Sharo Lun Shrine: Blind Spots

Reaching the Shrine

To reach this shrine, first teleport to Vah Rudania. Then, move yourself to the Southern side of the summit. At the top of the summit, you should see a blue portal ring. Once you reach the portal, another portal will appear downhill (to the South) from Death Mountain. As you descend the mountain via hang glider, continue to reach each blue portal ring until you eventually complete the challenge. Then, the shrine will appear Southeast of Death Mountain.


Completing the Shrine

  1. When you first enter the shrine, process directly ahead until you reach a climbable block. Jump onto and hang onto the block as it traverses. As you begin to cross the abyss, keep yourself on the side of the block that is opposite of where the flames are generated. Continue to avoid each of these flames until you can jump off of the block and onto a platform below you.
  2. Proceed directly to next moving climbable block. Hang on the side of the block until you pass the overhang, then immediately stand on top of the block.
  3. Using your bow, eliminate the three mini Guardians that will appear along the pathway. Failing to do so will result in them knocking you off of the block. Then proceed to hanging on the side of the block to complete this second challenge.
  4. Once you land on the second platform, proceed directly to the next climbable block. Stand on the top of the block and wait for the block to reach an area where waterfalls are on either side of the pathway.
  5. Using Cryonis, create a Cryonis block on the waterfall to your right. Position the Cryonis block so that you can jump onto it and proceed up the platforms sticking out of the waterfall.
  6. As you ascend the platforms, there will be a wide gap that will require you to create another Cryonis block to cross. You should also notice a small chest falling through this gap. Create a Cryonis block that not only allows you to cross the gap, but also catches the small chest. Inside the small chest is a Great Flameblade. Once you reach the end of the pathway, wait for a block to pass the flame wall and glide onto the block.
  7. As you continue down the path, you will notice another waterfall to your right. Create a Cryonis block on the waterfall that will allow you to jump off of the block and onto the Cryonis block. Then, begin to create Cryonis blocks that will allow you to ascend the waterfall. At the top of the waterfall, you will reach Sharo Lun.
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