Chapter 6: Desert of Doubt

Desert of Doubt

Go north into the Gerduo vilage and talk to the people in the tents. Talk to the lady in the northeast tent and she will give you permission to pass the gate. Tell the girl at the gate and she will open it for you, letting you go north. Push the large yellow stone right that is in front of a little pryamid that has a doorway. Go inside and you will be in a side-scrolling area with quick sand. Go right and you will notice some Pegasus Boots. Let the quicksand take you down just enough to get under the rock and on the other side of the boots. Go up the ladder and grab the boots and dash through the bricks on the right and open the chest. Now head up to the surface.

Head right and dash through the enemy in the circle of quicksand and go into the cave. Here you see a bunch of rows with brocken blocks in front of them. Dash through the blocks and on the other side is three chests, one containing the Moon Pearl. Take the Moon Pearl outside and to the right of the cave to open a portal. Now destroy all the mummies in that area and they turn into Stalfos that go to the other side of the portal. When all the mummies and Stalfos are dead, the bones blocking the path disappear.

Head north from where the other portal is and you will see four Shadow Links. Avoid their Flame Rods and go to the northwest cave. Push the colored blocks to get to the large floor switch. Step on it and a few enemies appear. Defeat them and three doorways open up. Go through the center one and give the Great Fairy your Pegasus Boots. Now with the Lvl. 2 Boots, head east of where the Shadow Links were. Pick up the large stone and use the boots to run over the sand pit going north. Now you should be in the Zulu village. Do some exploring and head west. Jump down from the little opening on the north ledge and walk west. You will probably fall down a pit. Inside the pit you will notice small sand circles. That shows you the location of the pits above you. Use your Pegasus Boots to run across the pits and get to the tree. Near the tree is a whirlpool. Go into it and you are taken to the west side of the area. Make your way through the catus maze and go into the north cave. Inside is a large switch that gives you a giant blue Force Gem. Head south and you will see some vultures and a staircase. Fall down the pits to see where you need to walk. Go west and you will fall down a large pit. Next time you walk over it, line up vertically and walk slow across the pit door, lift up the coconuts and go west.

Have each Link stand on the four switches on the four corners of the large sand pit. When they are all stepped on, the pit will go away and a staircase will appear. Take the bomb from the south wall and throw it at the middle of the north wall to create a cave entrance. In here is a heart container. Head back out to where the three holes are. Now this one had me for a while. Go down one of the holes and all you see is three ladders that all lead back to the same place. Well theres more to that quicksand on the bottom than you might think. Let Link get swallowed up and you will be taken to the bottom of the cave where you are spit out.

Go up the left ladder and then the up the steps. Now head north and defeat Shadow Link. When you are through with him, head north up the mountain. Time to destroy another Stalfos Knight for the Red Jewel. Stage Complete!

Desert Temple

Walk inside and pull the large Armos statue back to enter the north exit. Head east past the Shadow Links and into a room with a large switch surrounded by large stones. Near these stones are four black switches. Separate the Links so each one is standing near a switch, Now press select and slash each switch as quickly as possible. When all four light up at the same time, the stones around the switch will go away. Step on the switch and the room fills with sand and Magic Hammers appear. Take the hammer and go west. Destroy the enemies by slamming the hammer, flipping them over and slashing them. When they are all gone, charge the hammer and pound the ground. You will notice some spots that have “humps“. Hit the “humps“ with the hammer and something will fly out. A key should be one thing. Take the key to the locked block in the southwest corner and break the pot behind it. Step on the switch and the west door will open. Pull the large statues out of the way and go north. Here there are two guards that will wake up and attack if you go near them. Get the right one away from the wall level do you can pull it out. This will make stairs appear, so go down them and grab the bow. Use the bow to shoot the guards eyes and the north door will open.

