Chapter 5: The Dark World

The Lost Woods

Go east and then south, avoiding enemies on the way. Keep going south as far as you can, where you will see a large switch. Step on the switch and Wizzrobes will appear. Defeat the enemies and pick up the small key. Go into the skull head in the corner, unlock the door and grab Roc’s Feather. Leave the skull and head north one screen and east one screen. Get into a cross formation and hit the switches. Jump over the gap and grab the Moon Pearl. Go east, then north, and east again. Talk to the Deku Scrub and he has something intresting to say. Next to him is the portal to the “mirror“ world, so carry the moon pearl over there and jump into the portal. Grab the lamp and go back to the normal side of things. Go west one screen, south once, burn the stumps and go west. Head west again and then south to find an area with a portal. Don’t go in yet. Go down and you’ll find a Deku Scrub standing there. Next to him is a shadow. Go into the portal now and talk to the other Deku Scrub and agree to help him. He will tell you to bring his friend three items in a certain order. When he gets all three items, the underground Deku Scrub will give you a Power Braclet. Use this to lift the trees that are blocking the path north of here. Go west and you will find a bunch of bushes and four black switches.

Hit all the switches and burn all the bushes. There are a couple of holes in the ground now. Go in the northeast hole and grab the bow. Go north now to fight a boss. This is just a really big one eyed freak from before and he also shoots fireballs. When he dies, go east, pick up the log and toss it. Grab the key and throw a Link over the holes. Select that Link and regroup on the other side. Pick up the trees to get out of there and go north one screen. Destroy all the enemies in the area and the stone in front of the skull will go away. Go inside to find the Great Fairy. If you want, toss the bow in there, but you won’t have it much longer.

From this point, go south a screen, east and north a screen and you will see a group of Deku Scrubs. Go inside the skull they are surrounding and grab the shovel. Take the shovel to the Great Fairy and upgrade it. In the area left of the circle of Deku Scrubs is where you need to dig. When the beeper goes off, start digging and you find a hole. Jump down the hole and on the other side is Shadow Link. He throws giant bombs this time. In the area in front of the bomb is an area that makes the GBA beep. Dig until you find the hole and jump down. Go up to the other side and it’s stage complete!

Kakariko Village

After the owl chat, head into the burning village. Go the the house in the southeast corner of the Kakariko. There is a hole surrounded by bushes. Go down that hole and you will see two more holes in front of you. Go down the one you landed in front of and two more show up. Keep going down the hole in front of you until you get to the bombs. Go inside the house next to the hole and blow up the north wall. This will take you to the backyard. Grab a Cucco and take it to the house in the front of the village, where the lady is standing. Inside the house is a lonely old man. Give him the Cucco and he gives you the key to unlock the block next to him. Unlock it and grab the Force Gems then go up and open the other two chests. One of them has a power bracelet that lets you pick up trees.

Head for the house in the northeast corner, Inside is a man who put up fence to keep the theives from escaping. Your job, if you want ot leave the village, is to find all ten thieves and throw them in the pen next to his house. When you find a thief, hit him with your sword to stun him and pick him up with your new bracelet. Here is the location of the thieves:

1. Under a tree in the beginning of the level where you talked to the owl.
2. In the trees on the west side of the village.
3. Under a stone in the south part of the village.
4. Inside the back of the southwest house on the right.
5. Near the pen in the northeast corner of the village.
6. Near the pen in the northeast corner of the village.
7. Under the rock in the northeast corner of the village.
8. Under the rock in the northeast corner of the village.
9. In a hole near the shovel man’s house, east of the village.
10. Under a bush, in a hole, left of the house where thief 4 was.
When all the thieves are in the pen, the spikes go down allowing you to head north. Go through the fire maze and lift up the stone at the end. Get the Flame Rod and head north. Light all the four torches around the old guy and it will start to rain. Yay! The fires are out! Now go east of the village and the shovel guy’s house to fight Shadow Link.

There are four of them and they will hide in holes in the ground. Have each Link step on a switch near each hole and have the last Link fight Shadow Link. When you are done, head east. Follow the river flow until you get to the boss.

This is another fight with a Stalfos Knight for the green Jewel. Do what you did last time to beat him and it’s stage complete!

Temple of Darkness

Head into the temple and hit the switch. Cross the path and open the chests. Grab the bow and head north. Line up horizontally and and hold down A to fire charged up arrows at the army of enemies. All of them will die at once and the door on the right will open. Hit the red crystal to lower the blue posts and head north. Do not open that chest! There is a huge bomb inside and you know what will happen in ten seconds. Just let it be and head west up the wall and into the room with some stalfos. Beat the stalfos with the key and go down the steps. Get the Magic Hammer and go back to the crystal and make it red. Go north and go up along the east wall and unlock the block with the key you got from the stalfos. Jump down and open the right chest, open the other one and you get another big bomb. Now head south and down the stairs. Grab the bomb next to the spikes and blow the north and south walls of the stone hut looking thing. Inside you will see a Deku Scrub that explains that is both sides are blown out, the foundation can be moved.

