Chapter 4: Near the Fields

The Fields

Go up and talk to Malon. She asks that you take her with you. As if you had a choice, go ahead and say yes. Now cross the path of the cannons. Be careful because if Malon is hit, you die along with her. Go east along the path until you get to Talon. He thanks you by giving you some carrots. Now you can ride on horseback. Go down the steps near the house and grab the boomerang. Go east and read the stone. It will give you a carrot. Use the carrot and you will get on a horse. Ride the horse down the path, jumping fences on the way. When the path ends, a gate will close up behind you and the sun will come out. Go north pass the grass field. Now go one screen left and you should see a red house. Go inside and the man asks you to destroy the one eyed beasts walking around. He gives you the key to the storage shed. Go east to the shed and grab the pegasus boots. Now head north and you will see Tingle fly by and a huge log blocking the path going north. Line up horizontally and pick up the log and head north. Pick up the stone and go down the steps. Give the Great Fairy the Pegasus Boots and you get the Lvl. 2 version. This will allow you to run over holes. Head south and then west. Go north and pull the log out of the cave to get inside. When you get out, go left and pull the log back so the path over the holes is clear. Have one Link go inside the north cave and stand on the star-shaped switch. Have another go back and run across the holes to the left.

When one Link gets to the other side, push the block, regroup and go up the stairs. Head north into the cave. Go left push the blocks so you can get the key. Now go east and unlock the north door. Keep going north and grab the bow. Now head back to the fields and kill all the one eyed creatures. When that is done, talk to the man who gave you the storage key. He will give you the shovel for destroying the creatures. Take the shovel to the Great Fairy and she will give you the Lvl. 2 version that makes the GBA beep when you are near a hole. Use it in the area where Tingle is flying to find the hole that leads to the end of the level. On the other side, pick up the 1000 Force Gem and go east down the path until you get to a red house and some soldiers. Defeat the soldiers, and two ball and chains appear. Defeat them and another group of soliders appears. Hit the leader that is hiding in the west trees to start the fight. When all are dead, head north to the boss.

You enter and see a large blue platform in the ground with two Stalfos walking around. Kill the Stalfos and you are sucked into another dimension with a large Stalfos knight. Do your best to defeat him and complete the level.

The Swamp

When the owl is done flapping it’s jaws, head north, avoiding the poison swamps. Shadow Link is back, throwing his giant bombs. Go into the little cave for shelter. When the bomb goes off, take the bomb from the southeast corner and throw it in front of the hill at where the bulge comes out. This is hard to describe, but you will see what I mean. Take this cave to the other side of the hill. Now there are some poison spots you need to cross. Throw one Link over the poison and regroup. Keep doing this until you get to the other side. Be quick about it because you are still effected by Shadow Link’s bombs. In this area you will see a large stone. Pick it up and go down the staircase. Go east and down the ladder to pick up Roc’s Feather. Get back above ground and jump the lilypads until you get to another staircase under a rock. Use the jump and stab attack to break the rocks through out the cave. When you are finished exploring, use the cannon to blast out of there. Head west to do some more lilypad jumping. When you get to the other side, you are greeted by a group of soliders. If you still have Roc’s Feather (which you should), get into a cross formation, jump in the middle of the group and do a jumping stab attack. This should take out the crowd in two hits.

Go west to find four Zoras that hide underneath lilypads. Step on one and wait until it lauches you in the air. Now aim the Links toward the grass. Do this to get to the west side of the area and cut down the bushes you see. Stand of the switches that appear and have two Links step on the switches in the middle of the north area. This will cause a big Force Gem to fall. Now head north. Kind of like before, use the lilypads to get to the switches. This will make more lilypads appear, allowing you to go north. Jump to the other side of the posts in the ground to get a heart container. Now go back to where a bomb sits and throw it at the wall right there. This will make a cave to get through. When you are done in the cave, you will end up in a graveyard. When you first enter, push the first row of tombstones back. One will lead you to a hole. Down here, jump left and do a jumping stab attack to break the pot behind the block. Step on the switch, grab the bow, hit the switches and out we go.

By the way, there is a tombstone in the northeast corner in between some stones that leads to a blue braclet.

