Chapter 1: Whereabouts of the Winds

Lake Hylia

Wake up the Links and start heading west. You will pass a red house with a gate surrounding the backyard. Inside is a man who will teach you about formations. After your lesson, head west and push the large block in the water to create a bridge. Look for the cave with a stone blocking the way. Pick up the stone with the R Button and go inside. Step on the switch, head north and grab the boomerang. Now leave the cave and head north where some Octoroks are playing. Use the boomerang to grab the key in the northeast corner and unlock the door Shadow Link locked. Go through the back door and lift up the large stone. Now you have the Fire Rod. Head back to the front and burn down the tree stumps surrounding the large stone. Head down the steps and get to the other side. Hit the switch on the way to make a bridge. Head west and you will find Shadow Link pounding the ground with a magic hammer. When he leaves, step on the big switch and a ton of Force Gems will fall. Pick them up and head north. Jump into the water and go under the bridge. Go up the steps and pick up the large stone. It’s Tingle!

After your chat, jump into the water and swim south of the rocks, going east. Go up one of the four tall ladders along the west side of the waterfall. Enter the cave and jump into the cannon. Blast up and to your right is the exit. Go into the next cave and grab the boomerang, then blast up and out to the top of the waterfall. head north and behind the waterfall, notice three cave openings. Head into the 3rd one on the right and step on all four switches. This will create a bridge to your left. Leave and go into the middle cave, cross the bridge. There is a star shaped switch near a gap. Have one Link stand on it while the others cross the gap and press L to regroup and head south. Jump down the waterfall and at the bottom, dive for some Force Gems. Now go into the whirlpool in the southeast corner. Swim to the other side and push the large stone south. This will make four squares appear. Have each Link stand on all four squares and they will be sent across the gap. Step on the switch to your south and open the chests to get a blue bracelet. Now head north and go up the stairs. Pick up the stones and cut down the bushes to find a hole. Jump down the hole and make your way to the other side.

Here you come across a bridge with a group of Blue Soldiers after you. Take out the guards and go north where there are some bushes. Chop down the bushes and have the Links stand on all four switches, making 2 chests appear. Inside is a Heart Container and some Force Gems. Go west to find another group of soldiers, including a bigger, more armored guard. To kill him, slash at his back. When all the guards are dead, it starts raining Force Gems, enough to power up your sword to the next level. Walk west and you find the dark barrier. Slash each of the eyes and you complete the level.

Cave of No Return

Make your way through the darkness and grab the lamp. This will let you see a wider area around you. Light the torches near the door and go north. Light the torches as you pass them to collect some Force Gems. Go to the top of the ring of fire and push the blocks out of the way to get in. In each corner of ring, there is a block. Push all four of them into the corner and the ring of fire will disappear. Open the chest and pick up the small key. Unlock the door in the northeast and go in. Push the blocks and kill the rats until you get the small key. Head east and unlock the door. Have each Link push their colored block to get to the other side and grab the lamp. Light the torches and go through the door. This room has 4 traps in the floor. If you fall, oh well. One of them leads you to a heart container. When you get to the other side of the traps, kill the water jellies and two doors will open. go through the east door and destroy all the pots. On the right side of the room a pot has a small key inside. When you find the small key, leave this room and go north. There is a gap on the left side. Press select and throw a Link to the other side and grab the Bow. Press L to regroup and head north. Use your arrows to light all the torches and a flock of Geese appear. Line up horizontally and shoot them all down. On the other side is a switch that will make a bridge appear. Hit it before all the bats die. When all the Geese are gone, it will rain Force Gems.

If you didn’t hit the switch yet, they all fall into the abyss instead of on the bridge and you get nothing, so make sure you hit the switch before killing all the enemies. Head north and down the steps. Here you will meet the first of many mages.

Head into the northeast cave behind the mage and open the chests. Keep going and you will see another mage. This time go into the northwest cave and open some more chests. Head north and you see two more cave but no mage. Head into the northeast cave and go up the stairs. There are two handles in the wall. Line up vertically and pull the left handle to get a heart container. The right one will open the north door. The next room contains Shadow Link. Hit hitting him with your sword while you avoid the bombs he drops. The bombs he drops can also be used against him if they explode near him. Eventually, he turns into one of the Four Links. Hit him with the color Link he is and he will go away. Go north and break the dark barrier to complete the stage.

Hyrule Castle

Head north to the castle entrance. There are two guards on the top throwing bombs at you. Go to the left side of the entrance and pick up the big stone. A stairways appears, so go down the stairs and get to the other side. Now you should be on the top of the castle where the bomb guards are. Push the blocks out of the way and hit the switch. That will open the front gate and allow you to enter the castle. As soon as you go through the gate, you are greeted by a group of soldiers and thier leader. Hack away! When the guards are defeated, open the chests and grab the Heart Container and Force Gems. Head north and pull the switch on the right to open the castle door.

Inside the castle, go up the stairs to your right and go right one screen. Walk down the path and leave the castle going south. You should be on the right side roof. Walk into the back of the small building and grab the bow that is inside. Shoot an arrow through the door on the other side of the gap. It will hit the switch on the other side and a bridge will appear along with some blocks that disappear. Now you can jump down into a field with some brown rocks and bomb plants. Pick a bomb and throw it at the crack in the wall. Go into the new opening and you are taken to a side scrolling area with some cannons. Jump into the cannon on the right and launch up to the chest and get the small key. Now jump into the cannon floating on the left and you will be launched onto the roof of the castle. Leap down from the ledge and go back into the castle. Walk into the central area of the castle and unlock the north door. Head north up the stairs and back outside. Keep going up until you enter a courtyard.

Defeat the guards and a ball and chain appears. He is pretty stong, so be careful. When he is defeated, a fleet of guards appear, but you can defeat them easily by getting in the cross formation and hacking away. Now you can advance forward. Take a left here and get into a wide formation to pull the big handle. This will open a gap in the castle. Go into this gap and enter the castle. Upstairs there are four different weapons to choose from. Grab the bombs and go north. Blow the east wall and talk to the Zora (that’s what they are if you think about A Link to the Past, not Ocarina of Time) that is split in half. He will follow you so he can find his other half. Leave this place and go west where you will find Shadow Link. You will probably fall down the trap near him. Jump into the cannon and blast back up. Avoid the trap and you will see 4 black switches. Get into a cross formation and do a spin attack. This will hit all 4 at once and create a new path. Walk up to the door, but don’t go in. Head left from here and you will see two Armos statues. Smash the pots behind the statues to find a star shaped switch. Push a statue on the switch and a board disappears of some glass pane. Now go into that door to your right.

Smash the pot and push the block. Head up the stairs and step on the switches under the pots to open the door. You found the other half of the Zora thing. Now head back to the barrier in the front of the castle. Go inside and cut down any curtains you see. Enter any doorways you find and step on all switches you see. This will make the blocks disappear, allowing you to go north on the castle roof. Defeat the group of blue guards that appear and enter the new door. Inside, defeat the large Armos Statues and cut down any curtains you see to get some good stuff that sit behind them. Now push the large throne to the right and cut dwon the curtain behind it to get out. Here, just blast yourself up until you get back on top of the castle.


Boss: Phantom Ganon

Have you played the Wind Waker? If you have, then you know what to do for this boss. Phantom Ganon is back, and he is the same as before. When he shoots that ball at you, knock it back and forth until he is stunned. Then hack away at him. Keep doing that and he goes up in a cloud of smoke. Grab the Force Gems and head into the new opening. Now save the maiden and Level 1 is complete!

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