Chapter 2: Eastern Hyrule

The Coast

Move the large stones and jump down to the beach. Head into the cave nearby and push the block up. Grab the bombs and blow the north wall. Open the chests and blow the other side. Now you are back on the beach. Go south and then east. There is no way to get past the house, so you have to go around. Walk behind the red house and cut down the bushes. Plant a bomb in the spaces in the mountain wall. Some openings should appear. Go in the cave on the right and head north. Smash the pots on each side and step on all the switches. A bridge will appear. Now head north and you will find a three way path. Blow out each of the walls in all three directions. Explore the cave and when your ready, go into the north hole and you will find a switch under a pot. Have one Link stand on the switch and have another go around, smash the pot underneath the other Link and stand on the other switch, and a bridge will appear. Press L to regroup and head south, where you can blow up the wall. Now you should be outside in the red house’s backyard.

Go east and jump down onto the beach. Go past the blue Octoroks and continue east. Here you step on a switch and some Zora’s will appear. Go into the whirlpool. Inside the whirlpool, swim left and go into the right cave. When you get the slingshot, go into left cave and give it to a Great Fairy so she can make it a Lvl. 2 Slingshot. Now head back above water and shoot the Zoras. When they are all dead, you can head east. Make your way through the crabs on the beach and collect the million Force Gems that fall when all the crabs are dead. In the next area, you have a fun game with Shadow Link. He drops a huge bomb on the beach and you have ten seconds to get underground before it blows. When it does blow up, get up above ground and get as far as you can, then go back underground. Make sure you grab the bombs you come across, you’re going to need them. Keep doing this until you get to the other side.

Go east and you will see some bushes and Octoroks. Cut down some bushes and you will find a hole in the ground. Hop down in there and you will get a heart container. Head east and there are some more bushes to cut. You should eventually find a hole. Fall into the hole and it leads to a large block. Push the block to the left and go down. There are three openings to go through. Go through the one all the way to the left. Now you are on a beach. There are three big Force Gems sitting there. Or are they? Attack the Gems before you walk into them and you will realize they are enemies dressed as Force Gems. Kill the enemies and you will get your reward. Head east along the beach and go behind the large tree. Walk through the cave and you will end up back outside on the coast. Destroy all the pink Octoroks and head east. There you will meet Shadow Link and his big bombs again. Just dive for Force Gems and when you are done, head northeast to the boss.

This boss is not too hard. Hit each claw with the corresponding Link color until he is destroyed. Head north and destroy the barrier. Stage Complete!

Village of the Blue Maiden

Go through the village gate and talk to the owl. After that, cut down the bushes near the pool to the left. Step on the switches and two chests will appear. Look at the flower patch near the owl’s perch. It shines for some reason. Go talk to the old man near the gate and he will give you the Moon Pearl. Carry the Moon Pearl to the flower patch and a portal appears. Go into the portal and you are taken to the “mirror”; side of this area. Go into the central portal and you are taken to the other side of the original area. Go left and you see a guy called Secret Agent Two. He isn’t important right now, so go south from where he is standing. Talk to the mage and she will give you a Moon Pearl. Take that moon pearl and go to the central area. Now go north, then west. Here you will see a long line of people. Go to the bottom of the line and you will see a shine. Walk into it with the Moon Pearl and you are taken to the “mirror“ part of the area. Make the Links go into a box formation and step on the switch. Talk to the lady and she tells you to find her friend in 20 seconds. When you get to him, he will let you have the Pegasus Boots.

Now you can break those bricks near the lady. Go back through the portal. Using the boots, break through that line. Talk to the green guy, Secret Agent One. He will tell you about the secret entrance to the Seeker’s Guild. Go to the right of the house and walk in. Talk to the pirate guy and he will ask you to help him with the Mage problem. Talk to Agent One and he will give you a clue – “The Six…”; Now go back to Agent Two. He gives you another clue – “Deeply connected to this village…“ Now go east two screens until you get to a building with four doors that seems to be blocked off by a fence. Go into the house to the right and grab the lamp. Use this to burn the stump near the gate to get in the four door house. Go into the fourth door and talk to another Secret Agent. He gives you another clue – “Beautiful!“ Now go west then north and go up. The last Secret Agent will give you a clue – “Protect…“ Now that you have all the clues, go back to the Seeker’s Guild leader in the house where everyone is standing in line. Talk to him and he will ask you what you think all the clues are about. Select “Maidens“ and he will give you a shovel and tell you to dig by the house of pots in the southeast part of the village.

Dig in the front of the house and a hole appears. Go down the hole and climb the ladder to get to the other side. Now head south to the rest area and cut down the bushes. Break formation and get Link to step on each one and a Moon Pearl and 100 Force Gem falls from the sky. Grab the moon pearl and take it north. Go up between the two trees and a portal will appear. This takes you to the “mirror“ version of the area. Go into the blue house in the northeast corner and talk to the left girl. She will give you the Fire Rod. Use this to burn down the tree stumps in front of the four door house. Go inside, grab the Force Gems and get out. Go through the secret passage on the east side of the four door house and talk to the girl. She has a letter she wants you to give to her boyfriend. Go in the portal, in the hole, through the other side. Go east one screen and north. See the huge patch of grass and the guy standing there? Give him the letter and he will give you Roc’s Feather. Go inside the long blue house to the left. Jump across the space and have Link push the barrels out of the way. Talk to the Mage and she gives you a book to give to Iris.

