Chapter 12: Divine Beast Vah Naboris
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The Dungeon Map

Go straight ahead. Defeat the Guardian Scout II and go up the ramp. Destroy the Glowing Eyeball to reach the interior.

Go to the far side of the room. Climb the ramp above the doorway and place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to download the map.

The Layout of Vah Naboris

The body of Vah Naboris is made of three rings. Each ring can be rotated by 90 intervals. Press the button multiple times to rotate a section by more than 90 degrees at a time. You can move all three rings at the same time if you want.

The insides of these sections are covered with platforms. It is possible to navigate the Divine Beast in unexpected ways by riding on these platforms as a section rotates. This guide will try to list the simplest route.

Note: Any terms like left side or right rear will usually refer to Vah Naboris’ left and right rather than your own.


12.1 Terminal 1

  1. Rotate the front section (the ring closest to Naboris’ head) by 180 degrees.
  2. Go and stand underneath the platform that is now at the bottom of this section.
  3. Rotate the front section by 180 degrees again. The ledge that is overhead will become a platform under your feet.
  4. Go to the terminal and place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate it.


12.2 Terminal 2

  1. Go through the doorway to the right of the main control unit.
  2. Turn right and face the hole in the wall.
  3. Rotate the rear section of Naboris by 180 degrees.
  4. Climb inside the chamber that joins up when you do this.
  5. Rotate the rear section by another 90 degrees.
  6. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate the terminal. Rotate the room again to get out of it.  

Getting onto Naboris’ Back

Return the rear section to its original position, so that you could enter the map room if you wanted to. Stand underneath the ledge at the bottom of this section and rotate the ring by 180 degrees. Jump to the next ledge and go outside.

Rotate the sections of Vah Naboris so that the power conduit runs all the way along the ceiling. Move the four metal poles on their rails using Magnesis.

  • The pole on the ceiling should be in contact with the main power conduit
  • The second pole should make contact with the one on the ceiling
  • The third pole should be as far as possible from the second one
  • The pole on the floor should make contact with the third one

When you have set up the circuit correctly, the section of Naboris in front of you will raise up. Move the front ring to break the connection. Go and stand next to the crystal at the front of this area. Move the front ring back into position to reconnect the circuit and ride the platform up to the next area. Destroy the Glowing Eyeball to get inside the rear hump.


12.3 Terminal 3

  1. Destroy the Glowing Eyeball on the wall to clear the Pools of Malice.
  2. Climb the rough patch on the wall to reach the top level.
  3. Turn the wheel until power is diverted to the crystal on the floor below. This will activate the moving platform between the two humps.
  4. Cross over to the front hump. Watch out for the Guardian Scout II on the elevator in the middle of the room.
  5. Shoot the Glowing Eyeball on the wall underneath the Pool of Malice: you won’t be able to see it when the elevator is on this level.
  6. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal that is revealed when you destroy the Eyeball to activate the terminal.


12.4 Terminal 4

  1. Drop through the window to the outside area by Vah Naboris’ neck.
  2. Turn the wheel in one direction until a crystal slides into position and lights up.
  3. Turn the wheel in the other direction to line up the second crystal. If power is flowing through this section of Naboris, an elevator will activate on its neck.
  4. Ride the elevator up to the head.
  5. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate the terminal.


12.5 Terminal 5

  1. Enter the front hump.
  2. Ride the elevator up to the highest level possible.
  3. Pick up the power orb, then take the elevator down to the bottom.
  4. Enter the room between the humps. If the door is closed, lift the orb with Magnesis and touch it to the crystal on the wall to kickstart the power.
  5. Defeat the two Guardian Scouts. Place the orb on a pedestal and leave it there.

To find the second orb…

  1. Go to the lowest level of the rear hump.
  2. Destroy the Glowing Eyeball to stop Cursed monsters from spawning and remove the obstruction from the doorway.
  3. Get on the elevator and look for the orb on a ledge halfway up.
  4. Grab the orb with Magnesis and drop the second orb on the remaining pedestal to open the gate.
  5. Activate the terminal using the Sheikah Slate.

Return to the center of the Divine Beast and try to activate the main control unit.



12.6 Thunderblight Ganon Phase 1

This Boss’ fast and furious attacks require lightning reactions to deal with. Wait for it to move, then time a backflip or Perfect Guard to turn the tables on it.

Thunderblight Ganon always moves twice before striking: the moment that it starts the third move is when you should perform a Perfect Guard or a backflip. The Boss can also hurl balls of electricity at you, but this attack isn’t very dangerous. The shield makes ranged attacks less likely to succeed.


12.7 Thunderblight Ganon Phase 2

Thunderblight Ganon will surround itself with a shield and hover out of your reach. From this position it will rain down metal spikes, then call down lightning to strike them. Grab a spike with Magnesis before it gets destroyed. Move the metal spike close to the Boss when it calls down lightning to break through the shield.

The rest of the fight resembles the first phase. However, the Boss’ sword becomes coated with electricity and its behavior is more varied. It is difficult to predict which attack is coming – making it hard to avoid damage – but you do get a moment to try and read the Boss’ movements and react.

  1. When Thunderblight Ganon holds its shield up, it will bash you with it. This won’t really hurt, but will leave you open to the next attack. Moving out of range quickly is the only defence.
  2. Thunderblight Ganon can also perform a spin attack. A backflip or a block will protect you from this attack.
  3. Sometimes the Boss will unleash a flurry of blows. A sidehop or Perfect Guard during the first slash will turn the tables on it. Backflips don’t usually work unless you’re nearly out of reach. Trying to block multiple attacks runs the risk of breaking your shield.

The Boss also starts to use a Guardian laser beam. Deflecting this attack can destroy the shield on the Boss’ arm. Then Thunderblight Ganon will hover out of reach and throw balls of electricity until the shield regenerates. If you want to use arrows, this is a good opportunity.

Electric shocks cause you to drop the weapons that you’re holding. The Boss will periodically need to recharge its weapons when the electricity runs out. The complete Rubber Armor set, upgraded to ** or higher, will make you immune to shock, if you can get it.

Warning: Thunderblight Ganon will start to attack faster when its health gets low. This is possibly the most dangerous part of the battle, so don’t let your guard down until it’s dead.

Collect any remaining treasure that you want, then place the Sheikah Slate on the main control unit to take back Vah Naboris. You will receive a powerful lightning spell – Urbosa’s Fury – after you leave the dungeon.


Treasure Chests (Optional)


  • Ancient Core: Hanging from Naboris’ tail by a rope. Activate Magnesis and swing the metal chest like a pendulum. Cut through the rope as the chest swings toward you. Use Stasis before cutting the rope to improve your timing. If you lose the chest, reload the area and it will be there again.
  • Bomb Arrows X 5: Take door on left side of main control unit, then turn left and look for a hole in the wall.
  • Ancient Spring: Bombable wall on the front right section. Throw a Bomb and detonate it in mid air
  • Ancient Shaft: Inside Naboris’ neck. Send power to the front section and use the ramps to reach the opening that is revealed. Avoid the lasers and Pools of Malice. Destroy the Glowing Eyeball to make it easier to leave.
  • Good quality shield: Rotate the central ring 90 degrees and get onto the center block 
  • High quality bow: Rotate central ring 270 degrees
  • Ancient Screw: On a ledge halfway between the bottom and middle levels of the rear hump.
  • Topaz: On highest level of rear hump, surrounded by Pools of Malice. Ride moving platform from the front hump to reach it.


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