Chapter 9: Divine Beast Vah Ruta
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The Dungeon Map

Destroy the Glowing Eyeball at the top of the ramp to remove the pool of Malice. Defeat the Guardian Scout I. Destroy the Glowing Eyeball in the water by throwing a Bomb or by electrocuting it. Lift the gate using Cryonis, like in the trial on the Great Plateau, and place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to download the area map.

You can adjust the position of Vah Ruta’s trunk on the map screen to bring about certain changes inside the dungeon. For now though, leave it where it is.


9.1 Terminal 1

Go to the small pool opposite the map room. Use Magnesis to turn the crank on the wall until the terminal is revealed. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate the terminal.


9.2 Terminal 2

Go through the door to the outside and follow the ramp up to the next level. Watch out for the Guardian Scout II.

The second terminal is on the inside of the smaller waterwheel. Wait until the terminal comes within reach, then use Cryonis to freeze the fountain that is turning the wheel. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate the terminal.


9.3 Terminal 3

Go through the next doorway to get outside. Destroy the Glowing Eyeball on the wall to clear the Malice from your path. Cursed monster skulls will spawn from Malice if you get too close.

Face the big wheel in the center of Vah Ruta. Open the map screen and move Ruta’s trunk to the 3rd or 4th highest position. This will cause the large waterwheel to rotate.

The gate in the center of the wheel will open when the orb makes contact with the socket. Let the orb slide into place under gravity as the wheel turns. Use Stasis to hold the orb in place until the terminal comes within reach. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate the terminal, and to keep the gate behind you open.


Reaching the upper floors

Head back down to the small waterwheel. Jump onto one of the paddles on the big waterwheel and ride it to the ledge on the other side. Defeat the Guardian Scout II, then stand on the switch to activate a waterfall. This serves as a shortcut from the bottom floor.


9.4 Terminal 4

Go through the tunnel to the top of Vah Ruta’s trunk. Open the map screen and lower Ruta’s trunk as far as possible. Glide to the tip of the trunk and touch down on the gray plate. Raise Ruta’s trunk again until you can reach the terminal. Anywhere between the 2nd and 5th highest positions will work. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate the terminal.


9.5 Terminal 5

Glide from the tip of Vah Ruta’s trunk to the top of its head. Jump through the hole in the roof to get down.

Shoot the Glowing Eyeball to remove the Malice. Turn the crank using Magnesis to open the roof. Move Ruta’s trunk into the 5th highest position to douse the flames below. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate the terminal.

Place the Sheikah Slate on the main control terminal on the ground floor to start the Boss Battle.


9.6 Waterblight Ganon Phase 1

The Boss will attack with its spear. It will either jab, swing or throw its weapon at you. It can also slam the spear down, creating a powerful shockwave. Each attack is preceded by a different animation, so you can work out what’s coming. You can run up to the Boss and attack it head on, but it is safer to wait for an opening.

  • If you perform a Perfect Guard against a stab or swipe, you will create a brief opening
  • Perform a Side Hop at the exact moment that the Boss starts to jab its spear forward to activate a Flurry Rush
  • Causing a lot of damage quickly (for example a Flurry Rush) will stun the Boss, leaving it open to further attacks
  • Waterblight Ganon’s eye is vulnerable to headshots
  • Raising pillars of ice in front of you can protect you from harm and break the Boss’ weapon, although it will regenerate
  • You can deflect thrown spears with a Perfect Guard – this will do heavy damage to the Boss
  • Stock up on weapons and food to help you survive the battle


9.7Waterblight Ganon Phase 2

Waterblight Ganon will raise the water level, restricting you to four small platforms. Head on assaults are much more difficult, as the Boss hovers near the ceiling. A Guardian laser beam is added to its arsenal as well.

  • Wearing the Zora Armor will increase your swim speed and reduce the time you have to spend in the water, where you are vulnerable
  • Use Cryonis to shatter the blocks of ice created by the Boss before they hit you
  • Deflecting the Boss’ thrown spears and lasers with a Perfect Guard will deal heavy damage and bring it down to the ground
  • If you can’t get the timing right for the Perfect Guard, use a strong bow and your special arrow types to end the battle quickly

Remember that no method is right or wrong, so do whatever is comfortable for you.

Pick up the Heart Container to boost you life energy and collect any remaining treasure that you want. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to take back control of the Divine Beast.

A powerful healing spell called Mipha’s Grace will be bestowed upon you as a reward for completing this dungeon.


Treasure Chests (Optional)


  • Use Magnesis to find the Treasure Chest in the water by the map room – Ancient Spring
  • Ride the smaller waterwheel to the top, then glide to the ledge – Silver Rupee
  • Wait for the stone block to slide away from the Treasure Chest inside the big wheel, then use Stasis to keep it out of your way – Ancient Core
  • Destroy the Malice infesting one of the paddles on the big wheel and grab it as you ride across – Fire Arrows x 10
  • Climb the waterfall shortcut and glide to the ledge, or drop down after activating the final terminal – high quality spear, usually a Knight’s Halberd
  • On Ruta’s trunk, near where some Malice is (Malice doesn’t actually have to be destroyed to get the treasure) – Ancient Shaft
  • On Ruta’s right shoulder – must destroy the Glowing Eyeball on the left shoulder, which can be done from the right hand side if you aim carefully – Ice Arrows x 10
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