Chapter 11: Divine Beast Vah Medoh
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A Frosty Reception

The cold is still a hazard inside the Divine Beast. Bring enough food and elixirs to keep the cold at bay, or buy some of the warm clothes in Rito Village. You don’t need to purchase the whole set: the Snowquill Trousers are the least expensive piece and can be combined with a Warm Doublet to fully resist the cold on Vah Medoh.

The Dungeon Map

Go inside Vah Medoh. Shoot the Glowing Eyeball on the right to remove the Pools of Malice.

The metal blocks are on rails. Move the first block forward with Magnesis until you can jump to it. Repeat the general process to reach the far side.

Defeat the Guardian Scout II that is carrying a spear. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to download the map.

The dungeon map gives you the ability to tilt Vah Medoh’s wings. Most of the terminals and treasure can only be reached by taking advantage of this.


11.1 Terminal 1

Return to the central room of Vah Medoh and go over to the updraft. Tilt Vah Medoh’s left wing down to make the platforms on rails slide toward the climbable wall. Ride the platform then jump onto the climbable wall. Alternatively, you can glide across from higher ground.

Shoot the Glowing Eyeball to remove the Pools of Malice nearby. Jump through the hole to to get inside Vah Medoh’s left wing.

Watch out for the Pool of Malice on top of a ledge: it will spawn Cursed monsters if you get too close. Shoot the Glowing Eyeball behind the Malice to reveal the terminal.

Hit the switch in the corner to open the shutters in the walls. Go up the ramp and use the crosswind to glide to the terminal. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate it.


11.2 Terminal 2

Stay inside the left wing. Drop a round Bomb into the hole by the bars. Tilt the left wing down to make the Bomb roll into the boulders. Detonate the Bomb to destroy the rocks.

Hit the switch to open the shutters, if they are not already open. Drop another Bomb through the hole and let gravity and the wind roll it into the opposite corner. Detonate the Bomb to reveal a metal ball.

Tilt the left wing up to bring the metal ball closer to you. Use Magnesis through the bars to lift the ball and place it near the button. Tilt the left wing down again to roll the ball toward the button and open the door. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate the terminal.   


11.3 Terminal 3

Return Vah Medoh’s wings to their normal position. Descend to the platforms underneath the Divine Beast. From the left wing, the easiest way to do this is to jump out of an open window.

Look underneath Vah Medoh’s right wing for a cable car. Take aim and shoot the Glowing Eyeball on the far side to remove the Pools of Malice. Get in the cable car and tilt the right wing down to reach the other side. Go upstairs and activate the terminal.


11.4 Terminal 4

The right wing can be entered quite easily from the central chamber. You can also get inside once you’ve activated Terminal 3. Shoot the Glowing Eyeball on the ceiling to stop Cursed monsters from spawning. Examine the machinery on one side of the room.

  1. Tilt the right wing down to make everything on rails slide to the right.
  2. Hit the switch to open the shutters.
  3. Use Magnesis to move the fan on the sliding metal block into the wind.

Both fans must be spinning to lower the barrier,which allows the hammer to slide down and strike the switch. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate the terminal.


11.5 Terminal 5

Look underneath Vah Medoh’s left wing for a room like the one on the right wing. There is no cable car on this side; instead, tilt the left wing down to make it possible to glide across. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate the terminal. Tilt the wings in the opposite direction to get back across.


11.6 Windblight Ganon Phase 1

Windblight Ganon relies more on ranged attacks than the other phantoms do. It can fire a series of shots at you from the cannon on its arm before teleporting. When it appears at ground level it will usually kick up a whirlwind that zigzags across the arena for a short time. You will probably have to fall back on your bow and arrows.

  • By jumping into an updraft and drawing your bow you can score easy head shots against the Boss
  • The pillars around the battlefield can be used as cover, but will be destroyed by the Boss’ attacks
  • Your shield can block the shots from the Boss’ cannon
  • With well timed Perfect Guards you can reflect the volley of cannon shots to deal damage and possibly stun the Boss
  • Windblight Ganon tends to hang around for a few seconds after a cannon volley, which creates an opportunity to do some damage
  • You can freeze the Boss with Stasis + or throw Bombs into an updraft nearby


11.7 Windblight Ganon Phase 2

When its health reaches 50%, Windblight Ganon summons drones to enhance its attacks. The Boss will shoot its cannon into a drone, and the drones will rain down blasts of energy for a short time. Deflecting these attacks is virtually impossible. Keep moving and look for openings where you can hit it.

  • When the drones are open, they can be destroyed
  • Without any drones, Windblight Ganon falls back on its normal cannon attack
  • Drones will eventually regenerate
  • A Guardian laser is added to the Boss’ arsenal and used occasionally
  • Windblight Ganon can create multiple tornadoes at once during the second phase
  • Sometimes all of the drones will cluster around the Boss’ cannon and unleash a single huge blast

Pick up the Heart Container to boost you life energy and collect any remaining treasure that you want. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to take back control of the Divine Beast.

Revali’s Gale – the ability to create updrafts – will be bestowed upon you as a reward for completing this dungeon.


Treasure Chests (Optional)

  • Ancient Core: On ledge in central room (tilt left side down)
  • high quality Claymore: On ledge inside left wing (tilt left side down)
  • Ice Arrow x 10: Drops from Glowing Eyeball in right wing
  • good quality bow: On ledge inside right wing (tilt left side down)
  • Giant Ancient Core: On Vah Medoh’s beak
  • Ancient Shaft: Underneath Pool of Malice at the bottom of the center chamber
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