Head north and then go south where the two tombstones and the ghost girl are. This path will take you to another graveyard. Push the middle tombstone back to reveal a hole. When you get down there, go north and hit the two switches with your arrows. Head west and shoot the two orbs that are in your reach. Nothing happens but that’s okay. Now go east two screens and open the chest. Go west one screen and north one. Here you see four of those things that shoot at you if you walk past them. Go west and kill the 3 Keese that are sitting there. This will make a bridge for you to cross. Go south and shoot the other two orbs and a key will appear. Grab the key, go north, then east, and unlock the east door. Grab the moon pearl and head back to the graveyard.

Notice that poison lake east of the little ghost girl. Near there is a flower patch. Take the moon pearl there and you go to the “mirror“ world. Walk to portal on the other side and you are next to the house with the big ghosts. There are four bushes near the poison pool. Cut the bushes and step on all four switches to make all the ghosts disappear and the pool will go as well. Go inside the house and you will find Dampe, doing the same job he’s had since Ocarina of Time. Open the chest next to him to get a power bracelet.

The game says this allows you to lift almost anything. So I’m thinking tombstones or something. Not uprooting trees. Go behind the little ghost girl is a tree. Rip it out of the ground and head east to the Forest of Darkness. Here try to avoid the spotlights, or a circle of ghosts will surround you and you will have to fend them off. Grab the lanturn in the southern part of the area and head east, uprooting some trees. Head north and light the four lanturns in each corner of the area by standing on the switches that lie next to them. When all four are lit and the four ghosts are gone you meet the boss.

He’s back, but just his head. Wind Waker fans will remember Jalhalla from the Earth Temple. Have one Link stand on a switch to keep a lanturn burning. Then Jalhalla will absorb the light. After he absorbs the light, he will become vulnerable. Slash him and he will spread out some ghosts. Kill the ghosts and he will get smaller. Keep doing the same thing until he is destroyed. Head north and destroy the barrier. Stage Complete.

Infiltration of Hyrule Castle

Head north to the outside of the castle. If you make noise, the spotlights will catch you and you are sent to a jail cell.

If you do go to the jail cell, break the jars in the cell and go down the hole. On the other side, grab the boomerang and go back to the first cell. Use the boomerang to break the jars south of the cell and grab the small key. Unlock the cell and go west towards the exit.

Make your way west along the castle walls, avoiding spotlights. Dive when you need to. When you get to the end of the path, go into one of the four doorways in the wall. Head north and you will be in the Basement. Avoid the red guys and head south. Go right and you will see a stone rectangle with four red guys in it. Go around and push the block down to get in and grab the small key from the chest. Take the key and go east. Head north here and pull the switch out of the wall and go left into the previous room. When the red guys aren’t in the way, pull the large switch out of the wall and a Moon Pearl will fall. take the moon pearl back to where you got the small key and a portal will appear. Go into the “mirror” version of the room and push the blocks out of the way to get the bow. Now head back to the dark room with the orbs on the right.

Shoot the orbs with an arrow to light up the platforms. Now they are always there, but you cannot see them without shooting the orbs. Open all the chests you might find in the room and one of them has a small key. When you are ready, go to the southeast corner of the room and unlock the door. This next room has you light all the torches by shooting arrows through the lit lamps. When all the torches are lit, a path will be created.

Walk through one of the southeast doors. Now you’re back outside. Once again, hide from the spotlights or you are sent to jail.

If you are spotted, you are taken to a different jail cell than before. Escape and head west. Go down the hole in the roof and soon you will be able to jump off the side of the roof. When you get down, there are some jars, a chest and more searchlights. Don’t be tempted to break the pots, just grab the key out of the chest and go back into the room with the torches. Now that you have the key, you can unlock the door in the northeast corner. Go inside and grab the lamp. Go to the four unlit torches in the middle of the room. Get into a cross formation and light all four at once to open the north door and make a big Force Gem fall. Head north and light the torches to enter the boss chamber.

Boss: Big Poe

I thought we got rid of him last time. Nope. Jalhalla is back and this is much more like the battle you had in the Wind Waker. Light all four torches before he blows them out. When all four are lit, he will become vulnerable. Slash at him and he will suck you up. Inside his belly, attack the little green guy and he spits you out. Continue doing this until he is gone for good. Head north and save the maiden. Level Complete!

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