Chapter 5: Trial of Ja Baij
  1. 5.1 Bomb Rune
  2. 5.2 Sage Ja Baij

5.1Bomb Rune

Look for a pedestal on the left side of the room. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to receive the Bomb Rune. You can create one bomb at a time and detonate it whenever you want. There is a short cool down period before you can create another bomb. You also have the ability to create round or cube bombs.

Use a bomb to destroy the stone blocks in front of you. Then, destroy the blocks on the left and climb up the ladder.

Traveler’s Sword
Before you climb the ladder, look to the right side of the room and use another bomb to reveal a treasure chest. There is a Traveler’s Sword inside.

At the top of the ladder, jump onto the floating platform and place a cube bomb on the side that is closest to the stone blocks. Get off of the platform to avoid the explosion. Then, detonate the bomb when it is close enough to the stone blocks.

5.2 Sage Ja Baij

The next area has two catapults. The catapult on the left leads to a treasure chest that contains a Traveler’s Bow. You can reach the treasure chest by jumping on to the catapult.

Completing the Bomb Trial


Step 1:Drop a round bomb into the pipe on the right side of the room, and wait for it will be catapulted across the room.


Step 2:Detonate the bomb when it reaches the other side of the room to destroy the blocks.


Step 3: Jump off the ledge and climb up the ladder.

Follow the path to reach Sage Ja Baij to receive a Spirit Orb.

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