Chapter 7: Frozen Hyrule

Frozen Hyrule

Head north to the frozen pond and destroy the turtle like enemies. Go to the west side of the lake and pick up a stone to reveal a staircase. Grab the bomb near the staircase, rush down stairs and throw the bomb at the cracked blocks before it blows. This will give you access to four different weapons. Choose the arrows and head north. There are two large snowballs rolling around. Go to the east and have a little war with some green soliders. Hide behind the stones when they fire and then shoot them with the arrows. When they are gone, you can head north or head back to the place where you got your arrows and grab the bombs. It will make things easier later on.

Whatever you decide, head north of where you fought the soldiers and continue on, past the house where Shadow Link is, go east. There will be two small snowballs that will follow you. Just run away and go north. Keep going north and a blizzard will start. That is not always a problem, but when the wind is blowing hard, you do take damage, so keep that in mind. Keep going down the path, going into hidden stairways along the way until you get to a dead end at a rock wall. If you have the bombs, blow up the middle of the rock wall. If not, cut down some bushes south of the wall and there will be bombs inside the hole. Grab the bomb and RUN to the wall and blow it up that way. When the cave entrance is blown, go in and get the Flame Rod. Now you can melt all those frozen Force Gems and walls of ice. Head back to where the two small snowballs were just sitting there and melt them with the Flame Rod. One will give you a key. Use this key to open the house left of here. Go down the stairs inside and you will end up on the west side of the area. Go left and open the chest that is surrounded by broken ice. If you fall in, get up and try again. Inside the chest is a power bracelet. When you got that, go back to the house and then to the giant rolling snowballs.

Head west and until you get to a frozen pond. Step on the large floor switch and an army of penquins comes after you. Hold down the Flame Rod and burn them all to ashes. When they are all dead, you get a moon pearl. Take that to the four way junction and head north. Melt the ice wall and go north some more and the portal should appear. Go in the portal and go up. Pull the four handles out of the wall and this will lower the spikes up above.

The giant cliff north of here has many bombable spots. Notice the small differences in the bottom of the cliff. When you see the small difference in the formation on the bottom of the cliff, throw a bomb there. This may sound confusing, but you will see what I mean. When all six caves are opened, go inside each of them and pull the handle. Something will happen for each one. After you are done, walk up the ladders that appeared when you pulled one of the handles. At the top, jump down into the middle and head north. Here you need to take care of another multicolored crab. Hit each claw with the same colored Link and presto, he’s dead!

Now it’s time to get the last jewel. Defeat the blue guards and then the Stalfos Knight. When you are done, destroy the barrier and complete the stage.

Ice Temple

When inside, destroy the pots and get into a cross formation. Step on the switches and a chest appears. Grab the key out of it and open the north door. Let the Shadow Links run into the wall and slashe them. Grab the Force Gems and go into the left room. Pull the large handle out of the wall, then go into the right room. Grab the boomerang and go north through the middle room. Go north and cross the icy path. If you fall, get up and try again. In the next room, there are two Wizzrobes. Defeat them and the east and west doors open. Go east and you will see a big platform in the middle of the room. There are little skull logos on some of the tiles. Throw bombs onto the platform and destroy the skull tiles. This will make a Flame Rod appear. Get the Flame Rod and go east. Along your way, melt any ice chunks that get in your way. Soon you find yourself in a room of bouncing mice. This room made me curse a little. Try your best to avoid the mice and the bouncy blocks. Melt the ice in this room to find four, star shaped switches. Get all four Links on a switch and the west door will open.

Melt all the ice blocks on the south path and open the chest with the small key. Head north and unlock the door, leading to a Shadow Link battle. Defeat the Shadow Links and the north door will open. Cross the round platform and get on the moving wooden platform. Go north and you will be in a cross shaped room. Go west, light the torches and go through that door. Keep going west into the next room. Push the different colored blocks so they land on all the switches. Then break all the pots and stand on the other switches. This will make the upper east door open up and a chest appear in the middle. Open the chest, get the Force Gems and go through that other door. Go down the steps and give the great Fairy the Flame Rod. This will get you the Lvl. 2 version that can make blocks and platforms. Get back upstairs and use the rod on the question mark block. This will make a platform that takes you to the exit. Get back to the cross shaped room, light the east torches and go through the just opened door.