Now go left one screen and using the box formation, push that fat lady to the left so you can get in the shop. Drop the book and open up the chest. It’s a moon pearl. Now you have two items though. What are you going to do? Press select and have the red Link grab the book. Press L and now 2 Links are carrying something. Remember that for the future. Go right one screen and walk up behine the Secret Agent. A portal will appear and you are sent to the “mirror“ version of this section. Go to where you gave letter to the guy and instead you see Iris. Give her the book and she will make a house appear on the other side of the portal. Go inside the house to find the couple safe in their home. Go down the stairs and make your way back outside. Go right and you will see Tingle in the air. Get to the other side and get that purple Force Gem before he does. After that, jump up to get the green Force Gem and go right. It starts raining. Go right another screen and Shadow Link appears. He will transport through here and the “mirror” world. Follow him between portals and slash at him. Eventually, he will turn into one of the Links. Whatever color tunic he is wearing, use that Link to hit him. Eventually, he will give up. After the battle, the people from the village come to thank you. Now head north and hit the Vaati barrier to end the stage.

Eastern Temple

This place seems familiar….

Head inside and you will see some pots. Smash them and step on the switches. You get a small key. If you go right, you will see some tiles on the floor. Get into a cross formation and step on the tiles and two chests appear. Get the Force Gems and go left and through the locked door. Kill the stalfos and go north. Make your way past the flying marbles and kill the snakes. Go north. Defeat the Stalfos and Shadow Link. Grab the slingshot and step on the switches on the left side of the flying Force Gems. Go west. Shoot the switches north of the spikes to get them back in the ground. Push the block left and head north. Defeat the Wizzrobe and avoid the Stalfos skulls. A chest with a moon pearl will appear. Grab the Moon Pearl and go south. Push the block south and go left. There are two chests sitting in the miidle of the room. The right one has 100 Force Gems, the other one, a huge bomb, the kind Shadow Link likes to play with.If you do open the one with the bomb, jump down one of the holes on the left before it blows. Now you can see why I wanted you to go left. There are chests on this side. Keep going down each hole until you get the small key (you should have the moon pearl still). Go back to the block and push it right and go south using the key. Talk to the old ghost man. He tells you about the moon pearl.

If you are going by my guide, you have it and you can just ignore the old fogie. Walk below him and a portal appears. Go through it and you notice all the marbles that would be hitting you without the portal. Walk past the few that do appear in the “mirror“ section and back into the other portal. Step on the tiles on the platform to open the door to go east. Go down the stairs and grab the bow. Go back through the marble path and near the portal, notice two red eye. Shoot them and a chest appears. Inside is a blue braclet. Now go back to the block and push it north and head east.

See the vines on the north wall? Slash them and a passageway appears. Go in and shoot arrows through the large hole in the east wall and you will notice that they hit switches where the Force Gems are flying. Hit all four and a bridge will appear under the Force Gems. Now step on the raised tile on the east side of the bridge to open the door. Jump down to where the rats are and go through the north door. Defeat the Wizzrobes and a Moon Pearl will appear. grab it and go to the shiny part of the floor. In the “mirror“ part of the area, you will see four handles. Line the Links up horizontally and pull all four. A bunch of red Force Gems will appear along with bombs. Hurry back through the portal and grab the Gems before they disappear. Grab the bombs and leave. Go east and blast the hole in the east and south walls without being hit by the marbles.

The upper east hole has a force fairy, the lower east has a small key. The south holes lead to the same place, some chests with Force Gems. Go west and unlock the south door. Break the pots and step on the switches. When the spikes go down, head south until you fall down a trap hole. Watch out for the huge marble, it has a mind of it’s own and will follow you. Push the blocks out of the way and go up the stairs in the northwest corner of the room. Go through the west door and you will come to a series of small rooms with vines and cracked walls. I don’t need to explain it, just blow up walls and cut down vines. You will end up in an area with blocks. Push the blocks out of the way and continue on until you get the lamp.


If you are playing multiplayer, this area of the temple will be different.

Now make your way back to the bridge where you got the flying green Force Gems, lighting any torches neccesary. When you get to the bridge, go north and light the torches, and the door will open. Here you face the famous flying tiles – and statues. Yeah, after the tiles are done, Armos Statues will start flying, and these guys are big. When the dust clears, head north to the next room. Here,there are four Shadow Links. Let them run into the wall and they will get dizzy, allowing you to slash them dead. There is long row of bombs surrounding the room. Throw one of the middle ones at the row and it starts a chain of explosions, letting you go north to the next room. Some annoying Wizzrobes are back and instead of trying to kill you, they steal your hard earned Force Gems.

Kill the rats and then go after the Wizzrobes. Don’t worry about the Gems, you get paid quite well after defeating them. I do not know how to open that chest in the middle, if it is even a chest. When I figure it out, I will add it. Go north and it’s boss time.

Boss: Stone Arrghus

This guy isn’t too bad. First, jump down one of the holes in the ground and grab the boomerang. Now get into the cross formation and use the boomerang to grab pieces of rock and kill them. When all the rocks are dead, it’s eye will turn red. Slash at the eye and he will sit there until he gets fed up, jumps into the air and tries to pound you. Watch for his shadow and move to any corner of the room before he comes down, you will not be stunned. Continue slashing at his eye until he turns into a cloud of smoke. Head north and free the maiden.

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