Chapter 10: Divine Beast Vah Rudania
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The Heat is On

The temperature inside Vah Rudania is bearable, for a change. However, you will still need two levels of fire protection when you go outside. The Boss is fought outside too, so this is essential.

The Dungeon Map

The inside of Vah Rudania is completely dark at first. Destroy the Glowing Eyeballs near the entrance to reveal Treasure Chests. Open the one on the right to get a Torch.

Light the Torch (or another wooden weapon) on the blue flames near the entrance. Light the torch near the center of the dungeon to open a gate in the fence. Put the Torch away to fight the Guardian Scout I on the other side.

Defeat the Glowing Eyeball on the wall to your left to stop Cursed monsters spawning from the Pool of Malice. Light your Torch again and carry the blue flame to the torch in the far left corner to open the map room. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to download the map.

The dungeon map gives you the ability to tilt Vah Rudania 90 degrees. This means that there are two perspectives available.

Pools of Malice

Destroy all of the Glowing Eyeballs to make exploring easier. Some will spawn monsters if you get too close. Most pools of Malice in this dungeon hide Treasure Chests.


10.1 Terminal 1

Return to the blue flames near the entrance. Draw your bow and touch the tip of an arrow to the flames to set it on fire. Facing the entrance, go right until you find a door with a hole in the middle. Shoot the arrow through the hole to light the torch in the next room. The door will open for you.

Burn through the vines on the ceiling to reveal a metal block (the tactic that you used to open the door is effective). Open the map screen and turn Vah Rudania on its side. Move the metal block with Magnesis to obstruct the flame jets nearby. Return the Divine Beast to its normal position once you’ve passed the flames. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate the terminal.

You can find some arrows in Treasure Chests inside Vah Rudania. Defeat the Glowing Eyeball on the right hand wall to find them. Several Treasure Chests in the area contain bows.

10.2 Terminal 2

Find the large metal door near the entrance. Burn the vines and the wooden bar keeping the door shut (a flaming arrow lit on the blue flames is effective). Push the doors open with Magnesis. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate the terminal.

10.3 Terminal 3

Search the interior of Vah Rudania for a terminal jutting out from the left wall at a 90 degree angle. Go to the right hand side of the room, then tilt the Divine Beast on its side. Float down to the terminal and place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate it.

10.4 Terminal 4

Open the map screen and tilt Vah Rudania onto its side. Run up the slope in the middle of the room until you can see a window on your left. Go outside through this window and onto the crest on Rudania’s back.

Face Rudania’s back and look for an area covered by Malice. Destroy the Glowing Eyeball to reveal a terminal. Return the Divine Beast to its normal position, taking care not to lose your footing. Float down to the terminal and place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate it.

10.5 Terminal 5

Equip your Torch and light it with a blue flame. Rotate Vah Rudania 90 degrees. Run up the ramp to get outside.

Rotate Vah Rudania back to normal and run to get onto its back. Light the torch with blue flame to release an orb into the tunnel on your left.

Go back inside Vah Rudania and tilt the floor again. Lift the metal shutter at the bottom of the ramp to let the orb through. The orb will eventually roll into the socket below and reveal the terminal. Jump down and place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to activate the terminal.


10.6 Fireblight Ganon Phase 1

The Boss will mainly attack with its sword. It can also throw clusters of fireballs. Sword attacks can be dodged or deflected with a Perfect Guard, whereas fireballs are best avoided.

  • Overhead swings of the sword are easily avoided with side hops and can be used to trigger a Flurry Rush with little risk
  • Forehand sword swings are faster and harder to dodge
  • When Fireblight Ganon prepares a backhand swing, it means that it is about to use a dangerous spin attack
  • Causing a lot of damage quickly (for example a Flurry Rush) will stun the Boss, leaving it open to further attacks
  • Fireblight Ganon’s eye is vulnerable to head-shots

10.7 Fireblight Ganon Phase 2

Fireblight Ganon will generate a shield around its body and draw in power for a strong attack. Throw a Bomb and detonate it when it gets sucked inside the Boss’ orbit. This will remove the shield for good.

  • Fireblight Ganon’s sword becomes imbued with flame and sets the ground on fire
  • A Guardian Laser is added to the Boss’ arsenal and is used occasionally
  • The cluster of fireballs is replaced by a single big fireball, which cannot be blocked or deflected
  • The tactics from before are still effective, as long as you watch out for that flaming sword

Pick up the Heart Container to boost you life energy and collect any remaining treasure that you want. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to take back control of the Divine Beast.

A powerful shielding spell called Daruk’s Protection will be bestowed upon you as a reward for completing this dungeon.

Treasure Chests (Optional)

  • On Rudania’s tail, accessible in either orientation – Ancient Screw
  • On Rudania’s back spine when tilted, underneath a Pool of Malice – Ancient Core
  • Drops from Glowing Eyeball on ceiling – Ice Arrows x 10
  • A pair of Treasure Chests underneath a Pool of Malice on the right hand side – Arrows x 10 and x 5
  • Underneath first Glowing Eyeball in dungeon – Dragonbone Boko Club
  • Underneath second Glowing Eyeball – Torch
  • Drops from Glowing Eyeball near map room – Knight’s Bow
  • Burn vines in small room behind metal door – Ancient Gear
  • On the ramp inside Vah Rudania when not tilted – Knight’s Bow
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