When both sides of it are blown out, push it so it runs over the two spikey blocks. Now push it south so it creates a “bridge“ over the gap. Now go south and hit the four switches and the big spikes will lower into the ground. Now push the foundation over the other spikey blocks so you can exit through the southeast door. Pound the moles and get on the wooden platform. Ride over to the handles and pull them out of the wall. This will open the door to the north. Go around and exit through that door.


The wooden platform does not seem to be in the multiplayer version of the level. Credit to David Bulit for bringing this to my attention. Once again, I do not know how to get past this part in the multiplayer part of this game.

Multiplayer Solution

* In the room with the foundation for the statue of Ganon, after you’ve lowered the big spikes, push the foundation around so that it destroys all the spiky blocks in the room and both of the doorways in the east wall are accessible. Divide your party into two pairs of Links, then send two Links through the top doorway and two through the bottom doorway at the same time. Whoever has the Magic Hammer should be on the bottom. In the new room, have the bottom set of Links pound the moles, then go to the pedestal and exchange your Hammer for the Slingshot, then break the pot and stand on the switch. This will open a path for the top set of Links, who should take the Hammer off the pedestal, pound the top set of moles, break the pot, and step on the switch, which will open more of the bottom path. At this point both sets of Links should be able to proceed east to the end of the corridor and break the pots. Have all four Links stand on these switches at the same time to open the way forward and make a giant Force Gem (worth 1,000) appear. You will then be able to proceed north to the room with the ball and chain trooper.
In this room is a ball and chain surrounded by breakable blocks. Avoid his attacks and defeat him. Go through the southeast door to get a heart container. Go back and through the west door. Here you will find three bouncy guys. Hit them into the pit and open the chests. Grab the moon pearl and go east and into the northeast door. Walk into the upper corner and the moon pearl will activate a portal. In this area, there are five black switches and a slingshot. Grab the slingshot and hit the 1st, 3rd, and 5th switches. This will clear a path above to get to the northeast door. Get the magic hammer back and go back through the portal. Head east, pound the stakes and go through the north door. Here you have to battle some stalfos knights. Fall into the black water and you will end up in the alternate side of the room. Destroy the guards and go back up. Fall to the west side and hit the skull and anything else that lives. When all the enemies are destroyed, grab the key from the chest, fall down and unlock the block. Go back up and west through the door.

There are two room right above you. Head into the left one and grab the bow. Hit the switch on the other side that is behind the pot with a charged arrow. There’s another one south of the Force Gems, so hit it. When you have hit all the ones you can, go into the left room and grab the Pegasus Boots. Head into the right room and push the blocks in a way where you can dash into the cracked block. Grab the boomerang and go back out. Try your best to diagonally throw the boomerang and hit the last switch, which will activate the bridge. Go south, break the four pots and step on the the switches. Now take the key out of the chest and go north, then west, unlocking the door.

Hit the orb so the blue pegs are down. Go east and grab the lamp from the left weapon room. Now go south where you fought the ball and chain, then go west. Now you can climb the stairs and go west. Go down the steps and light all the torches. A large hole will open up in the middle. Fall down in it and go to each corner of the dark room. One of the chests has a small key in it. Pick it up and exit in the southwest corner. Go out the way you came in and head for the four way bridge. From there, go west and you’ll see four blocks. Get into a box formation and push the fourth block to the right up, and this will make the north door open. Also, hit the orb so it turns red on the way out to the north. Here you have to fight some pretty annoying Wizzrobes on moving walkways. Do your best to kill them before they rob you blind. When you are done, go west and make your way through red and blue orb maze, lighting torches along the way. When all the torches are lit, the path in the northeast is opened.

In this room, you should see four pots of oil on the left wall. Have the Links pick up all four pots and line up vertically. Do not break the pots. When all four have a pot in their hands, line up vertically and push against the left wall where the pots where. This will make the room shake and eventually a part of the wall will crumble. With the pots still in hand, line up horizontally and push against the wall where there are four shaded tiles. Another part of the room will crumble, allowing you to move east. Open the chest on the way to get the moon pearl. Use this to open the portal on the southwest corner of the room. There’s nothing but Force Gems down there. When you’re ready, exit to the left.

This room is filled with those blue bouncy guys. Knock them into the pit or blow them up to gain access to the north exit and the boss.

Boss: Phantom Ganon

It looks like Phantom Ganon is back for another crack at you. With all the talk about Ganon from the Deku Scrubs, you knew the boss had something to do with him. Anyway, do what you did last time and don’t even worry about his clones, the balls they shoot just break apart when they hit the sword. Concentrate on The green balls and line up horizontally to get a better aim. When he is defeated, so north and save the maiden. Level 5 is complete!

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