Ruvo Korbah Shrine: A Major Test of Strength+

Ruvo Korbah Shrine: A Major Test of Strength+

This shrine is located in the Southeastern part of the Great Plateau just South of the Temple of Time. This shrine will appear after you have defeated all monsters within the vicinity of the shrine with the One-Hit Obliterator.


This shrine, like many others encountered before, will place you against a small guardian. However, beware that this specific Guardian is stronger than any other guardian you may have faced in a similar trial. It is highly recommended to have a large supply of high damaging weapons in your inventory prior to this trial.

After defeating the Guardian, you will gain access to a chest with 5 bomb arrows. Additionally, you will be able to ascend to the top of the stairs. A switch stands in the place where the monk should sit. Stand on the switch and a pathway will open that leads you into a hallway with a locked door.

  1. If you turn left, you will find a hallway with two mini Guardians standing inside. Eliminate the two Guardians and travel to the end of the room, where you will again turn left to enter the next hallway.
  2. You will immediately discover a Guardian standing in the middle of this hallway.
  3. After defeating this guardian, continue down the hallway where two more mini Guardians will be before you. One will stand directly in front of you and another will be a story above you.
  4. After defeating the mini Guardian in front of you, use a bow to eliminate the guardian above.
  5. After defeating these two mini Guardians, look behind you to notice a ladder that leads to the upper level. Follow that path, and reach the treasure chest at the end. There, you will find a small key that opens the door to the last room of this shrine.
Before entering the door to the last room, descend back down a level in the room where you acquired the small key. There will be a small passageway that leads to a treasure chest with a Giant Ancient Core inside.

The final room contains 4 mini Guardians. To successfully navigate this room unscathed, use Stasis on the mini Guardian sitting up high on the bridge in the middle of the room. Then immediately descend downwards towards either mini Guardian on the left or right. Be sure to eliminate that mini Guardian you encounter. Once you defeat that mini Guardian, proceed towards the staircase and stand behind the walls to avoid being hit by the mini Guardians long range attacks.

The trickiest part of this room is eliminating the mini Guardian standing at the center of the bridge. It is recommended to have the Ancient Battle Axe++ equipped. Use Stasis on the mini Guardian standing on the bridge and immediately proceed towards it. Be careful to stay on the side of the bridge away from the mini Guardian near the exit to the room. Use spin attack to knock the mini Guardian on the bridge off. From the bridge you can descend down towards the mini Guardian in the pool and eliminate it with close range combat, then eliminate the mini Guardian at the exit.

After defeating all of the mini Guardians in this room, the gate leading to Rubo Korbah will open.

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