat them. Get the magic hammer, take it to the Great Fairy and upgrade it. Now go back to the room you were fighting the bugs and go through the east door. Pound the large metal square and you will fall into a pit.

Climb back up the ladder and leave. Get the Pegasus Boots. Take them to the Great Fairy and get the Lvl. 2 Boots. Now go back to that pit and use the boots to run through the air like you did before to get to the two cracked blocks. Fall from the ledge above the blocks and hold out your sword. Aim for the blocks on the way down and you will crash throgh them. Open the chests and grab the small key. Head back up and unlock the door on the left side of the room, west of here. In this room, you will see some broken blocks. Dash into them and step on the large switch in the north part of the room. This will open the door on the north wall across the large gap. Run across the gap and enter the room.

Boss: Vaati

At long last, Vaati. If you played Four Swords for GBA, you know what to do at first. Throw bombs into his tornado so that they go off when they reach the top. Throw them in too early and they will fall down and blow up on you. When enough bombs hit him, he will begin shooting purple balls at you. Jump down the middle hole and you will land in a cannon. Launch up when Vaati is near the hole and do a jumping stab on him. He will then transport to the bottom where the ladders are. Just hit him with the sword until he goes back up. Keep doing the cannon method until he is no more.

Now that he’s gone, he decides to pull a Ganondorf and destroy the place around you. Zelda is here too, making things much like they were in Ocarina of Time. Escort Zelda out of the Tower, destroying enemies along the way. Zelda does have health, so don’t let her get hurt. Also, make sure she is with you before you climb down a ladder.

When you get to the end, Zelda will feel something. The floor beneath you crumbles and you fall into a pit. Waiting down their is a cloud of blue smoke. Vaati? Nope, Ganon. He’s back, but let’s not let him stay long.


Boss: Ganon

Get into a box formation and hit him at his sides when he is not moving. Then he will use his trident to warp you underground. Defeat the Stalfos and you are warped back up. Keep hitting his sides and defeating the Stalfos and part two of the battle starts. Zelda will create a ball of light and Ganon will turn orange. Wait for him to shoot green balls from his trident. Hit the balls at him and away from Zelda. If Zelda gets hit, she takes damage. Hit Ganon with enough green balls and he will become stunned. Zelda will then let the ball of light float around him. Shoot the ball of light with a charged arrow and Ganon will say good night. Enjoy the cutscene at the end. Congratulations! Game Complete!

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