Chapter 4: Trial of Owa Daim
  1. Stasis
  2. Sage Owa Daim


When you enter Shrine Owa Daim, look for the pedestal on the left-hand side. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to receive the Stasis Rune.

There is a turning cog nearby that controls a platform you can use to cross to the other side of the room. Watch the cog as it spins and use Stasis to freeze the cog in place when the platform is flat enough to walk across. Now that you have a bridge to the other side of the room, quickly run across. Stasis will only freeze the cog in place for a few seconds.

Follow the path to the right and watch the boulder as it rolls down the path. Boulders will continue to roll down the path every few seconds. Wait until a giant boulder has passed, then run up the first portion of the ramp. When a new boulder appears, use Stasis to freeze it in place. Then, continue forward and run to the left when you reach a clearing.

A Secret behind the Boulder
If you wait for the boulder to unfreeze and roll down the path, you can see a treasure chest behind the area where the boulder appeared. If you run up the path after the boulder has rolled down, you open the treasure chest to receive an Opal.

1.0 Sage Owa Daim

The path forward is blocked by another boulder. This time, the boulder is not moving. It doesn’t seem like freezing the boulder in place would be helpful, but Stasis can do more than just freeze objects.

Completing the Stasis Trial


Step 1:Pick up the Iron Sledgehammer along the wall.


Step 2:Use Stasis on the boulder blocking the path.


Step 3:While the boulder is frozen, use the Iron Sledgehammer on the boulder to build momentum.


Step 4: Watch as the boulder flies across the room. Your path is now clear.

In the next room, you will meet the Monk Owa Daim. Owa Daim will give you a Spirit Orb and you will teleport out of the Shrine.

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