Throw the bomb on the ice to get them near the black switches. When each one has been hit, some chests appear. Grab the key you get and go east. Unlock the north door and you are in a room filled with question mark blocks. get to the west door and inside are four torches. Get in a cross formation and us the Rod to light all four. This might take a few tries. Open up the chests that appear and go east. Go through the opposite door and you’ll find a room with a lot of pots. Destroy the pots and step on the switches (throw Link if needed) to get a chest with a small key. Now unlock the north door in the question mark room.

This next room has you destroy an army of soldiers. Now head north upstairs where you have to destroy the pots and step on some switches. Instead of stepping on them though, you need to put blocks on some using your rod becuase there are more than 4 switches. When all 5 are either under Link or under a Rod block, a Roc’s Feather will appear. Grab the feather and go north. Defeat the ball and chains, Head north and a cutscene will start. Stage Complete!

Tower of Winds

Because of all the doorways in and out of the main tower, It’s hard to explain this place in the best way. I apologize in advance if things get confusing, but if you follow the details closely you should be fine.

There is alot of side-scrolling in this stage. Defeat the blobs and then go up the ladder to the next level Go into the left door and get the slingshot, then go to the top door in the middle. In here is a large switch. Stand on it and four Stalfos appear. Defeat them and go left. Step on the switch under the pot and a hole will appear south of you. Go down the hole and open the chest to get a key. Take the key back up to where you stood on the switch and go right. Go up those stairs and unlock the south door. Get on the platform in a horizontal line and shoot the black switches with the slingshot. This will make ladders appear in the tower. Climb the right ladder and go into through the door. In here are four colored blocks, so have each Link push their block. A little platform appears. Have one Link pick up another and get on the platform. Throw the Link onto the switch and a bridge will appear. Cross it and grab Roc’s Feather. Now head back to the tower.

Go down a level and jump over to the left. Climb up the leftladder and grab the Flame Rod. Now go back to where the colored blocks were and go up the stairs. Go through the north door and you end up in the tower. Melt the ice blocks in your way and go through the next door. You should see some stairs and a door way to the south. Go in that door and four Force Gem guards are there. Defeat them for the Force Gems and go up the stairs.

When you get to the Thwomps, there will be two doorways on the right side. Go into the lower one to get a blue braclet and a heart container. Then step on the four switches next to each Thwomp and a key will appear. Take that key into the top doorway and unlock the south door. In the next you’ll find a large switch. Stand on it and enemies will appear. Defeat them and go west. Get into a cross formation and hit the four black orbs. This will create a ladder above the Twomps. Climb up that ladder and go right down the path where the sharp ice falls. Follow that path until you get to a ladder near a doorway. Go into the door and step on the big switch. Four Force Gem guards will appear. Defeat them and go east to get the Flame Rod.

Now climb the ladder near the doorway and go east. Melt the large frog looking ice sculpture and climb the ladder. Melt the ice blocks and go into the doorway. Step on the four switches and go into the west door. Grab Roc’s Feather and go through the LEFT, north door(work with me). Now climb the ladder that is near the bomb mice hole and go through the nearest doorway. In here you should see some platforms you need to jump on and get to the other side. Hit all the black orbs and a doorway will appear in the tower. Go through that doorway. In this room are six black orbs, but you only want to hit 4 of them. Get into a cross formation and hit the four on the right. This will open the east door that leads to a heart container. Now head north of the switches and up the ladder.

This takes you to some flying enemies. Kill them and a pile of blue blobs fall from the ceiling. Destroy all of them and climb up the steps to get to the to the north (or ceiling). In the next level of the tower are five rooms in a neat order: northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast, middle.

There’s nothing but pots in all the rooms but the southeast room. There are Flame Rods in there. Grab a Flame rod and melt the ice around the middle door. This will take you to four black orbs. Hit them with a cross formation and a ladder in the tower will appear. On the other side of that ladder is one scary looking boss.

Boss: Frostare

This one is no pushover. Melt the ice on the right side of the room and go into the doorway. Grab Roc’s Feather and go back out and jump into the second doorway above the first one. Break the pots and stand on the switches to make two platforms appear under the boss. Use these to jump to other side and to the second door on the left. Climb the ladder inside and you will see a red creature. Defeat him and the giant eye will come out of the ceiling and start flying. Stab that eye as much as possible and he will fall. When he is stunned on the ground, slash as fast as you can at the eye. Keep knocking him out of the air and hitting the eye and he will soon end up in a pile of smoke. Head up the ladder and save Princess Zelda! Level Complete!

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