Explore the room if you want, but there’s not much here. Head north and destroy the group of stautes. When that is done, the north door will open. Before you go, step on all the switches and grab anything that comes up. One chest that appears contains the level 2 bow, Grab that and head north. Get into a cross formation and shoot the switches with an arrow. Two chests will appear. Open them and get the Moon Pearl. Take the Moon Pearl back to the room with the laser statues. On the right side of the middle laser is a place where the Moon Stone will create a portal. Go into the portal and get the key on the left side of the area. Go back up and use the key on the west door. In this room are two annoying Shadow Links with magic hammers. When they leave, light the two north torches with the arrows and defeat the two statues. Head north.

There are a group of red marching statues and a bunch of laser statues. Your job is to light all the torches using the arrows. When all the torches are lit, a key will appear in the northeast corner. Grab the key and unlock the west door. Now head south through the four doors and you end up outside. Shoot arrows at the sand pit monsters and when they are all gone, the rocks blocking the path in the west go away. Step on the large switch that the Shadow Links are standing by and an army of mud monsters comes after you. Defeat them all and go north through the four doors. A giant one eyed bug is waiting for you here. Destroy him and go north.

Destroy the four Shadow Links by going in and out of the portals. When they are all gone, head north and destroy the barrier. Stage Complete!


Head north into the Pyramid and pull the handles out of the wall to open the north door. Defeat the mummies and go into the now opened door. In this room, pull the left handles and the door will open. Smash the pots and step on the switch to open the door. You will probably fall down the large pit in front of the two chests. Get back up andopen the chests next to Shadow Link and grab the small key. Head north and unlock the door. Shadow Link is dropping bombs in this area, so make your way through the hallways and doors until you get to the north door with 6 handles on the wall. Pull the four mid handles and head north.

Go north and you’ll see something sticking out of the wall. Push it in and the door next to it will open. Go inside and grab the sling shot. Now head back and go north some more to see another block coming out of the wall, push it in and go in the door. Here there is a small building to the left and some enemies. Destroy them and doors on both side of the small building will open. Go inside, get into a cross formation and shoot seeds at the two black switches on each side. This gives you a small key.

Take the small key to the east side of the long hallway and unlock the door. Inside is a pile of pots in the middle of statues. Break the pots and step on the switches to make some mummies appear. Take them out and get the Moon Pearl out of the pot on the south side of the room. Carry the Moon Pearl to the north part of the room and go down the portal. Defeat the stalfos and grab a lamp. Go back to the large hallway and go to through the west door where got the slingshot. Light the 4 torches that are infront of the door next to the slingshot. Inside that room is a Great Fairy. Go to the south part of the big hallway and light the torches next to the closed door. The door will open and inside are Pegasus Boots. Take the boots to the Great Fairy and she will give you the Lvl. 2 Boots.

Now head for the northeast door in the big hallway. This rooms is covered with large pits. The only way across is to run over them with the Pegasus boots. If you fall, climb back up and try again. On the other side of the pits is a moon pearl. Leave the room and go left into the empty space in the corner where a portal will appear. Go into the portal and run across the gaps until you get to the big floor switch. Step on the switch and go left into the other portal. Go left and defeat the mummies and Shadow Link. Then open all the chests. One chest has a big key. Use this to open the chest in the middle and collect 1000 Force Gems. Lucky you! The other chests have force gems and some bombs. Keep the bombs and let the boots sit there. Blow the north wall to get out.

Go east and on the north wall are several cracks in the wall. Blow them away and go inside. Kill all the snakes and go into the north door. Grab the slingshot, line up and hit the 5 switches. This will make boards come out of the wall to make a path to the other door. Go in and shoot the switches from the other side and the boards will change position. Now throw Link so he can get to the other side and regroup. Now head north along the path, killing Moldorms along the way.

Boss: Big Moldorm

This is sorta familiar… A giant Moldorm is the guy you got to beat. This time, he has a multi colored tail. Hit the tail with the same color Link. Eventually he will split in two. Attack the tails some more until they are destroyed. Then it’s off to save the last maiden. Level Complete!

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