Rinu Honika Shrine: Block the Blaze

Reaching the Shrine

To reach this shrine, you will first need to head to Darb Pond, which can be found directly South of Death Mountain. When you arrive at the pond, look for a Goron standing on the Western shore of the pond. He will inform you that one of Daruk’s challenges requires you to stand on the lava.

If you look out into the pond, you should see a blue portal ring in the middle of the lava. Your goal is to stand on that portal. Along the Western pond, you should be able to find metal crates. Using Magnesis, create a pathway to the portal ring across the pond.

Once you step on the ring, the shrine will appear Southwest to the pond. Use either Revali’s Gale or teleport to reach the shrine.


Completing the Shrine

  1. When you first enter the shrine, you will see a long pathway with flamethrowers blocking the path. For the first set of flames, crouch walk underneath the flames to pass.
  2. When you reach the second flame obstacle, you will not be able to simply pass by crouch walking. Instead, if you look at the left pillar, you will notice a block that can be broken. Throw a Remote Bomb at the block, and the lower flamethrower will fall, allowing you to pass the second set of flames.
  3. For the third set of flames, look to the pillars on the right. At the bottom of the pillars, you will notice a magnetic block. Using Magnesis, pick up the block and bring it close to you. Now, continue to hold onto the block and begin to cross the pathway, using the magnetic block to block each flame as you continue to pass. Be sure to move across the pathway slowly, giving the magnetic block enough time to stop each flame.
  4. For the fourth set of flames, you will need two magnetic blocks in order to pass. Using the magnetic block from the previous set of flames, place the block onto the elevated platform that is covered in flames. Using the second magnetic block (which allows you to reach the fourth set of flames), position it on top of the first block and have it slightly lean off. Continue to offset the second block until it creates a small pathway that blocks the flames and allows you to pass.
  5. For the fifth and final set of flames, you will need to interact with a machine terminal that will be to your left after you ascend the staircase. Flip the platform completely upside down and rotate it approximately 90 degrees to create a pathway that blocks all of the flames. Cross this path to reach Rinu Honika.

Additional Treasure

As soon as you clear the fourth set of flames, look to your right. You should notice a ladder with a small chest at the top of an elevated platform. Using the two magnetic blocks used in the previous set of flames, create a pathway to cross the lava. Inside of the small chest contains a Stone Smasher.

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