Chapter 3: Death Mountain

Death Mountain Foothills

Head east then north. Here you will find an area controlled by green guards with arrows. In the northeast corner of this area is a house with arrows. Grab them and kill the guards in the house. When all the guards in the area are gone, the path leading north is opened. Cross the bridge and you will find two Shadow Links burning down some grass. Hit them while they are doing this to get 100 Force Gems. Pick up the bomb plant and throw it in front of the hill where there is a dirt patch. This will create a cave you can enter. Take another bomb and place it in front of the tree on top of the hill. This will make a new cave too.

Have one Link stay on the left side of the cave and have another go on the right side and stand on the star shaped switch under the pot. Then the left Link can shoot arrows at the crystals and this will create a bridge. Press L to regroup and head north. Defeat the Cukemans and head to the ladder in the northwest of the area. There are two ladders here. Climb the left one, go right and jump down. Talk to the old man and then pick up the stone next to him. Jump from the ledge where the stone was and continue east.

Go past the rock enemies and keep going east. Here you will see a house with flames coming out of it. If you talk to the man inside, he will tell you that the house is so light, that Links can push it. So go ahead and push that house around and kill all of the rock enemies in the area. If the house gets stuck, just leave and come back. The house will go back to where it was, but the enemies that you killed will still be dead. After all the enemies are destroyed, Magic Hammers will appear in the northwest part of the area. Pick up the hammer and go west. Use the hammer to kill the rock guys and go north, where there are stakes in the ground. Hammer down the stakes and continue north. Here Shadow Link is hanging out. Get near the gate and hold down A. This will make a shockwave and blow up the bombs in the field. This will eventually burn down the tree trunk near the front of the gate. Now you can enter the field if you want. Pound the stakes that block the path and go east. Here you will see a giant Cyclops. Hit him and run so he dosen’t pound you. He is strong, so watch it. When he is defeated, the path leading north is opened.

Step on the switch here to start another battle with Cyclops, but this time, there are three of them. Use the same technique as before to kill them, then head north. Yeah, when I walked in this area, I freaked out too. Go directly into the cave to the east. Here you get the Quake Medallion. When you leave the cave, throw the medallion and all of the enemies turn into harmless blue blobs. Destroy them all and head north up the ladder. In the middle of the ladder is a weird warp spot. This takes you to a Lost Woods type puzzle. Just go up. No matter what you think is going to happen, just keep climbing up and you will get to the other side of the ladder. Here you wil go against a bunch of guards and their leader. When they all bite the dust, you can move east, break the barrier and complete the stage.

the Mountain Path

Talk to the owl and he will tell you about the Goron’s problems. Head north and a Goron will ask you to put out the fire with water jars. In the cave behind that Goron are some water jars. Use those to put out the fires on the hill. When all the fires are out, head up the ladder going north. Now you have to go through a series of caves. There are 3 on the bottom level. Go into the first one on the left and get water to put out the fire blocking the third cave to the right. In the second cave in the middle, grab the Magic Hammer. Go into the third cave and that will lead to the fourth level of the mountain. Pound the stakes in and drop down from where they were. Inside you will see some boulders. Push these and they will roll into the gaps in the ground, making a bridge. When you get to the Goron, have all 4 Links pick up a red jar of oil. Don’t break these, you need them soon.

When all the fire is out, take the jars of oil up the huge ladder and go north. On the wall you will see white ropes. Have one Link throw his jar of oil nearthe ropes. The camera will show you where it will lead. If it hits a black pot, run into the nearby cave, cause that sucker is gonna blow! Inside that cave is a boomerang, so grab it. When all four pots are gone, climb up the ladder and jump down the hole. Give the fairy your boomerang and you will get a Lvl. 2 Boomerang. Now head east. Let a rock go inside the gap and then hurry up and cross. Use your boomerang to grab Force Gems on the way if you like. When you get to the end of the path, go north up the ladder and you will come upon a house on the summit.

Inside the house is a Magic Hammer. Grab it and pound the stakes surrounding the house. Then push the house aside to get into the cave. Inside is some oil, but you don’t need it right now. Head east from the house and you will see two Gorons and a lot of fire. They tell you about a Goron that has a key. Get into a cross formation and charge up your hammers and pound near the flames. Two Gorons come out of nowhere and one has the key. Grab the key and go into the cave to unlock the door. Inside are some water jars. Use the jars to put out the fires in front of the ladders. Go up the ladder and head north.

Now you battle Shadow Link X 4. Do whatever you did to kill him before. If he runs into a house, go ahead and follow him. When he is defeated, the path going north is unlocked. Head north and talk to the owl. He tells you about the giant bird and flys off. Go east and the boss awaits.

You problably knew by now the giant bird everyone is scared of is actually the Helamroc King, the bird who kidnapped Aryll in the Wind Waker. This is an intresting battle. First, throw a bomb at him when he flies by and avoid the rocks that fall when he is flying. If a bomb hits, he will crash into one of the dirt huts. Go inside and hit him in the head with the hammer. Do this enough and his crown will fall off, showing his chicken head. Avoid the rocks that fall when he is flying. Keep throwing bombs at him and slashing your sword at his head until he is defeated. Destroy the Vaati barrier and the job is done.

Tower of Flames

Walk on in and you will see two statues shooting out flames. When they stop shooting the flames, pick up the jar on the left side and underneath is a switch that activates a slingshot. Grab the slingshot and use it to hit the floating switches on both sides. One of them is out of sight, so power up your slingshot to see it. head north avoiding the flame statues and go upstairs. In this room there are more flame statues. Walk around them and when you get to the other side, grab the boomerang. Head east into the next room. Either knock the enemies into the lava or stun the guys with the boomerang and slash at them. When they are all gone, the north door exit will open. Before going on, break the pot in the southeast corner and step on the switch. A Heart Container appears in a chest. Open the chest and head north.

Get on the floating platform and go west. Throw a Link onto the platform where the Armos statues are and regroup. Smash the pots and push the statues onto the switches. This will activate the tiles and they will start flying at you. When all of it is over, Roc’s Feather will appear. Grab it and go east. Jump the platforms, opening chests on your way and head into the northeast exit. In this area, two Shadow Links run into the wall and get dizzy. Take them out and get some Force Gems. In the middle of the room is four pots in between flame statues. When they are not blowing fire, destroy the pots and step on the switches, turning off all the statues in the room. Break the pots along the north wall and one should reveal a hole. Go down the hole to find a platform surrounded by lava. Try to get Link to go down the right hole and find the small key. When you get the key, climb back up and unlock the door on the west side of the room. In this next room you have to fight a ball and chain that has a ring of fire around him. Jump over the ring of fire and hold B, to stab him. Keep doing this until he is destroyed. Now you can go north. In this room, grab the arrows to the left and hit the switches as needed to get to the other side. The next room requires you to do the same thing.

Exit to the north. Same thing again, exit to the west. Now you fight two Shadow Links. You’ve done it before, now do it again. When they are dead, continue north. In this room, throw a Link across the gap and have him step on a switch. This will close some of the gap.There is also another four set switchin between to flame statues. break the pots and stand on the switches. This will make bombs appear. Pick up the bombs and go east to fight the boss.

Boss: Small Dodongos

Dodongos. Makes sense. If you played Zelda before, you know what to do. When they breathe in, toss a bomb in their mouth and blamo. But these guys are no picnic because now they can shoot long streams of fire out of their mouth. When all three are dead, exit north. There are flames blocking the north exit, so head east. Outside, the owl flies in and tells you about Hyrule Castle. When he is done, go back and the flames are gone. Time to head north and rescue the maiden. Level 3 is complete.

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